Crystal Fire Ray divine codes of lightDivine Message Transmissions, Lord Maha Chohan: I am talking of many Spiritual Nourishment means we receive in divine spiritual intervention.

I now speak of the Crystal Clear Flame Ray, attributed to the seven divine sacred fire color rays of the great central sacred fire sun’s realm worlds and it’s good conscious standing minded people. Who are citizens of light of all dimensions; the ascended host, Archangels and Ascended Masters of Light, the family of light of all generations and use inner purity color sacred fire rays of the rainbow spiritual light we all share and wield for the well being of all and all they care for. The inner heart nebula is the well spring within each light species to also magnetize God’s love in simple light and energy of the holiest purest neutral core origin of all generations soul people and light beings light worlds in Gods country eternal. Of all that is and in physical tangible form we stand amongst you undivided at all times in simple color rays bridging the divine on high to all dimensions.

The Crystal Clear Fire Ray is the will of god in simple peeled back energy and light at its inner most unseen origin beginning core creation. the natural organic of God essences, light, energy, mind and heart. Through sound and ether manifest firstly untouched by human creation. Then mingles and blends, bonds and manifests into something else of Gods gift of background co creation firstly pure good in all means and ways to be shaped and formed into ones own existence needs and desires. As part of the Godhead The Crystal Fire Ray is the inner core first origin spark of ones of life stream and life force energy, crystal illuminate clear sacred fire of the trinity flame or three fold flame first feed and anchored in ones heart, mind and aura presence. Then is saturating good divine untouched positive good neutral energy living light as your own manifestation well springs needing by ones  own will. Will anchor over Gods given gifts of light and love in cosmos and universal intelligence we feed from to exist consciously and in living light spirit cell of the first origin of all that is creation spirit electron sparking our eternal auto pilot as God’s will. In the crystal fire ray flame; stand so.

See in ones mind’s eye, heart feeling and conscious connecting to the god source core central sun as your own manifesting outward in circular spherical diameter of three feet around you and through you. The core chakras are of crystalline purity neutral clear firstly emanating and sparking your will and love rays within yourself while your angelic guardians. Of light family back you up when you allow and release into their arms all that does you no good of mind and self creations not of gods creations firstly of course. Let the divine crystal rays fill your heart, soul, mind, spirit, aura and charkas sparking divine order beyond time and space then back throughout you simultaneously clear and free in the violet fire flames. Next we see in our inner bodies absorb and in our inner eyes validating we are purified in the ascension flame, the resurrection flames and the seven sacred fire rays. Bridging our heart and mind into the higher realms we desire to be part of with our star families and home planets in the eternal cosmos . That brings us highest good, security, protection, good companionship, joy, well being and with those we care for, I bless your path anew! For I am master of elementals, gods faith and light as my own and extend to you to be of as well here on out, firstly, thrall and eternal.

That feeds and creates the divine matrix of packets of light the rainbow so the Sacred Fire truly on the Holy Spirits own accord and ray manifests in our bloodstream and electrons sparking, feeding and clearing. When we ask to be backed up and we will in every cell to attune and magnetize matching by simple good feeling in love for all creation, nature, cosmos, life streams and all light species. No matter dimension, time line or light world dimension. All infused with blessings, light language, divine codes, healing and evolving living light to boost us when we can not for self and living light unclogging. Of the Christ Holy Spirit living Light Particles and essences, substance and energy we need to allow eternal continuum accesses and good fortune in all we do. Then in all divine fire rays and ascended hosts codes of light color bio-electrical energy and universal fire the Christ Frequency feeds the Crystal Flame Fire Rays of the Great Grand Central Sun and Family of Light World Divine Realms.

The thirteen color rays, the twenty four Divine Codes of Light color rays, the Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Rays and heart space light energy, the trinity flame rays all stem from the 12 virtues of God living light, heart and conscious nebula Crystal Clear invisible. The unseen self essences of harmonic cosmic organic living light we are within and external in our worlds and minds we first attain to just be and co create as well. God’s great central sun life force energy and universal intelligence spirit entanglement within our own living light and heart center aura presences and what it can do for you. When you cannot for self are the unfed flame of the core of gods heart and mind conscious intervention and manifesting. First wells throughout you until you are filled and protected, blanked and saturated in divine color rays you need to sustain better choices. In thinking and feeling side of life purity over all other will manifest time continuums means for you to just be and with those you care for. Backed up in core origin of first divine seeded photon light of the electron God cells within your own attuning we will assist you. Ask now of me (Lord Maha Chohan) and it will be done for you until you can for self, then for others over taking because you will natural create and magnate neutral into the outer world. Where now some absorb everlasting purity selfishly, gluttony and in error.

The crystal clear origin color is the divine purest neutral untouched living light blessed infused life force within our life force living light and auras. Within our thoughts and outer worlds of higher forces intervening in the micro core of origin of our spiritual and nature of infinite consciousness and light body purity to allow so is on us. How complete the sanctuary of Light Worlds (natural organic life spheres of the eternal light beings and families of light), continent’s, soul people and light species of all divine dimensions, realties, timelines, pieces of you, conscious states and so forth. Yet ones consciousness states of self creation bombard the local of divine core purity neutral backdrop positive co creation.

You can see the potential all that is consciousness and origin. In that the particle stems from within the DNA core. DNA or your genes has unaccounted space junk. We are only using so many strands and matrixes yet we must fire up our particles of light within in the clearest, uncontaminated, neutral pure or the Crystalline color soul ray or life force energy of God sent out in waves of light and energy packets for us to grasp and absorb into our own systems of living light organisms of the whole. In our DNA electrons and cells we do not need to let be space junk, we can command our inner I Am to come into life purity sparked throughout us of into un dormant life force energy, universal intelligence and super human spiritual gifts we can manifest into action in our daily lives and spiritual works right now.

Move along with the core source of the whole is like swimming down a river in currents at your pace to enjoy and bounce around in harmony and contentment. The germinated, implanted and divine codes of light we asked to be equip with as eternal existence and means, we can for our DNA is alerted, sparked, and feed into our blood streams, heart, minds and auras on our own accord and desire force field anchoring. Our second nature in simple spirit, soul extension in mind virtual reality eclipse of consciousness awareness we become aware extended by our own accord and feeling, thinking sides of life.

When the cosmos light spectrum shines forth and sparks us, we thrive pure eternal. We become lethargic in the dark ages of not swimming about eternal existence in light beam fields source intelligence has provisioned while in aura presence of communion in approbation, love, joy, harmony and well being.

As micro organisms or living light organisms of all that is we are all natural organic in micro and macro forms of existence. We must wear a layer of organic mass and energy soul body vehicle suits to sustain dimension creation and participation. Even in the core of all that is has the core intensity for light love emanations, fractals light spectrums of cosmos manifest and then spirit life species. Planets and Soul People bond existence entanglement continuum to co-exist eco habitats and conscious co participation in evolving our own light body spiritual eternal revolution.

To dip into, absorb, co manifest and saturate in higher good living light of holy spirit water blessed type of physical sustenance one can eventually inner see. To co participate in divine activities beyond third dimension while in levels of billions of co creations or Alternate Realties within mass conscious universal creation nebula. Same light species simply different free will participation and timings we reincarnate as lifetimes with certain soul mates.

With co agreed; twin flames, partner of destinies and divine companions just different roles while we accomplish our divine duties and spiritual divine goals companionship is also needed. In all planetary and universes dimensions and why I trust you with our universal eternal pathways and spiritual soul management light technology and truths of eternal wisdom. To practice and share in your own means and way throughout your eternal lifetimes for consistence and self light energy is all that will sustain you. In eternal life journey divine paths you allotted self into eternal existence and reason for being, God Will in all expression and breath.-Lord Maha Chohan 03/01/2016 10:11 PM.

bo geometry sacredLord Mietreyia: The bio geometry circuitry of our own spirit, soul, physical, aura matrix is the Christ Patteren of Master Jesus. His dimensions consciousness we would like to strive to exact in all we are of. In natural Soul Spirit Teleportation, migration or deportation if not allowed access to certain light worlds is in his own energy and light fragmenting out into all that is in purest neutral all expanding Quantum Harmonics.

The time space continuum flows right along every life streams bio rhythms and inner self absorbed light worlds. Then is nestled in the divine will coding’s and ley lines in universal intelligence life sphere and alternate realties accessed within every spirit, soul, physical, mind, heart of each one reading. That stem from of divine Christos Cosmos Christ Light Beings manifesting help in simple light and energy, photon and electron core living light created of the great central sun magnet. We are of first creation living light and life force, the God seed and atom.

Then our bio energy luminosity light life force energy and circuitry stems of first creation life sphere aura presence, genetics and eco habitats in Cosmos Universe, divine and natural habitats and communities of tribes of light. We tend to stay put in certain lands of divine realms for our life heritages become the norm and probabilities highest sway us in drama, life partners an divine goals we are trying to reach while multitasking many parables of self in light worlds in all universes and time lines we are potions within as persona selves in virtual reality systems of mass conscious co-creations. It’s not easy to sustain divine good lives in long lengths of time in dimensional soul traveling.

Because the spirit is already in quantum harmony eternal bliss, harmony and love activities at every second the Christ Self pieces of self are in surrounding aura of all that is. In some states of being this means we are creating self creations over God creations to enjoy well being and prosperity in our own expressions and personal needs for the day over all others. Good friends and family is not to be blames on density and negative off shoots, no. The blame stems from self lack of love miss creations and love. In the unconscious self you piggy back your future experiences with now and past pulls and influences. Unless you bathe in the violet river, the violet rays within the crystal fire stream of light that the core of the mighty I am presence bonds with the Chrystal Flame Ray and feeds all  elementals, substance, natures and organics of you and all things. Including your bio circuitry electronic and magnetic presence and heart and consciousness nebulas and aura presence. You first are feeling and saturated in your first core and external continuum self energy and life force, living light and purity origin essences.

Solarus 2015 by angel velaIn these sanctuary garments of light passed down to you to were and gifted are your soul, physical and mind, heart consciousness aura presence garments of light. As you and all you do you feed of divine grace, intervention, prosperity, protection, guardianship and teachings while going through infinity timelines here on out. In a sense as you graduate as the Ascension Flame transference source field and protection within you is sparked to a flaming bomb fire of truth, divine will and divine love. No other can be experiences in all parables of duration, completions and conception into existence in all who participate in divine higher forces, light worlds and alternate realities.

Light World is the conscious nebula universe system you are engaged in real-time right now.

The Ascension Flame is the tube of light we move about and protect our garments and consciousness to stay intact pure cleared in central sun purity living light energies and rays while in dimensional hemispheres of all that is.

Garments of Lights means your aura presence and shell external light body. The soul vehicle to some, the merkabha to others and life sphere to higher realms curriculum and activates of how to get about naturally in divine realms of eternal all that is creation, most positive, neutral, well being good for you and those you care for to have a chance to just be.

Life Sphere is the natural organic light body eco habitat that the Spirit cell, soul particle and Holy Spirit photon bond in micro core origins of co creation that manifests for us to just be. The elementals nature kingdoms, devas and light cosmic beings who are larger then a galaxy in mind, conscious and creation while in genetics are of same light species family of light yet in different atmospheres and environments. Different dimensions, timelines, community tribes of continents and planet systems yet in one lifetime or another you may have been of. Intergalactic communities of good soul people is the first origin of the Crystal Flame Ray and octaves as a spiritual Divine Alchemy and higher forces intervention means and channel.

The Ascension Flame is in core resonance of the Crystal Flame Ray‘s. And bridges your own aura presence, energies and living light back home in quantum engagement and spiritual divine purity bonding in simple light and energy firstly of cosmic light beings divine entanglement and the godhead of all that is tubes of light, garments of light, light knowledge and love color rays. As a strong torsion source field spiraling spherical beam spectrum or corridor of light opens the channels and star gates. The tetrahedron photon atom begins to resonance in same core purity of all that is at simultaneous phasing’s in and out. We accustom and attune naturally when we try to feel our own inner presence frequencies of the earths core, the universes frequency and milk way aura renascences within our own heart beat and soul; color bands of light. The totality of us resonance in all hemispheres of selves and inner selves back to core creation first tone sounds of purity beyond time and space and dimension sciences we natural can vibrate, feel so now.

The Spirit Soul is traveling in simple light and energy of self natural organic living light and light intelligence. Bonding in quantum entanglement spiritual nourishment and communion, harmony eternal can so.

The Glierae Particle is the tachyon of the Holy Spirit Frequency and atom of the God of ONE (12 + 1 = 13) energy and one of the Soul Color tones of the God omnipresence. The first spectra’s of all creation in good forms and origin disheveled and drawn forth into all manifestations is crystal clear. Then comes the flames of divine light and love; invisible pearliest pearl rainbows. Then divine faith and divine power, blue, gold. Divine will; pink silver white and so forth you draw and magnetize gods love unto you, through you and all you care for it will reach in natural waves and forms of divine light and love. The Ganesh Particle and God Particle stem from photon quantum Sprit Entanglement of life stream light universal intelligence the cosmos and co-creator beings offspring from and then provide in same blueprints and absolute potential within all that is to create or draw forth from core within tapping the Celestial Frequencies of divine higher forces and light intelligence, protection and guidance. The Crystal Diamond Heart Crystal Clear Illumination Source Field is co created of the ascended masters of light and divine realms elementals, chohans, archangels, devas and councils of light. That they whole heartedly in all inner purity natures abate to each calling and asking to have a clearing antidote challis of light liquid god energy and sacred fire color rays. Through the crystal Flames rays convent through divine order, blessings and gifts of all natures in to tangible physical occurrences, interventions, Spiritual Studies and divine guidance. Of the higher realms and Dimensions of gods virtues in blessed living light life force energy of the God Source holist neutral positive good for the well being of all.

As Frequency occupations bombard divine rays and flame as they enter into the astronomic fields, levels and influences of mass consciousness. In layers of saturated and contaminated polluted of all self creations of the generations of masses before you and you shall leave for future selves. If not cleared and purified in the divine color soul rays of the holy ghost, holy spirit and immaculate conception of the heart and mind conscious nebulas.

Of source divine father, great central sun and the core of all that is first creation family of light awaiting our return and focus on them even this day. – Lord Mietreyia 1:11 PM 3/7/2016

Archangel Michael: The Divine Codes of Light of the Crystal Clear Ray Sacred Fires must saturate you to the core and origin by ones own calling forth the twelve color sacred fire rays as the Gleirae particles and God photons become into existence as all you create in back drop and micro organisms of self, consciousness and alternate realties.

christCosmos and divine co created are natural organic organisms of gods will life force energy in cosmos spectrum of galactic and micro proportions. Particles are of the Holy Spirit organisms that are infused, germinated, light language, sacred geometry, divine formulas, geometry glyphs, light Manu, sound energy. All nature organic cosmos Christos Light Universal Intelligence and energy thought forms; waves eternal spirit intervention, supply  and love protections.

Ashtar: In each Dimension your consistency is crucial in divine matters and gifts to sustain eternal consciousness purity neutral well being and good soul mates. While in eternal existences and timelines you chose to invest in as lifetimes or soul divine path journeys. Your star families are like segregated adoptive parts of fractal co habitat systems you take on to be close to or attached to so you can move on to other duties in divine realms and octaves.

Light worlds and alternate existences Master Jesus Sananda him self has provisioned and makes space for you to just be as well. The Crystal Flame Ray is a true live elemental fire breathing living life force co creation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is comprised of millions of ascended light beings, archangels and angelic host, councils purist life force energy beings and light knowledge given to all humanities at a given notice. Of light and Christos extraterrestrials and ancient elder races of light we are unfamiliar yet stem from as cultural upbringing while in cultural existences and futures selves or past selves have experienced as us.

With like minded or soul mates migrating from heaven to sustain better lives for those who have lost their way in temporal creation time goes by very fast and eternal existence at ever second is very valuable even so. When our time runs out by self extension to really become rebirthed, purified and relinquish into the light of nothingness.

To come out again from something-ness of untapped absolute potential pure neutral nothing-ness. Worth the trip internal existence to participate In cosmic communities intergalactic civilizations and soul divine paths.

Solarius: I can attest all those speaking here are in the same frequency of the crystal Fire ray, firstly. The purity levels are not one over another rather a means to soul management, soul vehicle travel and growth. In intergalactic simultaneous means to be in co-habitat surroundings, dimensions, communities and planets. The crystal ray temple, the crystal fire outpouring and centerpiece.

The crystal ray flame symbol in the Dove of white diamond heart spectrum of purity and light of the Holy Spirit and all the divine color rays that stems from firstly. Individuality, creative forces and divine will within free will laws and spectrums can allow divine intervention, divine paths be met in timely and orderly purity. While amongst generations of in seeded life paths, soul mates and divine truths and growths, lessons and realms ensue.

Light is imaged in the soul octave and spirit light body into inner realties and realms for ones own desires and self creations override so. The crystal clear fire ray flames and octaves can allow one to totally be in first creation atmosphere and elementals untouched by outer worlds and self creation influences.

Although the white light is taught as the purest, it also stems first from osculation sine waves. In rhythmic purity systems of light and energy from universal intelligence and soul people blessing. In archangels interventions of cosmic influences and timelines timings and event lines needing higher world intervention, activity and love presence to back us up when we cannot for self.

The crystal flame rays are universal light force prana, Manu and living light neutral purity infusions of the god, father, mother living light presence, blessings and adorations life force energy unto us poured. We simply must magnetize god’s love within ourselves to be of the crystal, pink, blue, violet, green, opulence peal iridescent living light.

As our own we move about eternal existence and really be free, joy, harmony timings and timelines right along father, mother, god within their spectral soul color purities and alternate realities that make so for us to have a life eternal.

Ashtar: The Emerald Crystal Flame Ray is strength and healing vibrations and diffusions. The Pink Flame Ray is of love and devotion, the Blue Sapphire Crystal Flame Ray for protection and guidance. The Gold Crystal Flame Ray is for devotion and communion.

The Violet Crystal Flame Ray is for renewal and purpose. The Mother of Pearl Crystal Fire Ray. The Crystal Clear Fire Ray for nourishment and growth. The Magenta Crystal Fire Ray Flame is for spiritual graduation and light knowledge graduation and teachings.  All the Divine Color Codes of Light are substantial in nourishing one to ones liking and needs. Spiritual manifestations occurs under these same cosmic spectrum color rays and flames. In light a tube of light and quantum torson manifests. The divine Ascended Masters of Light use the cosmic fiat energy of the sun by drawing in the breath and then in the out breath the blessings elementals and photon packets of directed light is streamed unto those needed. The source field is likened to the tube of light and corridor of light nature cosmos and elementals divas participative plant and air, ether and fire to sustain spirit soul travel and conscious activities. Bio divine formulas life force energy and living light, the light frequency color codes of light divine rays and fire make up.

The Six Solfeggio Tones include:

    1. UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt & Fear
    2. RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations & Facilitating Change
    3. MI – 528 Hz – Transformation & Miracles – (DNA Repair)
    4. FA – 639 Hz – Connecting & Relationships
    5. SOL – 741 Hz – Expression & Solutions
    6. LA – 852 Hz – Awakening & Intuition

Harmonic Music Notes also atone and clears selves and lower energies: Note C is red, D is orange, E is yellow, F is green, G is blue, A is indigo and B is violet music notes and tones that vibrate in harmony octave the ascended master use to help humanity re balance and cleanse. Although the Schumann’s resonance is 7.83 while osculating into other dimensions and alternate realties of the divine on high at 10.9-12 Hz. The Alpha Brain osculates at 7.83 Hz and so light, vibration, sound all bond into manifestations as self natures and instincts self soul communication and Soul Management. Within the universal intelligence creation of structures and laws that the seeded divine color codes of light and energy fire rays.

The importance of the core Crystal Fire Ray Flame within all the divine rays , and tones resonance is to magnetize to you though the crystal flame rays that amp up pure frequencies. Within natures and cosmos tone sounds and music of the sphere the crystal flame rays seeds and sparks into life first and are its qualities, co-creation absolute potential. Your DNA that is Bio-Hologram projecting through the core of each cell is being sparked of the divine color rays and blessings, gifts and love of the ascended host, the angelic host and star families of the divine family of light of the Holy Spirit.

Zoltec: No matter what plane of existence you are living a lifetime or universe dimension levels of existence you can use the same universal intelligence Divine Codes of Light from the core of the crystal clear invisible flame rays. The same divine color rays the heavenly host use and ascended master realms of light and we are extending to the public of good heart and intentions.

The same point within the Third Eye you focus the crystal flame ray to feed at core origin then all that is you and worlds. In my own life the Holy Spirit is most importantly as the energy and will of God directly through me, my I Am Presence shines forth is my desire and goals.

My activities for the day and life path duties no matter the dimension. Since we are natural organic living light presence of the whole or ONE we can also use our natural organic life force energy to magnetize the spirit of God and love in inner vision.

In inner focus and allow the divine kindness and God Virtues help us change what we do not like of self or be of humanity help and future growth forward looking.

The Crystal Flame Ray by Author-Angel Vela

Serapis Bey: I am of the Crystal Ray and shine my inner light blessings unto you through the sacred fire crystal clear diamond heart flames. While I represent other divine color rays that feeds the Christ Self the divine God nourishment and light, the ascended flames and heart centers of light knowledge dispensations.

The Christ Self is fed of the Holy Spirit, the currier of all divine color rays to dispel intervention; well being, security, love, peace, light knowledge of universal inelegance and oneness.

The Crystal way of God’s will life force energy purest neutral positive pure good divine holy multidimensional intergalactic fire of the core of the central sun. That feeds the ascension flame white and the resurrection flame gold. The pink flame of heart and green of stability well being. The Violet for transmutation and cremation of all within, anew and purified like a baptism feeling when you come out of the holy blessed waters.

Let your self be amongst the divine color rays firing and sparking through you and as you. Within each chakra and aura ring of fire. Balance in my garments of light, for I reach you in my own depths focus on those in all multidimensional light body’s. That want to nourish direct from the source of the great central sun shall with or without knowledge or self life force preventing or can not for self.

For the I Am God within you,” I” is of the same natural organic light rays cosmic spectrum the crystal fire ray light seeds are born and fill all spaces and dimensions of Gods many creations and light world fields of existence. Hence you are in the pin point certain local within all that is for a greater reason and divine purposes. The Crystal Ray is the backdrop and provider of infinite eternal absolute potential of “all that is” good for you elementals, substance, energy and light. The Holy Spirit thrives and is filled eternal of the ascended masters light, energy and rays as well as the angelic hosts.

All cosmos are not judges nor all light species. What is appropriate or not for all light seeds of the first atom creation light species is all of us regardless or lack of emotion, numbing of feelings and miss creation. No matter our divine tenor and holy pure status we all are locked in the same life sphere of the Creator, the ONE to just be. We must have more then faith when spirit entanglement and co creations. For free will is saturated by many light species we are engages right along them in eternal life and lifestyles. Divine life is eternal presence of the Crystal Fire Flame Ray octaves to allow us to have nourishment of natural purity neutral light and life force energy beyond our means and capability. So that all that matters is our divine right to just be right along the Creator source divine father.

Your Soul Color is saturated first of crystalline electrometric luminesce bio geometry and living light of purest primal fiat and cosmos energy of the central sun intelligence universal love, will and power. In that first stand of string theory light waves we can enter core center stage and absorbed then magnetize our outer purity back. Within and transposing into super bionic spiritual cosmos fiat and god energy also images, projected, guided and nourished unto all who are reading.

In that like you stand in a soft rain we sprinkle divine intervention blessings as your free will allows you to absorb and transcend your lives through the violet flame symbols and light language, antinodes and purity clearings. The blue, gold, mother of pearl, magenta. Green, gold, silver and so forth through the crystal clear fire rays.

Of the divine spectrums as creative immaculate conception to also bring forth mixed shades of divine sacred fire color rays through the crystal fire ray in my heart ray I illume all you are of or ever will be.

I extend through you and each cell of you now my blessings universal eternal, enjoy your gifts of light garments I have prepared for you. To come home to your star family pure and intact loving good minded hearted living light of first source creation central sun core neutral purest you left to be of God service just like we are doing! –Serpis Bey 1:44 PM 3/7/2016

Sananda: Call forth the sacred Fire Crystal Archangels Archangel Michael is hierarchy of. Allow them in your life duties, goals, free time and studies and find your self accelerated in the divine codes of light. Your octave soul spirit and cellular will transform through raising you vibration and frequencies through the sacred fire angels of all the divine codes of light color.

The sacred fire color rainbow rays our father gifted as his blessings, protection, guidance, love, light intelligence and life force energy sparking our own in every way and means, so be it for his soul star is our own Christos eternal divine pattern and genetics! Find in sacred fire core central sun; you will evolve in a self spiritual natural organic form of self expression. By allowing divine intervention through the concept of universal intelligence sacred fire color rays within your being you attract, adsorb, magnetize and expand.

Into and all you do as natural organic light and expansion in time and space in the divine eternal matrix of the Christ pattern and essences luminesces.

In every life time you will infuse the crystal divine codes of light naturally for light is feed first of sound and the void of the fathers breath, heart and conscious nebulas and life force energy. Manifesting from the spark of Gods Energy, love, emanation aura presence that is within and throughout all that is in the time fabric and in every light species. When you peel back all layers of existence a molecule, cell, and atom is left in minuscule levels of the unseen photon synthesis of Gods totality of all existence firstly. Yet without sacred fire light fueling to ensure eternal consciences good hearted livelihoods and well beings and those you care for no atom or life stream could live exist!

The Sacred Fire color rays all are bound in spiritual divine universal eternal quantum entanglement at we are these physical extensions! The sacred fire color rays feed your soul color and all self creations as a neutral clean plate pallet for the spirit, soul into the physical and thinking and feeling side of life. The crystal clear color fire ray is the Immaculate Conception at the most universal neutral absolute zero horizon of Gods Spirit. Of the inner core central sun of all suns, timelines, existences, dimensions and light worlds.

Of Divine source fathers mind and heart simultaneously co-bonding huge amounts of free energy infused beyond the cosmos forms yet without cosmos elementals Light Beings and Spirits of the light. We would not be able to bend our spirit into the spherical soul in alignment of  the life force energy feeding the feel will fuel of inner light retrieved first of somewhere impersonal from you taking on yet very personal living light life force energy of the creator soul spirit of God.

It makes and flows eternal blood streams, heart spaces, consciousness precipitation and garments of light the soul color Light Body emanates in personal self purity ever spring of God’s protection and companionship ray. They, beloveds will be those very soul mates and teachers of light chosen by you to enjoy your eternal existence lifestyles needing in your own ways and dimensions universe wanting to contribute your light. In sharing visual, light language bio energy geometry love light waves of all good forms will ensure a consistent self living light. Light intelligence co active creation in future probable futures of self in the quanta source field of all creations, cosmos and universes of the ONE.

I choose to be of service of all lifetimes and dimensions in simple light and love in all I do; I am so. In the Holy sacred fire flames and shafts of light filling your soul spirit octaves into the physical conduits and chakras. In the crystal clear flame I feed and clear you when you ask right now.

State: “Sananda! Please take from me, all that does me no good. all my self creations of all existences, and selves Clear me in your light and love while I breath in divine color rays holistic healing energy you know I need. And your legions of Archangels provision through out me now. To ensure I am safe, protected and loved and I unto others… when I can not for self God can in the well being of all I stand clear and free in the violet flame fire. In the blue flame fire, pink flame fire as the divine “ONE” standing wave of all existence through and through!”

It is what I reveal in all my time and investments to all. To be the light of god’s will, love, presence, essence sound tones, divine co-creations and patterns of the sacred fire Crystal Ray and divine infused light waves I come on your own accord when ready and garment you, invite me.

Feel me absorb your aura presence, heart and conscious as your own I infuse you into the diamond crystal clear diamond heart of my soul Spirit within out eternal divine father’s.

Stand free forever as your lightened and Christed in the divine flames of the Sacred Fire central core solar soul star sun presence within the crystal clear ray sacred fire

As your own eternal central sun presence soul spirit spherical living light of supra luminous living light photon spirit cells light of the Holy Father. Of all that is, all elder divine families of light past civilizations, future selves holiest purest neutral of the sacred fire color rays and higher realms; feel divine cascading divine sacred fire rays and fire fill all portions of you and be clear and free truly now. Standing amongst me with my teams of light extending their Garments of Light, heart and mind love to be of service for the well being of all, even through you when you ask and allow. I stand physical tangible amongst you to prove I am just like you in all divine means and ways.

Only I am a little more evolved and neutral eternal effort in all I do to try and be god’s will over all other, or I do not move. The energy conjunctions, star gates, tubes of light, rays and sound are crucial in your own frequency heart beet feeding your blood stream, heart and mind. Through all eternity is the difference to achieve accession, heaven consciousness alert and instilling divine memory needed to thrive pure and free, protected and companioned by your star families and sacred fire ray families of light.

The Holy Spirit surges through me and I bond my own divine purity to match and infuse the corridors of light and tubes of light to come to you on my own accord through the Crystal Clear Flame Rays I stand and make way. Blessed be so in all you do! Love eternal, I bless you! –Sananda 3/9/2016 6:44PM Mountain Time.



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