relationships blessed.jpgBlogger; Angel Vela soul: In lucid dream for this topic the divine masters revealed to me that for generations they have empowered good loving relationships and mates consistently conscious and pure hearted unto each and all they care for, maybe you too? I realized the Ascended Masters dispensations of divine relationships are of highest levels; reflecting me to reveal the lecture topic of Soul Mate energy origins.

Then how the external selves naturally attract and bond in time continuum unbroken for some eternal quantum entanglement of the spirit, soul,  physical conduits of the twin flame matrix and merkabha in good relationships and divine companions in time and space segments of co creation and companionships. You fall in love or bond in good friendship instantly seeming to know each other, trust prevails at first contact as if always have known throughout eternity each in good close relationships. That’s how I felt with the Ascended Masters and soul mates of earth school and divine empowerment purity good. And well being benefits of good karma over bad karma landscapes and backdrops of feeling and thinking sides of life and outer world influences, at a mass scale even.

Divine Message Transmissions: Master Serpis Bey; In creation universes all light species can have love partners, loving relationships and divine companions and can be co self attractions in unconscious realties and environmental and surrounding circumstances. Both committed while wanting divine romantic bonding in trust, commitment, intimacy and free will and divine will respect. For each ones divine plane, interests and light intelligence growth for all and the well being of all involved and generations coming forth. In the used up energy and emotional conditioning through feeling mind pollutions and unconscious self condemning or inspiring.

Manifest into outer conditions and light worlds infused as mass intelligence first energies bleeding into your outer world and feeling and thinking side of life and tendencies. Of systematic bad habits and lower mind activities self indulgences that leaves no room for others to just. Be them in your forefront and you unto them if they also are self absorbed in self needs over the well being of all and making physical efforts in words, thoughts and body language all day and every day, all day long and through the night.

Divine well being, spiritual good natures and romantic attractions must be balanced to allow accelerated divine paths to be completed and graduate earth school right along all those you care for and you unto all. It is our sole responsibility to be neutral good soul people in all dimensions and realties there for your daily activities with others, neighbors, co-workers, family and friend. Would all be on the same page to induce divine good loving lives and so takes physical and thoughtful effort to allow conceptualization ability . Like you are saturating now yet to get many involved at every second to instill good lives and loving relationships takes a village and individual Soul People.


Who are the pioneers of Self Healing and then sharing so others can have a stepping stone to thrive and just be in the kingdoms of Gods many light worlds and communities, continents and universes. To allow divine love and the inner heart core to allow divine loving commitments while in eternity dimensions and levels . The soul spirit vehicles and light bodies bond to allow conscious needs and self creations to transpire and with others is Spirit Quantum Entanglement through the soul octave and garments.

Although the Divine Partner of Destiny’s matching vibrations of one quantum light seed of two and then . Almost like conjoint twins with separate soul aspects and light races species. The elemental core of beginning existence is in all of one portion micro living light life force flame of the God presence. spirit, energy and love through us all we allow firstly feed. To allow a backdrop co-creatio0ns from creator beings within the scope and vibrations of love.

Love is trust, bonding adoration and support. Openness to just be together while going about eternal existence in freedom of individual “I Am” Presence quantum octaves as one conscious alternate reality . With the freedom to move about on your own accord and then with soul mates, star families and community galactic multidimensional Light Worlds and soul people.

Thier also is a beauty of Divine Partner of Destiny soul mates and Romantic Partners. This divine beauty is of the Holy Spirit puerility fed first within each soul person bonding trusted and harmonic. In the inner core of self as Spirit Entanglement quantum sparks of light living organisms of the great grand central suns in spirit cells to soul photons, sparks of light photon firstly of all involved. Outer world interactions and activities manifest outer world self creations and co creations as creator beings we can. More committed, trustworthy long term relations are divine partner of destiny levels of soul and spirit  and physical and earth engagement and soul growth is remedy easily with others backing you up so star families and soul groups also are divine partner of destiny.

Example: Sananda invites Saint Germain as brother love closeness while a soul spirit soul person would also be a soul mate yet some not divine partner of destiny like Saint Germain is to Master Jesus over a chela student and community population who do not have personal over spiritual conceptualization forces coming into play. Still communing together and prospering in each one slight and energy of the Divine Will of God. While those still seek relationships with Master Jesus and some distance on his own accord he chooses who is closer then some as we all do concerning our evolution, family and personal free will choices.

I could transcribe with this author thousands of books on better relationship levels over others. Councilors could line up around the block and take couples in analyzing based of lecture curriculum norms of the times and many can thrive in better relationship on the techniques and council of others if open and take action by ones words, thoughts and body language. Yet solving to have better relationships is the core purity attraction presence of each beauty and garments of light reflects, sparking and magnetizing the presence of god and spirit in all unto each within. That blends each in a co habitat living light bubble of life sphere realties and alternate universe most contentment, well being and good for all involved in all you do and they do and when you cannot, ask God to strike you clear and free.

soulmate alignment.jpg

It is good to receive a divine soul solar sun star alignment then a soul mate divine partner attunement and a star home world infusion to restore better relationships, good fortune and best timings of good within the Christ Conscious Octaves and alternate realities and dimensions purest neutral for the well being of all. Just feeling good relationship restoration and divine love and divine will octaves re-infuse into your blood stream and conscious heart nebulas and aura presence.

Ask the Violet Flame Angels to cleanse and purify all your emotion fields and all involved to clear the slate so to speak and start anew. Call forth the Angels of the diamond heart pink flame to cuddle, cradle and strengthen all your closest relationship. Yet free will is strong so one can love someone while not living with them! You can cut the cords so you can graduate earth school accomplish your divine paths with or within all those care for you. For some are not born of personal god need relations, no. The none personal god still pervades and they allow under cosmic law neutral truth as well so none is condoned while we journey along you and those you care for throughout infinity, You can let go and wish well then out of mind out of sight so you can forgive self. For god forgiven and does not hold grudges and clears all negative or lower energy speak headed towards him.

 It is us that self sabotages and in emotion and thinking lower feelings and feeling bad ideas and worthlessness even unto those closest to you unspokenly, while still herd in the unconscious parallels. And why cooperation, drama infinities based on all involved unspoken intents and truths that cannot be hid in dimensions above the third. The soul and spirit live in higher realms attached to the rings of fire you portray as individuality. Some Soul People are damaged, used and abused and so tainted and frozen to let love in does not bond well with the sensitive loving pure types of divine partners of destiny. A soul mate can graduate to a partner of destiny if in real-time their habit, bad choices and lack of love can be balanced and so good karma is felt unto each simultaneously. In real-time eternity exist in the parable of space time source fields and existences. In dream we even have different partner of destinies comprised, families, friends and lovers then our awake state third dimensions self.

The Divine Partner of Destiny relationships of family, Soul Mates or romantic are divine positive eternal or longer timings throughout infinity. While each individual comes forth to do the work of God, their Divine Paths and spiritual studies and growth. Sometimes modesty can sometimes interfere and be mistaken as no or not interested in bonding free time closer and distances or misaligns timelines and circumstances outcomes in all Galactic Realms and Multiuniverses.

Archangel Metatron oversees the Merkaba

Good relationships do not react in emotion over the 12 Divine Virtues of God manifesting to allow love outcomes, adoration, contentment, joy, laughter, harmony, positive lifestyles, evolutionary protection, growth and well being for all.

Many of us Ascended Masters of Light is so close to Master Jesus you could not tell one soul aura presence and garments of light over others when we stand amongst each other bonding untied we stand. Because we all commune in unity harmony as one timing and purity light wave of existence and we ask you to join us. Truly on your own accord practice the way of the Archangels and Ascended Hosts throughout the rest of infinity and those you care for. Too will also stand amongst us well guarded in the light and reunion of star home worlds you are of we ensure you return evolved and enlightened

In all you touch and they unto you we bless and desire in the white rose flame of our hearts it is so. -Master Serpis Bey 1-10-2016

Lord Archangel Michael.jpg

Archangel Michael: Call on my Blue Sun Flame Sword Angels to cut all discord from you of all self creations and lack of love in all relationships and unto self. So you can move on to better relationships and circumstances. Let us cut all discord of all involved.

State: “Archangel Michael and your legions of blue flame sword angels come and cut all discord, lack and fear from my relationships and those I care for. For all generations and those they care for too, let us be free in mercy and love beyond all dimensions yet of first creation secret heart and sacred fire we relax and just be safe and sound!”

soulmate eternal connections1

*The picture to the right shows Mary Magdalene taking Jesus down from the cross after crucifixion represented sacred secret fire ray love of God. Within each other and unto each they were close and what divine sacred relationships truly bond as for eternity crossroads time and time again. As true unconditional love manifested in many forms of soul mates and commitments while fulfilling God service and divine planes with mass communities and long term intergalactic soul mates communion of the sacred fire and energy of the great central sun. That strengthens you divine virtues, divine love and divine and those closest to you. That will manifest the divine partner of destiny soul mate octaves and life paths for centuries with the same people and divine partner of destinies and divine companions, twin flames and eternal life heritage.

With soul groups, star families and the holy family and ascended masters that will never fail you and on their own accord chose who they work with and bond for lifetimes the golden age intergalactic communities and divine realms. Of the higher realties and good soul people we can commit and commune better relationships and mates.

By our very heart presence and conscious precipitation as soul mate spiritual entanglement and love eternal many relationships in real-time are of good karma and bad karma. Entwined based on lack of clearing and raising ones consciousness and bad choices and self creation and lack of love creations for centuries.

That will back fire in each relationship concurrent in ones life path and those closest to you needing in order to graduate earth school and divine goals of accession and resurrection and of those you care for and those they care for and so forth.

Sananda: Relationships for centuries I have had with many reading and will now so for centuries to come if you want.

To co habitat in same alternate realties and hemispheres is within all that is living sphere light worlds light body life sphere of the one and as living light within the one of all that is we too can co create good eternal lifestyles together by our own effort, life heritage purities and good natures, god virtues and life force of divine purity good for the well being of all in all we do will know so.

To have and bond eternal good relationships are your own conscious and heart nebulas purest resources and manifestations core origin to allow so. The mighty I am flame of each person also is cleared and purified in the divine seven sacred fire flames and rays. Of the untouchables within the great grand central sun presence and god energy that feeds all blood streams firstly, all conscious creations and co creations firstly.

All life paths and relationships backdrops and free will of all fills it second by second. All real-time of all relationships and light worlds communities intergalactic even are bonded in living light life force energy firstly. If one is in family units sometimes you are not in same soul groups and star home planets yet are adopted to bring your divine plans and earth school graduation. To another level of eternal existence life meant for you not by bad karma and commitments over good karma even earned in real-time in all dimensions of you. Right along other good soul mates you trust to help them also evolve in the light  of natural cosmos, like all other light species. relationships are needed no mater what light world or time line you are in.

For lonely lifestyles are not always the answer to out live eternity alone and not is the real you. All must help humanity grow, nurture and love right along God, father, mother life spheres and light worlds, soul mates and family of light we are of. and will never change. for we are of the light species of the Christ cosmos spectrum of light family and star home forever.

Our soul mates are forever reincarnating right along us to ensure we are protected, have well being, security, financial freedom, universal love and light intelligence. Ask for a soul mate who brings you joy and you bring joy to. Ask your guardians of light to ensure eternal purity good hearted consciousness and heart nebula bonded as one unit of core central sacred fire sun presences as your own at all times and dimensions, timelines and realities, alternate universes and inner selves. Simply changing masculine or feminine roles and commitments of self miss creations and lack of love creations and those unto you and so forth. Not truth of how good relationships are in higher dimensions and what earth dimension can have if all in mass conscious within heart sound tones matching of good love purity neutral was manifested firstly in all you do and co creations even at unconscious, subconscious and inner selves levels.

Remember you must truly love self firstly and forgive self to allow others to love you the way you need and they unto them selves and will never change throughout infinity to have better lives regardless the closest relationships an soul mates are in your forefront and awake states foremost then any others is your investment sin free time in infinity firstly truly your own doing. And for you alone to fix, heal and clear, purity and love anew every cell within you.

Every conscious state, chakra and fire ring of you and all those you care for may be free and clear in the violet flame presence of the great grand central sun within each ones central sun presence and diamond heart center core, I bless and thank you for trying to be a better person, helpful to others and change what does you no good and all those unto you my also want so.

May you live eternal conscious good well rounded good hearted lives and financial freedom, good health and divine partner relationships forever and byond the end of time, so it is. -Sananda 9:44 PM 02-07-2016



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