MAster JesusBlogger, Angel/her twin flame; Alexandrus: It does not matter what soul race or light species and generation or genetics you are born of. We are multiverse compatible adaptable free will eternal light beings and as human beings born first as simple light and energy; core of the law of one bio energy fragments in motion into all that is divine immaculate conception and cosmos genetics as Sananda has explained.

When you decide to change your own norm and way of being for the well being of all, Divine Intervention become the norm for you to experience to boost your realities and inner light further into positive neutral pure one can not for self.

The higher forces come through for us then so more then ever. And why “Phi to the power of divine” is a bio energy pattern divine core of light. That move energy into harmonic infinite absolute potential in your favor and well being of all distribution of cosmos fiat primal energy I call forth. For all life streams and species of light, all generations and timelines, realities and intergalactic communities. To backdrop divine intervention feasibility through free will law, cosmos and divine laws bonding into action. When allowed in free spirited light beings that need divine intervention, divine help and love of all good natures when one can not for self.

The Spirit of god is the only spirit mandala merkabha I assimilate as “I” in all I do in my life which is a second nature way of harmonically and in joy to just be and then extend out to be of service as god in all I do. Living naturally under the umbrella of all that is of purest neutral good in free space and time concurrent extension the hologram geo self dimensional sliced off seems to get lost as a fragmental individual experience over the singularity in all timing and in all things we can miss use creation purpose and become distracted in lower natures of being from time to time. Just shake it off and regroup then start over. As an intergalactic infinite source field light being within the atmosphere eco plasma and light of the creator divine helps to manifest what I can not for self but is allowed under free will law and divine order primal cosmos fiat and energy trumps. To stay out of the muck and currents already used and contaminated of the cosmos or bless and clear, heal and restore divine purity neutral in all around you by simply feeling, absorbing god divine codes of color light, glyphs, Geometry and elementals.

An untouched pure neutral positive living light life force cosmic universal intelligence holy good is divine order in many parables and unseen firstly. All blessings and good fortune combined into your own kinetic makeup and genes is of all before you contributing of put all to the curb and restoring back into first creation core origin and purity seeded living light and life force. For energy is always in existence and will never wane. Our own beliefs, DNA and conscious precipitation can help herald in and path the way for you to become more then you can be. Not just in one reality at a time anymore in allowing already your photon god seeded life sphere spirit photon to bond and open you into other good and lifetimes meant, timings and timelines over through self creations of lifetimes created and abated as Karma Law.

You are a Light Being upgrading intergalactic seeded divine codes of light and inner consciousness capacity software you packed to be who you are in life. You can change out, phase out or in divine codes of light already implanted and seed of you in that inner core of all that is sparks all first. This spark of the creator is his own purity neutral living light life force energy that is fired in divine codes of light and light language, mathematical formulas and glyphs in light fire rays and sine waves. Spherical and life streaming’s bonding as one unit of well being, protection, growth and nourishment in all you transpire within first.

Is the god seeded living light as self Life Force energy is sparked by same living light substance and soul person light being of the cosmos ancient elder star families we are of first creation. Then born within as infinite life parables in communities, dimensional races of the ten universes within the core of the one. We sit and are born of firstly, feed and grow of firstly then all else blooms and flowers into existence thriving and full of activities of all light species and generations, do exist right along us and dimensions.

Our character’s or inner selves and lifetime fragments of identity accumulate is needing to face the truth we can not go anywhere without the who of us in spirit and throughout all we are of. we must regroup, clear your plate and start over in the light holiest, pure neutral positive good hearted and well being safe and protected in first creation energy octave, love and knowledge as our own inner power and daily origin needs and cures. The seven color divine rays are divine codes of light any dimension you are of can benefit as consist means to bring within the I Am Presence and the Ascended Master realms. For we all are civilizations of light and eternal existence seeded people light beings we migrate back and forth from first creation into all dimensions. Into all reality alternate universes all species of light move about as eternal existence and virtual reality of the spirit soul phenomena divine spark seeded and skills.Alexondrous 2015

State: “I choose to restore back into first creation purity, neutral holiest positive! I am reborn and baptized in the will of God flames energy as my own living light. And all I touch in all portions of me, pieces, timelines, generations, light worlds, dimensions, realties, conscious states and existences. Violet Flame Angels and the legions of rainbow ray angels come forth through me and as me; antidote me, heal me, clear me, infuse your immortal love and gifts as my own!

Protect me, teach me, companionship and mature me within in the great central sun immortal love and energy holiest purest neutral as my own living light and life-force energy, consciousness and heart!”

f352997bbreakingfreeAngel-The Spirit Christ Self does not change while conducting many hundreds of selves in realm and dimension appearances activities as a conduit of light over physical limitations the soul vehicle and spirit garments portray day in and day out. However if one in daydream or in an instant in dream time or in now circumstances receive miracles, visions and premonitions you receive divine intervention just as real. If you feel illusion; you are side tracking true responsibility in your divine purity multidimensional self as not identifying problems and instilling solutions. To move your life and family heritage lifetime to lifetime of higher purity good soul people and soul mates.

In order to allow divine DNA activations one cannot deny self or appear you are not you in all unconscious dimensions and activities un escaped of responsibility, no. For a greater humanity intergalactic community can step down into lower realms to help shape and heal realms and realties not of divine order and god will frequency energies. That can spark you clear and free to be more now that you are attentive and wanting. Many timelines and family born strictures, community and villages we are swayed of our bio energy software programs and hologram sheaths that need to be exchanged for others. When one is ready then so and DNA resonance is simple then raised of faster speeds of self identity at molecular levels. While slower self creations are density and stagnate in self the divine inner will power, holy love immaculate conceptualizations. One can change out one lifetime and energy, karma and soul mates for more progressive, positive loving, stable, healthy and good. Just like you or wanting and why DNA codons can be turned on or fired up to teleport divine codes of light into the appropriate venues and vestibules within. Then reflecting co creations in the thinking and feeling side of life.

For in the core of the ONE parables you are self life-force purity hologram mirroring throughout existence consciousness unless contaminated and then so drops down to lower forces and concentration experiences follow. To regain and become conscious of unconscious and comatose states of being to fit in we must massage our selves awake and healed by our own purity will driving through the sparks of purity needing.

To be accepted and to become more aware and multiverse intergalactic neutral pure just like the Archangels in dimension soul travel and reincarnations needing. We need to constantly spark our own inner will, life-force energy and conscious plasmas with the inner universal intelligence Creator energy and light.

We are of first in all DNA likeness and star seeding needed of soul mates and soul families interactions.

lord ashtarAshtar: I am speaking of a one set mind and soul vehicle being of Divine principals one can plug in and recharge in any rainbow divine ray fire temples and universe components seeding and nurturing. To allow so of the back drop as reality manifested through other light beings creation called sky, earth and stars. The ascended host and angelic or Chrsited ET”s light beings are assigned to assist third dimension for the fourth and fifth and up await you consciously again already. Allow your light body to infuse, magnetize god energy, divine order and divine power within “all that is” and beyond time and space, simultaneously manifest and be so! See a tunnel or tube of fine divine color rainbow rays light from the heart of master Jesus-Sananda to touch you, reach you and bond you within his garments of light and aura presence. You will shift your energy beyond time and space purity to become all of you when you are open for all of God’s light is user friendly needing only a good heart and intention; light and energy simply. Try right now taking a moment to feel your own energy currents and light surge and nano interface divine purity of first creation reaching all parts of you. No matter born yet, unconscious, abandoned or forgotten, piece or portion, generation or time line, reality or existence feel your God right Holy Spirit blanket wrap and cuddle you for just being you, making it this far and wanting to extend good to others around you even still. even after one have been through so much in life. Faith and trust is divine love within, you I feel!

State: “I AM the Holy Presence of the universal intelligence purest neutral holiest positive good star family and living light. Of first creation purest neutral positive eco habitat of the creators will and freedom flames.”

The spirit is spherical and life stream of self can manifest fate or fortune or negative and positive as spirit entanglement within soul entanglement of the source father creator divine light body we behave accordingly. So in a sense String Theory of cosmos born living light intelligence within universal intelligence can offspring into our own light beings at anytime the needed divine holy spirit nourishment when we call and request will happen. Can mainstream and perceive awareness of emotion and feeling current of the awareness of the one creator of all creators and central suns focili energy. All coherence and ability to feel and act of divine heart and consciousness of all light species, life streams and identities of sound tones as personified hologram projection.

You are of all first from first creation life sphere light body light worlds before all that is and after eternal existence cosmic spectrum has been passed in your own time and ability you will make it home again and with your Angels and Angelic Christed ET”s and light beings. In divine alchemy as your spiritual unity zero-point field of octaves and consciousness attract and download. All DNA activation codes in our bio geometry, formulas, light language, glyphs and living light life force energy infused packets of light, molecules and cells, bloodstream and aura presence.

SolgandaSolgonda: States of existence has extraterrestrial energy from other universes that bleed energy and light within the milky way, DNA and cosmos atmospheres planetary supply so and genetics. That sparks nature elementals and the space-time influx vacuum needed to sustain life continuum stability earth sits within and you.

The Creator uses the in and out breath of his own sacred purity neutral fire energy and love emanations that naturally seed, germinate, nutrient and safeguard or destroy. And as an aspect of the creators consciousness also absorb naturally in your own conduit of living light life sphere. Or a Spirit Spherical Orb of Light from first creation seeding and DNA activations in codes of light that are fired up, prodded and pinged. Into aliveness and action when you want divine life and good times and lifestyles, this will not stop in this generation of you. Tranquility and expansion are good portions to take from the source creator as your own energy consciousness and nourishment. Sometimes we become so preoccupied in our own stuff we forget we are simply an extension or hologram projection identity appearance within a greater scheme of existence and billions of other creator beings of same core of the one all are vibe for attention and adoration from the core center sun within and of all within of all soul people and light species holist purest natural positive good love and joy and peace.

Before you were born others in your family genes and life were born and contributed to your existence ability and born needs no matter the dimension or reality perceived, stuck in over another light world or divine holy family or not so much.

Lets pretend we are in heaven right now and all the holy families are actually happy, joyful, loving and positive so you too. What now? What is your objective now? Why not now can you now can call forth within you a means to be so pure and holy all the time not just earned as another life you may not remember. Nor care for those cultures of divine communities and Societies over others of creation source fathers realties and realms we extend into to be conscious and activity with others of like minded good and love in the intergalactic communities out there. There are many to chose as eternal lifetimes of portioned existence within the whole of the creator and trinity; seeing your divine love and happiness is with like minded soul mates and friends and family.

State: “I am that I am.” I am of the family of light and accept my divine life heritage of the ascended master realms and good soul people. I command my Mighty I Am Presence and my mental body higher self to obey my new call and desired free will higher good to come forth in all I do. I choose to allow and activate open and magnetize divine light seeded codes of light within my very core being of peace, joy, stability, love, light intelligence intergalactic pure neutral now!”

 st gSaint Germain: I have been waiting for this moment and for some of you for centuries to finally open to the Intergalactic Multidimensional Christ Conscious Self in this lifetime for all other lifetimes you have made the decision to rejoin your own purest life stream energy and chakras. To open and radiance divine love, divine will and divine color codes of light needed to help you have better lives and so it is granted unto you, now with me and my legions by your side. Of Archangels, ascended host, angelic host and light beings. The violet fire flames and transmutation source fields and activity.

Legions of cosmic angels of the Violet Fire can help you aspire your DNA activations of divine seeded elementals, liquid energy and rays of the divine rainbow rays and fire temples of light founders and ascended host. See your self showered in Violet Light, pink, gold and blue currents and light rays illuminating and seeding you aware pure, divine well and holy neutral. Good heart centered where you stand now clear and free of lower world thoughts, feelings and energies.

That do you no good is now consumed in the violet fire ray I offer unto all cells and aura fields of you now. Capable divine divinity as in simple light and energy attraction, quantum vertical bio geometry and DNA dance and entanglement.

Of inner vehicles, plasmas and aura fields that each self higher realms and dimensions will be not of level to level earned over back and forth clearance while doing so.

For helping humanities and the well being of all in your soul group, soul mates and star families life heritages and timelines needing of you.

Asket pleadianAsket: Intergalactic Communities include only those of good heart and intentions, well being and harmony pure heart in all intergalactic dimensions, light worlds, realties and timelines. Many light species and intergalactic societies and eco habitats within every cosmos, universe, galaxy, star and planet within each central sun of all central suns we all exist because of our local, timeline generation and divine god services and soul mates ties needing. All DNA Seeded Codes of Light are filaments, substances, elements, and liquid crystalline electromagnetic energy and love from the Creator.

Most say we are born of the first holy family and intergalactic spirit we have truly become. Which Star Family is your first creation born into? For any human on earth could not exist in third dimension without having core roots in other eco habitat light worlds and generations before us truly are because of them within the god of one we could even exist our selves in a dimensional feel of course. All segregated families stem from first creation light world and villages. Then in billions of years have evolved to sustain and attain even more genetics and DNA influences and germination by ones own free will and need to finish your divine paths. Pick your true origins at first core experience into all that is then timeline your self ancestry up to the future selves say three thousand years from now. To manage a better means to handle your self as an intergalactic citizen of light over increments of society dimension creation and eternal existence conceptualization precipitation. Into ones own life and conveniences by now focus in simple light and energy purity be available no mater portion of you. Or existence conscious generation in eternity you feel you are of, claim so and access the divine codes of light beamed to you and your DNA. Through dimensionalness-less; words and frequency quanta to antidote and heal you when needed to sustain eternal purity consciousness, well being and protection. Is on you to sign up, be a doer and faithful to multidimensional purest self in all time lines is on all our minds too no mater the dimension level you are living  life and can so manifest self in those planets and soul people evolved you can trust and they can trust you consistently, at least try and detach from karma ties over manifesting into and through good karma and divine fiat energy.







7. Heaven paradise soul people

8. Ascended Host 5D & up

9. Angelic Host 5D & up




13. Center of Universe

14.Universe galaxy central sun

15. Lumerians

16. Mu-ians

17. Atleanians

18. Shamballa

19. Thoth realms

20 Metatron light worlds

21. Melchizedek life spheres

22. Andromedians

23. All other dimensions and planet/galaxy societies not mentioned who hold good hearted, pure divine hearts and minds stream into our DNA of light species generations of mutation and cultural alliances, blended families and divine galaxies heritage.

Ashtar Command Star FleetAlderzar: I work with Archangel Michael closely we can help massage awaken you divine codes of light within the DNA octaves and resonance locked away because of co-agreed karma. The Violet transmuting flame and ray can do so too and calling on Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain will safeguard awake and useful in your genetic eternal Christos Self to liquidated and transfuse into every portion of your divine living light purest life force energy. Your “Soul Color” blending and bonding within the divine color rainbow rays you are attracted to and as much as you want; rays and love of the Creator Christ pattern. You bio energy life-force energy turns on and is downloaded complete for you to explore eternal existence more stable, well being and loving lifestyles while you do the work that is needed you go to dimension Multidimensional Intergalactic Communities and civilizations to be of service in any good form. Even while living a normal life is enough to be of service to soul group communities and family members of the light and geometry, light language, glyphs and sound tones sent unto you as you read if you request us, we will activate you in divine realms, ascended Host realties and octaves. The veil of forgetfulness and self inflicted lack of love and punishment to not be allowed the inner gifts of the creator divine as our own will inner divine power is caged by our own lack within. While alive in lower dimensions this happens, mistakenly, let it go and move on if you also feel regretful and lost, forgotten your first creation purest good positive roots and family or distant of divine paths and immortal love. That you must reach in the depths within you to sustain an inkling of feeling of true higher life force purity needing to change your lives for the better.

There are diverse states of existence, alternate universes, parallel universes and realties un comprehendible to date yet flexible to move forward in time sequence or multidimensional. With many soul groups, mates and star families you have blended into as eternal existence experiences and preferences while in infinite realties of all dimensions and timelines. Your DNA is blended in many frequency and pools of vibration yet at its core is living light universal intelligence extending through you when you call forth from the depths within deeply wanting good change, better lives and divine intervention and support.

The crystalline energy is of the core of the universe and great grand central sun firstly feeding all within us. We must not cut off nor venture through eternity un equipped of the God energy fire needing to pull through anything, be of good timings and protection at all times, is our own duty. The vibration intergalactic vibrations are within our own life streams bonded as one existence singularity of the eternal whole and Creator.

iuMTA7JF6T - Copy - CopyEl Morya: Cosmos and universe and free will law divine order. The “Um” sound tone unto the DNA helix and inner structures massage open into portal octave already preset in generations before you of divine good hearted spiritual leaders and Hosts of light and councils of light. The inner antidotes and sound tones are diverged of the Christ Pattern. The 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 64 – 144 grid lines and ley lines within and throughout “all that is” source field is where the DNA is incubated, geminated, fertilized, matured, and nurtured, protected and loved. In all of eternity, it is us that become numb and distant to our original spiritual and genetic spirit roots of first creation. I myself is not lecturing you for my self in human lives took on the same interfacing programs of societies, levels of realties and beliefs to be who I was not, yet assimilated to fit in.

As I was graduated in higher dimensions thanks to the Ascended Host and patience I vow the same tenor and mentoring styles and flames of god colors to represent as my own divine duties in all I do and all I am within. Regardless DNA activations and growth in spirituality and dimensions one also can put to the curb all that does you no good in the Violet Flames, the Blue Sapphire, golden and pink flames of the Creator’s purist neutral loving emanation become your own energies and living. We can move about eternal existence clear and free today and everyday because source father provisions the same light cosmic spectrum into all dimensions and life streams light species. It is us that rejects, scrapes from to be who we present to the outer world, not us in reality.

While within we are immune to outer world distractions in the ever loving and divine presence of the arms of the mother, father and dove of Christ, the Holy Spirit. Us wearing THE GARMENTS OF LIGHT of Jesus/Sananda, go ahead try them on and just be in light body divine energy with him and us now.

Also soul-spirit-physical ray octave of purity and immortal love while in all portions of all that is no matter contaminate origin or blessed co-creator.

metreyiaVywamus: I am Christ Octave for you, just call me nine times out loud in good heart and purity force desire through I come, hear me subtly and ethereally. I protect you when requested, teach and guide just as I did Master Jesus as him and his higher self we bonded in all likeness when he could not for self. For many generations of soul people he surely needed cosmos energy and fire beyond his realms of influence, gifts and desire love ever lasting in simple self energy and light. While piggy backing and bonding within the universal intelligence creator and I Am Presence backing you up as you in all forms, dimensions, timelines and realities.

The DNA matrix is encoded and fire up needed codons to behave like software programs feature downloads one can upgrade or use old versions generations of genetic tainted coding’s we take on. To assimilate the time sphere of influences needing to shift our life in unconscious means over the source creator’s way; inner love spiritual entanglement. Within the immortal love of all that is and ever will be and beyond the end of time DNA Matrix we can attract and magnetize, expand and sensitize in all we are. Without force, belief, desire, need or ideal of all alters involved and you unto them. We can clean and defragment our energy fields most comfortable and adaptable to our need. In that the spirit is tagged in lower worlds as a virus tripping up the system of your soul, spirit, mind and bodies consciousness.

For the Spirit to work in optima speed of conscious purity in Christos fed living light energy (Cosmos) and divine life force energy (universal)bonding within your cellular and free. Allows a source field board of creation Soul Groups and slight species and continents realties bond and attract like minded and so heaven life seems so foreign and distant one may never felt or feel gained. Because amuck un others lifestyles and realties so you can experience universal intelligence without taking on others stuff and yours as a hiccup of not being in higher realms while from them in origin lifetimes to be of service. Which is not karma and genetic contributions  bio energy circuitry equipped and packed with infinite supply of the core will of god energy Essenes and light seeded codes of light the DNA nourishes self regardless spiritual or food intake perceived.

Yet separate tribes of light and star families of the one relatives, now graduate as Sananda; the “Solar Sun Galactic Christos“.

nadiaLady Nada: Once the DNA activations are in place and assimilated all depths and throughout within through attracted sound tones are resonating in divine order and love waves of the core. And light language, simple alphabet and mathematical sacred geometry words and music help. For music and frequency’s influence can raise the DNA vibrations or lower them due to dram and emotional circumstances at womb growth and early child years. Of the sacred fire rays of the great grand central sun we bring of the higher dimensions, levels and forces in the divine light colors of the rainbow rays of the spirit of the Creator. The soul person must understand  and request help; the genetic divine light coding which is massaged awake nurtured, expanded and magnetized. That flows into the right timelines and realties no mater turned off or not you are of good protection and stability, love and good

I mean, the inner bio energy liquid living light life force energy explodes into all pieces of you of every cell and molecule and blood stream, aura and consciousness. Pre seeded of divine alchemy codes of light of the ascended masters hosts of light and Angelic Hosts in first creation source field you became into existence to be of God service and love.

Manifesting the Dove White Celestial Christos Holy Spirit Frequencies within the seeded self purity inner energies and DNA free space and quantum sine waves of purity already in place to spark alive all DNA coding’s and codons needing to supply good fortune, better lives and soul mates. Then next the feeling actualizing as you in all you do in bio feed back and inner core nourishment spiritual Christos Self is already turned on to the max in all DNA parables. The DNA octaves are embedded in spherical quantum divine codes of light in miscue level of unseen activity as you and all through you and in your blood stream. All portions of you naturally sub atomically resonate within the divine mandala geometric crystalline frequencies the twelve divine color ray order of god nature source creator seeded organics, living light and love higher forces are infused and embedded within all we are or ever will be as first supply, genetics and sub terrains.

The Christ Jesus life energy pattern is within our own conscious template hologram virtual resonance realties firstly as in all we are ofo air, body and life force. We saturate our own life paths, lifetimes and inner energy of lower realms influence and self conceptualized ideals, worries and weaknesses of miss use in creation, lack of love and people. we can clear and disintegrate all that does us no good just s easily in divine focus and god virtues of the seven body aura chakras and rainbow divine intervention codes of light strengths and positives to help stabilize our lives and situations. The three fold flame of ; gold pink & blue flames rays are important to fire open an decelerate our spiritual bonding’s, paths and families soul mates needed in eternity to sustain god lives, well being and companionship.

That’s right, divine creation is you in all forms. You simply are detached as you seemly in macro outer levels of thinking and feeling sides of self creation in the outer bounders of all that is over inner existence divine heaven paradise continuum. The DNA and total eternal self, even in increments as lifetimes personas and forgotten or abandoned, unconscious or in dream you must take responsibility for you inactive or desire force to supersede and manifold all else in you life. The Chakras or meridian line s of the intergalactic grid lines and divine levels of existence can be attained, reached and accessed by you at any time.

I will raise you up a notch or two into the higher octave of my light garments likeness DNA genetics purity and light intelligence attained, absorb so. Just step in my Garments of Light that will protect your soul, conscious and light body and feel the surging of divine will within you reach you and all cellular and electrometric, heart and mind of all selves in quantum oneness bonding and magnetism.

As your own will power, love and accessibility to dimensions and existences the DNA matrix knows of yet reached by inner universal intelligence as you.

astriaAstria: I am know to help any spirit and generation, planet or universe to heal and complete it’s journey into the light levels of existence the higher dimensions and higher forces guard and back up the legions of Saints and Archangel Michael right along Angel here. You may so as well or can; guaduating back into the higher octaves into the star gates of your star families and saints of the light of the one purest neutral holiest good positive to experience better lifetimes and lifestyles meant for you by the Creator.

Self creations can be mistook for DNA Activations not happening, karma interferences and damaged genetics of dimension awareness of you now seems to feel so separated of higher forces and realms. Yet in dream and before this earth life you walked among the archangels and ascended host, true. You have within you the etheric liquid living light of first creation that bursts, spears and enflame you through and through already active in the light and Star Gate channels and chambers of light for you to experience divine paths completions. Intuition and natural heaven paradise phenomena and paranormal activity of divine heaven realms. Not of lower realms and entities you must choose to join the family of light for we already welcomed you as star families and intergalactic communities multidimensional purity selves know so as higher awareness and Christed conscious multidimensional time traveling. Up the ladder of light is already the norm in your future selves, past selves and dream states. This dimension aspect self of third dimension is a portion of you for you are really of faith and higher is you have read this far. You are activating more and more up rooted, disconnected wiring of inner purity and realms you were once use to and desire to restore is done.

Let your alpha wave of 33Hz reconnect and vibrate within all you are of as aura presence, energy and light, consciousness and soul person into 33.3 Hz. Simply light of the divine family is so immense like aspiring day your DNA codes become alive and awake, energetic and connective to the source solar energy central sun of inner core connected to all that is universal intelligence core universes as one light ray or life stream shooting through all that is in stability, good fortune and well being for lifetimes I will unto you too.

Sparking you awake in the light you are of for eternity and never can escape divine paradise only in self creation separating from the flock and moving off the grid of all that is creation most positive pure good for you is all. And can be called and restored back at any time as the infinite eternal presence and aura.

Of the creator extends beyond and throughout the core of all cores of divine good positive loving well being solar sun we are of intergalactic eternally and the depths within feel so.

kuan yinLady Quan Yin: When you live in love you are actually resonating at higher purity frequency’s and that infuse solid creation manifestations of divine intervention into place and helps you activate DNA Codons and essences. To have the inner DNA essences in all dimensions of self one is equipped of the soul person spirit self to communion and be carriers of light. Of the divine color rays, freedom flames, forgiveness, compassion and love rays and flames we can adsorb to be more then we can be in all simulcast realties the Christos spirit is in free time, real time existence amongst self, self creations and self virtues and awareness skills and abilities capabilities for the well being of all. All those they care for and so forth until every soul race, light species, generation and time line all feel true divine will of god in it’s first form and emanations purity essences.

To stay in you presence of Christ purity no matter the birthing unit, genetics, astrological and planet influences or dysfunctional genetics as well. No matter time line, inner self, reality and dimension you are experiencing in eternity light worlds and existences mass consciousness and intergalactic communities already reside and thrive with or without your awareness, input and help. Your purpose was not only to be the wayshowers and the Aquarius golden violet transmuting star-Star Seeds. You were to be you in all dimensions and selves the purest Christed conscious feed and means of being and in all you experience. We can disengage our selves of unwanted life paths, lifetimes, genes and DNA lack or coloring. My message is we can move about cosmos eternal already earned in the light, seasoned divine light beings and timelines all supersede out truth we are of lifetime heritage and heart radiance of the great central sun and holy families, elders and councils. Imagery, light language and symbolisms are not the only key divine codes of light to saturate, feed from and alive within already instilled and dormant no longer!

DNA is activated of the Christ Pattern and seeded living light genetics of first creation and soul people who are a dimension not of the third realm yet you stand as you are. The eternal self unpeels and exists in eternity within the genetic DNA strands while the supply is absolute infinite pure neutral to sustain infinite amount of lives, realties and experiences you choose to attract. While the DNA Strands simple are the bio field sensors and amplifies the spirits conscious attractions and desires then lays to rest until needed. As super human spirit soul people super computer bio brain crystalline geo geometry living light. That stems from the DNA rheum or anti DNA and Zero Point Energy activation grid fueling, bonding, infusing and requesting divine higher force. To intervene also integrate, infuse and bond you in all good forms and freedoms just like the Ascended Hosts of all dimensions and genetic DNA appearances and space junk or spirit gifts.

Thriving off of your free will or life force energy switching on and off your genetics or life energy color codes of light likened as apps and software of the inner components to enable physical experience and consciousness virtual spiritual and abundance well being applications. The Violet Transmuting Flame, orbs and fire all correspond to ones own ability to fire and infuse inner energy and dissolve what does you no good or no longer fits for you.

Divine Codes of Light are intergalactic crystalline liquid illuminant living light of the Holy Spirit of God energy and spirit soul useful to attract, imbed, upgrade and be protected, prosper and grow of same purity family holy of light Master Jesus is of, we are too. The body has electrons; 0.03%, protons 55%, neutrons 45% which means we are of star dust, cosmos air and particles, freon’s, radio active and divine blessed. Of intergalactic galaxy atoms, angelic host elements and infusions, nourishment and love waves are seeded in you already. And living light as our own.

Quantum entanglement of our natural organic purity within our conscious divinity bonds eternal awareness stronger. Allows soul mate divine partner of destinies come forth more long term continuum good and solid to complete our existence in well being and positive spirits.

Of divine intervention stabilizations we must will now more then ever and for those we care for to get it right and at least try to co create conscious Christ awareness and octaves realms. Genetic dimensional bio geometry, light language, glyphs and infused essences and packet of light Christed Cosmos divine Christos mathematical formulas and patterns. For better levels of DNA activation, availability to be super spiritual eternal aware pure minded, well minded, good minded soul people. No matter the dimension or time line we are conscious within throughout eternity in a more consistent and natural second nature way of being.

Over levels of dimensions and realties we earn or are righted more so in we are already seasoned divine Christos eternal. Emanating divine love and magnetizing the spirit of the holy spirit and source creator divine purest neutralist good protective, nurturing and stable. We follow suit as our own garments of light and conscious choices offerings and abidance purity of god’s will as our own loving presence and means to just be we walk into as our only experiences and interactions. With millions and billions of others who also drive within eternal core central sun universe elders of light we are born and natives of firstly and always will have within us.

Then already all we need or ever could want for our divine star families and soul mates back us up. Behaving and living in all now’s of us throughout the rest of eternity and beyond time to engage with others of like minded and spiritual paths and needs.

Needed to will and stabilize awareness of divine realms and higher forces and realties the DNA octaves and streaming living light and life force energy. Is diverged of cosmos intergalactic seeding, light packets and elementals, energy and light of personal immortal love and compassion.

archangel michaelArchangel Michael: Entering the Christ consciousness self octaves and Christos dimensions is in simple light and energy divine. In color codes of light pre infused and blessed to help you upgrade your divine paths, soul mates good karma states of self and co-creation. The organic natures of divine standing waves are spherical and tetrahedron, Metatron Cube, the mandrel spiral dimensions of activity and consciousness. Light worlds and alternate universes, parallel realties and timelines vectors you can soul travel and time stream into as your own conscious lifetime or remote viewing skills.

The shuamman hertz source fields and tree of life, flower of life and universal intelligence bonded as this bio electrometric Star Gate light world life spheres of all galaxies, light species and timelines. Folding within time and space to become solid and aware in higher realms and dimensions beyond the fifth while in third, seventh, back to fourth, fifth or second. That interweaves the ionosphere of the earth, the human brain, the DNA codons and universe atmospheres and ley lines of the universe cosmos bonding with your spirit, mind, heart and soul. As one unit of purity bandwidth light wave frequency called the Holy Spirit Frequency and octave we are embedded eternal of this divine holy blanket and creation of well being, purity good and protection, love and stability. In your minds eye you can see within your own living light, blood stream and life force consciousness, heart and breath bond within the Christos “I Am” currents of light and presence as your own garments of light and symbolism light language and activations.

Of the Christos sacred Bio Geometry Holy Spirit Frequency as liquid electrometric fire energy of the Universal Intelligence Creator and cosmos. Bonded within the Chrsitos Tachyon source fields absolute eternal. The imagery will  activate your DNA and light source fields to transpire divine good fortune, divine path completion and ascension qualification. These quantum bio energy geometry living light language of the divine holy host purest generations of soul people help quanta infused Divine Codes of Light. Packets of light will help you bring and reign in divine order, divine will, divine grace and divine wisdom.

Through your own divine will karma good accumulated and as your garments of light will shine forth magnetizing, fueling and living in the light you are being in all you are of and do forever!

the sacred holy comforter symbol folding in time and space bio geometry1

Divine Biogeometry Codes of Light you absorb in image, heart resonance and divine higher forces guiding, supporting and self mind conscious allowance communion. All move about in living light firstly cosmos eternal in simple light & energy light spirit-soul, Celestine and Christos light bodies & life spheres within “all that is” parables and octaves!

That is also liquid crystalline illumines energy purity neutral positive eternal bonded with the Christ Soul Spirit resurrecting as divine presence within one’s own aura presence quantum vortex vector co awareness and creation engaging.

A Star Gate opens up into the higher forces helping and our own consciousness infusing divine codes of light and rays the Ascended, Angelic and Holy Host provision unto all who call the dove of light, the Holy Spirit.

*Expert from “Soul Eexistence Revealed, Volumes I, II, III.” (Volume I.) – “Open a spherical portal within; one attains your whole being of Christ State Universe light, highest Codes of Light purity by the soul color focus and divine purity awareness attraction and magnetism, expansion and quantum electrometric Spirit Entanglement. Codes of Light are frequencies of color energy purities automatically ensured of needed well being, divine intervention, nourishment and protection.” –Archangel Michael

Sananda: To naturally be with multi-dimensional communities of light we have a knack within to naturally get around the universes, galaxies, planets and realms in simple light and inner self energy or life-force energy and though precipitation.

Bio location, soul travel, spirit travel, Astral Travel, telepathy, imagination states, heaven states emotional and moody states of being and inner consciousness and states of inner realms. Even bio location inter-dimensional flying in light ships and spherical orbs of liquid energy, metals and elements.

Are all done in natural organic light species means and norms of every natural organic soul light being and soul person, of every community of light. Spirit Light Technology in activating the DNA Divine Codes of Light using the Violet Flame and legions of cosmos angels of the violet ray and light beings Christed Christos. The golden pink blue octaves; as our own we absorb and just be our own energy, life sphere and blood streams of the soul, spirit, physical, mind conscious and heart nebulas as one.

Within the one who created “all that is” and forever feeds, nourishes and uplifts or destroys soul/spirit/body biology bio cellular, cosmos, energies, densities, outer forces and influences and self creations that does you no good. In every portion of your existence you will need to already put in place and strive to succeed in all you do as you for you, the future selves and past selves already forgotten or used up. DNA study and frequency light Quanta‘s are not the only means to help shape your lives to be better, more loving, more stable, more prosperous and useful as you desire and feel I have become.

It is not easy being me for you as you as us for God, yet we pug along our soul journeys in the eternal abyss to not fix us or others rather enjoy and just be while amongst others of the tribes of infinite light and existence. Yet I made a pact with you generation ago; and I will follow through and leave no one behind of my family of light no matter forgotten of me, not know of me or yet, no matter abandoned or lack of love I will be patient, loving and mentor you even beyond the end of time. Love is more then eternity you see, it is “all that is” unfolding in real time as us for us and for the well being of all we walk on in quantum harmonic unity enabling access at all times to super human, super natural and divine gifts and abilities. Our DNA can resonate into and through us reaching us when we need and want to Spiritually accelerate beyond time and space while in it appearing. We can excrete and exile out of our own genetic pools of all generations and is what our DNA has to offer as well as all prayers, gifts and immortal love from all generations, timelines and planets universes.

That our very DNA is equipped with infinite amounts of neutral absolute positive zero point Holy Spirit Energy and love waves or standing waves and Sine Waves we can swim about, be of and magnetize throughout as us at all times as second unconscious nature. For the will of God is astoundingly purer then anything we can ever muster up within on our own. Yet when we call forth our own inner divinity and power stems from genetics and conscious presence we will constant aware as us. To do so and for all humanities we are born into as a lifetime and truest good best holiest neutral Gene Pool to do so of the intergalactic communities and Light Species.

All infused and beget from the God genetic pool firstly and as the factual living essences of all dimensions and light species living light life streams, spherical light bodies thrive. The horizon Holy Grail rod and living light of first creation source divine will spark us again and again for eternity into all that we want to become. Need and desire while the elementals and nature divas also have a hand, the silent watchers and barriers of life in all organisms of light. To thrive and just be one dimension at a time, one lifetime at a time, one reincarnation and genetic family of light. At a time we emanate on throughout eternity existence and the soul creation life sphere of the source creator divine. The bio energy geometry of source father is our own “I Am Presence“. Sustaining and assimilating the great grand central sun micro and macro synthesis and likeness.

Free time throughout eternity gets misconstrued that we must earn, sinners without justice yet the father on his own path of light that garments us, illuminates us and ordains us in the spectrum of all creation. We can do more with our time, we can be more then we want or ever phantom of good origins for our genes are curriers of light and the living light life force energy of the source creator. Father of us all intergalactic eternal soul people and races of light roots and DNA lineage eternal life we grow into existence infinite of divine light roots or lower forces mishap and control. If all is energy, all is vibrating into and bleeding into all that is of most neutral, positive, faiths, strengths, love and light knowledge over any other vibration density.

For light is faster, transparent and loving alive regardless in DNA, hertz levels of our Chakras and auras, conscious states and heart presence purity inflicted. Or dowsed in lower influences, one must clear away and do self holistic spiritual healing work for the mind, body and soul. They the DNA can come cleared, baptized enlightened and become awake for your most good and use no matter the external influences and born influences and limitations.

For the Spirit DNA, Soul DNA and your HUMAN conduit is the outer shells of the DNA activity and spiraling. Spirit light body living light hologram grid and octaves stem from the intergalactic universal intelligence light body and living light of the core of the sun central of all suns span. In so your first ability to come into being is not of DNA limitation, gene pool segregate families you are born into for generations and different dimensions planet systems and cultures. Time is now has a base frequency that feeds the DNA and codons, molecules and filament cells as life lines to the one is eternal and never failing we feed from and prosper grow.

The standards of the divine family host genetic pools is our own offspring firstly and within First Creation. Now that we are in infinity lifestyles and lifetimes we forget we are fragmenting and factual of first creation in real time. Right along them and through them we succeed and live good loving safe prosperous lives sharing the same divine god atom and blueprint, genetics and DNA spirals. Of living light that our own life force energy, conscious nebula organs and heart resonance tone sounds is diverge of firstly.

It is the chakras and thoughts of the outer mind and thinking that reshapes the DNA filaments and re ticks the inner forces as the rings of fire we are of. For lower frequency can not survive in higher frequencies and octaves. Shine and emanate your Soul DNA within the Christos Spirit DNA to now self in outer realms and alternate states. So as who we stand today and probably tomorrow due to the universal intelligence we are connected aware and request to come forth into our lives and change what we do not like of selves, and families and soul mates.

In simple light divine encoded Frequencies cosmos air and spirit feeds the dimensional selves and realms. Because if not in the light and divine color rays we stand even stronger through as us, we will not feel so divine in all we are of, engage and do and will bleed into more lifetimes.

Disallowing one to engage better lifestyles of Faith, serenity, joy, peace and love with millions and billions of others cosmos light and energy.

Of same genetic DNA race and solar systems yet of different Divine Codes of Light Activation and harmonic resonances we are of by free will and divine will currents and garments of light bonding. I shine unto you my light and immortal love, now!

To help you achieve higher realities and ascension smoothly and pure baptized in divine living light. Of the Holy Spirit and life force we are both of, meet me half way in all you are and do, I will be there. –SanandaSananda

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