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Divine Messages Transmission August 2016

The Solar Brotherhood of Creation of the light of all that is purest neutral is in you now. As simple self living light neutral organic life purity self generated free will energy and invited divine purity life force energy and light of same origin creation living light life force energy we use to manifest self and within all of creation. In such we teach how to use the natural vehicles to magistrate useful eternal conscious divine creation and realties we contribute. By our choices and actions while in real-time in any realm, dimensions, timelines or creation alternate universes, parallel universe all of creation. In all forms and as light species of this very creation cosmos egg we sit in is assessable of any good minded or trying. For the aether worlds or hologram reality dimensions light worlds do exist and by changing ones vibration and attention purity thinking into awareness focus also can move about or migrate in divine or good positive safe reality dimensions of existences human soul people light beings can be of at anytime wanting.

We only have as our supply and life meaning is diverged by our own life fire as life energy supplied and in vibration matching, connecting, and bonding in simple self living light worlds as levels of growth the spirited soul person feels and magnetizes love energy to natural do so. When others around are not on the same wavelength or unspoken bad choices and intent means your distractions and lower emotions simmering is not you really, are not normal due to others hijacking your reality. Get back into your core purity center and move forward. Yes I am Archangel Michael, Sananda, Sanant Kumera, Gautama Buddha, Serpis, Lord Melchizedek and Helios are today representing The Seven Rays of Creation all each speaking here in this open forum of self creation within all of creation. Everyday statuses and divine representations shift to those most needed and assigned or assign selves to ensure divine unity in all realms and assistance. No matter the light species or light world we come in divine legions beyond numbers to help, guide and be of service when you cannot for self just call on us. Sometimes we fail just like you do in daily tasks or goals and we must regroup account our losses and responsibilities in real-time as you must and we come to say.

The Soul Spirit Light Cell vehicle egg and the cosmos creation totality eternal continuum in and as the egg itself in geometry imagery symbolic likeness of course. We can compare and diverge all elementals and light filaments the spirit uses natural cosmos living light and electrometric, elements and eco habitat kingdoms availabilities. Or light species and cosmos unified field eternal existence in real-time moving in time and Space parables, energy globs and forces.

The spirit soul is needed of higher energies to match and spark fuel and expand ones divinity nature unto others in the day comes from the very spheres of existence the rays of creation emit and magnetize within you and through you as simple light and energy. In fact if energy never dies off or dissipates to nothingness then when you die you are in charge how that happens, when, the aftermath and the purpose as your own life records reveal. All recorded in simple self energy cellular micro macro dynamics and spiritual quantum physics techniques of simply holistic spirit Soul physical, mind light technologies will sooth the soul, inspire, grow and nourish through untouched sacred fire of the universes.

jesus.jpgOf cosmos nature in of the stars energy and light, elementals, heat and gases provision a soul spirit person in any galaxy light species neutral natural energy supply also can be sparked as spiritual cosmos Christos influences and intervention. By knowledgeable reputable divine light beings of all light species light worlds councils and statures we are of here now with you. Breaking down existence and coexistence in simple natural organic energy and light of light species in cosmos Christos eternal cosmos egg you see we enable entrance and longtivity purity. The Seven Fire Rays of Creation are simply natural organic cosmos nature in elemental living light purity untouched by anything or one. Also this natural energy of cosmos Christos’ light beings magnetizes and emanate of same feelings, attention and acceptance very.

Also firstly coming from the great central sun life force energy and heart space emanations of holiest, adoration, love, appreciation and peaceful harmonic convergence, bonding and expression of simple living light love of our heart and conscious feelings and focus. It makes no matter what life sphere you are of or star world in any cosmos.

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Sananda: As you know I teach in many forums, many systems of purity, geometry, mathematics and formulas and speak my words as my own as I do here; all interpretive and in my octave of light I stand with you here beaming my sacred fire, my life force energy that is this sacred fire within you too I spark within you now. To move your soul, no, to inspire you what you cannot do for self I have come in simple natural organic personal energy and light I share, you share as you, a cosmos nature replica of light species of the first ray of creation of the lineage and elder races before all times of creation; Archangel Michael.

Making you an included divine cosmos spontaneous combustion of real-time purity, life force energy sparking our color rays of divinity through you will change your daily activities to be more positive, safe, universal completions eternal; positive spiritual. The natural soul person self pops in divine Christos beams of energy forces beyond dimension elementals yet seeds all within eternal time continuum and beyond, beyond and during and simultaneous combustion of light and energy. No matter what placenta, egg, cell, filament, world, cosmos etc of all in creation in all times during real-time creation your own soul spirit thrives eternal inspired in real-time. Reveals your true comings and goings, investments and self creations that in simple light and energy is recorded, revealed and tilled within, ripened into one’s own experiences within ones own contributions unconscious or not in all of existence can be seen, exposed and cleared.

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Sanant Kumera; the universe botanicals, civilizations, heritage and future life all depend on each light species to thrive in eternal continuum, why my first leadership on earth steams from to restore love based light energy and seeding elementals, light species in cultural, spiritual differences, systems and ways is no easy task. That as been lost or fermenting in densities unknown to the naked eye festering your own energies contained and locked in some realm lost or forgotten within once self creation manifested. This means what I teach on Earth to this day is slightly different in frequency coverage as in my own home planet, Venus. A place if in spirit inner eye focus could be a part of right now as your own alternate reality experiences and bonding in energy frequencies of mind scapes purer even known to you even on earth or lifetime thus far.

Yet I try to bring you into a inner focus of harmony, joy, bliss, contentment and spiritual heritage retrieved once again in my garments you can touch here with me in energy provisions in so doing unto you. You will gain in purity status and your soul sparks of purity dazzling and emanations by allowing my own life sphere, life heritage and life blood sacred fire life force energy. Bond within your own I can clear your auras preventing divine continuum consciousness, just by asking or focusing me doing so right now with you in the inner eye focus and feeling deep breath you take here, now.

My existence, my love energy leadership and status means nothing if love is not flourishing in any form in any reality or dimensions and infects. And contaminates all other light density and influences of all other realties and realm planet universe; conscious of or not right now or care how that effects you. In three months, a lifetime, future selves and past selves awaiting to graduate earth school coming no more if only to be of service of God will energy or Universal Cosmos Spectrum we are of by second nature, by soul spirit effort and first origin creation of each of us in being to end eternal our book of life will reveal chapter by chapter or energy influence segments. Harming solidities for centuries is not just a one on one race issue of concern or generation gap disaster to the council of light. That allows us to intervene other races ready for your intervention and values of divinity that allows so is nature cosmos Christos in raw form eternal pure neutral at first form, void, light and sound vibrations yet the frequencies adapt to ones environment. So the human species tick to the soul spirit species of light vibration with locked in trance to the earth frequency and mass conscious before you and with you now on the planet.

All you have to work with really as eternal existence time continuum is engaged by any light species it is a shark tank of experience due to past influences and genetic tenures. This means to shift ones energy by conscious along in harmony of the harmony of the Music of the Spheres or universe for that matter will shift in that reality dimension real-time influences and interventions! Our own life force energy that is the sacred fire pool of eternal purity and contribution you can bask, shower, absorb and expand within at any time.

Each seven color rays of this cosmos spectrum zone of influence and lovability to exist is nature in action in real-time and allows the earth speed and hemispheres to balance in simple nature Christos Cosmos color rays, energy and light. No matter the light world, life path, lifetime you have or conscious parallel and absolute alternate universe you are the same pool of energy and influences only how you inject and sustain one self and what energies or genetic pools one invites, taints within is on you to shift in simple energy and light.

When we say in past blogs to spark the soul light seeds that you are of divine heritage and right we mean it to take it all on in simple light and energy and self soul sprit life-force energy and life energy is the same pool of energy eternal we breath, live within as you, so why is our paths so extremely different than the next? Our own attention and self service to god’s will, love and knowledge leads us to migrate out of heaven into other dimension worlds, reality worlds, life spheres (Soul Mates & groups)alternate universes. All Galaxy civilities you may or have been a part of is depending on your, the real you right now in real-time in all portions of inner selves and lifetimes to do the right thing right now, make an effort right now to inspire your soul energy to be cleared and anew to be worthy and truly have the energy to be more then you can be to all nations, light species and time realties you exist or will, have or forgotten.

These inner selves are as well as the you in third dimension and have gone, astray, amuck and bonkers just like you because the energy is always of you total self no matter the adoration or ill experienced bleeds into the total selves in all alternate realties and time lags, or shifts timings and delays positive intervention and expectations based on real-time investment and self interests as simple energy light combustion and Magnetism! Your energy in the now clearly tells me you are trying or you would not be still reading my truth, piggy backing your truth to piggy back my life force energy sacred fire to instill better eternal lives and eternal memory allowing so and of good times and feelings more so and for eternity within your life path now so urgently thirsty for purity neutral cosmic light and energy of all of creation pure good. In simple self energy sparking and motivation attractions and life force energy kept and mind kept. Spiritual soul light holistic technology is in the seven rays of creation, twelve, twenty four, trinity and so forth.

For all energy is diverged of the one light seed, the one particle and universe elemental Soul Person. Of distant and past ancient races of civilizations, not of the eternal presence, the sacred divine fire within you right now bubbling up and inspiring to shift your energy consciousness. Therefore your conscious vibration is the core and eternal tick tock of the same energy pool eternal we retrieve within to be so in your now very real and helpful.

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The Solar Brotherhood of the Seven Cosmic Light Rays

  1. Gautama Buddha
  2. Serpis
  3. Lord Melchizedek
  4. Helios
  5. Archangel Michael
  6. Sananda
  7. Sanant Kumera

buddhabackdrop2014.pngGautama Buddha; Sanant Kumera has been a blessing beyond eternal gifting; this earth (Light World) is forever in grateful grace to him and his coworkers of all dimensions of purity light, I bow love ever flowing forever to back him up in all his divine spiritual endeavors and goals. In margining useful spectrums of cosmos Christos and Light Language of persona soul people just like you, divine impressed and fueled is the same sacred fire color divine solar rays of the one universal unified core of cosmos creations and fuels all creations and soul head people no matter civilization generation star world that fuels my heart and conscious is of yours.

Yet universal neutral feed and inspired abundant in all life creations and light species the same sacred unfed flame feeds the trinity, the Christos, the violet ray color energy of Saint Germain and all religious and sacred divinity spiritual practices, techniques and style preferences of all cultures, races, universes and soul systems of existences, generations and Future Selves. As the God seed, the Cosmos egg and the Christos society genetics you are forever in a whirlpool of same elementals, light and energy fractals super seeding all else ever pure or creation yet of all of it at the same simultaneous existence is within every cell and fire filament fiber membrane as well.

Our life force energy spirit cell Life Sphere is the same divine sacred unfed flame of the source particle of all that is eternal impersonal yet of love emanation adoration cosmos personal of core universal creation soul heart and spirit conscious physical outreaching. Simultaneously bonding or quantum spiritual entanglement sensory feeling within you now is of same substance and grain of light spark eternal supply purity continuum.

Serpis LordSerpis; Of same spirit Soul Color activation and ascension octave the ascended Masters of Light obey, magnetize and emanate unto you now, if asked to. Your aura clearing is a spiritual spirit holistic light technology you can enforce, absorb, activate, and neutralize on your own free time and for others to through any of The Seven Cosmos Light Rays. All from the one color sound tone the music of the spheres resonates in the depths of your heart sound tone absorbing as your own tick tock that is the abundant supply of the sacred fire of creation sound tone, light language and substances elementals. That matches the ascension frequency through you simply absorbing the conscious of Jesus or all that is Christos Energy, Buddha Energy, Metatron Energy or Violet Fire Flame Energy of Saint Germans gift and service vibration we can also amend within our own bonding sacred fire purity to sustain eternal memory, eternal clearing of auras and fire rings and help sustain earth graduation in simple energy and self light. Soul, spirit, and physical in spiritual quantum entanglement and octave the Jesus ascension provisions in soul light, spirit energy purity life-force and physical ridding of density garments or hologram films and filters no longer needed. In each individual species of light and soul person resonates and ticks at different timings due to genetics and birthing timings, universal, planetary and inner selves portions needing. All eternal self conscious just the same light skin suit eternal changes color and shape as fragmental cosmos egg imagery of the total of the whole we participate accordingly and under the conditions we are under we can try and that is a start we see to back you up and come our legions of angels.

The Angels of Deliverance, of the Archangels of Ascension and the Achilles of resurrection are here joining you to clear your energies by asking so in heart space centered in inner mind and feeling purity. Take a deep breath in my garments of light stand with me to do so in purer form capability. Feel so now with me backing you up; it is done. Your feelings, graduation and energy octave shift your energy currents and Life Force Energy to be lightened, cleaned out. Spirit eternal, currents and vibrations can get bogged down and slows your vibration and so in simple light and energy, in breath the fire rings through your life force energy become unclogged and fierce in purity pumping through your heart and conscious energies.

This does not make you an eternal negative being or lower force to others or unto self. The total celestial frequency of the Christos frequency Quantum Entanglement bonding simultaneously within you at any given time will; help accent your soul sprit and light energy purities, no matter divine color ray fire focus. We are there in spirit, in sacred fire abundance we come to help balance you in unseen purity color rays cosmos grace currents and spiritual life force energy of you bonding of our light knowledge. Of our guidance and life force energy eternal boosting you, sparking your cells and atom designs of personal creations wanting to be one with you once again. I clear now!

Forever vibrate in the Christ energy vibration and octave currents placed before you, before this lifetime to ensure spiritual service succeed, not defeat or abandonment, that’s the dark forces engaging currents of influence you get wrapped up in as karma ties and soul mate and planetary influences, self sabotage  and bad choices. Yet all vibrate at first core particle of same creation source particle of divine source father. The same life light seed you are of firstly in spirit levels of birth and consciousness or spirit membrane and life energy outsourcing origins we cling to or hook into as lifetimes as the only way of being or knowing. Until one light of all color light attracts your soul to purify in simple soul color frequencies of influences and interventions, all self endured, willed and self created origins too. Of the same sacred fire core first light seed colors that feeds all solar seven color divine rays in your heart, day and lifetimes, let so in your life, there fire is the open wide arms eternal cosmos pool of all divine light beings life force energy purity contributions we are taking from right now in simple breathing alone. We are always feed dine intervention, divine grave, divine love, divine will, divine knowledge, divine miracles as simple light and energy soul sprit, physical intake and digestion.

Then we refurbish and regenerate within the same purity energy into something else of useful creation from feeding your blood stream levels and lift spirit to universal eternal Cosmos soul people and systems cosmos to purer light of creation and perception. Is your responsibly alone firstly in each realm, reality and lifetime to ensure divine eternal existence, entrance and activities as your only forefront focus and actions will sew so daily eternal, I join you to inspire you to fulfill all you desire purity good and abolish abandoned all that does you no good.

I challenge you to pick one divine color of the seven rainbow sacred fire rays into your heart, conscious nebulas bond as one octave of self creation octaves you swirl fractal quantum unified harmonic convergence as the one atonement of spirit self octave purity assigned and fueled. Of the one godhead of all god heard of purest, neutral, positive, universal creation creator being, you me, us all within, throughout eternal be united divine pure soul; person you can ever perceive just by feeing Christ Energy fuel, spark and feed your soul, spirit, heart, mind and body forever and energy, I back up. In my light and energy as much as you want in the now at all times, just ask me to overshadow you in spirit and life force energy and I will!

Call on the ascension frequency energy fire sacred vibrations and we can beam them right away your way to bask, absorb, clear and just be in contentment and harmony in spirit and feelings happiness, so take a deep breath times three and asset your frequencies to be of the peace and love vibrations the Christ Energy provisions and clears within the depths of you. Is what you are meant to feel all the timelines and mind scapes, heart tones of you and all inner selves simultaneously will rectify back into divine Celestial Frequencies meant for you. Not by force effort, by self soul emanation of god’s energy you are magnetizing and expanding all around you in unseen and seen realms of influence neutral positive is the focus. In simple self energy and light colors you chose to contribute and absorb as your own soul spirit physical aura and energy life force of our own sacred fire life force energy purity. That again we extend in our own soul color focus purities and expansions focuses that are centered, fueled, are triple folded unto you and all you care for.

For the solar brotherhood of cosmos creation come to bring you not hope but livened faith and purity free will abundant eternal life force universal Christos Energy. To be more that you can be when you want from within the same divine energy light pool the Christ Energy we are of and co create as the same co creator being light species you are of and galaxies forever. So let us come together in every lifetime as intergalactic pure multidimensional light beings that we are in simple light and energy of the universal creator of the one eternal life-force energy Soul Color Life Sphere we are bonded and cased.

Lord Melchizedek; No matter where I am, I have a huge staff of light beings willing and eager to back me up. Not from my status and rank as superior of universal light of creation light to all light species for each light species race for my spirits will and focus on purity divine will in all forms. I will always supply divine guidance, light and energy needed to enable intergalactic eternal conscious well being and divine sentiment to all who ask or try. Divine nature for some does not come natural anymore. One must simply be in divine auto pilot purity magnetism of God’s love and will energy.

The one elemental, one particle, one atom and one life stream of divine universal source father of all of creation is so important to each aspect within, each body and fire center to sustain balance and unity divine memory to be of good nature, good divine status and spiritual cultural through cosmos unified field theory and quantum entanglement adapts the spirit light technology in simple light and energy that does come natural for so. For those who need a spark to infuse, excites and amend self creation energy, just call on me. Focus on a quantum geometry symbolic imagery I am known for. The Metatron Cube, the 144,000 Christ star imagery and the tetrahedron photon as well can engage you into inner vision sensory to ignite and pulse rate to divine order and the Christ pattern of all that is. The lay lines and energy currents of the Christos energy, of the Great White brotherhood and diamond star legions all elementals and goddesses of light represent and dispense qualified unfed fire of God’s love. Of his or the holy family of light spectrum of creation we are of as simple particles of light  our spirit light cell is of and we like to call soul people light beings. Or as living organism spirit soul physical membranes of source creation.The divine heart and soul conscious nebulas we are of as fractal particles one soul species of light the human race adapts within the soul vehicle to experience the spirit energy self creations. To manifest in divine order and love flames of creation that manifest the Christ patterns, divine formulas, Light Language, the signets and lessons or system techniques to utilize gods energy as your own we adapt in all energy unseen we intake willingly eager or protest as unconscious and irresponsible displacement of self creations and actions. One can move mountains with one breath outflow as the word or light ray of god then any human species could ever do alone as a group in a lifetime. Backing you up in all means and ways eternal the divine presence eternal light species light being soul person of us all is within each cell of us as light of the seven cosmos rays of light creation they dispense, precipitate and beam divine energy.

By the bucketfuls and billions of angels to ensure we are helped no matter dimension or light species race we take on just to be in divine order and cosmos spectrum alternate universes safe and sound for us. As the little fishes of the Universal absolute supply pool we need not be in the shark tank over being the air and water they need to survive. I mean in simple light and energy of self octaves, auroras, meditations, blessings and activities you are the supply over the one eating up all the innocence and supply of divinity and living light purity.

All mass conscious man made for some and for others the untouchables of divine councils and Archangels will come and be with you, right now all day to help you endure divine simultaneous outpouring of love and light we each receive in inner levels and at unconscious vices and needs.

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This quantum unified field of self creation is bonding in simple light and energy of the ascended host and Masters of Light that direct the energy to those calling, world systems and galaxies needing. For if your soul light is so diffused an external spark of divine intervention and miracle interventions and simultaneously bond within your own energy that simply magnifies within activities and focus. Into outer expression no matter lowers form or lower forces appearing. In so focusing on light imagery geometry helps the bio rhythms in your auras and breathing to regroup and resettle into auto pilot of the divine sacred unfed flame of God’ love or life force energy.

For if he is the only one life sphere all life spheres or source particles of the one then we are of in singularity then light and energy is always the balance neutral base of creation of all first creations. When self feed Energy is absorb it is so unconscious done at times we do not see we are sapping and leaking into our own auras the very lower energies and lower infusions we are siphoning off on as air and environmental influences and pollution, soul mate karma and self overindulgences. Our own air intake and breath should be equal in light color rays dispensation in all air Particles received. Your own light body needs purest, neutral light energy to sustain the ability and capabilities you are under of stresses and societies generations influences and disorders capacities all can be cleared in the light solar cosmos creation rainbow divine rays. Our own mental disorders stem from biological genetic and family, societies, cultural and gene pooling fragments of fractals of the whole all simultaneously co creation in the unified fields of absolute positive creation intergalalcticly influences in real-time that accumulate and sustain time and space the very super spiritual selves or future selves will still be born within if not cleared in real-time throughout you.

The seven color rays of creation are stead fact enforced by the four Archangels base camp and legions originations leaders divine and organizations. Your own spiritual goals are amended in real-time of this same divine system of divine light beings of al multidimensional light species to be of better use in real time for all nations, boarders, continents, races and light species I extend my carpet of light divine unfed color soul spirit solar rays of light cosmos unto you. Absorb all you want as and unto, in through your amendments of light, self creations and alternate Universe, mind scapes, energies and desires pure. I am known to forever to change your energies fields into the most optimum Omni presence harmonic convergence of gods unbending light and energy as my own.

I give to you to inspire and equip you with the octaves of light to sustain better lives, quantum spiritual future selves and well being in all now real-time momentums you are of within and throughout eternity, my energy bleeds into yours as the one particle of light of “all that is”, us, you, me. In simple light and energy of all spirit soul physical octaves aligning as one to sustain one light technology second nature we devise out of the holy spirit and holy ghost energies and symbolic images, formulas, light language, signets, geometry and living light. Of the one presence of all Light Species and feeds your own eternal unfed flame that is your soul energy and spirit fuel for your physical octave to move about so divine and pure all the time if wanting and directing so your divine neutral purity is sustained by self energies sustaining in each cell the god presence divine cultural purity that never changes through time yet expands and expands divine presence to allow more solar systems to be born, become cultivated by light species of that solar stem and galaxy.

Each time we have a lifetime it is not in a sense lined up as a segment of experience. When one is multi culturally pure consistently each lifetime in real-time can regroup, we balance and sustain better energies needed to breathing in the sacred color seven cosmos rays; fire color rays into your soul color rays and light rays assemble into place as the Christ pattern. Lay lines and energy moves about you in the same auto pilot pulse rate of divine music of the spheres as your own heart beat and breath also matches and sustains an unseen bonding of Spiritual, spirit and cosmos unified fields as one open field to explore as all of creation. To be of all o f creation of all purposeful and divine is on you to motives and attune within you to tick tock back into the octave of light the Ascended Host and the ascended Masters are from Be in light divine forever I wish for you.

Love from all the elder races of purity is sanctioned unto me, unto you as much as you need to succeed divine grace of divine goals and spiritual plans each soul person thrives as the army of light of the one race of light and holy family species of light societies and cultures is you in real-time in all you do to contribute in ones own energies divine grace in action. That is recorded in every cell of you and your life records I seal the signet of the Archangels and flames of creation into your octave for you to flame into or feed from forever as I do naturally. For it is my second nature to just be light of the father love energy magnetizing expansive neutral positive. Without force, fight, need, desire or ideal you will too! In simple reading also defuses forces preventing divine intervention and love energies to reach you on your own accord as our own accord we back you up in all the divine solar cosmos color rays we are of or desires to absorb to be more of good faith, good will, good peace of mind and heart. I leave you content and fueled fuel in divine octane sacred fire light and miracles.

The Omni Presence and golden presence of the golden ages is a real-time eternal inner and outer simultaneous balanced harmonic convergence of the father divine breath and spiritual fire in the heart and conscious nebulas and energies that makes you. You today and every day it is on you what you do with your own eternal activities, life-force energy and direction dispensations and you’re now creations can change for the better in simple light and energy focus and energies. Of the higher forces to ensure divine presence in all real-times and portions of you see the rainbow sacred fire cosmos light rays absorb into and all through you as I send you the image and light ray needed to octave a more consistent long term feeling of divine grace Abundance and angelic interventions. I will not stop pouring divine universal cosmos light and energy unto your soul until it does not need anymore and in return supply time three all I ever can, is my gift here to all who read my words, feel my personal divine power and life force energies sustain those who call me by name and allow me on my own accord to help in my own personal service to the will of god, call on me anytime, and I will come and be with you or one of my legions of angels will for the well being of all firstly is the key and the understanding needed to allow universal energy flow from you, through you without effort, need, will force or desires.

Ponder this as I see you in your dreams tonight if you wish to come and be of divine meetings and gatherings in real-time to just be more divine and in love of the fathers will emanations and adoration. As us each in real time forever is our goal and not a far reaching ideal when applied here in our teachings and words energies of light fulfilling you in all you want, need or do in our Life Force Energy reflecting the untouched flame of gods heart and mind, soul and spirit into yours now.

HHelios.jpgelios; As an intergalactic civilization of the same species of light godfather, Vista our God mother representing all faiths, light purity and generation in equal quantum bonding and love. Although as a light being you see me mostly as the cosmos sun in your third dimension while in fifth and up dimensions of you stand next to me equal in all garments and divine intelligence. What stops you now? Where have you placed all your eggs in your basket of supply and abundance? Or lack and without all external natures good and within so it seems. Not so! I command you back into the octave of the father’s breath core purity neutral in all timelines and dimensions. To restore every cellular time continuum you ever are, have or will be a part of into the same octave of light of the fathers heart and conscious nebula. His core life sphere in simple light and energy is the cosmos egg in all generations and light species eco environmental star worlds as well life force energy diverged to be of soul light body and personality of the one in all timings and conscious states of you. Co-sharing the same body energy of light plasma membrane genetic spirit light seed, spirit pulp, soul membrane and soul monads all are bonded as one force for internal life-force energy personality, vices, habits and energies all come adorn into all existence and replicas.

The one Light seed I gain and thrive in light and energy for the earth and species of light, planetary, stars and within all that is I am magnetizing within another life-force energy intergalactic co creation called the unified field of the core of the universe galaxy of all galaxies and universes and time space, the source creation of God’s core presence does not stop there. Every Soul person, every light race is dependent on light and energy to survive, just be and growth positive civilizations can when all put their energy into it is diving, energizing, scooping, and beaming from the same pool of life force energy! Only some energy source fields and soul people light beings can be drained of energy, have contaminated and mental disorders of religion and spiritual faiths lag one even further from ones path. Yet in God Speed times three, times PHI to the power of divine and through every solar cosmos light ray unto you to reunite one into spiritual entanglement of divine light and God particle within our own cells and organisms we stand stronger now here forward in all dimensions and timelines you ever will be a part of even just for service in God will. This unfed invisible flame feeds my energies, yours as the sun too rays hit you, in all foods you grow and intake is of living organisms of the same intergalactic light species race civilizations in every lifetime. Only the soul mates, soul groups, divine partners of destiny all bond to help each other thrive when ones light to low or less than normal, when one is shining star or star dust of my solar star system, the earth as a light world, you as a Life Sphere and I as the spirit cell that you are protected within. Cased in and feed throughout eternity is neutral and equal to all of the solar Logos rays of cosmos nature and solar spectrum our light source is diverged.

It is those who chose to take less or lots, tainted or untouched divine, in all we all are affected by each pones lives even if not known about for now. Because we are in real-time contributing, flowing, multiplying and dispensing into the pool of all that is holiest, purest, neutralist, positivists Divine good energy. We are co creators of the one source particle of light in all replica and virtues purest neutral and in real-time throughout eternity we will be with you, call on us each by name and absorb our octaves miracles mantles of light and sound rays.

Not to get you through your day yet to be the shining star of your generation golden age presence contributions to all future selves and generations. Be so in all you do today and every day here forward with the ascended host, the Archangel host, the star council hosts and Karma lords Host, the elementals, the lords of creation, goddess of light, the divine elohim’s and Krishna’s. And I, Helios of your solar system and founder of the solar brotherhood cosmos spectrum of color light energy purity civilizations holistic for all light species. All soul people races and dimension selves eternal available in simple light and energy within your life force energy we boost you now in the seven divine color ray rainbow octaves; be now with me and heal all that does you no good! In my own garments of light I expand, and wrap around and through you bathing you clear and anew now.

Take a deep breath and bond me into your brain conscious and heart life force energy nebula sacred fire energies as my own I superseed and spark in you your life energy to absorb the freedom flames of Saint Germain’s legions and lieutenants life force energy forces and sacred fire divine order. Of the sacred fire freedom flames of creation and be reborn in your spirit light free and clear as your dimensional gateway purity source unified field of creation expands into all that is neutral pure, open and safe protected in divine light self purity bonded within gods.

Within all self creations, back dropped in ones own simple life energy and living light within the divine source fathers life force energy purities and color tones of his auras as the life sphere we sit within in spirit Soul physical octaves as well.

Will sustain better livelihoods, contentment long term continuums and well being eternal conscious states of being lifetimes through lifetime. Is what we are about and invite eternal civilizations conscious light beings no matter race, background or constitutes representing the same flames of color purity of Christ Frequency and light body.

610a5de3b626b5bb970deb35464b068eMaha Chohan; Behind the great central sun is the central core sun of all central universes and galaxy sun presence life streams, all light species of all civilizations and nature, animal, elemental kingdoms. Elohim’s are nature cosmos intergalactic creatures of living light of all of creation cosmos elementals and assigned planetary, soul people and generations of time space light beings leaders and founders, students, guests and family. Making existence nature eco habitat life friendly as light worlds in each dimension, each planetary solar system and each life stream Spirit Pulp of light organisms we are firstly of the one the sacred fire holy presence and divine will of the creator source father.

This purity positive to all life streams light species, is alight being so immense in size, intelligence and heart space his own life sphere can hold many eco cosmos habitats for all light species to thrive no matter the timeline or alternate universe you abide you also are this same life force pool of bio energy of the one. Every portion in the one life sphere of all that is and each life sphere of you is your own eco habitat home-style lifestyles self creations within a macro mirrored or replica in same elementals wholeness and cellular seeding we exist as well. Only different frequencies and genetic portions as soul spirit life cells of the one as source particles we are all then in our own life spheres we sit as eternal creation. In reality your energy changes frequencies and enters other pools of existence and mass conscious nebulas already set in stone throughout the galaxies and solar systems in time and space matrix. As the one eye of all seeing God within my own octaves I stand on a disk of light of all that is with source father creator in spirit, while in soul body I am a lens to Gods light expansion possibilities as you as well. Then in physical I am the physical bonded quantum spirit entanglement of the ONE. Although our great leader son of Gods light core purity, Archangel Michael did not mention my visit here in the beginning of this talk title and Christos dispensations, guidance and blessings, I speak unto you verily I say unto you. Do not get stuck in one’s own life path as the only means and matrix to outlive existence eternal without divine intervention, divine love, divine support and friendships of the ascended master realms and temples. My own temple is of divine lineage and supply. Your life paths and home lives can also reflect within one’s own life source energy to change or raise your vibration into higher frequencies all diverged as self life spheres, source particles living light soul people of the ONE light body, soul and spirit of our fathers, our futures and our families in every lifetime.

Your own Disk of Light you stand on is your soul octave within your spirit light ray vibrating to the music of the spheres sound tones as your own will ensure divine grace in all god forms manifest before you even realize you need so as synchronicity. As miracles and as spiritual entanglement you should auto pilot divine self resonance of the solar logos and solar brotherhood’s divine octaves, life-force energy; step within now with us and rejuvenate what does you no good to leave your light body systems forever no more bogging you down or limiting you. Then your own garments of light (self creations and fire rings of your auras and spirited filaments of light creations) will reflect divine law, divine will to bend unto the only living light organism of all of us, we in spirit first creation are of firstly. All else is self manifested in real-time throughout eternal existence or time space continuum matrixes mass consciousness and generations of soul people and light species have flourished and thrived, influenced and suppressed over divine power spectrums of renascence and realities back dropped first as the ego of creation totalities we invest our energies in.

Divine knowledge dispensed and actualized from within in real-time auto pilot we can of the divine holy spectrum of the solar brotherhood of the cosmos light rays, within your own life force presence and spirit octaves you shine down into other light bodies of you (the etheric, emotional, intellect and physical). As self love Spirit Quantum Entanglement light body’s of the whole of the ONE of source particle within the core solar logos heart and conscious nebulas we stand and shine forth our love to you now in all likeness and replica of the ONE. The crystal clear ray feeds is the sacred fire core flame then it seems really seven color rays are bonded in spiritual quantum entanglement of the whole simultaneous. Of the ONE life force sacred fire energy octave within our own breath, crown chakra, heart and brain conscious align so within sparking activation alignment of the soul, spirit, physical bonded ones as well of all the solar cosmos light rays. All the ascended host and archangels use the sacred fire within their own heart centers or core center sun balls of light of the great grand central sun of our solar system and all solar systems and solar centers backing them. To come into existence or have or while and throughout your own sun presence of the seven color sacred fire rays of creation and through the crystal clear violet rose golden silver flames. Bond you clear and free in real-time when one’s own heart is wanting change and purity beyond dimensional lifestyles it is so.

I grant now to each reading when called on to allow your own soul spirit alignment quantum entanglement within the ONE source particle of all that is life force energy seals of creation we are eternal conscious within our eternal life and inner eye true means of being to feel daily deeply within, it’s that simple to open channels and gateways within one’s own central suns presence to sustain better lives and good minded more long term eternal for the well being of all no matter portion of experiences each is involved. Must be balanced and weighed within the spectrum cosmos of all of creation Octave and life sphere natural nature organisms of light species of all that is of all of creation of the great grand galactic central sun presence within our heart. Within God’s and Archangel Michaels and the other six leaders of light as the solar brotherhood representatives we bond unto you beloveds races of light of many galaxy star worlds and soul people light species into our garments of light come, we hug you and spark you into divine alignment through and through. As Intergalactic Civilians of living light of the same living light organism of the ONE life sphere. Of all life spheres this means in every lifetime we will come as the same ascended host of light, the same archangels of the seven solar cosmos ray fires of creation for you and be with you.

Even at the end of time and after for the light of all creation, the cosmos spectrum of living light organisms will always exist for energy never dissipates it simply changes frequency which changes the identity and elemental matrixes within. By your own self will and higher forces of living light is mirroring their holiness purity living light throughout the galaxies and eco environmental elemental civilizations of light in micro levels within the macro eco habitats of all solar systems core central suns. As your soul mates, guardians of light and holy intergalactic families and solar star councils we will always be there for you in spirit and light and energy of the sacred fir. To help change those things you dislike about self, help change ones frequencies and attachment issues for lifetimes. Even simple call on our team of light listed above at any given time and we will co bond by our own means and dispensations unto you and for the well being of all of course all will be in divine order in one form or another. We are simply the light ray vehicles of our cosmos Solar atmospheric and environmental influences and elementals, light and energy.ascended masters octaveIt is what we do within our own light life force energy that really matters, if it is self loving one even more than ever and provisioning tokens of small grace and divine intervention in one’s life. Or forgiving truly through the sacred fire violet octave and flames with no emotions or personal attachments still stagnate to regroup worse within into another form of being. While tilling and tending our own energy is our own responsibility daily and will never stop throughout eternity. We can be there for each other as friends, eternal we can pick up the slack to allow space for growth of all light species in a world that is not ours yet ours as our only landscape, energy contributions and absorbsions.

As the core creation influential main identity provider of your mindscapes of existence backdrops and forefront outcomes; your own eternal universal intergalactic spirit/soul/mind conscious life force energy bonding commitments and karma ties not meant for you. Yet the gullible good in you overshadows kindness virtues and takes center conscious state that creates outer world influences contaminations locking into realties you are not to be of, unconsciously will as fear based natures and forced confirmations tpo self love-less the same magnetism and influences ties into others around you as limitations of all forms we see. In lower emotion, soul times mishaps and dedications, religious trust and faith leaders s will some stagnate, lost, abandoned, contaminated, baptized. Some soul people are God free in practice and trying and counts to all who are in gods octave reaching within the third eye ones own life force energy in your own soul tube of light.

It is what we fill within our minds,. Hearts and lives of the sacred fire octaves we provision unto others as will as free will choice unconscious or not. One in simple light and energy can obey ones own inner eternal light purity over all else,. That is God’s will energy backing you up to motivate courage, strength, faith, love selves, nourish eternal good mindedness and well being consistently more so then any generation. We await one generation to stand out of the crowd and move forward casting god’s light unto all behind him. To allow the universal divine solar color cosmos light rays to infuse into the Earths atmosphere, every life stream and self creation the life fire of eternal sacred fire as your own spirit. Your own heart and consciousness eternal, at least practicing in real-time then you know what real eternal lifestyles exist as. By divine effort, wiliness to be loving goodhearted, stable conscious soul people and clearing your energy vortices in the solar color of choice and are articulable botanically infused of god substance purity, love, light and personal guidance knowledge in every cell, particle and unseen unfed sacred fire flames of gods life sphere eternal we sit. As the spirit cell  that you are, you can reflect positive energies  around you  absorb no mater what god faith or living organism Omni potent divine powerful eternal over all others. To reset your tick tock heart rate, blood stream and cellular purity’s back to ground zero, square one core base inner sun presence heart fire purity presence eternal elohim that you are!  You are just in a fragment of god’s whole creation in a birds eye view as the soul spirit conduit of supernatural cosmos universal soul person, God; you, I. ONE throughout eternity go through the same natural organic star systems light worlds good feel or not of perspectives and local. The inner spirit choses to eco co-habitat in the cosmos egg, only different soul people garments we shall wear as lifetimes of personas and intergalactic civilians of light.

No matter light sun solar system or galaxy, dimension or light world time line our soul psychical spirit selves are our own future selves in real-time and it is your responsibility yet keep conscious intact, functional and purified throughout your eternal existence. Which has preset end and start dates for each soul person just like birth dates are conscious timings, and timelines so are soul peoples of all light species will end. The spirit however shall become like a wild fire brush controlled burn does to the foliate, all Light species must cream mate all garments of density, elementals and color rays  that are doing you not good by inflicted and contamination, maybe for some. yet can help or limit the right timings or divine intervention by ones own life force energy blocking like a cement wall, nothing good can get through to you. Call it self lack of love or self sabotage and emotions self abuse, maybe to harsh spoken yet the truth stands. Your own life force energy is your spirits fire that is the intergalactic cosmos pool of existences, light worlds, energies and physics, metaphysical and spiritual forums.

As simple light and energy in a bubbble or cosmic egg eternal called a soul person light being light body called a life sphere that holds a conscious base of core creation. Called spirit and a spirit cell as soul vehicle and the physical body as the plasma matter imagery forum from the universal life force energy octave in through the life energy forces of creation of the ONE.

f2c30c59e44792b8b8edc902c26f89dfFeel freedom violet’s flame dowse you clear and free here on out in all portions of you. Be so on my carpets of garments I already provisioned to those who not only ask can magnetize divine neutral. Un touched in any form or belief as your own solar sun presence overshadowing throughout you and all you care for environments and homes. When we feel we cannot alone, will succeed to transfer the seven sacred fire color rays as one timing and bonded color ray strongest purity color ray. The crystal clear invisible living light, life force energy of source fathers divine of all source divine fathers and seed of creations is the core energizer magnetizing the sacred fire of the three fold flames within our own eco soul spirit physical systems of creation. Makes eight color tones of light rays yet it is the one crystal clear that allows all else to exist! If the eternal pallet of creation allows us only to create from one pool of existence energy and reliability then today we should call on here on forth in all we do for the well being of all we move as the will of god or we just don’t. Then by using the divine alchemy, bio rhythms of self in simple self light and energy parables and influences, in auto piloted of the Ascended Masters of Light octaves and solar center rays to move your soul into the next phases of your most positive unconscious, conscious creations divine paths completed as well. To be experienced over all others as the spirit self over the physical self, simply viewing life through the soul self, not judging throughout so in emotion and feeling sides of life in emotion based self creations never ending well can infect you and deterrent you off a path you chose as eternal existence contribution and acceptance every so unconsciously that it takes a divine conscious thinker in all now’s to sustain divine restoration by one’s own mantras, thoughts, energy and behaviors within dunking self at all times in the solar cosmos light rays of the seven rainbow Christos source energy fields and octaves.

Unless you are emanating expansive magnetizing gods light as your own life force energy, your aura garments will shine forth as throughout your Life Paths and activities focuses in real-time of Intergalactic Multidimensional living light as your own portal of light spectrum within “All That Is” directing your quasar star seeded living light organisms. Cosmos egg eternal star gates the solar logos, elohim’s, elementals, and divine beings resonate in color vibrations one is attracted, aligned and beneficial and in your own light body’s can absorb, direct and expand the same divinity while intaking for self. Equals for the well being of all in unseen forms even to give the fresh start needed to bloom in Gods bird’s eye view within yours is the KEY. Towards one’s own life goals and needs is your current soul portal star gate in Spiritual Entanglement quantum golden horizon means. Moving about as a physical conduit, soul vehicle and spirit life force energy of the same creator being of first creation Star light seed core origin basics has to go through contributing eternal good life while in the middle of all that is happening and unfolding as eternal time and space. No matter what lifetime or inner self, outer expression you seem awake state as there are other parts of you co habiting as unfinished, unwanted, wanted and needed as self tenors of self love, self holistic healing and growing within a light based reality mind creations could not exist without any form of light. Then who reaches for that light and do something within to stand out of the crowd in magnetism expansion of God’s energy and love is why we have glamorous titles and head offices holding within the godhead matrix of all of creation, no.

We are not special, we co-combust and are co creators just like everyone poops waste in one form or another to groom your purity and over indulgences. What makes us stand out is that our own spiritual lives are not merely reflections of the godheads over the living example how to be or not to be in eternal existence. To help your life and day go better, smoother and more lovingly open to receive multidimensional intergalactic grand sun center presence Love without, expectation, force, need or karma ties in simple light and energy.

Of the Divine Cosmos first; what resides as your own inner fire eternal existence tended by you supplied and depleted, renewed and expanded is a soul spirit life sphere beyond your outer and inner spheres of creation. In any time dimension, mind scape or alternate universe contribution and memories abiding; the Sacred Fire is diverged in our own cultivated light and experiences even still at origin core base we are still the same solar systems energy from beginning to end. It is what we do within our free will matrixes of living light life force energy to inspire and co create more long term existences and memories of totality good and outcomes. This will not stop for you in this world, once this physical garment is folded and placed away at death’s door your Life Sphere manifest the soul’s vehicle accordingly to your invested and vetted energies as the next garment of light you only have to co create within. The elementals, substances and living light particles all are diverged of star dust and so is the light body and physical selves. This means in all that is of all of eternal existence you are simply changing your conscious frequency to bond within the heart solar sun center presence of all that is. At first core origin beginning. This very purity origin anew eternal untouched divine infused flame energy is like drinking the best drinking water on the planet earth. It is for us to drink from the elixirs of light challises that will boost our eternal progress and ensure divine will memory abundant and good heartiness lifetime through life times; you must not give up already!

Regroup and hold your ground to sustain the needed energy in our garments of Light and no longer live alone in all your garments of self creation.

The Solar Brotherhood of the Seven Cosmic Light Rays

Gautama Buddha


Lord Melchizedek


Archangel Michael


Sanant Kumera

We ask you; call on us each by name needing or attracted listed above here in your meditations to ensure divine eternal progression and divine holy purity neutral positive alignment in all your real-times and existences is the next steps to concur and grow within comfortably. As the multidimensional pure soul person that you are within the intergalactic central sun presence of your solar system we are just a speck a source particle of the whole. Yet all in resonance and at a distance you see the most un diluted, uncontaminated cosmos Christos Color solar spectrum cosmos egg the creator god can hold in his hand and savior our own individual singularities.

Then as the whole of all that is adoring and loving as each of us within us ponder as will right now is the emanations that allows space and time to just be and move forward within you as you speed along the universes all across the cosmos light color spectrums of all of all creations and timelines squatting as a lifetime in a star world solar system of eternal lifetimes Source Creator of all that is already established as totality of creation.

Archangel Michael; I know you enjoyed and learned a little here and does not end here in our talks, no. I as the main guardian of light to overshadow all of existence is there for you, call on me and see what that means for your outcomes today on my own accord, I come to you as you come forth; welcome home once again divine being of the dove of light Holy Christos Family, I embrace you in my garments of light forever… and I too, your divine friend, Master Jesus.


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