This is the UFO unidentified sphere above that I herd manifest first and sounded like crackling electrical then quickly looked to my right. I was on my back deck and side of back of house and took a snap shot from my phone once spotted in the tree line. Before the space automobile UFO (Space Ship) disintegrated in thin air instantly, for sure thanked me of this post and approval and placed here on top page after I already posted for this post title for the first time.

For I was worried to post such a title about UFO and spiritual Nordic ET’s. I almost did not hit the post button for this is out of my realm or was and the UFO flying sphere and it’s crew was about thirty nine feet away from me, signaling they are space people in air craft not of this planet and world, hello! So there is no going back for me, for obviously my nature is light and love; so now I am also a UFO positive ET whisper! I have after all telethot many space Beings of Light for over 20 years, I guess now in third dimension reality I can also let them come to me on their own terms physical tangible as I do with them. I have many requirements or desires before I let them close to me for you too at a distance until comfortable that their does exist many cultures of civilized planetary races we can also enjoy as colleague’s, friends and spiritual teachers just like we do the ascended masters and angelic hosts. And to see for your self intergalactic Space People and Space Beings do exist multidimensionally as we are learning to do safely, in well being and positive intents and so I will continue to invite the Spiritual Nordic Space Humans, people and beings for us all when needed!

The below picture I decided to share was taken much later after I asked my space friends if they could salute me last forth of July for I was feeling patriotic and thankful they come when I call!

The below picture is unusual and not familiar of this alien race, yet in the lower area of this image almost unseenis another UFO of same.(c)2016 real UFO colorado  Angel Vela 2


Aliens or ET’s are here called Space People; Space Beings. Which they have been seen as a myth while others feel in their own experience and contact they do and cannot be denied or explained away to those in direct forefront interactions as sudden or invoked.

Contact Aliens
Intergalactic Civilizations
exist and many intergalactic galaxy civilizations also reside in the same time lines right along ours. Our blog topic is of good soul people light beings of all inter dimensional and eternal timelines and realties dimensions, including Earths rank within “all that is”.

I my self as a child on a golf course with my father saw a huge mother ship come to a stand still thirty feet away then dart off, we were with many others that day. Almost overhead it darted as fast as if it was a small one seated sport hover craft Intergalactic Vehicle.ashtar1

I was told not to speak of it, because we would be branded crazy. Well I see enough crazy things from us human civilization since the beginning of time I could not consider not to speak up when needed.

Even John Leonen; the 60’s singer & writer seen a flying saucer light intelligence! (for research and educational purposes-view video)

I also have seen bio energy light ships of Positive Extraterrestrials, really space beings of intergalactic space intelligent good thinking  evolved civilizations and planets.

 U.F.O. Photo Real Image taken by the blogger  Angel Vela in Colorado 1-20-2017 *space people beings of Light made contact alright! In a plane trail these two space ships are on each side of the plane trail to clearly distinguish the difference for sure, cool!ufo-photo-taken-by-angel-vela-soul-existence-revealed-author

At age twenty six or year 1996 I went to see a channel of good ET’s in Chicago for a paid one hour visit, also the year Sananda appeared to me and intrigued me. As I comprehended star gate entrance of natural cosmos and the soul spirit vehicle to do so like a worm hole door way corridor of cosmic nature plants and substance plasmas type of energy movement right before you. Barbara was just conveyance in word before me of this channel and later felt she is very good at what she does; to step aside like I do and let the divine speak in their own words and characters. Then though I left disgruntled and in disbelief and why did the Pleiades council not just appear to me like Sananda and Archangel Michael has? What was I doing trusting third party people over my team of light, I must regroup and stay focused for the publics topics they handled through me was important firstly, I could not forget. Yet in that meeting I was truly innocent and not prepared what was told me and paradigms seemed geometric fabricated in time-less space intricate to manifest and interpret! I wanted my money back, possibly! No!

But I did destroy the tape given of the recorded session in frustration in the drive way, boy was that a baby fit mistake I regret! I eventually matured into the information given you can parable called “quantum spiritual spirit entanglement” deciphered between the lines I teach as well. In years later reluctantly understood what was told me and came to terms of my path I walk in sync now, maybe you too? She was making a two day visit in Chicago land, it was Marciniak, Barbara: Pleiadian Wisdom. In a deep accent type trance she was, I was not familiar and felt what was given at the time was overwhelming at the time; I was still so heaven loyal to the masters of light. Not realizing their heritage of some also are ET seeded and raised as lifetimes born in previous incarnations, me too of humanoid genetics of may timelines and dimension levels of existence. Leads you reshaped into a hybrid purity of living light intelligence species of light intergalactic eternal or dark forces interruption and sabotage stable lifestyles and communities my divine memory plastered before me in dream. And did not understand intergalactic ET intervention and stayed distant to that information. Unless NASA conveyed otherwise and they do have UFO footage taken in real-time next to their space stations and satellites footage of recent years and so I feel comfortable coming out of the closet that I too have telepathic and healing spirit light technology shared of the ET races and divine Beings, maybe you to? Yet as I was truly gifted of this experience my life changed for the well being of the public who read these words today.

Anyway I did not even know she was an author I trusted Sananda and looked at no others in metaphysics and divine positive neutral inter terrestrial communication I knew not of existed. I was told by a friend to go see her regardless for she was doing what I was doing only of ET influence and guidance, said she we good and so I made the call. At the time I was channeling Sananda in public groups, workshops and private session, Archangel Michael and the Archangels and Ascended Hosts of all dimensions not realizing also how genetics and cultural are so vastly different. Yet striped to nothing we all are light and energy pulps of harmonic resonance of like of course. As a good light interpreter it was easy for me as it is to this day also the Ascended Masters I channeled while writing the three eBooks on soul existence revealed. Intergalactic Light Beings of the light are very genuine to help all on earth even if we are not ready they will wait and be patient until we ask or request their intervention in our lives of divine order, divine intervention and divine love.

Just as some do not want to visit other countries or just not available to do so also intergalactic civilizations feel the same way. For example if you said come to Florida, free trip! Nope! Although I do Pay to go teach for the Masters of Light, in Florida too! However if you said New Zealand I would be packed in a heart beat eager to site see and be a part of that mountain paradise nature. One day when we have public shuttle crafts for space travel and site seeing we will mingle with those planets, intergalactic light races evolved, positive good to be among us we allow. And only our intergalactic intelligence and armies government back up so for earth’s protection and space stations, space highways all flights regardless what light world you are from. Because of genuine gravity and standing wave knowledge many light species even human seeded can move about cosmos not realizing many cultural extend off the earth planet and societies villages in simple self light body energy and light within the cosmos universes and light worlds the living light-light species of earth can handle.

Of same bio energy and eco galactic ecology systems habitats that can handle our basic survival needs; consciousness conceptualizations of cultural and laws, air, food and water, ideal temperatures and shelter. This is where intergalactic communities come in and sustain or allow visitors, refugees and immigrants from other star systems even in nuclear issues and planet kayos circumstances within intergalactic team work and resources to intervene in our well being all across the board. Our world does to in our space programs and co-op covert affairs. While some on earth are born of those very star systems to retrieve inner selves lost and alone or abandoned by self and why the violet flame octave and rays can incinerate ones own density contaminate light to be no more or a hindrance even faster and easier to changes ones own source fields preventing ones divine growth.

Or just be companions and mentors loyal sustained in violet light not needy over showering as lifetimes inserted as conscious precipitation and awareness capabilities spirit technology. Within self now show in nano living light intelligence beam fields standing waves and hologram mirrored as dimension feedback and incretions. While soul mates have ventured off to earth and surrounding reincarnation star gates and light worlds the soul spirit physical experience can thrive amongst others to be of light choices or dark, good or bad is the cycle of life karma stems from as set backs in ones own divine careers and dreams.

Of course some dimensions can only be penetrated by Hologram Consciousness Dimensional Time Travel and causeways through the Spirit and Soul Light Technology and inner purity focus we all move about natural organic light worlds and galaxies. In simple light and energy freedoms of expressions and star gates throughout the universe behave consistently. For all is living light organic species of light of same existences and eco systems cultures of generations and light worlds still unexplored or yet to be born for the future is eternal potential yet tapped for some.

Bio energy Light Wave hologram Codes of Light to draw self even unconsciously into the divine realms, galactic realms, holy realms, positive realms and good stable loving soul people filled light worlds and existences. In spirit natural organic light and energy attraction and focus, feel so in your own connection and depth of your being holiest good neutral become. Just be in all continents of Source Father‘s lands, dimensions and planets, universes and galaxies in my conscious octave that is first creation and light world bioenergy blueprint. Of Universal Intelligence and pure neutral spirit light intelligence bonding as one reality and common grounds for all intergalactic light species of good heart and pure good intent throughout eternity. These close relationships become intergalactic timelessness by thousands of soul mates and families of light stars and beyond time and space and conscious coherent no matter dimension, timeline, lifetime or conscious state.Divne Chrsited Christos self

You can restore your divine presence by allowing the inner “I Am” and mental body higher self come forth through you now and bond inner purity. Into beyond time and space and walls and ignorance your spirit soul hologram vehicle of the physical personified dimension levels. Over intergalactic none dimensional absolute potential eternal purity zero point neutral holy pure good.20160630_194022-1Even when Ashtar came to me I did not realize his rank; status in the cosmos Universal Intelligence over the personal soul mate feelings we shared natural friendship and love stood and I could welcome him. Not knowing he was from the Ashtar Command Star Ship commander in chief himself and is Sananda’s right hand man when I first telegraphed his word of light intelligence and light knowledge of the soul and eternal purity existence he shares.


iughjkOur own Space Programs and military censor or do not disclose their own hybrid space crafts and from found wreckage confiscation have kept secret their own ultra intergalactic space crafts knowledge. And benefits of tinkering’s of outer space crafts inner and outer including aliens aboard who survived.

valaiant thorEven a noble representative of Venus civilizations and councils of more other planetary solar systems space people visited a president. To instill a core of world peace and beyond earth as we space travel as tourist even, in dream and future selves must also be aligned and on the same page through each of us. If we will ever get to this nirvana on earth, heaven on earth which those community planetary of a higher Dimension lives in all real times and mind scapes, thoughts and feelings. Right along our dimension and planet inhabitants natives and cultural upbringing as well as family and divine paths. Or the Aquarian Age of golden purity good truth the next generation can enjoy, wait we are sacrificing here however why not ours? What went wrong who controlled our free will over us to sustain good karma collecting manifesting good lives and cultural quite safe positive lifetimes and soul mates worthy to also not abuse nature of all galaxies, planets and cosmos for all are entwined in Energy for sure.

Remember energy is magnetism and expansive, positive, negative, personal and non-personal too. And not by expectation or virtue over our inner gut and mind sync within our hearts flame purest neutral living light to enjoy good long infinite forever lives. We match the tone pulse of the divine realm’s and good soul people we can trust no mater what dimension or Planet. For one day we may be in their shoes and so by example and help in our actions and thought through heart energy living light that is free energy to engage and stand within as your auras to engage from firstly for self as self love then expands naturally as realty outcomes and dimensional less ness purity to live through as you and all; those who engage within your realms and Future Lives. We can through our heart core purist neutral holy good life energy. Through our efforts and higher focus to raise our vibrations then their is not room to think. When in action love is vibrated naturally through everyone’s life energy as well manifesting group conscious quantum entanglement, functional, trusted longer more consistent realities no matter the generation will be our everyday lives, I feel. Not just the government helping us be safe we must also to pitch in and evolve, our communities and future lives by just being us, good soul people and interdimensional multiverse pure. Because bringing eternal stability through love based life energy. One can have a life, live not survive through the light of ones own life energy and of our sun. That is natural organic living light as well as all in eternity life sphere we must all go through together so why nor safe, sound and good. Which is a collective conscious and individual choice; group trusting effort in your words, thoughts and actions truly sway more so for the well being of all. It can happen at global intergalactic scales simultaneously bringing well being good conscious and stability more long term and for generations then strive for eternity. Not wait for eternity to be over then ask for a do over as reincarnation can distract. He was not taken up on his advice. You have to be a very seasoned cultural, well rounded soul person to all dimensions and timelines even as Commander Valiant Thor is and for the well being of all to try. And filled of so much of love to help us all get along and many good solar sun systems do so right along our world. By trying simply in all you naturally do to be a positive good loving cosmos light being your self.

You would have to have an infinite huge galaxy to sustain just his love alone for all! This includes all the divine on high. Some Alien Civilizations have been told that they come to work right along military groups assigned and are part of a grander universal eternal well being for all type of assignments bringing them to foreign lands off our planet. I am not into the governments business and so let us move on of disclosure and cover ups and here says. Validation is truth by each their own free will choice when ready will see for themselves universal nature kingdoms come forth and give a holler back, they are here amongst us!



I am knowledgeable of many intergalactic civilizations through simply remote viewing, telepathic communication and divine relations of eternal conscious Soul Mate Connections and those they know or care about, maybe you too?Ashtar Command

Sananda: To be of many life spheres are soul mate alternate universes and community cultural norms. When you expand beyond the norm intergalactic communities are accessible to those of like minded and for the well being of all the cities of all dimensions and planets universe will be of light and love evolved stable well being and positive to all and all unto each forever.

A life that has no backfiring the system allows smooth cohesive divine interactions and reincarnations by ones own accord and participation going into all issues and instances of sound mind, good timing and divine intervention and for all involved eternal existence is then quantum harmonic universal intelligence through each in ones own inner selves Christed pure neutral through and through does take only making and using up good karma.

The bad karma parables follow into ET Tribes of Light you scone and condemn be exclusive and rebound for millions of years can density one out of light purity light worlds and separating for those meant to be in your star families and crystal temples. Even after death I had to have more lives in other dimensions before I released all my karma and portions of civilizations yet they continue on as if they are still contaminated of bad self choices and those they care for. And so also must be cleared and freed and in my self preventing me form being in the light worlds of divine on high meant for us to teach, for soul mates and love I did so what, what was needed to clear me for the well being of all which extends to them yet what they do with blessing and love energy purity is usually liquidated up into the atmosphere and so must be induced in real-time to make a difference in you life today and everyday regardless dimension you are conscious on. I came out a better intergalactic light soul person being for it and so will you. Only you do not have to live thousands of lives here forward in lower thought while in density contaminated atmospheres, no. Liquidate your misuse in karma, creation and the depths within even deeper reach into the light and arms of the source intelligence father and mothers home and living room, see them in your inner eyes embracing you welcoming. All return back home in conscious and heart nebula and subtle energies.

Allow your self to forgive and love through your own mercy and free up your own aura presence living light you breathe in and live off of firstly for eternity do you not realize? Then the light worlds of most stable, loving and Light Intelligence prosperous instilled will have you naturally self willed within of like minded too.

God Speed By Angel vela (c)9-16-2015

Conscious reality moves forward and right along all other intergalactic and positive ET civilizations and cultural more advanced or not is still because when one was born and what dimension and civilization generation societies set ways and beliefs we take on. To be their while still not us in the end within all that is existence octave we can move about as lifetimes or as ascended masters of the human intergalactic light Christed species you earn through intergalactic humanity contributions and service. The councils of intergalactic Christed ET”s & Light Beings of the common sense of positive future and now civilizations and intergalactic communities is that the planets, cultures and genetics. And must all be still the inner will core origin. Pure born and unified harmonic of the light that really is diverged of the brains body nebula image that leads physical manifestations by the body as true realism while in the hologram holo bio geometry universal intelligence and supported manifestations backdrops life force energy of source father within all that is.

The light body soul body suit and spirit vehicle manifests into all that is for the Christ self that is pure light to explore and as creator beings co create divine realms for all generations, time lines and existences can have a life and just be meant of the creator father. Of all that is wanted for each no matter skin, color, genetics, light world, dimension or life sphere one manifests into to have a life others also as possible previous soul mates and divine partners of destiny.

Are star people and star planets you also are from past lives and future selves parables and dimension light worlds you will continue to reincarnate over first creation to continue to be of help to all humanities when you can and you awaken to your divine plan feeling comfortable, have a place eternal and they await you to come home and just be you and just be with them for eternity, well minded, sound and loved! I my self speak last for my ascension allows me to be eternal conscious intergalactic and so have been to many planet and star systems in many dimensions for the well being of all and all who call on me and always will for my love is eternal neutral bonding.

For I do not discriminate any seeking and finding refuge in the light of universal intelligence and eternal immortal love of the higher forces and light worlds to hold sound, innocent and loving like you. With many refugees of many thousands of light species not of human species heritage yet enjoys as conscious intergalactic positive neutral for all existence and all in it.

Which can bring you into your own light family, star family and divine dimensions you are spiritually evolving into attainment and freeing lower creations and self creations for divine will subtle energy and living light. To supersede all you are of is eternal best existence to be a part of intergalactic protected, pure neutral and immortal loving just like the Ascended Masters, Councils of Et and civilizations you know of or not also are just like you… having a most stable good life under the conditions they are under and born into right along source fathers and natural organic light worlds cosmos.

The intergalactic goal is to sustain eternal consciousness of most purest neutral positive no matter the dimension you are in and of no matter timelines and dimensions is how I live. In eternal timelines and I believe and gifted you can too, it is up to you when that is and how long in eternity you can sustain divine consciousness, divine memory and divine love unconditional is free will law in action in real time. Through you allowing divine will, divine power and inner self bonded as one life force energy purity the divine on high shadows you until you can do for self then for others as us we move as universal intelligence, immortal love and immaculate conception parables, gifts, intervention and intuition.

No matter the reincarnation dimension light being you are personifying as the future selves which is still you in the now that can reap the same rewards and rainbow divine rays and flames. As dimensional-less life spherical light beings photon spirited we can enjoy many races of light that are good and ensures well being for all.

For most of our own soul mates have had lives in other dimensions and planets so thier native light species is still striped to the last living light quantum cosmos life stream string theory to sustain each soul person no matter the divine realms conscious or not. No matter the timeline and inner self in thinking and feeling side of life and those you engage with safely, positive good for all involved will be also you, soul travel experiences within all that is. Through the spirit octave within all eternal existences that must be conscious pure and divine subtle energy sound tones within matching source fathers living light purest neutral then go forth and co creation within sparking into all existences needing your loving presence to do so.

No mater dimension you can use the violet flame, blue, gold, pink and crystal clear and green and so forth so consistency is key to sustain divine memory. Sparking you back into cohesive harmonic good timings, good sound soul mates and divine loving light worlds and planets. No matter the time line or light species norms and genetic pool to do so we can from within always thrive from the native first creation existence purity living light as our own. – Sananda. 11:44 PM September 16th, 2015



                    Image photos taken on cell phone in Colorado by Angel Vela  2016





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