Sciences of Divine Light is cosmic divine power, divine wisdom, divine love as an acquired virtue and Light Intelligence we attain by practice and allowance coming forth unto each of us and our outer world from within as our own light bio energy circuitry and intelligence co creations.

Divine Transmission Message; Saint Germain 5-20-2015: I am the great divine violet flame director. I know from my own lifetime experience what it feels like to be separate from divine light because of human choices and preconditioning of self dimension engaging’s. You can learn from me and receive the divine violet flame transmutation releases and intervention to be stronger and more loving when you feel you cannot through moral divine applications the heavenly and ascended Host use.

As inner vibration patterns that makes us-us bio geometry natural organic plasmas of light intelligence we manifest within our own inner presence and light intelligence firstly to ensure better lives, good timings and divine intervention. That morphs into our convenience outer worlds is our own free will personal choices and energy currents firstly feeding and manifesting unto us before all other energies and help.

The outer world is not the first contact of existence we are of; it is within our own Spirit Nebula that does open the star gates, the light worlds awareness strength and inner energies connecting, attracting and absorbing as total self in eternal real-time we first feel then enter by our own free will unconscious, it is still us. Our own energy currents and awareness feelings first endorsing into existence our own self creation and energies to allow so as free will law abates we are first core reality contributors by our very self creations and conveniences overriding over all others.

We can say the will of god however the will of god does not mimic ones moves and energy vibrations divine intervention and divine power consenting, it is us to do so from the external self we absorb then liquidate within our own first and this is a constant choice at every second to be God like or not so much. We move our lives in the same vibration pulse rate that of the universal primal core unfed flame we feed from, we bathe within and we engage to absorb within our own that is distant or close yet separate of free will of gods and our own. Yet in Spirit Entanglement as quantum cosmos universal Quantum Entanglement we can sustain a portion of the unfed flame of all that is holiest, purest neutral, most positive by the divine color rays, energy and currents of the divine unfed flame in the core central sun that we bring forth and claim as our own. That exists within everything of purer faster and neutral divine currents and living light to draw from. Yet also separate from us unless we absorb and magnify throughout our own lives, auras and heart, Conscious Nebulas we will not engage, be in close proximity nor allow to absorb unless we give permission to surrender into the divine realm forces, energies and assistance as our own energy we absorb then extend in our lives we are coupled in divine protection, guidance and immortal love we could not on our own.

By our own free will overriding all others other than our team of light and archangels assigned into this lifetime holographic reality that back us up when we cannot for self we still block. We still misuse creation, misuse love and misuse or error in grace. We deny and leave at a distance as if not us interfering in our own good and divine prosperity in all good forms and people Beings of light wanting to help yet due to free will law of force field that cannot be penetrated and cleansed even as divine friends we must obey the universal laws. I say to you all now reading; let you divine team assigned you to density buster through you, infuse you in their immortal love coupled as you in the now you will feel invigorated divine! Speaking to you now let them in our spirit matrix bio energy living light and realties they say in all good means and ways they will assist to spark our own living light matching their own we can try for self over giving up on one’s own eternal good nature acquired before this life time. Do you feel the acquired purity for thousands of years that is you, today? It is hard to be human spirited and allow ones own self divine love acquired for centuries to no longer be separated of you so make the call. Let your divine family in and boost you back to immortal love status you emanate right now as and truly feel as the real you eternal omnipotent and loved by many beyond your earthly you.

Within is eternal freedom and purity living light we are of as personal living light Creator Beings in simple natural organic self ability as light and energy we orchestrate. As self divine power fueling and infusing our own free will rings of energy and chakras divine patterns of blessed color rays infuse ours to be of better quality, divine strength and love vibrations we cannot get on our own. In this density infused earth realm born of lower vibration minds and energies of mass generations saturating overriding our very will divine purity by our own choice to be here as a life time is not a karma issue, no. Let the violet flame, freedoms transmutation flame clear all karma for you as was meant in real-time so that the holy body ever attained by you could shine forth and never feel lower world overabounding life get the best of you. If it has; call forth the angels of cosmic violet flame to cleans and cut all discord you ever gave attention to, misused and fired up within to control you no longer. Is the gift I Saint Germain in the violet flame sanctuaries also bid you whole and clear when you stand within the violet tube of light we beam from heaven light worlds unto those who call unto us, personal we do. For divine love is never lack or bound to one form of access to those who want better live and divine guidance, you shall receive instantly our light rays. Absorbing all that does you no good. However, divine light, in the next second also you can deny or allow in the percentages absorb you will know.

It is the norm of intergalactic dimensional laws of mass beings migrates in different realms, alternate universes and light worlds. A system of realities exist yet does not mean our constitutional rights as eternal intergalactic light beings and communities of star families we are of firstly goes un checked or overridden because of a dimensional frequency lock down as we enter as a life prevails our first current of purity, no. That is our core free will; that of the Holy Spirit Frequency.

We must deal with for eternal life free will of mass conscious generations before us pathing the way of existence as the backdrop of eternal life. Not our own spirit universal laws is part of the dimension matrix for we drum to a different current of existence that of First Creation Source Harmonic Fields. This means creation has a prescience mathematical living light organism frequencies for all things vibrate.

Our lifestyles, our life heritage is bundled in our spirit, no matter the time line and we simply need to allow divine memory and the Holy Spirit Frequency to fuel our own inner reserves of living light, our life force that is the unfed flame of our own free will as us when in any self choice. For the core purity living light energy fuel pack lifeline of us will by our own force field moving forth as us firstly to override all else is the Self Christ! The “I Am” Presence fueling and pushing away all outer interferences no matter the time line or reality we will need to do so. Firstly coming forth as light intelligence of universe and divine spirit quantum entanglement in living light photon fusion cosmos spirit and spiritual soul telekinesis communication alertness and intervention begins we simply attract in meditation or positive thought mantras. Drawing from the Holy Spirit God light being of all divine gods by infusing us firstly in core origin purity overriding all else of self creation, lower selves and mass generations layers upon layers cascading our own energy fields and the earth’s no longer can bombard or oversight us when in divine protection and intervention calling forth as our own energy purity and love bases.

0 45Spirit to spirit attraction in unconscious states of the physical self we are responsible as well and yet goes unchecked as the day progresses we feel this as outcomes and miss haps of the day yet directive self responsible when called forth into the thinking and feeling outer world of selves as inner selves, unconscious parables, lower or drama source fields of feelings and emotions. The energy absorbs of our aura presence is our very core source to fuel all in our lives unconscious or not it comes into our existence as our own experiences as our own living light manifested and attracting like minded and synergies interactions for the day prove so. Over any others we could have had by our own free will responsible choices over all in conscious or unconscious parables we are responsible for and must make right, detach to those who do us no good and draw to you those that do and just sit back and let reality play out for our free will is categorized. As Divine Mathematical Formulas as spirit genetic purity Codes of Light we can hold our ground and be of divine existence yet our energy will bring on right on time our true colors, our true moods and thoughts as our real time experiences and interactions over any others because we then feed our energies and we magnetize to us by our own free will life force fueling so even over divine purity because we get caught up in the realties illusions as real and bound our self so.

I as Saint Germain had to also move beyond my personality resistances unto the divine and if I did not things seemed to pile up. I had to use the holy sacred fire within my own actions to muster up generations of lower infuse to be consumed by the violet fire. violet is a combination of red and blue rays bundle pack making the violet fire more of a higher vibration that could disintegrate all lower forces trying to get the best of me. To this day as conscious thinkers of divine light we must still our immortal selves qualify the divine flames of color to ensure our purity status and this is not easy beloveds when the ascended host adore, love mankind and get in the emotion of what is happening. We want to blow our lids and strike all those we care for back to divine order, yet we must stand back and wait, watch and hope we are called forth and allow our own free will and universal laws knowledge clear thee truly from your own depth of lower creation forever more.

Divine Light Sciences we already move within our lives or not and why sometimes life gets the best of us when off the divine light grid the masters of light, the Archangels live within as alternate reality and divine existence creation Beings co creations over any other.

Some call those divine reality realms, paradise, heaven, and positive higher realities alternate realties hologram light worlds we tend to not gravitate too so much when needing to have better lives. Our conscious can be in third dimension seemingly yet anchored in the divine alternate universe, galaxies and realties as our own too no longer saved for redemption deserving timelines as future selves to enjoy. Matter of fact in raising our energy vibrations we correlate into auto pilot of the ascended Host divine mathematical currents and formulas as our own. We can consciously at anytime enter divine realms while anchored in any light world or time line by conscious co-creation alternate universe Spirit Entanglement as Spiritual Sciences. Within induced for our own conscious real-time self to be of in the now firstly by our own energy fed free will currents overlapping the divine alternate universes co creations as our own we mimic and resonance unto as our own.

Spirit to spirit magnetism we absorb unto selves divine light color rays as the Holy Spirit Frequency cosmos universal cosmic power and love vibrations and divine mathematical formulas most helpful to our growing eternal aliveness personalities and Spiritual Entanglement capabilities to sustain the quantum source field to be eternal aware, alive and useful to all humanities intergalactic source fields yet in our awareness capabilities and precipitation natural state of co creating. – Saint Germain

Archangel Metatron: Our divine love and flames of Divine father source, God Omni precence, divine Light Intelligence to accrue better selves in real time when we focus and draw forth for our own well being and those we care for. As photon light inelegance light we can eternal and beyond the end of time simply use the same purity holy good neutral natural organic codes of light as the ascended divine do to this day and in ancient times for their immortal divine light intelligence, divine memory and divine love allows them so.

metatron cube delineates life directly from the flower of life metatron cube shapes within

Metatron’s Cube consists of a sacred holy geometric figure composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles making a Metatron frequency language of light star gate source field. Delegating all of creation in simple light and energy variant vibrations as light radiation pulsates and signals sound creation tones and platonic. The universe is of same crystalline light bio geometry makeup matrix. To be consistent in each light world, reality realm and timeline as purest divine self we can adapt what sacred holy geometry and light language the ancient societies of positive good people used because it works for them.

As future selves we will also have given the same gifts of light geometry and sacred holy purity codes of light to our children. These same children who interact with star people already before they came to earth also uses the same purity codes of light in the past and future selves already. To back them  as natural second nature gifts of spiritual technology and spirit technology as simple light and energy usage of the free energy universe and the divine light in their hearts. And as future selves they could then consistently ensure reliable intergalactic light language and holy geometry to work no matter the conscious self doing so.

tree of life bio geometryEvoking divine intervention and reliable spiritual technology means as simple light language bio energy of divine assistance and means they use to get about the cosmos and lifetimes solid, pure and divine good conscious of self will being feed by self aura and protein creations one attains to survive eternal life but to be harmonic and helpful while stable, at peace and content.

The very virtue of self purity is a living organism of self totality in progress in real-time as our own bio field Divine mathematical formula living light geometry of our bio energy can be mapped out and calculated of any local within and throughout eternal self creation parables and misuse.

The soul vehicle is the bio energy light intelligence divine knowledge and driven of the self Holy Spirit Frequency absorbed and magnified in ones aura presence as the first air you breath is self gaseous life sphere as natural organic living light norms. As the Christ Self liquid crystalline bio energy Geometry matrix as eternal self divine. The Christ Self never was meant to be free and go forth throughout existence without you conscious of the divine gifts, the first person feel of it all in real-time going through time and space so why do you over any preference continue to manifest separate quarters of existence meant for you over any creation of divine intervention, divine prosperity and divine love?

Feeling and absorbing the geometry purity divine codes of light, light language, crystalline divine love substance, piezo-energy vibration and god will source field harmonic energy pulse rate essences is a duty that can be done unconsciously even as second nature our first divine purity is the eternal conscious pistons and cellular activity to allow so. As our own we can claim anytime and change our lives needing the divine power to back us up when we cannot for self. Divine prosperity and divine cosmic lively hoods is a feeling divine love power going forth as a higher self of you, the Christ Self as the real-time self in the physical side of life to be free and clear by one’s own intervention and free will life force feeding firstly.


The living light photon of Master Jesus is in everyone of our photon tetrahedron cells, DNA decahedron and living light divine color rays already. For we are of same light species and so our genome DNA can be influenced in Holy Spirit frequency by simply fazing out into higher frequencies. The divine realms magnetize unto us by simply frequency raising your consciousness into Master Jesus. And him, the father he enters god Omni presence consciences within. You resonate to instead to achieve higher conscious natural states of being over any other lower world influence. You are now encoded and vibrating within the divine Christ holy pattern as your own light merkabha by believing so. Allow your DNA cellular to resonate pure clear energy now as total you at all times do so!

The Christ Self is your own heart flame attaining a piece of the Hoy Spirit flame and in the resonance radiation we can absorb as our own Christ self fuel of living light life force power to become better, positive, light knowledgeable light beings no matter the reality, time line or generation.

We are conscious of as the real-time self in eternal space time at our own pace through free will and charged with the power of your divine color rays to allow so; I call your Soul Color. One must infuse and integrate or reincarnate back in to the “I Am” mighty first creation self purity divine presence frequency core origin of truest neutral positive self eternal. To transplant back into total self purity focus and divine power instantly to be released as you in the “Time is Now” paradigm, the true self meant to be within conscious reality as no matter the reality you are conscious or time line generation within.

I like to call this; reincarnating back into your Christ Self and your Christ self reincarnating back into you, conscious self in real time that moves through eternal life as the true you for lifetimes. Each Ascended Master is in charge for a designated day to be the world forces of light when focused on. Then their legions of Archangels and angels come forth and direct the sacred fire flames colors needing just enough that you can handle. Will infuse into you the powers of divine sacred alchemy, substance and purity living life-force of the divine great central sun within your heart nebula core central sun you match and feed through into your own energy current, your Soul Color for the day. Pouring your self love and directing into physical reality you walk worth within as daily activities supersede divine intervention, divine love and divine memory is every outcome you ask and assist self to endure instead as true self meant for the day to be of divine protection and divine love dispensations qualify you through and through.

As you as Future Self from past self creations within divine realm percentages your purity exists as feeding free will and signals the inner conscious plasma to correspond beyond speed of light choices due to fall from grace, misuse of creation and life we segregate ourselves into lower frequencies and vibrations as shunning ourselves for the self pack of self is all we are doing.

For our energy is never really separates nor conscious fragments and remnants as self to be discovered, or lost to survive our own creation selves we do not like or like more of. Ideally we would like to not be responsible for eternal self’s comings and goings yet it is still us, still attached to us and still overriding the good karma we deserve to feed from as real-time lifestyles and actualities we fall into daily by our own energy pools accrued to do so is all we have to work with as total self. Instead induce divine intervention within, muster all the divine and good karma you have separated from self and is in high quantity reservoirs in the depths of your heart nebula as if not of you. Call forth the angels of the cosmic violet power to cut away all your lack and horridness you feel is overriding your best to be of and will to do so. Call the divine cosmic angels of the blue flame of archangel Michael to swipe away all discord from the depth of your being and forgotten. Call forth my legions of angels of Lord Archangel Metatron and let us do the work to guide you and infuse you back to first divine creation you first were pure and clear within light body, mind and soul.

What helps is identify your eternal strength lifeline vibration energy currents, pools, chakras and choices feed from firstly divine comforter of the Holy Spirit and living light as your own you can absorb within right now, feel so. The Soul Color of you is the blueprint signature life-force main current divine formula mathematical energy matrix, current and source fields as eternal self. Only you can birth back into self purity and saturate you thoroughly as you go forth then we can step forth and back you up to do so, make the call with us now!

“Identify your Soul Color” below is a diagram to help understand our own energy bio geometry makeup origins core central station is the heart beat nebula of our own free will frequency cord of colors of light. Feeding all else within us as energy light drawn from within and filling all space of our aura presence that makes up us as simple energy and light photon plasmas light intelligence, the spirit energy fields. Pick a color you think is your Soul Color and so then this is the strongest purest neutral Self and that which brings you good karma. Manifested through the Identity Originator when you draw forth through free will focus self divine love.

The Soul Color or closest matching you of each light being soul person is an identifiable signature color frequency of your eternal self or Christ Self bio energy, the eternal self in spirit form electrometric currents life force energy living light that helps improve intuition, ascension and lucid dreams too.

Identify your Soul Color.  Pick a color you think is your Soul color and so then this is the strongest purest neutral Self and that which brings you good karma. Manifested through the Identity Originator when you draw forth through free will focus self divine love. The Soul Color of each light being soul person is an identifiable signature color frequency of your eternal self or Christ Self.

The higher self, the Christ self and the real-time dimension conscious past and present as you today and at every second is you going through eternal life consciously as the purest neutral good person self neutral positive is you to absorb from your own life force energy. Your aura presence, your inner heart and conscious nebula as you walk forth free and clear by one’s own divine power, divine good karma and divine intervention of the Ascended Host, Ascended Masters, Councils of Light, Christ Cosmic Beings and Archangels is our goal to give us some of their own abilities through color divine rays infusions within ours we amp up our own energies and chakra nebulas rings of existence bodies that makes us-us.

To assist the reader to absorb the conscious of the Holy Spirit blessing and protection having your back as your foremost provider of all self circuits, bio energy and living light coming from the conscious and heart nebulas of Source Divine Father within your own. You absorb now as second nature natural organic form of being in all real-times of self eternal as you visualize your self standing within the tree of life, the flower of life and the Metatron cube boosting your energy fields stronger, purer and positive color encoded.

This is what a natural organic cosmos creation looks like and our heart and conscious as a life of their own and free will expression we must bend our knee at times and when we cannot for selves. To have better lives, good timings and prosperity of all divine love feeding firstly the Holy Spirit absorbs and brings unto us as the Dove of Light Holy Comforter conveys we simply can focus an inner eye image of the symbol of the Holy Dove beaming divine color rays we need and our guardian angels of light know of to be there and come through as us for us when we cannot for self. As a natural universe frequency concentration of such purity is like a Star Gate to venture your own real time momentum and vibration energy matrix to stand within. At all times naturally in simple light and energy attraction unconscious even for anything focused on consciously is filed away into self as unconscious forerunners. We absorb as our own living light to sustain help and assistance to enable us to have good fortune, well being and divine love graced as the only synchronicities we walk into throughout our days.

Photon Light through the God seed, Atom and Photon bases of first creation and universe cosmos divine quantum harmonics spirit Entanglement.

Photon Light through the God seed, Atom and Photon bases of first creation and universe cosmos divine quantum harmonics spirit Entanglement.

The Christ Self is the original Identity Originator of all selves. Future, past, present, even inner selves, between lives, past lives and Future Selves, dreaming self and unconscious self and will attract the civilian Christed Light Worlds we need to be of as reality backdrops of divine realms within each reality alternate universe we co conscious within as our own dimensional realms we perceive throughout thier day and lifetimes we come forth within by conscious free willed into our own existence real-time eternal; experiences and advancements. No matter generation, light world, time line and unconscious state and every portion of you as conscious self moving through eternal lifestyles like everyone else is control of all portions of self. Never giving your energy away unless first it of a portion irresponsible or in miss use has the strong force of you as total self feeling the ramifications and illusion of power swaying you as you having no power as to what happens to you and in your life. The Free Will parable is bonded as quantum entanglement, spiritual entanglement for light beings in universe intelligence living light we breathe in too. Unconsciously for some while consciously for those in meditation or awareness states of unspoken divine love light language interchanges from within.

We must love ourselves equally as we give credit of love to Source Divine Father, our soul mates and star families and this easier said then done. For we tend to lack of love our selves unequally and then wonder why the ascended host and archangels love seem distant, unequal to all their students of light yet illusion is a form of free will lack of love current overriding the divine rays we could feel from firstly and divine purity to be feeding us within as true purity selves in real-time. Our divine love can not be dispensation as favoritism to those we care for over our own self love first outpouring through our hearts the ascended host love and energy purity’s gifted through them unto us.

Reaching us first absorbing into our energy and chakras, source fields and thinking and feeling side of life let their love and divine energies pour through us first matching our own divine electronic source fields we are stronger, loved allowed we move forth. Then the divine can truly receive our love unreserved we can feel theirs truly within and we can share amplified grouping our energies purities as one divine strong current surging through us and those we want to help.

Let our divine I Am Presence love mercy and forgiveness absorb us through and through allowing the bandwidth frequencies of the divine realms, gifts and source fields purity forge through each of your cells, molecules and living light infinite as our divine birthright.

segment3-diagram19-part2 001

Increasing your sacred heart flame and infusing your purity life energy with that of Master Jesus is done in simple light and energy focus and invite for he naturally walks within the Holy Spirit Presence light tube and the spirit of God aura presence. Through the Holy Ghost and can pulse rate us back into step of divine order. Master Jesus absorbs Gods conscious as his own as second nature as we can and adapt as our own conscious and living light purity when we invite and stand within the aura presence of Master Jesus or any Archangel and Ascended Master. Simple light infusions of the Ascended Masters is done within your own diamond flame heart nebula opening into theirs for they bring a portion of the great grand central core sun flame and purity color rays. That has the power to sustain more than one light field, of many in fact when asked they will spark you a replica of the divine unfed flame of the great grand universal primal harmonic central sun magnetism and fire light purity unto your own. That has been diminished by misuse of creation, giving your power away and denying responsible action to make right anything you have been a part of even in past lives that is interfering and controlling ones now circumstances and inner frequencies you do not like.

All energy of lower vibration can be cut away from you and infused of divine living light purity to make right when you cannot for self, to be clear and free anew to walk forth pure and good minded and heart central. Your source field bio energy cosmic light eternal is a living light matrix of cosmic creation conscious nebula and aura presence of same universe and personal purity of like minded divine beings. For all soul color frequencies all Identity originators and all co creator Beings can use the great grand harmonic convergence source field as their own and all; is tied and piped back into the mainframe generator of all free will conduits as the great grand universal source field of the central suns of all central suns and forefathers of the divine. They can back you up and you can back others needing through them by standing in their source field purity when we cannot for self be of divine pure divine love and one’s own aura presence standing within magnifying and absorbing divine will firstly purity currents of all that is quantum source fields.

segment3-diagram20 001The inner self is the eternal self safeguarded in divine realms and realities no matter the outer presence it is still you engaging universal eternal life needs and interactions with galactic generations of communities before you. Their eternal existence entrance before you was never meant to overrule your divine existence and investments it was to complement yours and allow a source field to be free and just be as God intended for all replica creator beings he manifested within all his creation eternal even beyond the end of time. While projecting into dimensions and reality time lines in bio fields of reality bio geometry living light Hologram Light Worlds matrixes are our only perimeters needing your specialty, your guidance and love in the mix of it all. We reengage with soul mates or divine activities as lifetime’s reality matrixes we tend to never venture off of in eternal existence availabilities for what is comfortable and the norms no matter good or bad we anchor and invest our own energies and reality memory feeds the back drops to do so.

The eternal spirit of Master Jesus, Sananda and his eternal personal immortal love flame, his divine pattern geometry of life force energy harmonize you in the needed energy purity you call forth to change what you cannot for self. If you want to get off the wheel of lower existence you must attract and magnetize then expand and radiance as your own aura presence to do so. You give permission and let go into even done unconsciously for living light at its micro levels is technically unseen by the naked eye yet of us as total self existence and availability we adhere to. With the legions of ascended host that directs from the central sun sacred fire directed by the ascend host and angels of their legions of light back them up into our micro flame central sun in simple light and energy influence and absorbs, fuels us.

Your god ascension and god service is separate from your ascension process and vibration energies that makes you. First our love is magnified through them they outpour unto us then we can outpour to those we care for as truly electrometric divine love uncensored great energy, you see. The colors of your auric field and inside the mind, physical and feelings of you is the Soul Color pure energy of you to naturally organically help you ascended when ready. One must continue on to finish your divine plans and duties regardless for you are and will be ready to ascended when the time comes as second nature within taking over as you step into the arms and energy of the torch bearer of the Holy Spirit we simply stand within the octave and tube of light we match within our own divine hearts and aura presence. To bring better lives, good fortune, effortless ascension and divine intervention in all means and way we need higher grades of neutral pure energy and assistance.

To be reborn of the Christ self is your job to move within already and go forth and be free enjoying the blessing life eternal meant for you over any other experience that is the Metatron mathematic currents and light. Backing you up too to bring the mighty I Am presence into your true conscious real-time self. I have gifted humanities no matter the realm generation and timeline walk forth as my truth and Ascended Master angelic gifts, immortal love and abilities as your own. – Archangel Metatron 6-3-2015

Divine Transmission Message; Master Jesus, Sananda: In simple light and energy that of the universe primal eternal living light intelligence purity as our own we increase, expand and infuse into our very lives, physical self and divine eternal self we attract and magnetize unto self.

If in divine school universities this very second topics of eternal life, Divine Alchemy and sacred love geometry crystalline light would be some teachings of loves mastery as natural organic living light of “all that is” reality nebula matrix we are anchored within. Of eternal creation universe and spirit eternal self bonding to engage group effort of eternal existence for without the universe nebula of all that is eternal and beyond the end of time source fields one could not stand as a third dimension light being of all that is within co-creative’s.

divine rainbow raysAll the seven sacred fire colors or rainbow rays are universe natural organic gifts of divine bio energy of the divine source father in simple energy and light bio energy. Since everything is vibration and bio-geometry divine formulas creative set in stone as eternal back drop existence we simply can raise our energy vibrations that will dissolve all that we no longer want or to be attached to.

These electronic patterns of existence are separate of our own self creations we can simply absorb back into as our own those are of a personal form through the Holy Spirit Frequency. Derived of the Ascended Host and Divine Light Beings matrix source field and self creations for the well being of all light spices and generations even those yet coming into existence we may faze out of for another light world divine path and duties. That brings the unfed flame of the great grand central sun presence, light intelligence and divine frequencies we can join together within by simple energy focuses and infusions within our own energy and chakra nebulas and fields. To rejoin into conscious compatibility and assistance of our star family creator races like earth humans are also of as eternal light beings of same intergalactic races of the planets and stars even beyond our universe galaxy.

Soul Sciences and spiritual physics light knowledge and energy matrixes divine mathematical formulas can be precipitated into our own existences by our own free will currents drawing us into solid physical realities of the divine on high and divine realms by our own will force engaging to increase our energy living light to do so. Also to bond one into a higher light intelligence and inter dimensional divine realities beyond the norm of conventional dimensional society views or one is tiered of and wants to expand one’s own eternal atmosphere and life styles. We can migrate into higher realms of existence as our now timelines and prosperity lifelines to be more than this life was meant for you. Through divine contribution, divine love and divine power to move forward in any time line to be strong, conscious eternal, loving good timings and good protection, leadership and good fortune synchronicities.

In eternal realms one has free will to move about and just be. To regroup and inspire spiritual nourishment, divine memory and loving peace and joy meant for you no matter the time line. In two hundred years forward in your life time eternal you may have several more lives or persona selves. As eternal creator beings we can masterfully self creation and call to action our divine lives meant for us as second nature already instilled of us in the divine color arrays and heart spirit nebula we are of. As light species of the divine star families we diverged of as first creation existence and behavior values that worked then can work now for us by drawing from that same energy purity pool within our heart nebula origin of the eternal Christ Conscious that is a belt of self creation conscious purity as us.

As simple divine formulas and color light rays of the sacred eternal existence reality realm divine can be ours, we can mesh or bond or infuse into the freedom flame, mercy flame and divine forgiveness flame of the divine color rays. Of the divine realms that safeguard our own auras, conscious connections and energy currents when called on we can take on and absorb as our own called divine power. Divine lower and divine will geometry lifelines energy source fields landscaping as our own source fields within and aura chakras flaming through us. As our own free will choice and currents bio geometry. That looks like the tree of life and the metatron cube the bio energy source field of all that is mathematical formula bio geometry.

Is crystalline living light liquid energy plasma fire rays light nodes purity of all the cosmos, universe and existences combined as one source field we can expedition within as lifetimes of backdrop purity codes of light reality unfed divine love graced we manifest from over all other source fields even our own heart nebula and light world within all that is.

We can magnetize the same pulsate and heart beat of first creation purity source father holiest neutral positive, sacred divine mother and Christed conscious soul people of like purity and good as our own unfed heart flame purity code of light or divine mathematical bio geometry crystalline light. This purity and good is not a divine concept or divine formula we can live without anymore. It is a free will choice even still to align and attract within and that holds the geometry of living light purity saturating every portion of you, every atom, DNA, cell, photon and particle vibratory form. And so this vibratory form is your eternal home firstly.

Of simple light and energy as intelligence light engaging within you divine order, divine knowledge and divine love frequencies can be mathematically and scientifically mastered as simply attracting and calling forth divine color rays already equipped and infused by the grand great central core sun presence and energy formulas for all existence to be free and pure clean at any second. Can be drawn from your heart presence nebula written out to provide a form of interlacing within natural organic living light of the universes, stars and plants to influence and back us up to co create better environments and divine lives wanting.

Within light your own eternal infinite intelligence self spirit soul person being of light energy of same universe living light and essences, substance and living light you are absorbing as total self to be more then the average light being in universal eternal existence, yes. As second nature, as divine purity light color energies and frequencies you can validate in spiritual physics for soul sciences eternal form of using the same divine formulas the ascended host use for thousands of years and will so continue as future self be allowed to partake to be of same purity conscious realities and existences we will need to.

Future Selves
Future Selves

Who is the future self of you really? It is for sure you in the now only a little more loving, open, smarter, empowered and loved by thousands of like mined people or it can be many holographic illusions we take on to be a part of eternal life in lower worlds. Or dimensions as holographic universe same source fields already back dropped for us to walk into consciously in the heart flame of gods life force as our own.

Even the Future Selves are not evolved really yet of higher dimensions for vibration as it rises is illuminated in faster energy purity we enter as our state of awareness allows and we are ready. This means all lower pending energy and grievances is dissolved in the light allowing the higher, faster pulse rate of divine grace, divine intervention and divine love to intervene as thee while we walk among the norm of lower precognitive dimensional form we are of conscious. Because divine energy of god light of source divine father of all divine source fathers and creator beings, his aura presence is the divine way of life that does not require stricture of dimensional laws, limitations of free will law and constitutions of intergalactic existence, no. For he feeds “all that is” as simple light and energy and the laws of life is divine matrixes and realties back dropping. Allowing “all that is” to even exist and be of law abiding currents of well being for all and reality conscious capability we our own conscious abided truly pure. When we make the call and enter our temple of spirit soul light as one unit unified field of reality comes forth as our inner power divine light.

The light seeds of all creation are of first origin source divine father birthed and first divine mother womb incubation materialization you see otherwise it could not be nor free float as lifestyle and subsistence into existence of any conceptualization and kind.

The now self that is you today is the one who is going to bring all divine synchronicity and mastery as your future selves. How intelligent you are, what dimension you attract to self, those soul mates reality realms you infuse into yours over others is on you. Your future self is counting on the today you to make the right choices, make divine paths easier by systematic purity neutral means. And so when the messenger here states you are simply reincarnating back into the Christ Self you are going nowhere, being of separate self over another no longer appearing it is still you to experience directly firstly.

To interact eternal conscious in all reality realms you are drawn to and be more responsible with your energy to claim your good energy and use it today for everyday as true real-time self embody no other lower natures or frequencies of the external world and self. To already be the Divine Formula and spirit mastery of divine light intelligence to manifest eternal good timings. Best outcomes and intervention divine needing to make so happen will be you first to draw to you all the electronic geometry electronic crystalline already in the air you breath awaiting you to separate and integrate from all the other bombarding lower energies, frequencies and particles.

When broken down the divine natural organic color rays and Holy Spirit Frequency of light, our own living light life force energy is of Universe Particles, proteins, photons and atoms, molecules and elemental of many genetic encodings from our third dimension family to the divine family of light we are of as infinite eternal life heritages too. As simple spirit soul people eternal light beings we are engaging in our eternal conscious life selves firstly to even exist in the now timeline our origins go back to first creation light world and divine holy father as a natural organic soul person divine cosmic eternal creator being we are born of same genetics and heritage too.

The infinite self as simple photon born of same light seed of God Atom and divine photons looks like the diagram below as simple light and energy forms firstly, the micro version of “all that is” is relative to your own attraction free will living light paradoxes and divine will allowing to override all others within and without.

segment4-diagram2 001

The Christ Conscious Self origin is our first purity holy positive neutral self divine stature equal to source father, mother and great grand central sun divine patterns of geometry, living light and genetics, particles come next and beams of light radiation. The Christ conscious continuum is of the 144 Source Code and rather the formula portion of all existence divine formula mathematical equation of harmonic number 144. Nice to know internet research states the double penta-dodecahedron has 144 facets which is related to the number of Christ ascension and the 144,00 realities and dimensions of purity existence eternal phase flashing unified field fractal living light pulse rates forms and crystalline grid bio electrometric fields. Each dodecahedron has 12 major pentacles with 60 facets, add the 12 truncated pentagons for 72, and double this for 144. To infuse the 144 Crystalline grid as symbolic purity light coding within our own divine living light matrix codes of light that makes us-us. Is what many do to be a team of light consciousness for the well being of all. To ensure better lives and spirituality unity at a global scale at unseen frequency bands of creation co creative we can engage co-conscious habitats as one unified harmonic convergence bio matrix geometry of all that is divine holy mind, body and galaxy divine light intelligence universe.

By timing 144 beyond the speed of light you get 288 and back to 144 creates a harmonic source field wavelength torus effect set in living light as you resonance within and so forth of higher realties matrixes of living light one can absorb as your own to sustain awareness ability and divine protection and reality entrance divine realms existence comes into manifestation. On the vibration currents of like divine realms over dimension speeds of light by same quantum of mathematical cohesiveness harmonic convergence tetrahedron core light fields the divine energy currents rides as your own energy currents and living light to get somewhere or to those calling into manifestation needing.

A diagram of our living light “I Am” Presence and self life heritage divine power;


The Soul Sciences of eternal life will be in ones cell, each cell memory encoded and so one must call forth divine memory to instill past selves divine good, love and light knowledge be returned to you in simple light energy mathematical quanta’s of light frequencies focused purity and attraction. By magnetizing the violet flame through the Holy Spirit Frequency divine tube of light octave or cosmic spectrum of all that is divine mathematical formulas bio geometry bandwidths, we as spirit photon living light eternal shall use as our backdrop of all that is creation natural universe and energy self consistently in each life time as second nature we instill. Then conscious eternal life as second nature is one within you and can be summoned at any second for divine memory is a store house within each cell of you.

To be free and divine in any form we want to achieve and the divine power, the god will is your life force energy feeding you firstly as we use same universe particles and essences natural organics. To just be and exist as the Holy Spirit Frequency that is not separate of us, it is all that is we are of when making anything come into existence as creator beings of same species of light in our galaxy we can no matter the light world or time line we move about within as a lifetime.

We will have many topic lectures on the simple light and energy of self as Soul Sciences and Spiritual Physics yet in this topic blog timing is to introduce the Spirit Technology and Spiritual Technology of the Holy Spirit that is the back bone, backdrop and living light within all that is firstly. Or nothing could come into matter or photon waves of tangible reality light worlds Source Divine Father begat from the beginning of time how to be or not, we simple consume others lower source fields and take on as our own, not meant for us to have really. Within one’s own geometry living light purity, frequency and vibration to match the light world purity star family, ascension process and inner spiritual divine memory is also free will choice in the now. To make and interexchange for ones real-time lifetimes to be of over any others free will currents overshadowing you in all appearing is all that is. Not a power struggle over turning your free will power to another that does not have your truest well being firstly and in percentages of dine patterns of mathematical formulas the math does not add up for you to be off the charts of total existence purity, off the grid of all that is purest meant for you in frequency pulse rate of your conscious reality you know is not working for you so great.

By activating the heart nebula within the conscious nebula of a self creator being of eternal existence right alongside the holiest of holies will bring you into divine alignment pulse rate you need. To disconnect all that is not working in your life for you and those who control your source field now naturally in simple light and energy bonding of the divine family of light you are of will make the needed changes come into existence in time. The Archangels and Ascended Host, the Ascended Masters and cosmic Christed conscious inter galactic divine beings or interstellar star communities of like purity good, positive holy neutral well being each of us are first born conscious states of being we were meant to gravitate as lifetimes of co creation protection, companionship and love firstly. We came to earth maybe for soul mates who lost their way home then we lost hope to ever be pure and free again by getting caught up in hologram vortexes. Of those very people we came to save and return home we now allow to envelop us and bond us away from our star families of light by self deserving prophesies we took on as our own yet not of our nature or us.

We came to earth to be busters of lower creation and to finish up our earth schooling for others to help to do so on our own purity currents they can as I do for those who call on me. For all conscious connections can be established to your own free will allowing and the divine assisting, protecting and holding the space needing to move about the divine cosmos is already mapped out. Of previous good natures well minded co Creator Beings and we simply need to let go of the old that does not work with us or complements us to let the new in that does to allow divine intervention to amp up our own energy forces and co creations coming to us by our own Free Will gravity forces.

Sure lower forces are summoned of lower frequency light beings as temporal co creations abilities and not so much meant to be a real deal of like natural organic living light DNA and divine vibratory formulas to be as us, no. So in fact for the well being of all involved you can as simple Spirit Entanglement one light being to another no matter the planetary or soul person in charge or not of all that is simply restore your core purity vibrations through the Identity Originator Christed Self of first creation of you. That stand next to me in real time while you are below trying to grasp ones own divine power and usage to your greater advantage to turn your lives around for the better in Christ light and energy you will. The mighty miracle mantel of living light core, the “I Am Presence” of us truest nature available in our real time momentums that never fails, disappears or absorbs lower existences of you. For we are all creator beings then we are all responsible to induce magnetize positive environments, good timings for all involved and be responsible for our own creations and those we are bonded to, attracted to and soul mate perceived no matter the time line, the generation, the solar system, the time reality you see.

To think and act within intergalactic unity fields of creations is that simple throughout your eternal lives or future selves to walk into as you. How that is achieved is through self purity clearing and purification in simple light and energy and why the Holy Spirit Frequency was given. To establish the natural organic purity lifeline your origin of first existence as star family caregivers and for your eternity lifetime while sublets or adopted soul families in dimension time lines took precedence to caregiver until you could for self.6_9_2014_4_25_30 PM_209

Then establish your divine memory frequencies and heart nebula to restore the gifts, grace, love and light knowledge needing to accomplish your own commitments into all that is at any time line or dimension. Yet one forgets and becomes what you are not meant to be today unless you take responsibility for your own divine paths. Your own acquired light intelligence comprehension abilities and so each one has a divine color ray to do so and born from to allow your unified galactic harmonic field as Spirit Self Eternal in the soul vehicle of universe creation seeded light. Your Soul Color purest neutral harmonic lifeline energy source field restoration needed today is to allow natural interactive star family of first creation to infuse you of divine memory, divine peace and divine love. To visit you, help you and guide you every day when you cannot move for self into divine hologram purity and rays, realities and vibration.

They can back you up when you cannot and so you can move forward clear and free in the mercy flame, in the violet flame and green, gold, pink, blue, silver, crystal clear pearliest purities they were given when they cannot for self either. How do you think the divine get their energy power source inner selves filled and amped up to be of service for their own Divine Power within they cannot of personal self as they might try. Yet when they enter the fields of divine light, the aura presence of the divine on high above them so by the great grand central sun of “all that is” they can absorb for those they care for. And are called on by expanding and engaging of higher divine forces and divine bio mathematical bio energies formulas, rays and current they take on as their own living light abilities is a good thing, is it not.

ascended Masters & Archangels 8fbe7cc5dfedb31e4f1a2375c4760502 Lord MAHA CHOHAN bbe96e40f73e51a004aa4fd395bf6422Lord Sirius mercy projection

Try making a conscious connection by calling of any Ascended Master, archangel or divine light being personal form from any good light world divine will make connections effortlessly by stepping aside and let them on their own accord to come and help you when they want not when you command. When they allow and know the student for the well being of all will impart personal real-time soul sciences of one’s own natural organic universe and personal living light. Called soul entanglement within spiritual entanglement practices can receive real-time spiritual vitality, spiritual nourishment and divine intervention beamed just enough to inspire one to be clear and free, alive harmonic.

Can then move on to just be in real-time, meant for you in most positive forms, good fortune and well being needing naturally appear and resonate is a good nature and divine stalk of a soul Light Being that can move about clear and free more so for the well being of all and so self love is the first frequency to let through you now.

Then the Holy Spirit will surge through you as your own energy purity bonded eternal you always are and then the ascended masters octave you stand within. Then the archangels tube of light and then the great grand central sun core heart vibration key note infusing within your own.

segment3-diagram21 001To induce Divine Light Sciences is done effortlessly in the Star Gate of core grand central sun love light patterns and resonance landscaping your own light fields and aura presence anew in the divine light of eternal immortal love.

Saint Germain's Atomic Accelerator (c)2015 By Angel Vela DiagramSee your self now standing in the divine arc rays color tones reserved for you today by standing in the provided in the lucid conscious self imagery given above as the atomic accelerator of Saint Germain’s violet freedom flame purifier that will disintegrate all your personal miss use of creation, love and grace. Since the beginning of your existence in eternal life to move forward clear and free is your gift if you would accept so today for every day of your eternal life.

For ascension alliance see your self standing in the same purity diagram above given of the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System for ascension purposes preparation purities to be integrated naturally within your own sun presence divine tube of light. To endorse as your own living light to help you move about the eternal cosmos divine protected, loved and assisted when you can not for self let the divine rays surge through you. Through I, Sananda and allow my purity rays in real time, infuse through you charging your own cellular bio energy within my own. So when the time comes you are called home, you will already be in my aura presence light fields divine mathematical formulas purity pattern electronic presence. Nurtured whole again to beam you up whole and pure and the light schools to allow you so will be available once you rest a bit in the divine paradise light world I guaranteed all who call on me.

By allowing the divine on high to assist, teach then by example project their light rays as your own you absorb their light rays, their Heart Nebula essences purities and positive conscious as your own living light magnified. And expanding into all that is eternal you will never sway you off the light grid of divine awareness, divine memory and divine love again in any portion not good for you will be absorbed instead, liquidated back into the core central sun to deal with instead of you taking on as you, you see.  Unless you unlock or disengage to enter the lower worlds just enough to be of service and where we are at now in life is all.

So it is that simple to raise ones vibration within one’s own soul conscious to succeed divine awareness states of being throughout each day is in Divine Light Sciences already embed in the depths of your being awaiting the call within to saturate you through and through as you and your own light source field eternal presence self finally breathing through you as you in all you do fuel you firstly of divine bio energy of the divine source father already in all crevasse, already in all particles infused.4444codeoflight6

It is what we draw forth and from firstly good or negative natures of existence that makes a deference in our lives and those we care for by our actions, thoughts and behaviors. By our own qualified energy and bio geometry we set forth at every second proves the origin of our life energy refueling, feeding and bonding of the divine reality realms we walk forth whole and pure then no matter the light world or dimension for the well being of all.

Be conscious of me and you will know my alternate universe purity state of being as your own freedom flame guides you matching my own we walk forth together conscious of one light world paradise as eternal life we only know of, beyond the end of time even join me now. – Sananda  6-3-2015 – 2:22 PM

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