Lucid Spiritual Dream Interpretation

Divine Transmission Message: Sananda; Lucid is becoming awake state in another dimension you are temporary in while in sleep. Alternate universes are dream world self creations by the millions of soul people of all ages, planets, universes, continents, cultures, generation also are involved in co creation of dream worlds, alternate universes and between lives right along yours.

Many self feed back while some do not remember dream time which makes it hard to take self responsibility for ones actions in real-time in infinity. Even if dream time for you and self analyze and self denial are distractions of ones real-time meant to experience, be in the now real existence happening. Pay attention and not dilute through emotion as lost memory or good timings meant for you to instead attract in love frequency you see. Until outer world distractions of this dimension landscape you are awake in overshadows your emotional and analysis time multitasking. So ones daily activates seems distracting and unfulfilling as concern and what if scenarios to fix ones life issues on your plate or we try to take a step back and inject better timings and scenarios best for your well being and divine planes even in unconscious states of selves. Also remember as a multidimensional pure light being your other inner selves or those within as higher reality activity self induced of free will. Trying to be emotionally sound, spiritually fit and metaphysical second natures as inner wisdom seeking and providing guidance for other inner selves even forgotten as angel beings and are trying to remember this episodes of self  in the now as you; in Lucid Dream practice, Soul Travel and Astral Travel. In death states you are still conscious when you die only arriving into another realm world for another in conscious detainments of those worlds over this one.

Just as one goes on vacation and then months down the line remembers or reminisces as contemplation and reflection, one does in all states of self . That actually go through the experiences as alternate selves while also analyzing and contemplating how to change ones life as you and as quantum entanglement fractals of self alignment to ensure better eternal lifestyles and lives.

Those who use you and those who do not or fractals of you yet not wiling to bond divine law with you to ensure good timings and karma comes around placate become stronger for sure, As your first probable futures good for you to ensure you are willing to partake as one conscious firstly though to make all happen in divine balance and for the well being for all. Even unforeseen and unknown to third dimension self who is disconnect of true totality movement at all times in ones own alternate dimension activities and lifetimes.

As Christ Conscious in all time lines, inner selves and realms, dreams and alternate universes is the cosmic eternal Landscape key. to try in real-time simultaneously and why the love frequency is curtail to weave in ones own life energy and heart nebula that is in quantum entainglment as one deity light being and in all parrellel selves must all come to the same page and move forward in ones own deep breath to let go all that does you no good so that you have the space to be in love of all of creation, not detached and unamenable in thought, life and feeling.


So also in sleep time dream time is a real realm world one moves into the eclipse of consciousness of self creations and mass co creations and light worlds as separate person selves while others within take on you as them in lucid co sharing of self aura and conscious presence and octaves.

If one applies divine or good thought before sleep one can soul travel right into the higher Dimensions. Of fourth, fifth and twelfth or second realm dimensions levels of lower conscious density attraction moods. Of thoughts and feelings that create with those of like minded or desire to be with you regardless the dimension and you unto them. When jealousy, revenge, lust and selfishness prevail even in dream you must be accountable held unto self firstly and not fall prey to use the wholes sleeps night in drama and emotional feeling side of life over accomplishing Divine Partner of Destiny relationships, divine goals and spiritual schools and studies.

The violet flame atomic accelerator and octaves will restore you if you call on divine higher forces to intervene all conscious states pure and clear no matter the dimension or conscious activity. The hemispheres of the brain all stem from the core holy spirit frequency and spirit of universal intelligence light body life force energy as your own. To feed, sustain, protect and nourish you at all times takes you to pull from the energies of the great divine core central sun and light beings Christed and of the Christ and so your inner power must stem of so too.

It is disappointing to see students of the light on high to behave not so godly pure in dream states and then unaccounted for after you awake give your power away to less matured forces and dark soul people not in the interest of divine good soul people. When you go to sleep invite your self, “I Am Presence and your mental body higher self” to move into the sacred triangle, your resurrection ray and your ascension flame into holistic self healing of the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System into the arms of the ascended Host.

The Apollonius star Gate diamond System is a natural organic nature cosmos and elements co-created. These corridors of light the natural organic soul person can also use. That Jesus uses to soul travel and time travel or to many dimensions and planet solar systems to be there for all light species seeking divine love and god will, he extends to you as a  natural means to get about the Christ conscious cosmos and holy lands you want to be a part of and of service.

Most of the time or sometime in the dreams of the night you may actually not become distracted of lower world activities. That become swayed, the night goes by fast and never make it to the temples of light, the conclaves and higher dimensions. Your star families await to spend some of your precious free time throughout eternity with them too when you can and they can too. For you are a multidimensional pure light soul Being who also is of the same light species of the great central sun of all central suns.

Lack of love or comatose to feeling and caring for others anchors one slower to lower realms and densities not of God Creation and divine will for you. And your dreams reflect so too.

shambhala city

I must admit it is easy to “X” out this web page when you are done absorbing spiritual light knowledge and intergalactic community activities. And go amongst your day busy in all amongst and around you. It is a handful or full plate to also multi task night dreams to be more accountable for and remember. To be more useful, honest, loving too in all dimensions access you become conscious in then call it dream, between lives, karma lives, past lives and future paths will then follow of same. That is why the sacred fire divine color Codes of Light were introduced to allow a higher intervention means out side of the box way to sustain better lives and well being when you can not for self.

Divine Realms, death states, dream states all can vibrate to the frequencies of those dimension levels meant for you. In dream your conscious uses the soul vehicle to spirit travel to the dimensions needing your attention or you giving your power away.

Then other levels of dreams are of child realms and power trip realties or Parallel Universes of self creations such as imagination, creative visualization and un focused dream time. If one goes to bed and does not direct and command where you want to be you will become distract and follow your forefront attention even of racket around you or surreal episodes that captivate your emotions.

The night goes by fast or not remembered. In other times you feel is like dejavoo or premonitions. Dead relatives come or futures are foretold as you experience your dreams even with soul mates. Soul mates yet you have met in third dimension and those already broken up with yet you would not know it in dream times you remember. Others seem so fairy tales and illusion you can not interpret them other then free time babble of the mind incoherent of outer world activities and divine desire. To move forward useful or productive in all realms and portions of consciousness of you. It is your duty and your self responsibility for your actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors regardless dimension the conscious hemisphere is overlapping and no matter dimension penetrated as dream scape, really all virtual realties of the mind and those of same spectrum of consciousness and light worlds.

You see the Spirit merkabha is the soul self vehicle, fuel base, generator and conscious source enabled. This light ship is the light body of each soul person that allows conscious or un conscious dimensional time travel and in real-time even n dream time we move bout eternal existence no matter dimension we use our conscious source base while resting asleep or awake to third dimension surroundings virtual realty backdrops and generations of species of light. To multitask multidimensional consciousness inner selves. To sustain better lives, less Karma debt and tapping into good karma earned to will good fortune, well being and good timings even in dream, death and third dimension awake states. You are lucid active really in each self state of being in dimensions no matter dream, death or future selves.

lucid dreamsTo induce lucid Spiritual Dream Consciousness you want to sustain alert coherent self soul management of your night activities and day focuses applied physical  efforts to be of divine activities to finish earth school in dignity and peace. To clear divine paths and finish in high ranking purity clear and free. To meet up simultaneously with soul mates in higher dimensions to instill better lives and companionship and share good karma in our actions, thoughts and body language we will know

To go to your star families and temples of light to continue your spiritual work, classes and nourishment. To be helpful to all humanities and segregate families in free time of all existences throughout infinity right along God, Father, Mother is not as easy as you would like.

delophiDream readings and study teaches you how to use your dreams to manifest better situations with people and places. To solve problems, to improve creativity and understand who you are becoming or were that is not yet cleared and healed. Some simply walk conscious in other real time dimensions while in sleep time and activities. You do not need to be lucid all the time because the Christos Christ Conscious Quantum Spirit Self is alert commonsense well being. Positive self and will record all in your soul records or akashic records or your life records when necessary future selves can also go into your own soul libraries and dream work and alternate reality life’s.

The akashic and Galactic Records or life records even Soul Records at any time to sustain better responsible consciousness in real time and learn from unconscious states of being  also in dream time. To become lucid of record of self creations, activities and time spent in eternal timeline sand dimensions is a start. Contributing divine effort for the well being of all in all pieces of you is divine Spiritual Entanglement and all you care for and so forth until all are covered and enlightenment pure happy joyful harmonic for the well being of all millions and billions of soul people. And light species can intergalactic as well and in alternate realties and universes even unconscious will be protected and safeguarded in the light.  Prepare and relax your mind on divine images and positive affirmations before sleep, keeping a sleep journal near by to jolt down feelings, colors, symbols and all involved, even change the outcomes of your dreams for the better as you will attest and awaken to document clarity and self messages to ordain stability and loving lives.

The Spirit Cell within the God Atom allows multidimensional soul travel even into dream realms and after death states. As Spirit Quantum Entanglement with other soul people and soul mates in our natural organic orbs of light bodies Christos Cosmic co-creations. Since the beginning of time we have been born of simple light spirit orbs spherical bio energy of all that is.

To allow us the ability and coherency to soul travel to many star planets and dimensions in simple light and energy, as photon light intelligence living organisms and light body firstly we can.

No matter in dream time, meditation, after death or in free time throughout infant lifestyles we can move about infinite cosmos in good nature and mind with all other light species and eco habitat civilizations humanities.

seeded light intelegence 2015 diagram by angel velaIn the circle of life of the one and the law of one we can not distance our selves to the core task at hand; be divine will, divine love and divine family in all you are and of and those unto you. No matter dream or inner self of you. No matter dimension or unconscious and conscious state. No matter generation, past, future or now self, forgotten or lost and betrayed one must attract the light. Bond the soul vehicle into divine order, divine light worlds and divine partnerships and intergalactic communities good for you to finish up divine paths and spiritual growth and soul mate connections.

Magnetize your light even in dream time for real life in all natural organic life spheres alternate realities are natural organic light worlds right along the higher dimensions light worlds and alternate realties. Imagine you are in third dimension, I guess you are so physical real over the hologram mirroring. You feel in Christ Consciousness Quantum state of being in dream when you want to too. I am talking about you know the feeling of one alternate reality over a level of dimension. Alternate realties is self creation.

While Levels of dimensions are mass conscious self creations through generations of influences, concepts and levels of love soul people of all light species can co interact and co-create in unconscious state of being too.

space time creation light fiels light world 2015 by Angel Vela.pngWe are multitasking many light worlds and activities with soul mates, ascended masters and communities and commitments.

It takes about 21 days or three to start inducing spiritual lucid dreaming in a more pro active responsible means of being. Or in any dimension you feel Lucid awake as your real-time reality earth dimension third dimension universal intelligence system.

parallel universes can seem surreal and very solid even so yet they are not of source father creation and data base of imagery availability. the generations of soul people have self creations Parallel Universes and alternate realties. Some good as heaven paradise while some not so good and hellish seemly. This is where real and surrealism bond and spirit and soul, lower and higher natures. Of the infinite self come out of the closet in dream and show your true colors in all means no matter how appalling or good natures one in  dreams is portraying you must go back within self where that energy comes into core first form, the origin.

Then in simple light and energy purity of the seven divine color rays you magnetize those fire divine rays of purity through you before sleep. You command and state” I choose to stay conscious and aware in my dreams and stay in the higher realms safe and protected. I choose to be productive and help my ascension proses while in dream time.”

At least try at some point drag your self alert and where you are at while resting and sleeping through the night. Have a note book and pen close by. Write notes once awake or when you remember and sort out the true deeper underlining issues and answers you seek in dream and activities. Of unconscious state of being while simultaneously Multidimensional co creating and living lives unknown to others of inner selves at times.


Dream visions, spiritual visitations in dreams and E.T. interactions in dream are common for the star seed children and adults of generations of lifetimes of reincarnation and multitasking many lives dimensionally at once and as one consciousness way of being is the Cosmic Key.

Lucid dreaming has many means and meaning as Pandora’s box has infinite openings and outcomes follow; dreams have many meanings and purpose per individual person. While Dream Interpretation helps it is not always accurate for real-time activities and instantaneous free will spontaneous self choices have deeper meaning and trumps any standard forms the public can use. In innocence try to understand and get a hold of ones night activities and forefront attentions over others more useful and good for you and those you care for you unto them are of good heart and mind. Good or not so good will determine many other off shoots of outcomes and activities meanings in dreams per person going through the actual experiences as good luck or good timings. Karma chasing you down or getting burnt by surrounding influences and people and soul mates. You thought you trusted and could count on are instead distracting you in lower natures and bad choices of creation, lack of love and self.

We can create karma and all we do in dream time even if not remembered is also archived and stored through our Soul Color. Into our book of life and akashic records. Many do not realize dreams are accountable unto each and of the all seeing eye of God none can hide any activity or go unnoticed.

Space time activity, Spiritual activity and humanitarian, dimensional activity and focus is on many minds while in sleep too. School, romance, selfish self creations and miss sue in creation, love and feelings can self sabotaged you in Dream too.

You can change your own experiences, beliefs and outcomes in dream and in life or any environment self created or co created you mosey into. The conceptual concepts, emotional pulls and  divine  focus helps. Because when you see people in your dreams they may be illusions. Of self emotion density parables over real-time eternal life in multidimensional good positive filled with good soul people.

In dream scopes of alternate realties you can multitask many lifetimes. When you go to sleep in that time jump time dimensions you awaken here in this dimension or if in death state or after lives and future lives you also can sustain multiple lifetimes that one had perceived of the 5 reasons you migrate out of heaven and back into heaven.

It’s time to be more conscious in dreams and centered, less surreal and illusionary as well as this life for future lives to be less emotional and unsettling over well being and contentment. Then deciphering dreams wont be so logical and or mandatory  over any other more positive or useful.

In real-time with other light beings, ascended hosts and star families dream can be more eternal positive and stable. One calls lucid dream awake state becoming and activity responsibility. Then you do raise your vibration and heart and conscious nebula into the higher realms right along them. As awake state instead of unconscious sleep form of resting and not aware of inner activities of the mind.

unconsciouis mind.jpg

No matter the inner realms you soul travel and spirit teleport into generations and universes of good soul people who also want more soul mates, friends, companions, comrades and partners. To take hold of your conscious responsibilities in dream and in each dimension one moves within as awake states and within selves. To not succumb to the 7 lower sins while uniting in the inner 7 higher realms and levels of purity to sustain better lives that bleed into this dimension and all others you are of. For your aura presences is the core of you in essences and magnetism spherical orbs of light body and light. When soul traveling in dream time lucid you are still feeling separate at times, like an observer. Yet you can change your realties by your own conscious precipitation and affirmations, focus and desire.

I, Jesus may seek your time in dream and I will try to use my own energies to boost your own to allow you to divine remember if you back me up and question upon awakening your night journeys. Or do a symbol that appears in your dreams when needed, I  work and hold the energy for divine memory to unpeel into your forefront consciousness. To awaken you alert to the activities at hand in dream time and with others in your life and that you draw to you and them unto you. When I draw you to the temple of light it is for teachings, energy healings and absorbs by the great grand central sun flames and lotus diamond heart octaves. Other times for celebrations.

Other times you ignore because the emotional drama around you is so intense you take it on. As your own and so have no time for any other productive activities even with the ascended masters of light and star families. Self forgiveness and telling your mental body higher self and Mighty I Am Presence ” I will never make another mistake again in my feeling and thinking side of life.

Even in Dream, future selves and past. Let divine source father blanket you in the Holy Spirit Comforter. Let me take all sorrow and all that does you no good, give it all up to me. No more walk alone, walk in divine purity divine codes of light. State you decide to become alert and responsible in dreams, when you cannot for self, god will. Trust, use your faith to empower you into divine realms most purest good filled soul people and soul mates, imagine right not how that could be feasible and you can redeem good karma even in dream. In consciousness all evaporates into subconscious. Yet no matter how deep rooted in dreams or nightmares think or say an archangel name and they will step in for you when you can not defend self for the light never fails.

You bless self, forgive self, adorn self with the divine intervention needed to sustain better lives and circumstances. More times of good lives even in dream, remembering allows the real you the space to just be by your conscious effort and manifestations of free will allowing no matter the dimension realties your awake in alert. Prophetic dreams, supernatural lucid interventions and activities as well influence your dimensions of self even if called dream or third dimension time continuum are still quantum harmonics in light and energy firstly. The soul vehicle can travel and bio locate to many lands of light good for you, just state you want to come to pure good positive states of being with other like minded soul people and intergalactic galaxies.

Divine intervention and backdrops all help the soul person to move about eternal existence in protection, guidance and friendships. I will see you in your Dreams if you seek me out, it is so. -Sananda 01/07/2016 8:44 PM

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