Abundance from the angelsAngel Abundance

How to sustain & invite Angel Abundance into your life!

The Archangel of Abundance; Divine Transmission Message: On Good Fortune of many forms for the well being of all.

First identify where Abundance actually comes from. How to grasp it, manifest divine intervention miracles and protection by your equal intent matching of all involved for the well being of all.

Clarity on Abundance and magnetism into ones thoughts, core origin beginnings and feelings of all good forms. The contemplation on what that means must be revaluated in all your life times, adjusted, expanded to let others who can help you come in to tangible intervention. Not just take your hand and yank you for free will is not that flexible as some would seem to offshoot blame over self denial and prevention of lack of true inner divine love for self and all that is.

Of many parables of making it alone, doing it alone, feeling alone and abandoned, deceived, wishing unimpeded even still to this day within of all that has not come to fruitarians for self and those you care for. Even forgotten within prevents true self divine love to be the power fuel and seed of light to transfer all your needs and wants into well being, good fortune and harmony happiness in all means and grace.

Go ahead take a deep breath and let it all go in the light for it does no good but to hinder your own purity good meant for you at this time and of future self needing.

Call on the Angel of abundance, Angels of Abundance legions of the Archangel of Abundance to clear your life records of all truancies to the light, all self creations and lack of love unrecognized yet or not. Note the Archangels minister divine intervention and divine prosperity; also of angel abundance octaves they on their own accord come when called to be bestowed onto you. When allotted by cosmic and karma laws and representatives when called on by name and in alignment for the well being of all involved and no matter generation or conscious.0.jpgPick an Archangel provided by infinite source father holiest of holiest, infinite pure neutral for all who call on his love wave to reach them no matter the dimension or timeline one has conceived or feels stuck! Cosmic divine on high light being you can trust unbroken link. Most are told not to trust this and that of the Spiritual Hierarchy yet your soul sound is of gods first ear shot and so in his name the divine archangels, comic teachers of light, ascended masters, saints and divas, all Elementals of highest purity all work together to assist billions of souls and this is a hand full on anyone’s plate.

Also in the holiest holy heaven of heavens the spiritual hierarchy does not have a mean spirited bone in them to even phantom to miss lead you or miss direct its really on you. Lower forces even unattached of self yet destructive, petty and emotional respond and prevent in unconscious form even unto self. Self sabotage, lower life streams are not in the shadow of the divine on high cosmos universal of all that is creation infinite. One must truly clear self and free to sustain a true connection to those of purer good for you. In a divine chaperon we are providing here to sustain better lives, good relationships and inner well being that is overflowing into those you care for also a stream of good fortune through grace of the holy of holiest, heaven of heavenliest.

Clear& Free Self. Did you take the time to be centered, call on your spiritual guardians on your free time way before things are needed and urgent.

Focus on any color purity of the seven colors of the divine rainbow rays of gods heart space light and key note as you absorb within this first purity piezoelectricity from source central fathers heart beat. True divine love life energy that clears your chakras, auras, thoughts, moods, worries, creation unwanted and miss use of life or neediness.

Beam from above one foot of your 1000 fold flame seal chakra of the crown into the heart central core of self and into the root chakra then grounding in this infinite purity life stream of divine particles, electrons and living light intelligence light packets from source father holy of holiest infinite.

0 0000000 Blue Lotus Blog

Seed your heart of divine love and let the radiance from the divine color rays of each sacred diamond fire flame; red, orange, light yellow, anti green, anti violet, gold of higher frequency, gold, violet fuchsia, pink silver, blue hues and pink. Are also integrated from those assigned of your archangels and spiritual guardians to assist you in simple light energy purity and focus in higher dimension positive good realms and supportive holistic groups of your star family of holiest realties that hold good loving soul people light beings too, just like you!

Put your order in; crucial to take time from 6pm to midnight that logos cosmos moves in sync you catch up to and bond within any desires, wishes or needs. In a manageable coherent and feasible means to establish and reincorporate into the divine frequencies that can sustain good timings and luck or spiritual and divine miracles. Or 6am to noon to take back any wishes or miss errors needing within cosmos zodiac and planetary forces, elementals and grace will start forming your request through your own core heart central on your physical tangible sincere purity good effort lead.

Since we are natural light beings in natural universe cosmos divine we are to play according to creation law and universal will law in our senses, light body and thought forces to match divine patterns of harmony happiness and contentment.Master Jesus To flow with natural cosmos purity energy coming into our reality takes time however so keep in mind when tending to cultivating good physical reality harvest in time space. To get and saturate in the best light energy purity into your realms needing and timing for the well being of all is the first key then the key note next of the archangel. Or cosmos spiritual light being you are focusing to address your petitions and assistance should resonate in your own aura presence to make a tangible personal entrance in your needs your fullest cooperation is needed for divine alignment intervention of cosmos and source father.

Go back to clear and free number step four repeat until comfortable you are in same purity color ray. Of divinity light love wave frequency of the divine cosmos spiritual teachers, attorneys, saints, archangels, light beings really of all good natures just like yours. God steps down his energy and help, love and wisdom through mercy and love, compassion all his twelve virtues and simply just being in the moment and trust is the best momentum. To sustain anytime you get antsy or concerned misplaced energy can overturn any purity meant for you by one’s own accord or one’s own accord to sustain divine trust, divine love and divine intervention in any means even unbeknownst to you and all involved. To try to maintain by keeping self busy and ask to release all your lower emotions, worries and agonies into the light where it was misused in your own life by self.

Know the divine beings intent is of Christed presence and Cosmos Christos Galactic Community intent of all nations, light species, timelines, solar systems, stars and life streams within all that is and eternal graced of co creation cosmic light.

When asking for divine intervention abundance of all good natures is of  the divine Spiritual Hierarchy also legions of their angels and so includes angels of abundance of the sacred fire rainbow rays and divine Christed light beings of all star worlds and solar sun star systems. That can include spiritual teachers of light Like Master Jesus/Sananda.

Vision yourself in the momentum in creative imagination we can solidify the reality natural elementals in our favor if we image our needs in one’s mind on ones free time. Then match that holographic form imagery as you living through it. Let us free play a scenario one all can relate to what we are conveying. You are on a snow slope and you already know how to ski and you seen enough of others to get an idea on what this entails. As you push the poles into the snow slope you sway gently gracefully with nature, the slope and all that is happening is a momentum feeling of grace fun, freedom, expertise and instinctive senses grace to move down the snowy slope with ease. Life is good the wind air is invigorating and you are in your natural element, positive timing and physical tangible good timing is yours every second really no matter the event or imagery.

4-2016-Archangel Abundance

Archangel Michael: Using your creative co creation and imagination free will your imagination link up process is the simplicity to sustain to source holiest of infinite reality. To manifest within your co creation abilities, love and personal; relationship to sustain better lives, good fortune and positive good of all imaginable or not. To really help self to receive the deserving god graced abundance, financial freedom and infinite well being no matter the life time or timing for you. Accept you placement in all that is; resolve to make the tangible efforts to have better timings, good luck, positive friends and family timings because you desire so and it is your free will that got you lock hold in all that does you no good or desire any longer holding you back.

You are a divine light being of infinite purity innocence and desire to be treated better by one’s own will superimposed as gods will surrender you into divine core purity frequency and as you move forward this divine love pink, violet, white, blue, green crystal clear ray. Will sustain you through and through as I beam you my personal life energy purity meant for you at this timing graced you came forth to adjust and activate within your own life energy and heart flame.  breath in the sonic divine color ray purities now!

Archangel AbundanceYou are restored in my flock of light if you request and decide to accept your purity heart anew in my divine grace. Feel my divine blue flaming sword sweep through your clean and pure once again and as many times you need do so in my aura presence. Feel grace divine love Angel Abundance and open the soul to everything then so now and receive abundance of all good natures. Just ask and so it is. State: “beloved archangel of the seven holy divine rays sweep through me now clear and free! Retrieve me back into the archangel realm divine intervention, blessing and protection eternal I ask! I decide and allow the Archangels of Mercy and the Archangels of deliverance come forth unto me now and antidote the healing and energy purity fusions needing, sweeping through me in auto pilot eternal when I can not for self even unbeknownst to me seemingly.” State nine times to reinforce gravity and dimensional time shifts cooperate; the self conscious can deploy in any mood no good outcome unconscious even still over under the wings of angels when the lower estates or outer conscious free will chooses and so you must drag your own purity light heart flame up and conscious into the arms of my personal life energy sacred dove heart diamond fire light shield sun blue presence.

Allow the holy comforter to garment all of your existence eternal as I, Archangel Michael and it is so you are blanketed in the holy protected light once again even if unseemly. In my aura presence vicinity allow your life energy, your life-force and your heart diamond flame core to stay in my faith loving cosmic ray and energy and you will never fail stating so! I will do the work for you and cut all discord, lower entities of error and loss of faith and fall from grace of your four lower bodies; the physical, etheric, mental and emotion bodies. Then it will be up to you beloved dove hearts flames of my love to ensure your own spiritual nourishment is at the right timing and enough to reach forth into the life of divine angelic, spiritual, financial, family and soul mate purity good.

You were meant to have and are now claiming back as your own divine path meant eternal for you in all senses, frequencies and time lines you ever will be a part of in eternal “all that is” shine forth in my cosmic spectrum of purity even so! ~Archangel Michael 8:11 PM 3-30-2016, your shield of light and protector Namaste.

Sananda-JesusAscended Master Sananda/Master Jesus: My own legions of Archangels of Abundance can be likened like a paragraph of titles and divine intervention. Divine miracles and divine love to be first origin creation coming out into all existences and timeline sis the will of God. His energy and love bonds us all to use natural second nature divine principles, divine morals and divine faith.  The inner self also of same Elements of cosmos nature, light and energy can sustain the same natural bio energy abilities and focus. To practice precipitating with others to assist you to sustain better lives, good life’s and wellbeing. Protection, love, and financial freedom. The Universal Intelligence and mind probates a unified quantum sound tone resonance as self purity neutral creation. Past of all existence or “all the is” substance, particles and manifestations needing to change your lives for the better. Oh to some my own Master Jesus persona seemed doomed at the cross and the torture the tyrants of any home, community, workplace, church, soulmates, family and friends, lovers and inner selves can in a glymps change to creat in love or not of the light as creator beings it is so in all dimensions does not change.

Are all connected to inner bio space life sphere of God’s garments of light, heart and consciousness firstly though as th elements backdrop to and that you can reiencarnate in. Or conscious dimensional time travel to any alternat mass consciousnes bio osphere life sphere or light world of all dimensions and timelines, generations and inner selves. As eternal existence eco habitats the natures of the soul persona in dimensional flames of creation can move about in simple consciousness focuse and interjection. The Holographic Reality state we feel of is the brains so physical felt in reality becomes truth real-time over any others. Including your own free will for it feeds all that you are of or ever ill be firstly co created and origin. Then so no miracle could manifest first without you first allowing not by force, by expectation or need. As I lifted into the arms of the Archangels of Abundance at death and resurrection, in meditation and physical visitations on their own accord I was blessed. So can you in so many ways for eternal forms of all good natures is your birth right from the father, from all light beings ascended blessings and energy work unto the planets, people and the source of all good. God. In then the Holy Spirit comes forth in all ways manifesting the very good karma, assisting, directing, full filling, strengthen, awaken, protect, love, guide, companionship and mentor any who call them by name and your own name and soul frequency signature vibration of the music of the spheres.

Bringing the Christ Frequency sound tones of Gods energy and light love. The Holy spirit fills into existence miracles, abundance of all good natures and forms one can allow and just be in the divine experiences manifesting into your life. while the journey home to heaven paradise shall also be harmonic positive time continuum the Angel of Abundance assigned to you now. Will come forth in all tangible means you take note, step aside and be open to allow your life to move forward in the higher frequencies of the divine Holy of eternal light beings that can step forth unto you now. If you just try, forgive self, be open and allow divine intervention in electrometric and magnetism of gods light and love. Of the Angels of Abundance divine heritages as your own, divine will to manifest now for you and forever more while the wellbeing of all octaves of all involved the Archangels of Abundance can come forth into your life right now, just ask. Touch my garments of light, my breath, light, love, energy an dsoul manifests as natural secondnature purity you can asorb as your own Lo~Master Jesus/Ascended Master Sananada 10:00 PM 4/6/2016

Divine Holy Mother Mary: My garments of light and the blessings of the sacred heart flame of my own living light body garments of light and heart space fills yours now clear and free. In the divine rays of Archangel Michel’s blue ray. Of the divine color rays of the violet ray angels and legions protect and clear you now if you allow and ask.

State: “My Beloved Mother Mary our eternal of light sacred heart angelic saint and Ascended Master bring; forth your legions of angels to my aid, physical tangible let me in your garments of light, heart center and conscious magnetism of gods love. My divine mother gift me of your blessings of all I ever could want or need for the well being of all no matter how resistant I may seem unknowingly too. Also in my feeling and thinking side of life cleanse me through and through and align my own soul color sound tones within the music of the sphere of all source creation purest residence of Gods light and love energy! Allow me your rose flames of the rainbow sacred fire heart central sun of all central suns to adsorb me and I through and through. Within the core origin holiest neutral, pure good positive divine of “all that is pink flames and baby blue flames, crystal clear and gold flames, green and white sacred dove heart flames of the rainbow ray of gods love! so it is.”-Mother Mary 8:33 Pm 3/30/2016

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