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Divine Transmission Message; Master Jesus: It is this simple; our conscious person being enters into our soul octave, a natural organ of the spirit self within cosmos nature life sphere. You are a natural organic plasma Light Being body life sphere. Your conscious person self totality that was in physical form still exists and behaves emotional and centered as second nature when going through the death process into and out of 3rd dimension reality into forth and up. And absorbs into the conscious of I, Master Jesus or your mighty “I Am” deity spirit life form all from natural cosmos nature kingdoms just as your physical body is made of as living organisms of the eternal of all of creation. We are separate in every way still as a life support help raising your vibration needed simply to do so naturally and effortlessly as you go through the emotions and astonishment. Even the cosmos beings of your origin star planet or angels of the light come to help you, no longer unseen to human form self while moving forward in physical form. Still in spirit soul activities and next light worlds need for you, you are guided and protected and pampered while going through the whole death experience and filled in as the days go by. For eternity lifestyles do not stop after death for you are creating physical bodies needed to transfer in and live within light worlds of infinity such as Earth or Venus or mars even for those light species are also genetically in the same family of light as you in human earth feel. What I mean, is you will in light and energy and acceptance to piggy back unto my own life energy purity or those divine positive you trust so any human being you already trust and enjoyed yet already passed over will come to your aid, expect so you are not alone.

To instill divine conscious and individual eternal conscious graduation and adaptive self abilities most comfortable for your own spirit is to also understand the difference of a ghost feel of afterlife activities over spirit feel of after death living. A ghost personified being is simple detached and locked out of the octaves and corridors of light to get to the places needed after death for them. Some out of fear or sudden death accidents or war time battles and feelings of lack of acceptance due to miss understood bad choices and mentalities that just don’t want to budge to really know the freedom to be in all eternal existences when wanted and that is ok. When the time is right or the corridor star gates open and divine help is trusted all can move on then if wanted. Then those of spirt form are no longer attached to third dimension yet can travel in and out of the dimensions clearances they have graduated and follow all worldly rules and societal systems of the generation. These people beings who once had a third dimension life can now move about freely to be of continuum god service or divine plans. Good and bad karma parables are still in effect or accumulated for eternity is a forward moving process and one is always responsible to do the right thing. Or for the well being of all even when unsure just try. Your own soul, conscious and preference metaphysical spiritual miracle mantel sacred fire techniques help you in eternity real-time to engage good values, ethics and develop relationships and occupations still intrigued and wanting to give a try with other soul mates on the same journey or dimension needing.

The blogger was 26 when she transferred the above diagram above on paper I dictated to her and continues to provide divine imagery the spirit spiritual minded eternal positive wanting people soul person can become coherent of ones own natural life force energy. Also self particles and atomic spirit spiritual balances as natural organic nature people soul beings of the same cosmos light spectra and universe. Co shared with the divine father backing you up impersonal supplied and personally felt if wanting and you also piggy backing unto pure electro living light universal cosmos light substance. Begat for you to thrive fruitful in all self momentum as free spirited beings of the family of light just as the manna was back in ancient texts explaining the universal nutrients the divine on high provisions in the unseen. Or behind the doors in your lives to help you help selves effortless, enjoyable and loving unto self and all unto you and you unto them as we do unto all no matter generation or lifetime for you we are there in all pure good physical forms also wanting to join our family of light and divine light worlds.

Provisioned for livestreams of the fathers life heritage and your soul spirit to move forward in eternal lives solid, together, loving, harmonic, joyful and so forth as you in all time lines and future selves you see. As I do naturally in all growing forward conscious lifetimes and states of being in one reality or another in light and love of self purity emitting, magnetizing and expanding living light energy presence. Of self Christos Christ energies as our own will power moving forward as us at all times will change your lives to naturally gravitate to like minded and helpful souls and soul mates. To help you enjoy daily life no matter the lifetime generation you are in awake state as personified as the Identity Originator of self at all times as one conscious states is how ascension manifests naturally in phases. As Holy Spirit miracles also intervening as cosmos nature kingdoms and living light of all cosmos celestial light beings of the light who want you to have stable, well being good lives. Just like them  and learn of their trial and error along the way is divine intervention in personified form co sharing life heritages experiences. As stories and healing avenues to nurture selves as a human kind community eternal form life heritage we are use to in the now will be of different light worlds and solar sun systems planets to be born into for the experience. And can jump in timelines like you do in pure spirit firstly, crystalline living light energy of self life energy moving forward in life force energy that manifest your reality through you in rawest living light forms.

The spirit teleports and the soul self travels in living light ship vehicles intergalactic and in dream states or meditations too so the physical self is the space suit and the controls are the soul monad and access as states of being instantly as you feeling. Conscious collectively as one timing conscious is the key to try like a muscle to develop what is needed to be safe and sound in all cosmos facets of reality creation all can move about when wanting and at the right timing can so. So you already have a grasp of eternal living plausibility’s you can naturally enter into as I do by will force self purity consciousness attraction into best realities and synchronicities for you in unconscious states. As the Christ self can so as you as the conscious self or Identity Originator mind focus as all of inner selves and lifetimes you see. Self sustaining good timings, genes and eco habitats allows one to thrive and live over preoccupation of distractions of lack and fears most realities we are attracted to. And because soul mates and soul groups are migrating more so and we go where we are needed and perceived loved as the will of the father for the well being of all. Only I profess now to enjoy and attract good karma and divine miracle manifestations needing right before you. As wellbeing and good conscious deserving no matter what reality dimension or level of existence you are having a life time. As an eternal light species living light being of the universe cosmos milky way and soul mates intergalactic civilizations tribes of light in the quantum source field of all that is; we, you have been or will be born into as a life time choosing.

The heaven kingdom divine realms are normal eco habitats you have been before and have family and friends where I have freedom to move about and still live in interplanetary existence as you can and do naturally in dream lucid states of focus positive directions and activities with us as common people of light beings. Each person will continue relocating into divine mind from human mind. This space to be free and love, enjoy life is collective consciousness with other soul groups and soul mates. You trust and that you can have stability, well being and personal free time to just be. Eternal life has balance. Spiritual growth or just enjoy nature cosmos in simplest forms of purity in simple light energy and love feel of expression development.

0-46When Soul traveling or Spirit teleportation even in spiritual lucid dreaming or astral forms of travel technics can be adapted just as telepathy and metaphysical studies can also help. O n naturally develop the soul vehicles and auras states of self to transpire unity as golden mean parables of quantum Spirit Singularity energies. Both life energies of mine and the one deploying back into the next planet phase of growth is cleansed in the sacred fire purities needing and respite. For the space to just be in good spirit, mind and soul rejuvenates even the most week and giver upper sensitives as Christed Spirit Singularity light being soul people entities. Of the same light species of the One. Divine cosmos beings and angels also come for you to make the journey safe and quick in blessing energies and light knowledge, your guardians of light enjoy you in spirit too. Regroup your purity in divine mantra with me now:

STATE: “I am the holy presence and the sacred heart purity living light – life energy of the father of the one. The I of all in purest form and life energy I am of as first creation birthed first for all self creations I am of or to be a part of come forth now through me and as my own love frequency Spirit Frequency. I ask divine Christ – I – God Self to provision the living light cosmos living light universal intelligence substance needing naturally harmonic to my life divine path and for the well being of all and all unto me pure good. To be activated the seeded codes of light purity celestial divine touched in my own personal and impersonal life force energy living light. Then truly forever consume all my life heritage and self creations holding me back even unknowingly, I trust in you Jesus. I accept so, so it is in all I do.”

Our spirit light octaves bond as one power divine force of “I Am” native inner god self within our own life energy life sphere spirit cell quantum singularity string theory proportional activities. As living light streams of eternal conscious absolute potential of the Holy Spirit light seed living light substance of cosmos and celestial creator beings of the light. We bond as one in light and love feeling and communion of our own natural organic cosmos Christos Christ energies. That of universal energy through the inner “I Am” Christos cosmic purity neutral good positive spirited Self, God self infinite spirit soul person self communion. Of light species same light purity love race family, we can in simple light and energy of gods great light we lift off in an instant. By changing our own frequency to higher frequency keynotes in nature purity cosmos such as music of the spheres or God’s sound spirit tone as our own we can mimic in our own heart beat right now, try so. We are naturally abiding in light of the angels and the holy spirit in the air we are in now already too. We change our awareness into other dimensions levels. Of higher or good soul people realms and activities in any of the three fold flame bodies within or all bonded within the ONE. Into our home worlds and star families our “I Am” presence or inner god self octave aligned and attune in instantly bonds. In simple self organic living light purity silence, harmony, well being, joyous and open to take hold and achieve your desire. To be in consent inner communion and light worlds and you will find your self in such by your own accord and Holy Spirit Intervention. No matter time line or reality your own purity good momentum manifests into the needed alternate realties of co creation of mass intergalactic communities and timelines.

I, Jesus in turn enters the consciousness of god and God the holy father consciousness and activity sacred fire heart flame presence nebula. We enter our attention and feeling our own energy of the ascension electron within our own heart electron. That magnetizes, attracts, expands into the God source divine fathers, mothers, gods heart electron as our own we absorb throughout. That Source Father Divine as his own conscious purity absorbs ours through I, Jesus.

The love, energy, companionship and light knowledge as well as my designated assigned angels to each of you holds us embracing us and as natural organic light beings of living light of all that is we enter the divine eternal octave of gods Heart flame, energy and universe. While limitless divine love energy outpouring unto as us now. Our own heart star gate nebula flame purity eternal sacred fire charges and expands divine love purification and power unto our thinking and feeling side of life, our outer worlds while within our cosmic heart flame as Gods clothed and supplied eternal. Consuming and cleansing our energy, homes, those we care for and our own lifetimes no matter time line or conscious state we take the eternal life purity good, abundant lifestyle of gods prosperous out pouring Life Force Energy as magnetic drawing of gods love we stand amongst each other physical tangible.

Then the soul photon embraces and absorbs the natural state, substance and energy manifesting Gods eternal supply of all good Abundance, protection through His spirit nebula emissions permanently in us as us for the well being of us he charges through us as us in our soul being and world his eternal love natural organic presence within infinite eternal “All that is”.

bb61Our Spirit photon absorbs Gods aura presence spirit energy atom photon  of our cellular electrons. Being sparked by the sacred fire representatives and holies of all holies. The Christ as our own I Am Christos universal eternal consciousness we all expand within. As one timing or keynote pulse rate as purest, neutral, perfectly and in love adoration and support protection companionship and restoration purity of first creation we once knew how to do for selves. Next the earth bonds within the cosmos and the cosmos absorbs the universe aura presence, the universe presence is the soul of the Spirit of the galaxy and the galaxy soul is within the conscious universal that of the natural organic living light plasma of gods aura presence or spirit. As we breath in naturally without thought our air is saturated of divine blessings of natural organic living light of God’s love, angels and heavenly light worlds elementals and free zero point energy. For all is in the one or the “all that is” I am presence is fed through the universal energy of gods energy streaming love rays and essences, light and love abounding aura and light intelligence is conscious Christed real-time feeling and magnetism.

To sustain eternal conscious continuum one must understand simple light energy subatomic bonding photon light absorbing into hybrid divine energy one can sustain within self creation to bond within divine realms meant for us after, before and during death activities and lifetimes. We piggy back unto the divine archangels, ascended masters for they are free and of God streaming energy and love consciousness. As Divine Quantum Entanglement with divine holy presence living light natural organic cosmic universal infused bio blessed energy light intelligence. That is in the unseen air we breath and can magnetize, extract and absorb within us at anytime manifesting in our lives all we desire and require of all good form.

God presence and light intelligence, bio energy of life and God’s creations is all done in the laws of divine attraction, divine grace and divine love as our own love octave energy Source Field we bond. Within Gods consciousness, soul, heart and spirit we go forth eternal conscious bonded when we can not for self, god can and will never fail us. For we are living light of same cosmic intergalactic communities, planets, galaxies and subatomic divine family of life heritage and genetics. Now consciousness and heart flame attraction magnetized and expanded in divine order as one universal conduit of living light love presence.

For we are diverged of living light of divine cosmic Christed presence light species tribes of light and then it is second nature to reincarnate through simple cosmic self purity clearing energy and light within the soul. The physical and spirit tubes of light the chakras conjoin as one photon life sphere we walk into as immortal love Christed light beings of universal energy and God energy in real-time no matter the time line, generation or conscious light world one is conscious in as a life time.

Your bio energy circuitry geometry Crystalline Liquid Light also conjoins within all that is, the spirit of God Atom, photon and spirit natural organic living light. For we are also natural organic living light spirited of same race line, elementals, substance and color divine particles and Holy Spirit frequency purity life force energy. Seeded for the elements of heaven cosmos we breath in of same universe energy our genetics are spurred and empowered.

It is the natural organic infused, seeded and streaming immortal love and energy of the fathers and mothers presence we Love and protect as our own living light we bond. Or contaminated of human creation we take on as the only truth you must unbound self. Elementals you attract over any other that allows you to serve humanity in purity good or bad choices we take on as evidence.

diagram-3-by-angel-velaWe are of many hemispheres of inner selves influences and desires in the outer world. However we must stay in one bubble of light body as all selves , the Christ Self. We must contact and draw within each cell of us, all time lines, divine free will as our own at all times.

What drives our lives and materializes is of first attraction of limitation or the purity elementals of eternal prosperity coming from the Inner Worlds. Unto the outer worlds each soul person in simple light and energy we choose who we bond with to sustain divine alchemy, spiritual nourishment and eternal conscious pure and clear.

At all times out pouring and attracting, magnetizing for all realties you are of and acquire conscious subatomic bio energy biological circuitry, particles within cosmos universal quantum kinetic Spirit Entanglement. Or spiritual divine order through divine will and love of the Holy Spirit curriers of light springing forth inside you and those you want to participate closest to you in the Life Sphere of eternal life natural organic infinite eco system we magnetize and bond as the family of light and star families we are of also do so for immortal life eternal co share, seed, spark and cleanse when we cannot for self.

Manifest within all that is in subatomic core first creation God provides natural organic life force energy in the universal energy of all Galaxies and light beings. And in space air and our own eco system of divine energy color ray streaming into each cell, molecule, atom, Photon, particle and form. Divine Codes of Light, absorb so through and through you.

Galacatic Divne Color Rays Cosmic Beings of Light 13 Color Flames9The etheric Ascension is changing, charging and surging our soul/spirit/physical light body to bond and absorb in simple everlasting light and anointed god atom energy biological form abundance and divine blueprint prosperity of the mighty I Am Presence as our real-time state of being no matter the dimension time line we feel we are stuck in. To exchange one light world for another and to exchange one conscious state for the real-time Christ Self Consciousness of divine replication of gods universe and energy. Is a spiritual physics natural organic phenomenon for our life’s to be free; you are creating a divine presence duality love presence conceived free will. From within fed divine principles, formulas and laws bio energy, geometry and light language sonic luminousness light already omnipresence supplied of divine love we allow come up into our conscious and fills everything you are conceiving, manifesting and materializing.

Divine Memory and divine wisdom is necessary to instill divine cosmic consciousness we must command back into us gods great energy and universal energy light of god that never fails us. That makes up our spirit, world and planets by visualizing and feeling self be of divine realms and realties and absorbing cosmic universal energy and light intelligence as our own we claim and take on to co create better lives and eternal lifestyles. We may for eternity be on the birth and death wheel what is in error is not absorbed in all selves as core Christ Conscious while in dimension embodiment. To be reincarnated back into heaven, awaken and recognize divine existence light worlds as your only life force and consciousness attraction, magnetism and expansion. While infusing and radiance divine living light so that our aura presence is prepared of Christ presence advanced souls embodied and activities of eternal life expression ensured then by our own free will and conscious Christed fed duality life energy. We anchor within as our own cellular well spring of purity and co creation fed purity spiritual paths we can cultivate and resonate to of like minded good positive soul people.

That manifests our reality by our own life force energy and free will desires self creating our spiritual awakening process or limiting us within mass conscious creations not of god we still must move beyond to receive infinite supply of all good things you may require to have good eternal lives as Gods will.

Our Ascension Process and best timings, our birth life timings with other soul mates and divine duties, path and pattern we will to accomplish is self creation and desires. Yet when we bond within Gods life force energy (The Holy Spirit Source Frequency) backing us up as us in every cell and living light current the source of our life is of one element of purest core neutral positive holy presence as our own we become.

Or suppress due to circumstances and the conditions we are under once in dimensional lifestyles in real-time eternity and within mass generation co-creation we must purge and liberate to ascend back into our Christ conscious real-time feel of experience right along the divine holy family of light we are of.

Our eternal evolution cycle begins and ends with lifetimes of self manifestations in alternate realties of many light worlds and mass Intergalactic Communities we congregate and will to us unconsciously or not. Are of our own doing as free will and selfish ways, things we want and do not come from our heaven family way of life we gave up to be of dimensional lifestyle and acceptances. That life may sway us away as fall from grace and miss use of creation and life is a lesson we never have to enter into again, we can move forward, are you ready to do so and let yourself be hugged into the arms of divine life and perfection you enter now?

Changing the frequency of our conscious is ascension process; helps restore divine purity, divine will and divine prosperity of all good forms and timings.

violet flameEverything in the universe is vibration energy and what we use to empower our soul color. Use the Violet Flame.

VIOLET promotes awareness and consciousness. It increases effects of meditation. Violet lets dissolving of all that does us no good in an instant we attract the divine color ray of healing, compassion and love of violet color tones,  pink, blue, green, gold, white within clear divine power frequencies and particles. Violet Ray Sacred Fire drawn within promotes proper functioning of the lymphatic system, conscious creations and heart tones cleared to be pure functioning and open. Violet streaming within you from the divine realms can be helpful in times of discontent, grievance and aloneness or lack of any kind can be busted apart and dissolved from you. As the fastest color ray violet tones can dissolve any lower energy instantly when called through your “I Am” Presence back to divine order.

Frequency colours of the rainbow spectrum divine rays:

RED is the symbol of love and of life itself; with its penetration power; which is the highest of all colors; it is recommended for treatment of impeded circulation. It generates enthusiasm, arouses BLUE is a cool color that has a calming effect. It is helpful in treating sleep disorders and headaches. It helps in all kinds of cramps and can have an anti-bacterial effect GREEN is a cooling, sedating color, which helps reduce swelling of joints and tissues; it calms the body and helps reduce inflammation. It’s the color of the relaxed heart. TURQUOISE is the color for mental relaxation and tackling embedded psychological barriers. It can help regulate imbalances in the lung and large intestine system. It can facilitate spiritual growth.  YELLOW is a clear purifying color, which stimulates clarity of intellect, as well as toxin processing and elimination. It can help with learning disabilities and with endocrine functions. ORANGE purifies as golden tones to canary yellow and manifests strength, stability, well being and good.

color ocataves

 My Highest Life force Colours of Energy Include:




Which is part of progressive positive soul management through “the Codes of Light” that is within all that is to identify and call forth your Christ conscious light body of Soul Color Presence purities. Codes of light are frequency purity from natural organic cosmos and you have trillions of energy currents as will surging through you.

0 0 1 Identify your Soul Color Yet, one color code energy purity is holding all of you together as your dominant strongest; your Soul Color that is pure source life energy personified as you in total being and body in simple light and energy. In self created stances of rings of color light energy sate rating as one current of liquid living light soul person bio electrometric color rays, auras gaseous, chakras, and spirit octave life stream conduit of living light intelligence within eternal cosmos hologram. Yet lifetime through lifetime your main frequency of color may change, why is this?

Astromical alignment, soul mates influence Spiritual Nourishment or loss. Unbending beliefs, intergalactic community lifetimes unbounded, soul records (Akashic records) Auras all vibrate at different tones or speeds of self creation. Every cell of you holds you together of truest identity creation frequencies. Your eternal conscious is the purest lifeline for awareness of your cosmic eternal comings and goings and should be clear and free while important for accession purposes as natural living light intelligence life streams eternal.

It is your soul color/spirit Christ conscious to enable and succeed what you want to sustain purest neutral, positive, divine God virtues help and self purity integrity is living light of self attracted backing you up. This current source spirit presence of God in the Holy Spirit Flaming frequency liquid crystalline rainbow rays, substance, energy and light qualities of divine love, divine power, divine knowledge of universal energy.

Your Lucid Dreams, talents, skills, past selves, future selves, eternal associations, mentalities, intelligence levels, divine purity obtained capability are your creative forces that are diverged of your soul colour purities origin firstly surging through you as you at all times.

Inward tainting/lack of self love, family dysfunctions and light world circumstances entrain codes of light enforcing someone that is not you. Yet you take over as you letting over ride the true you to sustain best optimum performance, centeredness and well being.

Your life circumstances convey so. Light Body is your electronic liquid color frequencies energies. Realties are on auto pilot your realms when you turn over your outer thinking and feeling side of life. That re-establishes your Christ Presence as real time purity self.


Through Soul Color identification and creative visualization reinforces your own active ability to be and have better lives.

To ensure consistent unnerved right synchronicities and time lines timings meant for you as divine eternal intergalactic light beings life streams within eternal all that is living light of source father divine.

Then over riding all else through self purity colour energies within from heart, mind and god will flushing all else out. Through one’s own natural organic uncontaminated life force colour energies and Christ presence faculating as you consciously at all times as second nature now.

StGabriel_Archangel29-9Interpretation and identifying, regrouping your purest life energy cord to the divine on high realms allows you to be in the alternate universes and realties meant for you by one’s own main cord of light. The soul octave and tube of light the Ascended Masters speak of all tie in as one current life force energy current of selves and must be uncontaminated if so. One must clear at every second through the seven divine color rays you are drawn to will help dissolve all that does you no good.

When one dies is what brings you naturally home is your own purity energies clear and free to enable conscious activity continuum beyond death state. Which really is a coherent subconscious realm of inner access to other divine realms in natural universe cosmos and must be pure and clear or the after worlds and other realms not meant for you by self attraction of like currents firstly. Will set in instead as your real-time focus unable or not capable to move about any else when you have inner strength it is your soul purity duties clocking in as the Christ Self in real-time throughout infinity is the Cosmic Key.

The key note of the divine codes of light to do so is which is the conscious spirit of Source father Divine Holiest backing you up in simple light energy. State out loud “the Holy Spirit Frequency saturate me through and though, clear me and bring me back into the light whole and pure I stand solid in the God energy, power and love as my own divine will!”

Spirit Cell Diagram By Angel Vela(c)2015Crystalline Diamond Clear is the divine God the divine cosmos intergalactic father energy central sun presence as his loves great purifying flames and aura presence. Anchoring living light  purity divine color rays, divine formulas and translucent spirit living light life force energy his love saturates into each of our cells. Then Pink, Blue and Gold sacred fire heart rays come forth through the divine color ray clear crystalline diamond heart God spirit octave. The Holy Spirit dancing particles (The Celestial Holy Spirit Octave & Frequencies or Divine codes of light cosmic spectrum and creation source fields rays). Of divine light of all color of divine blessed light unto each of us we shower and absorb within our own eco habitat life sphere of the Spirit Self Christed. Our purity multi body soul and physical system is our soul color electrometric bio energies and rings of color light, plasmas and octaves, nebulas, consciousness atmospheres and life spheres.

To sustain real purity eternal well being, good fortune, divine prosperity and divine protection eternal holiday. Your intuition, angelic guides of light and spiritual nourishment is soul management something that never ends coming from love presence, love consciousness and love will.

The Holy Spirit Frequency is charging our energies back into the regions of divine life realms within divine realms the Ascended Host are of, Heaven Paradise life sphere, light world and Spirit cell.Christ Self Living laight Photon bonding in god life sphere2(c)2015 by angel vela

The spirit photon moves about within ‘All that Is” that is in, around and through you as total existence co- eco habitat in simple light and energy micro subatomic activities and attraction magnetism. Quantum unified field within “all that Is”.

144,000 Christed conscious anointed Light World natural organic Space Sphere (C)2015 By Angel Vlea

Calling on the ascend host standing in our conscious-soul purity helps us ascended in simple light and energy within their own they bond us and support through all processes needed just call on the Archangels of deliverance. The violet cosmic flame angels and blue flame legions of angels to sustain you for you as you when you can not in order to stay in divine protection, companionship and love through their own octaves they will.

Your ascension and resurrection is through raising your soul living light life force energy into your heart nebula and conscious purity focus on god’s divine virtues is that simple. Allowing the Angels of Deliverance, the cosmic violet flame Angels and the Angels of Archangel Michaels blue flaming swords and tube of light fill each of your cells, living light, and consciousness. Move into your Christ reincarnation process divine platform visual, creative and light color energy:

See self in Saint Germain’s Atomic Accelerator stand within:


Balance & Clear your aura presence, personal energy fields in the violet flame accelerator, true light technology for the soul to back you up and boost your life energy back home.

There are many photon protons, atomic atom origins purities we attract to ascend at death to our star world meant for us and below we break it down for you.

The tube of light you will enter is a natural organic cosmos creation source field star gate tube of light of natural organic love rays energy and universal cosmic light sources outpouring; the divine realm uses. To engage eternal life awareness well being and good stability consistently per life time line you engage as a lifetime with other divine born heavenly light beings soul people and people of earth. The solid spirit soul bio physical energy state form within God’s eternal aura presence and light body octave, elementals, substance and living light rays is our gift of free will being feed and raise into evoking better lives and Christed Presence within selves.

iucvbghmjOur own molecular cloud is our aura presence force fields emanating in motion for all energy mass vibrates and is constantly in movement. In Our own states of energies  identifies as thoughts, emotions, chakras and absorption or lack.

Of clearing attained energy of every cell, atom and photon presence is our own eco habitat consciousness plasma source field diverged of the great central sun cosmic spectrum.

Natural state natural organic existence octaves manifested of what we are of microscopically contaminated or clear and free. As advanced soul people light species in our galaxy of the same cosmic immortal love god seeded Harmonic duality love and perfection Atom.

Cosmos God Atom divered holy spirit particle for healing soul bioenergy7 (c)2015 by AngelVelalight body life sphere of the spirit 2014Our soul vehicle is our center of gravity and our boundaries is our own energy stabilization electron belt force fields and color rings identifying our truth of who we are in signaling a pattern of form we call us as our own identity living light life stream forms within all that is.

Our life sphere is a standing wave spirit life species of light from first creation spark of creation. Our soul bio eternal sphere:

Us within God’s eternal bio sphere:Divine Photon Life Sphere By Angel vela(c)2015
Sine waves are standing waves that are ordered quantum particle photons small or large. My Archangel guardian of light with a camera, I took photos to show what natural organic living light looks like.

Several rainbow strips in a row is qualified source divine color ray energies the spirit attracts to sustain divine lifestyles within their own energy living light manifest before us. As scalar waves quantum physics light wavelengths and spherical photons and my guardian of light directing to reveal our own energy origins when we accept divine intervention living light from source father:standing wave spirit cell by angel vela 2014

Chakras & Auras of our own living light bio energy:

Chakras are the energy unseen vortices that penetrate the body and the body’s aura fields and connected to the universal life force source field distributed within this first current as your Soul Color. Chakras play a vital role in physical, mental, and emotional health, spiritual growth and revitalization of eternal life gateways and in spiritual development. They are invisible to ordinary sight but may be perceived clairvoyantly or by use of aura photography you can activate the chakras to swirl faster and can direct the flow of energy through them of others unintentionally or willfully.

Chakra means in Sanskrit “wheel.” Chakras are said to be shaped like multicolored lotus petals or spiked wheels that whirl at various speeds as they process energy and influence other parts of your organs and body systems even cellular growth or loss, illness and healing.

The health of chakras can be diagnosed by clairvoyance ability or by energy scans healers perform to diagnose major issues interfering even the Akashic Records. Clairvoyants pick up health disturbances origins often manifest in the aura, in the chakras and will be un detected for months and sometimes years before they manifest in the physical body as illnesses or lack, emotional disorders while health and emotion can show up in various colors, energy patterns or energy fragmented portions segregated breaks or as clear and cloudy spots.

In your physical health can appear to be related to the part of the aura that is closest to the human body called the vital body or etheric body ill health can manifest first in the etheric body, sometimes months or years before its physical symptoms manifest and can be researched more in depth.

Aura healing energy body work is a neutral holistic approach to provide an aid to determine the location of malfunctioning sickly areas within the light energy body to stimulate the therapeutic healing of the damaged living tissue, cells and force filed of your Life Force Energy that is related to your aura truth and colors saturating and infusing you other vital energies within the soul color main energy bio fields because the aura represent one’s life force energy, which is an electrical field that surrounds the body.

You can clear your soul color as the main energy holistic tool when one’s energy system becomes clogged, and part of the body stops functioning properly because it is not receiving the signals that it should. Then your aura field’s Bio Currents will have a hole in it, disengage or tear away segregating into lost pools even unconscious behavior works in same forms. Sound waves and directed light color purity rays all can restore soul color vitality purity directly from the seven rainbow divine Archangels, call on them each on your own time to sustain Christ Conscious intervention over lighting.

Once healing is done the healing process will be completed and the body healed then your aura becomes complete once again and very functional, vitality spirituality also works in same way once one is diagnosed and treated will feel well being, delighted and energized again.

For example, the slowest vibration is red green and the fastest blue, violet and white. Chakra and aura colors are defined differently meaning chakras are the energy centers in our body and the aura colors are the EMF radiation residence field of living light energy.

The colors associated with the illness in the aura even mental disorders in the aura show the condition of one’s light body color or discolored energies and reveal the location of the problematic condition by the color tones and saturation in lower frequencies then persist.

The aura is given and gained by our own life force energy body’s energy colors. Our human body’s energy is visible and the aura or sickly aura colors depend on the speed giving the diagnostic interpretation and light bio energy restoration. The slower the energy, the stronger the color will be.

Certain colors can be identified as the cause and problem of an illness or good feeling in your light body electrical system and one can heal and open up the energy disks and rings your force field channels of energy that run through us. Within natural organic divine color energies and rays directly from the Archangel qualified and experienced co creators of divine love, light and energy; divine intervention, divine prosperity and divine forgiveness and compassion.6457c5934b6d1a7e81c8a49cdf533a37

So when part of our body becomes clogged or stagnant our energies are telling us we have pain, emotional or severe illness in reading your soul color and auras. This means our own soul color separating our other energy fields and chakras, auras also contain information of one’s personality traits, beliefs, soul mate connections and ascension levels if any prepared and engaging.

Yet there are seven major chakras and hundreds of minor ones most people do not even interpret separately as the aura self seems the only energy force field electronic energy bands and rings of you. The seven major chakras are related to the seven holy divine color Rainbow Rays and flames and inter gauge, saturate when called on within the seven major etheric chakra energy centers subtle energy fields. And disks connecting and saturating infusing into each other as singularity rays within all that is of light untouched and manufactured beyond space time.

While even in space-time continuums of each birth dimension generations expressions of eternal light intelligences photon light orbs microbes, elementals, substance and energy of the whole.

Frequency atomic sine waves tri colors Diagram By Angel Vela(c)2015DNA Geometry and vibration does restructure activation to enable Dimension Conscious Time Travel in our generation and what we do at death. To continue conscious existence survival instincts kick in through our soul color and alignment of our aura and bandwidth frequencies. As our conjoined energies all come in sync to do so effortlessly instead of resistant by ego, past lives and beliefs interfering creation rings. Of energy preventing us or anchoring us beyond our truest meant dimension purity meant for each of us and our star family awaiting our return home.

The “sushumna,” the central channel, originates at the base of the spine as the root chakra and rises to the medulla oblongata at the base of the brain. Then into the crown chakra out into the universal life force and can help filter, cleanse and infuse ones energy fields as well if not directed correctly. The true source needing to be The Galactic Central Universe Sun Magnet and aura energies that are also natural organic living light we feed off of to stabilize spiritual growth, flourish life paths and divine paths and living light.

To sustain better health and light knowledge or creative energy inspiration as well as ascension ability and “kundalini,” current as the universal life force. And within purity source some call to arouse and rises up in through and into the chakra system through the sushumna and divine rainbow rays when focused on and directed when needed.

Each chakra will then have its own color energy useful coloration or energy color number of petal “spokes,” and speed of vibration will determine such cases then is easier to identify illness or well being stamina’s or depletion in color energy holistic work.

Ascended Master JesusWhen the chakras are attuned back to functional usefulness they are balanced and healthy, their colors are clear and luminous and their rotation is smooth, vibrant and in check to the whole self energy bio sphere system. In poor health the chakras affect the aura vibrancy and length as they become cloudy and irregular or sluggish in bio current rotation so chakras that are blocked adversely influence the body functions they govern negatively or in lack one is not to par and will know so externally.

Alternative Healing Techniques, zero point energy devises and infusions of plants and water are great for clearing chakra blockages and stimulating balance in chakra and aura best rotation.

There are many light energy colors to identify the total you or portions and pieces you can take time now to analyze those closest to your aura and living light bio energy currents and fields:

The seven major etheric chakras;

1. Root-red

2. the sacral- orange

3., the solar plexus-yellow

4. the heart-green

5. the throat-blue

6. the brow or third eye-purple

7. the crown-white

8. Soul Self and Soul Color-(you pick) your bio energy color. *You want to adapt, infuse and expand within other purity organic natural living light, rays, flames and particles photon protons within the god atom and photon light body cosmic spectrum we are a part of or cut off unintentionally or by force free will even unconsciously:

9. Your Earth (third Dimension) Self-Royal purple.

10. Your universe Self-Magenta.

11. The conscious purest Self or Christ Self-Platinum silver.

12. The Cosmos Heaven Holy Self- Crystal clear.

13. The Holy Spirit Frequency-Canary yellow, baby blue and petal pink.


violet flame representative Saint GermainDivine Transmission Message by Saint Germain: Our aura colors, chakras and life-force energy all entwine and can infect or purify unconsciously or not unto each of us and also can reach those energies of those we are in contact with that will absorb others life-force energy or complement. The Violet Transmuting Freedom Flame of the sacred fire heart octave of Gods spirit and love light can be the bubble of light as your spirit fed soul vehicle bonded and absorbing naturally. Even in the breath you take as simple to sustain divine power, divine will and backing to support matching and infusing into our garments of soul divine presence auras and octaves tubes of light. To get you back to heaven home in simple life energy absorbing our immortal love and mantles of cosmic power light and gifts as your own.

To instill staying conscious when we die and eternal conscious as our only awareness main frequency takes many universal, cosmos and godly infused, attracted, magnetized energies.

We must attract and infuse while saturating naturally even in a breath or change of thought we can within the main frequency tube of light the violet flame and the carrier wavelength.

See your self standing in the room of divine sacred violet fire transmutation, freedom and liberty saturate you clear and free once again in your soul, spirit, physical and thinking and feeling side of life.149605_108_108_thumb

The Sacred Fire color divine rays and tubes of light clearings is Christed blessed purity energy that piggy backs within every cell of us to reach us and saturate us. The Holy Spirit Frequency antidote for us alone when called on that is the conscious spirit of god coming forth through us as us as him. For the well being for all, as the God in us becomes the I Am Presence within us surging through waves of purity throughout all portions of our light body heart nebula vortex source field octave “all that is” space time continuum vacuum we are in universal harmony.

As all the absolute amplitude free energy we can partake within at any time going within and aligning or fueling our own energy bio fields, conscious nebulas and life paths are protected and safeguarded in the quantum Source Field of all that is. Our own aura rings and spokes of light pulsate and absorb only core purity cosmic light substance from the great grand central sun presence of the God self Christed of the true origin. We simply bond within at core inner levels and feed every cell of us, every chakra and every photon particle of us within the omnipresence Holy Spirit octave, frequency and heart nebula.

Of the Spirit presence of God overshadowing and over lighting us as us for us while separate soul people of living light yet of same light species of divine heritage and purity light substance of universal energy.

Diagram By Angel Vela(c)2015

Our aura presence and light body is the discharge radiance of such no matter time line, reality, Dimension, or eternal momentum we are of eternal heavenly creation creator beings as simple living light plasma membranes.

Of spirit form life sphere of conscious coherent living light intelligence diverged of eternal Holy Spirit phonta quanta.


Cosmic Reality Light World Eternal Cosmic Law bonding within Universal Law In Love Vibration Source Field of God DNA, God Photon, God Atom and God Seeded Living Light that is inside us. As our eternal well spring for eternal life; well being and conscious alert through it all is our job to stay within the core central sun presence of living light energy life force purity from our own star family, god light and love. To advance our ascension effortless and express I Am presence in real time right along side God, the Ascended Host, Ascended Masters, councils of light and intergalactic positive good divine natures, light worlds, realties.

doveOur meditations, prayers and love is protected of the Archangels from our outer self we surrender unto them as us for the well being of all. We walk forth into the Dove of Light holy octave Holy Family ordained and blessed, protected and guided tube of light our conscious and soul. Anointed forever we rise into and grow as the only vessel and light world we bond and absorb within our everlasting soul spirit sacred fire and life-force energy is replenished and retires for eternity within the divine family of light we are of. The grace of the life energy of the immortal love of the sacred fire violet flame, the liberty flame, the forgiveness flame, the mercy flame, the sacred heart flame, the ascension flame, the resurrection flame; all combine into one Holy Spirit Frequency and divine elementals and photon particles.

That commands our presence in our world, life, consciousness and heart we call forth today within each of our cells and realms allow the divine color ray octaves of light project the divine Sacred Fire rays unto our life’s. Now heaven life we raise back into as our own light and energy lifts us we bond forever together as the only natural organic light world and realties our spirit photon atom can thrive.

Eternal spirited purity spiritual consciousness of illuminating Light and love “I Am Presence” essence. Your heart nebula co shares as who you stand today to evolve your selves and expand in eternal existence, positive good to be in life eternal prosperous, loved and cared for in all good forms.

Forever let your self be of with us. Join our holiest realities, good lifestyles and claim as your own even beyond the end of time our immortal love and cosmic power. By absorbing into our personal life existence octaves and inner bodies as your own heart flame we ignite aflame, we help you be with us; the best you can to match our energy and meet us half way.

Do so now for we await your companionship, light intelligence and co creation eternal love you once stood by us individually Christed alert and well among us even in your recent dream time. –Saint Germain

*Ascension: Master Jesus natural organic living light life-force wellspring of God’s love anchoring aura presence we stand within. Our own we claim of God’s abundance, prosperity, light and great energy opulence and love; charge, absorb, rise and raise into our Christ Self Presence to meet him half way as the conduit and supply of god’s love and energy. Within our own we infuse, implant and absorb in our blood stream, neutral circuitry and heart three fold flame and divine attraction that magnetically draws our own life stream sacred fire flame within God sparking and fueling within our own and throughout our lives. We become bonded as spirit to soul-one while we hold the garment of Jesus aura presence we are in Gods reality we move forward together hand in hand into the heaven lands prepared for us.

Our heart flame that is sparked of the divine will, love and power of God resurrects us back home forever we return over and over until we realize there is no where to go.

Other then the arms of Holy father, god and the Divine Mother we embrace with a smile on our face. We are loved and not alone, we are really finally home we surrender in the arms of our divine family of light. Never again to wander Gods great universe cosmos alone no more while adorned in the light as our own aura presence living light. –Angel Vela



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