20180614_150253-1-1-1El Morya has had many lives on earth. He was in the Bible because as one of many past lives; was one of the kings (Melchior) to visit baby Jesus of Nazareth. All really soul group ties and co-shared energy and soul light ships the spirit self co creates of the nature natural eco habitats colonizing cosmos many dimensions and races of light. With one collective life stream of eternal conscious by many as ONE physical tangible in all forms needing as miracles, blessings and divine grace and love synchronicities, lifetimes and manifestations. Now an Ascended Master representing Divine Will which is one of the main life lines of the mana from heaven gifts, grace and feeds all the color rays firstly no matter soul person or divine ray. To remove the veil of heaven realm balancing within now bridging earth self back home in ones own energy vibrations ensures. And fierce free will manifesting the mana from heaven as our own to do so as the will of god backing us up each when ready to.

No longer our God selves are imprisoned; exiled out of heaven we did by self willed creation and misuse of life possibly. Or to be of service to god for some, not so for some temporarily struggling their own mishaps allowing. Yet can make right or forgotten and ones life is reflecting in each of our aura bands and energy rings as total self creation in the now reveals. No wrong makes a right but all energy can be cleared to have the inner power to make right all that does you no good he conveys just being within the rose ray love of Beloved Mother Mary, the Ascended host and Archangels of the rainbow rays. Our own current of light can be retuned back into the life force energy purity of gods alternate universe, reality realms and heart center as our own divine inheritance is granted so eternal. This energy purity when we seek god source from within us, El Morya teaches is our own investment energy firstly origin purity well spring eternal drawing forth cosmic granting. If we do not use is liquidated back raising like a graceful white dove feather lost in the wind into the cosmic grand central sun no longer qualified energy and less for world cause or good meant. Overturned now disqualified energy within if of negligent and ill origin we take on and keep as us yet not of us and all we have to draw within from if not of the divine rays we call forth as us. Just as we need fruit to nourish our body and brain we need the divine rainbow rays feed and suckled through the Christ presence within. El Morya is of reputable Spiritual eternal value to all who come in contact of him. The sacred fire divine love you can find in the main plaza of this palace retreat, the Diamond Heart Temple.

That is open to all in your nights sleep, after death or in meditation which is a real living indulgence of the great central sun blessed and breathed. Of his own life force energy and purity diamond heart flame and ray of his bio geometry living light that is his persona rhythmic Christ Seed all has within them to sustain their resurrection when ready and who’s radiation reaches us when called on of his invocation of divine immortal love and help. And with Master kathumi, Lord Gautama Buddha founded the “Krishnamurti” mantra and voice of truth.

Although I do not affiliate or represent to any organization in the physical realm he helped create the Summit Light foundation through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and other authors of the “I AM” presence teachings such as Mr. Godfree of the Saint Germain foundation. Works closely with ascended master projects and services such as the Radiant Rose Academy messengers, with Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner and Charles Leadbeater  and I, Angel Vela; all a visitation from the masters and wrote lots of titles for the Masters of Light representing their word, life heritage and teachings. All who work with the masters of light can on their own accord if wanting are able to read from the Akashic Records no mistaken because the master is the one streamlining the information for the well being of all. That contain a vast ethereal library containing all of humanity’s thoughts, words and deeds from the Universal Field of Life Force Energy. Which is the ethereal natural organic living light intelligence of all that is filling all time and space in real time to this day is available for those in tune.

Master Morya speaks in many books channeled. He speaks of the Holy Comforter, the Holy Spirit raised in your conscious and within each soul holds the spark that gives life, intelligence and that is your Whitsuntide by raising your own soul light and vibratory. Divine will he directs and helps you muster up within the brain conscious and heart to do so. He speaks that Jesus brings to you through the Holy Spirit manifested god presence Christ conscious restoration and resurrection for you when you are ready. You can on your own free time research online more of him and these precious life expanding purity organizations he has helped establish and supports to this day.

8Here I speak of the etheric Diamond Heart Temple Retreat of the Will of God love cosmic ray that is a living breathing, pulsating flame and ray within the heart of god he brings forth when called and do so. Representing strength, ascension assistance, faith, protection and divine will power, here are his teachings of him in real time. I also before I came to this earth and still do go see the masters of light and teach when called on in my lucid dream sleep, so here I am. I am in my late forties and really work closely with all the ascended masters too. Before this earth life Morya was one of the masters of light that consulted, taught me personally and supported besides all the representatives I represent in the accession Luxor Temple represented by Serpis. Saint Germain’s Violet Temple, the Mercy Temple of Kuan Yin, Master Jesus Temple in etheric over Arabia and Morya’s Darjeeling Temple, brothers of the diamond heart.

Based in India yet it does not stop there of his many fields of light he works to fill the will of the Lord father and his desire to sustain the flame in every heart abandoned. His work couples many organizations and retreats, temples and chelas no matter the time line to ensure our divine presence is never forgotten, abused or left aside to long on our own accord and self negligence of self love thorough cosmic power. El Morya receives from the mind of god and descends the seeded light unto all who are meant so to have within them divine will power boosting all conscious and spheres who ask of him. El Morya is the divine will representative,he founded the Darjeeling Council in India and has office in the temple of God’s Will and is thankful for Quan Yin’s intervention and council as with many ascended host. And all are tied to the Teton Temple Ascended Master Lanto holds Hierarch and will take action on divine will, grace and intervention or divine guidance within your energies and light backing him up too.

Where also the ascension; will of God flame; Blue freedom flame sacred fire can be absorbed and brought into the outer world by anyone just being in its aura presence and representatives not the only temple retreat he hold open for public gathers and teachings, no. That took the Divine side of Master El Morya time to earn such good ranking for we all have a divine side too flourish and nurture for the well being of all and is not an easy task to volunteer while trying to live a life in dimension veils aside of gods divine turf and be let a life no matter how noble and earnest mustered within. So be easy on your self today and give your heart some space to just be the true you no matter what you face and be free in the light of the divine Beings of light of your own Christ Presence. They at the ascension temples taught me and prayed I was truly earnest then for my granting of the Karma Board to be let a life to earn my ascension and graduation from earth school and it is a start to become ascended eternal. I will have more teachings and possibly more lives yet it is a start to make things right, no kidding possibly you to! For the well being of all is also good for the well being of all unto you as well.

Divine intervention, divine synchronicities and divine miracles are the core origin of all involved making the effort along your life and lifestyles to also match divine presence and good soul people to balance good karma coming to you always. The Holy Spirit Temple has the presence of the Holy Spirit and fire of all the Cohan’s that manifest divine will, divine power and divine love. Then in all who are grouped there, you have a huge orchestrated purity divine realm of good hearted, loving and light giving and barriers of light unto all pieces of you and those you care for and so forth. Until all generations and soul people and light species are reached, absorbing divine color codes of light of the Sun Holy Spirit Fire purity. Neutral life force energy we can absorb for our own interventions and divine help needing to have good come to you. So you could have the space to just be. Enjoy spiritual light knowledge, soul people soul mates and love beyond those of one species over another give.

To possibly help others under their wing, guidance, protection and consultations then conscious impressions and teachings once here is a lot on ones shoulders when deep down inside you know you are just an example how to be or not. For I can not take on anyone’s karma per say, I can accent your good karma and dilute in assisting how it can be done on each alone of the bad one needs to relinquish in the light for good. I felt capable enough and picked over many in my group classes of light to accomplish not only my divine plan; many others to assist and we all hoped without force, ideal and expectation of none personal would. That would not be lost in third dimension reality even though from the sixth dimension I was accustomed for so long and felt I could stay forever! It was not about me anymore you see for in the higher dimensions life is easier and questioned my own purity was able to sustain lower earth influence. Could I be worthy enough to help mass communities humanities, unspoken I would think through the consequences to add so much more karma to my debt in the hands of others not so keen to be of help once in 3D but to exploit and use me for their own selfish reasons.

But the Ascended Masters knew what I was thinking as they do you and my worries and my soul aura revealed before them like a movie screen! I knew already what earth life would entail and so no guarantee could be calculated other then the cosmic law and plan could be fulfilled. If I awakened enough and not fight my inner seeing and heart purity I gained in the higher realms and would loose in third dimension and influence for sure many times. Yet it was my job I signed up for and knew you would do your part soon enough and I too, to this day had to account for my own fall from grave and god love I could not express truly if my own self love was not just as good unto self. How would it really be unto god tainted and disclosing lack yet feeling I loved him more then me, was not his intent to happen nor can phantom what is love any good unto him if it is not shared unto our selves firstly. Combining within his for the well being of all is a tremendous aura presence worth infusing together bond one force of purity from the hybrid Christ seed within each cell of each of us. That would make him gleam with delight if we surrender back into our core hearts truly at all times then walk about others would know your love is genuine. Not masked and locked within for it is safer in unspoken feelings to not get hurt, used and consumed of others unspoken intents to you. Never letting our guard down is not the answer for the faith flame within and coming from the Holy Spirit Frequency qualifies what we can not for self when we infuse each portions of self and those we care for we become our divine hybrid purity neutral positive selves enlivened!

The family I was born into did not help for they were no easy picnic but also could be granted to learn in the inner realms after death and not have another physical life. Yet when it is coupled with divine grace blessings we can enjoy the experience not so much why it occurs over for some and not others. If they were willing to learn in the ascnsssion temples set up for the chela’s of the masters of light in the Ascension Temples and all they cared for and came into contact with was on them still. As free will law trumps emotion of kindness unto others which is not a current of unconditional love, forgiveness is. I could just pray and ask for leniency if they showed they would try and make right in any form brings good karma back around sweeping out all discordant. Unconditional love is too hard to comprehend all across the board in human life however love is a faster frequency un-stagnating slower currents and rings of self accumulation as light being energy living light.

Archangel Michael was granted to achieve through the karma board and petitioned to allow our family’s and now you and yours to bypass, almost and graduate earth realm once and for all. You need to read about the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System and relative to our Life Sphere life heritage in our blog topics you will find. Then as a chela initiate I had to be primed, prepared and on task in the inner realms, one of thousands also chosen to assist the Ascended Masters or become ascension accomplished no matter what earth experience brought. Sure ice-cream and ethnic food and mountain air was in the back of mind as a bonus I could enjoy who wouldn’t think (smile) so as my laundry list grew of divine tasks and normal life hoping. Yet I could not hide in my Soul Records and pretend I was the best of the worst, no. In energy rings and bands around us all portions of us exist however clearly the Christ Self should be the dominant or I Am Presence flame color and conscious purity as “now time” realism truth. What we think and feel is in living color living light at all times throughout us and we must claim all our energy and clear what we do not like of us as us so our Christ persona existence as us in real-time is clearly felt and emanated at all times. We must keep trying at least under the conditions we are under by following our heart and love for all creation, nature and creatures at least make effort.

Through Master Morya, Serpis Bey, Saint Germain, Sananda, Lord Maitreyia, Kwan Yin and many others in the ascension temples we breathe and lived every second of their grace, activities, sacred fire flames. They represent and their blessing for tempering the rainbow rays all tied within the god of will color flame and ray fed within is not as easy as feeling hope to undertake and is felt on the spot through the three-fold flame in the central heart rings of energies and flame of self. I was assured they would be there for me and you even if we question it they at a distance come closer as we let them in deeply within. As well in many forms and teaching styles in this earth life as I came here to represent them all as hoped. For “Spiritual Technology” moves on the same timeline regardless the conscious life, light world as galactic cosmic heaven mana-energy and currents of the divine rays is unlimited and indifferent no matter the appearance of the generation beliefs to each sphere of gods creation “all that is”. We are aware as much unto each due to our own capability sustaining light intelligence and self love allowing and as inter-dimensional life force light being we can adjust and prepare our energies regardless DNA and genetic biology makeup appearing when wanting. Through the Christ Seed (God Atom Photon) and Holy Spirit Frequency (living light and life force energy of gods spirit life sphere) that is within each cell as well surging through our hearts and aura rings as us. As each generation is eager to find a way home they forgot or fell from grace and resists such holy home redemption as self conceived creation; sacrifice “you make your bed you lay in it” syndrome and not necessary. It is a temporal form of self indulgence escapism mental disorder to not make effort or take action to change what you do not like in ones lifestyle self creations yet can be cured in change of thought and deep heart breath purity free flowing through you new energy purity needing to engage better lives, well being and divine prosperity.

We tend to condemn our selves unforgiving and why self-love is never usually as the core ring color energy of self unconditional love. Which is silver pink white as the Christ ray bioenergy flame infused in each cell and energy color ring as total self then what ever divine rainbow ray you are representing in this lifetime service to gods will, will also blend within your energy frequencies to sustain divine purity beyond the norm. Through “The Divine Will Frequency” you can know this distinct band of energy layers all saturating as your total purity self, “Christ self-Soul Color” I speak of in “Soul Existence Revealed” Volume I, II, III eBook series done over ten years ago you can Google when wanting more information other then what we share on blogging. All realize though eventually enough rest is good and nourishing vitalizing faith one can make the “bed” (self creations make right) and move forward in ones day to walk in the light our own auras first we feel is worthy for others to “just be” with us then retire at the end of the day we are doing the best we can under the conditions we are under. When we can not for self, god can; our mantle of truth flame brings and so we need to step aside and let “god be” on his own accord through us then so. Our bodies inner self need to be aligned purified on the spot to achieve accession processes or at least graduate out of the after lives after death when that time comes our own energy may sway or tether beyond our purity means if detached. Our feelings-thoughts-emotions can distract these divine inner bodies self energy forces to sustain purity and must be cleared and cleaned to rise when we feel off or separated from divine high on up.

State: “I call on my Presence! Beloved I am presence, I command bring into my thinking and feeling side of life and outer would the Ascended Masters miracle mantel cosmic power, gifts, supply, color rays and immortal love now! In all I do here forward. Through the great central sun magnet I can and draw and magnetize surging through me the divine presence of the sacred rainbow rays and energies! I Am that I Am.”

When you come to Morya’s temple and feet the guardian divine cosmic being assigned will answer and welcome you as you come up to the door in the etheric field over Darjeeling India and garden plaza.

It is an honor to do so and many represent his fields of grace, light and love in this divine temple where also a grand amphitheater for the public by the millions is for many concaves and ordained spiritual yearly celebrations and honors he host with other Ascended Masters and archangels also representing the rainbow rays. Here the diamond heart temple of regal blue and the core dove white, pink is the divine will sacred fire flame. Protected and located which is one of many energy sacred fire purity divine neutral good rays, flames and currents the Christ self presence can relinquish, absorb and be free within through your soul color drawing to you the holistic cosmic purity needing and it is done. If Master El Morya is away other diamond heart carriers of the will of gods light brotherhood members will take his place as I have to speak on his behalf, never the same yet we all try to impersonate him the best we can! His turban does not fit me so well but I try for the well being of all, (Smile).

In simple light energy master Morya can bring the Holy Grail sacred fire blue flame into and each light node and cell of you by asking now through you chakra and light boy aura presence. Feel him so when you ask and are ready! (C)2014 Diagram drawn by Angel Vela

In simple light energy master Morya can bring the Holy Grail sacred fire blue flame into and each light node and cell of you by asking now through your chakra and light body aura presence. Feel him so when you ask and are ready. (C)2014 Diagram drawn by Angel Vela

You may know all so much of El Morya already and that Lord Hercules also represents this purity temple of light as well the Eloha Amazonia however many great white brotherhood representatives and Masters of Light teachers from other etheric temples can also help you along within your metaphysical studies and divine plan when you come here. Also Ascended Master Morya is affiliated of many other temples and organizations I have not listed here he wants you to know when seeking him. He represents the first ray with Archangel Michael and Lord Hercules his mentor back up to this day. Yes we are divine hearted yet always learning and always never knowing all then yet we will always find someone of the divine on high that does when we can not and bring forth that information or way of being pure. He helps with the ascension discourse, ascension flame and divine activities in the inner realms with Serpis Bey at his Luxor Temple, Kathumi and Saint Germain as well as Sanadna. And many more you can bring into your home, work place, environment and heart of the Ascension radiance and divine white flame power as your own energy purity expanding and emanating be natural you on the go.

Just the other day Master Morya beloved came in a lucid dream to assure I can speak for him, and you may work with him closely or under his study guidance in dream as well; can you remember or before this life?

*The Seven Flames and natures are for strength and divine virtues: 1. Faith 2. Illumination 3. Love 4. Purity 5. Consecration & Concentration 6. Peace 7. Ministration.

*The Seven Color Divine Rays rainbow rays are for spiritual nourishment and feed through the Holy Spirit Frequency as one simultaneous pillar of light bridge beamed when called: 1. Blue  2. yellow 3. Pink  4. white 5. red 6. green 7. violet.

*God’s Will (divine will) Flame and Ray living light feed first the Holy Spirit Rays, flames, pillars as the main “Holy Spirit Frequency and currier love wave” which is Divine Father’s eternal cosmic and conscious soul person; intergalactic personal Spirit Self aura presence and heart core light intelligence natural organic purity neutral holy provisioned on each calling forth: Crystal Clear.

*The Christ Self, the Christos seeded light cell of each spirit is the first energy consciousness and heart of each soul person life stream pulse rates and vibration living light dominant life force energy current free will. Of the many rings of energy light we attain as self identification and to enable our life eternal through living light frequencies we succeed and light intelligence wisdom in the now. *The total self life sphere eternal spirit self purest replica born form of Source Father, Divine Mother, Holy Spirit firstly converge as one to give life no matter time line in dimension realities or genetic appearance. For we are diverged from divine father’s biological species of living light and spirit cell eco energy biosphere as our first entrance into eternal existence and light world. Cosmic godhead atom living light seeds all universal photon, diverged of “the one”; emits, absorbs, nourishes and births, infuses and raises all other atoms, spirit cells, soul photons and divine particles even self claimed within “the one”. The Christ self presence of each of us transfers God’s life energy purity and rays through us surging and expanding as first self purest color natural organic, elementals, substance and living light energy origin: color 1. Silver 2. White 3. pink.

*Our Soul Color is the dominant clearly seen life force energy; energy force that begets all our inner self totality currents unconscious or not since the beginning of our existence. So entwine as one strong current personal self and eternal life tendencies then to the end of time can be depicted as behavior, belief and conscious intelligence attained while in real-time move through eternal self lifestyles we motivate and invest as. Our “Soul Color” reveals one strong electronic signature organic natural living light bio energy frequency color that depicts us firstly over our name tone frequency. You want to use your Soul Color to clear or does clear surging the holy spirit frequency your chakras, past lives and opens freedom to just be for future selves without stagnate or tainted self lack love energy’s tend to tether and attached total energy soul self.  Let your space junk (aura presence) be cleared through the divine seven color rays and flames, pillars and temples talked of on your free-time to path the way for ascension and leaving earth school at death, sound and protected and to regroup back into divinity holy self presence in real-time.

Stay with me here, your Soul Color will reveal one current totality strong main frequency as personal life stream spirit eternal self and never goes away, all you project out or magnetized to you and as you is eternal attained energy. As your eternal life sphere within gods life sphere creation source field “all that is” for all souls to move about as eternal life. Only in frequency can we shift and raise into a purer form light wave color in a simple thought or breath changes your conscious, heart and frequency as a faster frequency designates and dissolves, trumps lowers self energies. To be no more still your eternal energy only neutral, pure positive now to use to co-create eternal lifestyles as you please, hence here you are today show boating persona self in your totality. Also your Soul Color Frequency vibration is one total light wave that should be the Christ Self love wave or “I Am Presence” (Eternal Spirit Self) show boating thoroughly feeding firstly. Then infused positive, holy, divine, positive good hearted color tones saturating for the well being of all as total soul color tones spirit self. You are spirited to be of first creation making right all that does you no good feed literally from the depth within if not then tainted energy will prevail and moodiness, tiredness and lack of motivation to name a few. Your own life choices or distractions time spent will bring you down on your own accord or uplift you as you in outer appearance and is separate from your chakras, bodies and thoughts and feelings color tones.

Your “Soul Color” also depicts what divine seven color rainbow rays we have chosen before entering this lifetime we represent in this lifetime, faith, loyalty, beliefs will overshadow and discolor this truth until cleared and refined in the divine rays. Allowing your divine path and divine pattern to superimpose back into the divine fathers spirit keynote color bioenergy geometry purity pattern (kingdom of god) first creation light world and soul color, Crystal Clear. As your own life sphere core inner feed color life stream life force energy living light. As service to god and our spirit geometry living light and behavior patterns our divine paths are meant for us is why the holy spirit and the Violet Flame Transmutation rays were granted as the grace of god parables and divine intervention when called within as well as all the Ascended Masters representing color rays. Yet we tend to not divert as a life sphere living light spirit cell living energy soul person light Being presence in natural cosmos universal eternal and migrate, reincarnate within certain light worlds even though we are masters of light of our own destinies. Certain soul groups and galaxies for thousands of years we tether over any other good for us even as service to God. While many heaven lands or light worlds purity for our revolutionary spiritual and eternal growth could improve our spiritual divine plans and goals are abandoned at the curb. While of all that is eternal realties meant for us of most harmony, well being and positive good is segregated for the club elite appeared as an answer to stay away on ones own accord of the peace and faith god light brings no matter where we are stationed in eternal life sphere realties or energy ring bands reveal so.

Spirit Physics is an interesting engagement bonding living light geometry overlay within quantum Spirit Entanglement; yin yang, one plus one equals two or two minus one equals one, plus plus equals minus plus or in string theory a light sting can move into a circular sphere standing wave and is immaculate conception at it’s pinnacle handed down within the standing wave of the divine father communion of two singularity fragments of his living light bond. No matter the generation or light world dimension their are laws (cosmic, universal and god law) and one will always trump another if not tempered; balance is the cosmic keynote as creator beings ourselves we are to stay in the core of first law the standing wave love frequency sine wave through the Holy Spirit we call on to do so.

We are the divine living light instrument; heaven foot and one on earth balanced polarities; gods-will law is second nature of his own love law, faith law, natural laws, divine laws, universal quantum eternal life entanglement at it’s peak. We can as natural organic living light organism forms and life streams spirit entanglement as our own second nature purity feeding us firstly; bond as one life force life sphere walking, breathing light being of purest form for the well being of all. While in any other life sphere entangled awareness as singularity life streams there are billions of soul people and thousands of light worlds not of the fathers of self creations for self indulgences, negligence’s and unawareness take reign. As self alternate realties and mass generation conscious one dimension Space Sphere Light World is the first creation space sphere heaven paradise. The purpose of reincarnating back into first sphere light world of the father’s real-time conscious reality realm purest meant for us is the importance of ascension teachings. We should not have our Soul Color clogged up or clogging up our bioenergy systems as the feeling and emotional side of life overruling, error in creation and misuse of life or fall from grace will reveal. And can be read in the Akashic records and book of life for each of us dissecting your soul color energy’s comings and goings by simple light language is seen as electronic living light geometry and color tones seeded or misused. By reincarnating right now into our own Christ life frequency or purest conscious state of being is the alternate universe co-shared by the divine on high within first creation light world while in all others. And where the meaning “so above, so below” is diverged.

Our “Soul Color is the main frequency and infused with the Spirit of god light intelligence and heart center pulse rate and sphere of reality at all times gravity of our own living light soul selves allows us entrance on coherency. We then rely to tap into to return back home, raise and clear our vibrations, align our chakras, heal us, achieve eventual ascension and ties into our astrology, past lives, soul mates and intuition purposes. Our divine will life force energy combines as us at all times and as our eternal bio signature will change some however this first current is weaved within our Christ self current and the Holy Spirit Frequency currents as total identity self as persona soul person eternal life stream. And why free will law; also a color frequency we tap into as a divine will law power source. Also a color frequency divine source granted from within heart central purity neutral (Holy Spirit life force energy we take on as our own infusing) trumping lower energies of the divine fathers living light. For good yet we must in real-time call forth divine rays colors to ensure and that can help us shift back into divine order. To “try”, make things right and change of lifestyles wanting and will also reflect in our soul colors main current and chakras aura presence, thoughts and feeling side of life immediately then reflecting. As our main color tone biosphere energy totality current frequencies (yes we can have more then one color soul identifiable electrometric energy band). I have lime green and coral blue, what is your key note-soul color? That even God, the Archangels, those closest to you recognize you firstly in your bio purest energy frequency living light vibration; your persona keynote Soul Color. Then your name or outer appearance sets in how they truly know you. Divine Christ presence is canary yellow and dove white cosmic beings reflect when contacting you they are with you. I do teach classes on this “How to Find your Soul Color”. However on your own for now you can figure out on your own by looking around your room and what dominate colors you like, your favorite color and your birth month are some clues to identify your main eternal color tones and keynote there of. Of purest, neutral, positive, holy persona Christ Spirit Self totality in simple energy and signature living light eternal self persona representation as intergalactic universal soul person life stream light being natural organic form you can be identified within the inner eye.

To get a grip on your soul color origin feeding all else within you is not so much the color to worry more over when unsure is to rely on the divine color rays shared. To ensure when you cannot for self god can, and you step aside on his own accord let him help you in all means and ways. Still simple energy and light forums and divinity unified bands of his life force energy living light that feeds all existence, all within it and stabilizes and clears “all that is” life sphere as his own. In totality self light body eternal natural organic presence form cosmos universal he will clear, purify and bond even through his servants he sends in his name. To back him up for us when we can not for self, for the well being of all in truth as divine will frequency the divine color rays are infused and weaving eternal life insured can exist over all free will currents and life streams God’s trumps all others. Let him to firstly fill yours and be free already here on out as you as the rest of your eternal life depends on you as eternal self to do your part for the well being of all within you!

Most are familiar with the first ray, the blue ray and soul color born of Lord Archangel Michael holding office also of faith and holds Monday as the main cosmic representative helping the public. Master Morya personally helps the public with on Tuesdays also his soul color has blue tones. He is caregiver of the lords of the seven rays and the month of March 19th-April 1st 2015, July 9th-July 22 2015 and October 29th-November 2015 for this year/2015; he represents special rays, communion and teachings so please note your calendars and call on his presence when needed. You can read in the Summit Publications material online. So mark your calendars and research the other chart representatives of year and months there if needed or just telepathically ask him in divine meditation to include you of what you are unaware of in his public teachings, and sacred fire energy radiation and spiritual help best for you and he will!

See your self within the tetrahedron star merkabha living light bioenergy infused purity geometry picture. Turning clock wise at 7.83 Hz and 33Hz imaging within your minds eye he is helping you in spiritual restoration through the diamond heart within your own heart flame presence core for you now!

See your self within the tetrahedron star merkabha living light bioenergy infused purity geometry picture in inner eye. Turning imagine clock wise at 7.83 Hz-Earth frequency and 33.3 Hz conscious frequency stabilize your energy unseen which is one vibration faster then the norm. Now image and match the heart chakra heart rate 136.1 Hz frequencies combining. Saying “OM” tone can help stimulate the heart chakra-Sa Hindu tuning fork is 136.1 listed here per Master Morya. Now simultaneous feel raising your light body, aura presence and physical presence as one frequency neutral purity of all three listed above vibrations, practice: 1. (breathe in deeply and slowly. 2. out breath; say “OM” slowly. Three times do so.)  *To settle your energy purity as total you, you are attuning and matching your own soul frequency to the earths then beyond your conscious normal locked in vibration 33 Hz or lower. To move out of the boundaries of 3D into the higher divine realms in soul self vibration rising naturally your heart rate transcends all three frequencies as one momentum natural state of being. *El Morya is helping you in your self spirit restoration through the Diamond Heart flame octave pillar of light he beams over you. Sparking within your own heart flame presence core for you now as you try the above frequency quanta energy living light within you matching. As your divine presence moves into the divine realms-a heaven natural alert state of harmony; 5th dimension in real-time while in third dimension all in simple light and energy magnetism and radiance!

See yourself within the tetrahedron star merkabha living light bioenergy infused purity geometry picture in inner eye. Turning imagine clock wise at 7.83 Hz-Earth frequency and 33.3 Hz conscious frequency stabilize your energy unseen which is one vibration faster than the norm. Now image and match the heart chakra heart rate 136.1 Hz frequencies combining. Saying “OM” tone can help stimulate the heart chakra-Sa Hindu tuning fork is 136.1 listed here per Master Morya. Now simultaneous feel raising your light body, aura presence and physical presence as one frequency neutral purity of all three listed above vibrations, practice: 1. (breathe in deeply and slowly. 2. out breath; say “OM” slowly. Three times do so.)  *To settle your energy purity as total you, you are attuning and matching your own soul frequency to the earth’s then beyond your conscious normal locked in vibration 33 Hz or lower. To move out of the boundaries of 3D into the higher divine realms in soul self vibration rising naturally your heart rate transcends all three frequencies as one momentum natural state of being. *El Morya is helping you in yourself spirit restoration through the Diamond Heart flame octave pillar of light he beams over you. Sparking within your own heart flame presence core for you now as you try the above frequency quanta energy living light within you matching. As your divine presence moves into the divine realms-a heaven natural alert state of harmony; 5th dimension in real-time while in third dimension all in simple light and energy magnetism and radiance!

A spiritual telepathic light wave message from Master Morya for you; “Beloved sacred fire diamond heart unascended life stream (means descended from heaven yet returned by ascending-raising your spirit vibration) yet of god’s love born eternal genetic light codes and love when ready. Know I am here in real-time with you, yes maybe unseen for now because your filters are up and strong as cement you won’t allow the unseen penetrate having your guard up is okay yet in etheric form I am still solid strong tangible real do not deny.

It is good you are reading so long and interested, it makes me thankful and I know you are too for I see it in your “I Am that I Am” Presence. I stand among many here that have been named, Kathumi my close comrade, Saint Germain, Master Jesus and Serpis, Hercules, Amazonia, Archangels of the blue electronic flame and angels. I want to talk of many topics and Divine beings yet here is for the purpose to let you know you are heard, loved and the holy presence tube of light I stand with you provisioning here with you will saturate you and change your lifetimes to be of divine order on your own accord allowing, thank you.

In the knights table at King Authors court we enjoyed using symbols and bring forth the divine holy God presence and our sects of secrets were kept under our tongue once we left the kings chambers while protecting those of faith wanting. We walked around with the divine in our hearts and leadership faith guiding us when we felt not so strong within and you can too now. We wore the gold encrusted Maltese cross with Solomon’s symbols and one a piece of the wood of the cross Jesus was hung to know the Christ presence physical tangible was among us as us strong force we would not fail! Yet it all was just to rank outward we were doing God’s will as our own divine will at all times and we felt strong and untethered when weakened and death was among our sword fights and towns. And it is great to see online a lot was not lost and deciphered by those we guide in that era as some of you in the now. In your generation it is safer and easier to still receive our messages, protection and divine fire immortal love. In Jesus time he had it harder yet his divine will in his heart never forsaken him like many relationships in your now times does of the outer world. Even the loss of faith of god seems abandoned and here you are strengthen your bonds is noted and what you will contribute after death as your divine path is not abandoned as this lifetime, no.

Yes; like a page in a book you will end one divine path goal then of another lifetime will add to more pages in your life records for eternal life does not end at this lifetime and divine service to god is forward moving right along humanity generations. We can regroup restate and move forward head strong, heart filled we are god’s love for those who cannot for self while we live in real-time with god in our hearts, minds and conscious soul spirit. Can you feel him surge through your energy in you now as your own energies truly for your bond is clear here, feel so now with me as we all have, even Jesus. For those ascended we still add to our life records and everything you do, see and are of is recorded not just for your eyes to view but the Karma council, god and your Christ self if separated in real-time in this life. This is not so scary to be informed of the Karma lords as to hear it in your now, karma. In a sense it was spoken of “good karma” in the blog of the Violet ray and flame post and I am here as the founder of the Diamond Heart Temple Hiarch to help you alleviate, abate and clear before you go among them after death and be as your qualified presence today for all days through the end of time and beyond is my purpose here.

Would you rather drink from the divine holy purity elixir of light cup challis I place before you now and allow divine healing saturate and sparking your every cell and bio energy current intense the god love particles and photons to help change your, thoughts, feelings and attitude of eternal pure universal lives and way of being firstly? Or would you like to enter the council halls unprepared, shaking and worried you do not make the grade of ascension purposes, wasted away all chances given and shoved aside by thee. To still need to feel; be god free. While no longer liking physical lives that your eternal lives free will manifested as you even so yet simultaneously can be in the inner realms with us walking among all the retreat guardians and palaces of light. Reborn and resurrected clear and free to simply just be and help others if you want by clearing all through the violet ray transmutation flames set forth in the call to the angels of the cosmic violet flame swords and the ascension angels. Called forth all the comic divine rainbow flames and sacred fire heart of the father as the “Holy Spirit” simultaneously cleansing all needed as one strong current of gods cosmic central solar sun presence for you to bath as much as you want within and throughout you.

Or learn more and go to other planetary systems like Sanat Kumara’s on Venus or the Pleiades constellation, Orion and Lord Sirius inner realms light worlds even your first star world and family of light born into to be of service awaiting your return; you have simply exiled out of heaven to be of divine help to humanity here do you not realize? Some may be claiming back their energy, inner selves and family of light who came for you and forgotten their way back home too or left abandoned of many lives past selves not restored in the light and running amuck as you in the now as karma born and fall from grace parables. You are accounted for, divine pure multidimensional soul people and disclose in your own life temple your divine house of light wherever you go and walk. You will simply be reincarnating back into heaven as we share how to on these blogs and other messengers we back as us in word, energy and friendship for the public. Who cannot for self as was done for us when in any dimension lifetime as service to god restoring your conscious and soul to god’s vibration and mind set is simple. Then have the freedom, liberty and time to go to the Luxor temple or Muru Temple, the temple of mercy and my own to just be and grow in the light at your own pace. And help other light beings reincarnated or descend into the golden age of Saint Germain and 7th root race awaiting to be born on this light world sphere for future generations to also enjoy as intended by the father. They cannot until all continents are clear, pure and free of mass lower creation energy and contamination or they too will lose themselves, abandon or siphon their divinity growth on the path of past energy and memories. To breathe and live through left polluted and tainted of all previous mass communities yet not the true selves meant for them to enjoy in the freedom lands of the holy father we inherited to outlive even his own expectations of simple creator beings natural organic soul people graced of his light seed and eco life sphere as eternal existence reality realm.

Even Sanat kumara cannot return to his home even though granted because of human race lower dissatisfaction and lack of soul purity needing on your own accord to restore your divine light and auric bodies. Weighs heavy on his heart and mind and cannot enjoy eternal life meant for him all comic beings and archangels; when earth light being soul person that holds all societies and soul people in this dimension sphere is needing to be restored. Back to their original neutral purity state of being and return back to the central sun life sphere light world they can walk among the divine they are of. For all of fathers species of light are never left behind truly and many soul people cosmic beings even not of this universe represent and pamper micro light beings. To just be, enable light, air and elements needed not to survive! Enjoy and co-create in harmony, joy and positive experience as singularity particles of the Holy Spirit Photons light beings living organisms within “all the is”. Of cosmic spirit of god as our own individualized light forms free will energy god given life through his own life force sparking. And before human perception and misuse of life and self soul creation invaded. Instead of enhancing Earth mothers ring bands and aura presence with our own purity spirit and donations to life instead we take and destroy to consume what we feel is ours and right; not the Divine Fathers virtues. We come to Mother Earth as a safe haven and take back our energy discordant left of many generations through the rainbow rays we can. As we move forward right along the divine father’s time line in our own real-time now all is a joint co-creation balance and keynote to ensure good lives. Of how to be over not to be Source father conveys straight in the eyes of our Christ Self that walks behind his path right along him yet we distance ourselves as inner selves and lower light bodies and rings of our chakras make clear making life seem hard and long even for the most good hearted divine intended practiced unspoken within.

I say we because as a brother of the same light specie’s I too lived many lives in error and know deeply you do not have to take the same path of darkness and lack instead reach for god’s hand extended by all soul people no matter the light world or generation you are active aware as. God reaches deep within and finds his own auras hijacked not enhanced by children of the light of his living light birthed. His life sphere, soul person self eternal will need to be cleansed and pure and those not of same frequency will feel wiped out, diluted in the light never to be no more. We must practice divine inheritance, divine prosperity to instill in our own life sphere eternal life remembered through divine frequency infused within us at all times. As we intact our daily lives know I come for deeper reasons, you are my closest family o flight or you would not be reading this material, a small token to ensure like bread crumbs of spiritual nourishment your flask of gods divine living light energy liquid is pure from your own efforts to find the well spring within the depths of your own being to be of same purity and conscious alternate state of being the father is of over any other and not await another day to pass you by you are unworthy to be clear and free and allow the freedom flame to spark and expand as you for others who cannot for self will even at a distance know you stand closely with the father and mother through the Holy Spirit. That they themselves can find their way home by following your spirit flame along the way as their own darkness shadows the path; their own aura presence wants to be clear and free. And you are the one that knows how to for them when they cannot for self. They in turn will like a beacon be seen from many light worlds away by the divine on high to clearly find them, track them down and lead them back home by their own soul raising their conscious life stream. Through all self boundaries and rings of energy to overshadow gods light within them, no more! For we are all kind hearted souls of the same first creation origin, never forget and let yourself be free in the light of all the ascended Masters mantel of immortal love and light to help you when you cannot for self.

Think about that for a minute. Millions of years he has given up his family life and gardens of shamballa like a loyal soldier does in your time to be of help and ensure freedom of all civilizations and race is not lost or taken away by lower forces! Think about how many more light worlds must hold life once this light being, mother earth is to sick and damaged to hold life of good natured people. Because the air is contaminated, the environment is polluted and the hearts of generations claimed steak and overpopulated continents meant for the divine thinkers and does. Who also just want to live the divine color ray path of god’s cosmic spectrum as co-creators of infinite life. Realize infinity has an end life, the soul self has and end life, the eternal life has an end life. “The Law of the Circle” is divine order in intergalactic time line movement. I must admit he can vacation break and we hold his space yet we are not enough of what he supplies the earth in unconditional loyalty, energy and love.

In masses yes, join us. Take the vow-you are your brother’s keeper and holder of the flame. And in all you do know we are with you backing you up so you can achieve more then you can fathom of your divine plan, restore your purity matrix of gods first creation in your electronic bio fields and electronic bands. And help those you care for at least in dream bring them to each temple and retreat of light as a guest too and we will welcome you in open arms and gratitude you are really are acting as the God Spirit, Holy Spirit in physical form for the well being of all.

1.Nine times call forth loudly State: “Come Holy Spirit” (White-Gold flame and ray is the Holy Spirit Frequency conveyed through this messenger; the Holy Spirit Representative comes forth first). Then call on the Cosmic Violet Angels through Archangel Zadkeil sword and presence force. 2. State: “Come angels of the violet flame and clear me free and pure!” (Nine times state.) To simply allow the energy to move into and draw to you takes many times calling to work into your skin, aura presence and emanate through your heart center into your aura presence and feel. Now 3. State: “I call on my Diamond Heart center flame core to expand and allow the Sapphire Blue sacred fire ray, fire and presence fill me through and through for eternity!” 4. Now call on the other rainbow rays given above of which or all you feel drawn to nine times call the designated color ray you have chosen to help restore spirit purity vitality to Name one of the seven color rays rainbow rays “through the Holy Spirit Frequency as one simultaneous pillar of light bridge beamed when called: 1. Blue  2. yellow 3. Pink  4. white 5. red 6. green 7. violet.” *God’s Will (divine will) Flame and Ray, Crystal Clear.

State: “______ ray saturate me through and through in real-time forever for the well being of all!” So it is.

*With me now deeply breathe in God’s love, divine rays and divine propose for you restored. Now deeply breathe out and release all you’re pent up frustrations, lack, and lower creations you have created back into the light where you brought forth in error and lower emotion simply. Call me before you go to sleep and before death when you can remember and I will have my angels escorts come for you and lead the way back home on my behalf or “in the name of Jesus” no matter how many lifetimes needed.

They will track you down mine, El Morya and Master Jesus assigned through us; the godhead central sun at your consent now saying so. So you are never lost or alone, asking so and so it is! In eternal love feel my embrace and light rays be with you always!

 I leave you one last diagram to ponder and absorb:

how to stay conscious when you die2014by angelvela

In simple light energy master Morya can bring the Holy Grail sacred fire blue flame into and each light node and cell of you by asking now through your chakra and light body aura presence. Feel him so when you ask and are ready. (C)2014 Diagram drawn by Angel Vela


 El Morya.”


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