Archangel Intervention

Divine Message transmission; Ascended Masters of Light:

Divine Intervention is the free will activity of Cosmic Light Beings in your life when called upon in all forms shall come to your aid and call. In t not use all of divine sacred fire fiat and dispensation over supply our everlasting supply of God’s love we can manifest as miracles, tune, divine signs, spiritual antidotes and healings, growth and protection in all your life times is on you though.

To instill a means to allow so through your owl Spirit Pulp of the Soul Membrane and Physical Garments you sustain as you through the same cosmic nature God energy and cosmic ray spectrums of the Seven Flames of Creation and sacred fire trinity lamp of light we give unto they who call us by name divne purity in heart, conscious and focus. Matching and asorbingthe divine on high leaders, scollars, priests, solders, and Angel Legions sacred fire life force energy to spark you, ping you, fire you up in all means and ways for your well being and those you care for we will. Really yes on your behalf we ask you to call on us and find fo ryour self that your own Mind Scapes are soul, spirit vhecles to project alternate universeas and situation as your free time activities unconscious or not you do.

Now I is time to instanioliouly shift into the Life Spheres of our alternate universe of God’s harmomy, protection, companionship and all good activities to sustain your own freedom flaim, Violet Fire octaves and blue flame fire sun precences as your own is the golden ring and golden specter. Tied within bonded quantum entanglement spirit, spiritual and particle of every cell within you eternal too. The dove of light holy Christ energy, manifstations and universal intelegence assiting in nutral, natural organic sacred fire of god’s sound tones.

light and energy within your own Light Being Soul Self. With us stand so now! Archangel Michael 7.1..2016 1:21 Pm

Master Jesus: What is divine intervention to you?

What would divine intervention physical tangible feel like in any experience you need help?

When was the last time you can recall having a divine physical tangible intervention momentum in your recent days?

Can you use divine memory to make a life link into the divine on high to receive angelic hosts legions of angels? To call forth and step aside and let spiritual divine cosmic soul people just like you only of the heaven realms for now.

Yes, yes and yes. It is I, my grace and mercy, love and divine order coming forth in all form of good.

You will call forth to be granted to use the magical mantel of miracle flame, the Ascended holy, holy, holy Host bring forth in the name of divine will. This calling forth are gods divine color rays bridging your Heart Flame into the love heart flame of source father holiest neutral pure love. The elementals, light and energy is of nature organic and we are of natural organic organisms within all that is backing up gods love, virtues, blessings and ray energies purities.

In simple light energy work and creative visualization you can manifest the means to receive divine on high intervention of all good divine forms and natures. The grace elementals of the nurturing and nature of spiritual loving merciful compassionate forgiving father of light of all creation can then come forth in the means of external manifestation through you and as you in same purity energy feel and focus. The divine color rays are many yet up to twelve we will focus on and the seven divine color rays and energy is of natural living light of those very same soul people of the divine on high that backs you up.

These sacred color cosmic rays are spiritual unconventional yet the spiritual pioneering of the galactic cosmic eternal spiritual court and councils. Of all time lines and galaxies are personal sponsors and so the designated divine intervention color rays are anointed through my heart, mind and hands we all stand in your presence when you call on us by name, love adoration and divine assistance in all means and moments. Feel me enter your aura presence, life path and energy reality personal environment and then divine intervention.

Is actualized between us all of my angels and spiritual court and you meeting us half way in your own conscious life stream raising and heart center blazing divine intervention, love and purity on our behalf. And your truth, faith, mercy love heart flame reaching into our arms and heart flames that really is particles of light Divine Love and protection. In high quantities light wave projected out into your standing wave purity life field also self particles personal as soul self light being eternal.

These are personal rays from conceptualized conscious divine designated good soul people like me and you granted by me, Jesus. Magnetized then bursts into expansion of the natural purity living light you need by breathing in the spiritual nourishment of the color rays listed below of my spiritual court and angels. These also are harmonic Convergence quantum source fields of divine intelligence, emanating high eternal quantities of love energy and light as cosmos nature and expansive in heart, conscious, mind, light body and galaxies. Universal existence we are each but a speck of spirit living light cell of the One totality of all that is with the other aspects of color norms, chakras, auras, planetary dimensions and timelines. Of community generation means of learning and coexisting by the billions we can be there for each other through out eternal and mind scapes of self creations. That is first of divine Christ pattern and the flames of creation bonding within us to instill good lives, good natures, good values and morals, divine lifestyles and positive relationships, stable and form of communities and universes.

To couple your own soul colors purities; chakra, merkabhas, nodes and bodies of the etheric, physical, emotional and mental external consciousness and physical extra outer worlds will allow divine intervention to supersede ones own free will that is not of divine grace creation.

zxdsssDivine 12 color rays and energy currents of the council of light under master Jesus (Sananda)

1.Light violet

2.Baby blue

3.Indigo blue

4.Crystal clear

5.Opulance pearl whit

6.Light pink

7.Conary yellow

8.Coal blue

9.Coral green

10.Royal purple



Many fall from grace, error in life and creation however those conscious pure focused in core inner heart flame love will draw forth and allow the divine on high guardian angels, spiritual teachers and friends from many star systems and star family of holiest and spiritual courts of mine.

Archangel Michael and source father will monitor, mediate, guide and use divine will of our own accord to back you up when you allow the forgiveness flame, the freedom flame, the mercy flame and the purity flame engulf you through and through. Let the father holiest source neutral purist mercy, love and compassion fill your heart to bring you into his octave, conscious life stream and embrace.

Go into the arms of the father. Amend your heart in the waves of peace and breath in the hope, protection and spiritual resuscitation, presence divine and resurrection to bring the freedom flame by simply stating : “In the name of Jesus all discord and not of love disappear ! Eternal! In the name of Jesus! “And so it is.

Call forth any color ray listed here and an angel of my spiritual court will come and sweep through you purity to help you, help self. Your divine plan is what makes you happy, what makes you soar with adoration off all nature and life, never abandoned the light when in any emotion, ask your own holy spirit that guardian of the holy ghost I abated you long ago may step forward through you and as you pure and free of external and lower distractions.

While separate soul people to allow divine intervention in simple light energy prevail the well being, good timings and timelines to interceded, also so eternal beloved. And so simply feel my colorful rays of light love, my own living light energy shining forth in the diamond heart concave of my three fold flame I wrap around and so enter thee, me my love flame and presence abounding you in good harmony, joy, contentment and peace . The merciful love awaits you engaging me half way and I will be with thee until the end of time and eternal their after. My angels will find thee, rescue thee and bring thee back home safe and sound if you step aside and allow them thee will manifest through the magical miracle mantle flaming light of our heart flames.

threefoldflame.jpgTo reach you, saturate you and help you change your life when you can not for self, I am there even so in love and faith you will unshackle thy self of ones own external forces and presence preventing by allowing the bridge of divine color rays fill you, saturate and bless you. In all good means and form will be actualized and manifested physical tangible before you. And that is eternal love in simplest form of divine intervention source field I enfold you within as energy purity graced  neutral holy positive and what you do with that is within your own aura presence, conscious life stream and divine memory if you but call forth your own divine presence.

State: “Come forth sacred fire love and enter my life in all good means and ways. Cosmic divine heart love of the sacred twelve divine color rays and energy saturate and enter my life now eternal. Enter my heart and eternal conscious life stream presence no matter portion, time line or reality and help me when I can not for self I allow and move forward in the octaves of divine order, love and light. Turn my life upside down for I can not handle it all and need help! I call forth the magical miracle mantle of light of the divine twelve color rays and energy’s anointed by Jesus to come unto me in all means and ways good for I can not for self. I relinquish and surrender, allow and ask; I call for the divine intervention, faith, hope and mercy to saturate and sweep through me now, eternal!”

You must reincarnate back into your Christ Conscious Self, heaven and gods homestead in one good easy form or another today to manifest eternal good, well being and divine intervention for without your help we can not interfere with free will universal cosmic law.

Abundance divine intervention.jpg*The galactic universal spiritual Court presented as the twelve color divine rays and energy dispensation personal purity heart light love representatives. Is first of the three fold flames, trinity, Christ Energy and the seven flames of divine energy.

The life force energy of God energy  that is natural organic living light of cosmos nature in all harmonic convergence.

Of quantum entanglement of l within God’s divine pulse tone and living light. Manifested in divine color codes of light as sacred fire of the seven flames of creation that helps you integrate divine intervention in all good forms even when you least think so.


2.Lord Michael


4.Sanat kumara

5.Lord Gautama Buddha

6.St. Germain


8.Serpis Bay


10.Lady Nada

11.Divine Mother Mary

12.Beloved Kuan Yin

Archangel InterventionAll representatives of my spiritual court can mainstream and live streaming the 12 purity codes of light color divine intervention on my behalf. And those you chose only will do so, do not be mistaken as the times change so do the spiritual representatives on my spiritual court and team of light for all humanities and light species of my fathers heavenly kingdoms and creation worlds. They all welcome all in their own time and way regardless, you are loved, not alone and forever in the arms of gods physical tangible field of light and life force purity backing up the source father eternal central sun presence love and move through the Christos Christ flame and energy for the well being of all.

The source holy fathers hug is the personal physical tangible means to simply go within and feel his love for you abound and emanate, emerge expand through you, around you and throughout you instantaneously, it is I. –Master Jesus

Note; Master Jesus is the ascended universal galactic eternal evolved cosmos presence light intelligence of Sananda.

As you evolve in dimensional growth your spirit name and persona extensions will also evolve and change for the well being of all and so to your soul color. “Soul Color” is the fingerprint of your electronic spirit presence identifiable color frequency light wave eternal life energy.

Archangel Michael: The freedom flame feels of thankfulness. Deep gratitude and adoration, love and strength, openness to just be in peace, joy and harmony. Let the divine virtues of the source fathers twelve divine natures sweep through you and fill you, lead you back home to paradise heaven. To the land of reality harmonic peace,  purity and clean of all that does you no good. Be free today and every day beloved for I never will fail thee. And so never fail me in failing your self and denying self love, enough forgiveness to make way for the floods of divine intervention, love and well being bring all in good form day and night, eternal, so it is!

Archangels of light Archangel Michael.jpgI take my mighty blue flame and cut away all discord, all lower estates and lower entities of error no matter the portion of you, time line let so be eternal cosmic electronic heart diamond blue flame mantel of my faith and strength guide you home of highest good and love, eternal!

That is our spiritual gift to you the twelve personal cosmic sacred heart fire color divine rays and energies of gods virtues and  the diamond heart love flame color divine holy spiritual resuscitation ray representatives given here for you for any life time or moment needing. And as you are simply in the purity of those very virtues within self and all that you do is you.

As the magical miracle mantel of the twelve sacred heart flame love of source father unto all you care for, they care and so forth for love is eternal expansive absolute core pure neutral good grace in all means and form when called forth. For then also receive divine intervention without force, expectation or rule and so forth because you took the time to allow divine ascended hosts, archangels and elementals purity to come into your own electronic bio energy soul spirit physical felt this time.

To come forth in your life and so the gift of love manifests in many forms  and in divine intervention as the hybrid purity in your life backing you up is us eternal! Life is hard at times do not let one self be swayed away from the eternal purity divine intervention light. Never give up just relinquish your self back into the light, into the arms of us twelve Archangels of the divine color rays into the arms of the holy sacred father heart flame love we bring thee, bridge thee and wrap you within, eternal!

Feel my truth, love, strength and faith in your heart center and breath in my mighty blue cosmic electronic life energy personal heart flame diamond blue bridge love unto you now! Of the same natures of the source fathers love and will I stand with thee forever, you are loved for the father backs us up eternal.

Never failing yet always merciful, strong dedicated pure and loving is what I am of through and through for you as the fathers will and the mothers love and through Jesus light we stand together for you always! -Lord Archangel Michael.

Divine Intervention Ascended Masters.jpg


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