mklThe Ascension Ring Star Gate is a terminal of light organic natural substance and elementals within the universe and act as highways and byways for all species of light to ascended. Or intergalactic time travel after death, in dream and before your earth incarnation you used this same purity arena to get about existence eternal and dimensions.

The Soul Ascension Ring is interconnected to the Earths ascension ring and the great grand central sun ascension rings bonding our own sun central heart flame and consciousness nebulas within. You are not alone in holding divine energy needed to landscape your alternate realties into better circumstances and instances.

All energy of all existence is interconnected through the galactic and extragalactic waves and core while plugging the soul star gate as one spirit soul physical garment of light we walk within separately.

Our earth and multiverses and all soul people, we each have our own ascension ring or soul star gates. All cosmos dimensional realties have dimensional star gates and time lines are within the galactic waves precision alignments and ley lines. Entwined as unseen crystalline liquid fire rays synergy celestial light waves energy, all alternate realities and consciousness capability conceptualization focuses and every planet, galaxy and universe within all that is share the same pulse rate core that stays all in tact and keeps all intact within the unseen micro and macro matrixes of all existence.

These Teleportation passageways interconnect Eco Systems of many existences and life streams light species of many dimensions and generations.

That are nature; created living light organisms to allow many cultures of light species to interact and move about in existence as graduation, spiritual and metaphysical graduation and soul and spirit garments simply removed of the hologram self. Which is a celluloid spherical scalar standing wave life sphere of the great grand central sun universal intelligence and love light waves firstly so anything within you can be realigned back in sync with gods divine order, god force, god will, power and knowledge pulsating eternal universal intelligence purity energy.

Which is protected and guided by Sananda-Master Jesus & Archangel Michael Legions of the light backing you up and your own spiritual team of light and way of light spiritual soul technology. To assist you in getting around the intergalactic time continuums and alternate universes the soul spirit light body and light intelligence manifests to be a part of life and eternal awareness. -Angel Vela

Intergalactic Telepathic Transmission 9-8-2015 Asket: Chrsitos Arcturians, Pleiadians, Angelics, Christed Light Beings; all good light species including earth soul people use this natural organic universe portals of light octaves and star gates to enter time lines and alternate realities one can sustiain in light body purity and focus. To get about the cosmos one of many built by the elementals and generations of good intergalactic civilizations and is hooked up with and bonded with the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System of Angelic gifted eco plasma plant crystalline electrometric system corridor inter weaving to other star gates. Such as the Arcturian Star Gate and so forth weaving within divine realms and planets for soul mate well being and interactions as free will law and cosmic universal laws.

Sananda ordained both and many more as a gateway portal star gate to other light worlds in the cosmic universes by using one’s own simple spirit and soul energy garments and bodies. The Soul Star Gate is a composite purity self sustained source octave within all that is divine alignment bio energy and sound tones in quantum spiritual spirit entanglement Harmonic standing wave within Gods Photon standing Wave natural organic life sphere holding ours to just be.

As “all that is” existence life sphere we all are held within as total existence absolute free energy potential and nature universal light intelligence eternal supply to seed, antidote, nurture, fertilize and mature at our own pace and light world dimension desires when needed as lifetimes and soul mate interactions.


Now the soul self in divine alignment of Spirit Self Purest Neutral Positive on is tapping into the sound tones, geometry divine formulas and light language. Any soul person no matter generation will use this portal of divine cosmos light to get back home or heaven paradise just like the archangels of the seven color rays use this intergalactic source light technology.

For spiritual and spirit evolved light intelligence light beings to teleport anywhere in the galaxies in soul form or simply teleporting to remote view, lucid dream and move about after death or between lives. We are Spherical Cosmic Organic Living Light Intelligence as well as this elemental Intergalactic Plant Corridor that interconnects to others living light beings in simple energy. Of free will and light knowledge how to disengage one light worlds for another of divine well being and contentment for intergalactic tourists or moving on to other locals in the universes of all that is to be of service to all humanities and God’s will. Your divine escort or guardian angels of light will be your guide and protector while in the divine terminals of light to get to other solar systems, planets and dimensions’ is conscious eternal second nature within you already!

For the Spirit Soul Light Body to take this universal intelligence supplied highway to divine realms and higher 7 dimensions and to Teleport back home to your Star Family. Of most positive or to the Holy Temples intergalactic light worlds ascended masters and Archangels choose to be and good positive paradises of intergalactic civilizations. After death, lucid dream or meditation styles of intergalactic conscious time soul traveling as a consistent eternal means to naturally gravitate and magnetize inner energy for eternal existence and stability continuum no matter time line, reality of light species you are born within.

Yourself life force energy to sustain intergalactic consciousness, protection, schooling and companionship of other like minded soul mates and civilizations beyond earth life. For the spirit life sphere moves about eternal pure and positive good for the well being of all is your divine duties, availability and example how to be or not to be within all that is.

Here is a visual of the vector portal in movement left to right spiral weaving in auto pilot stabilization speeds and growth that any soul person can use to move in intergalactic time space in your own spirit and soul vehicles and light bodies. As spiritual and spirit light technologies of natural means over industrial synthetic forms to time travel or using both until not needed of external objects and free energy attraction. Or teleport self willed in light body vehicle awareness direction and protection when necessary and for safeguarded protection the divine on high use and the higher forces guard and maintain.Natural Cosmos organic Vector Star Gate for the Spirit Soul self to get to other dimensions & Light Worlds in simple self light bio energy direction & focus.

The diagram above is a inside view peering in the Celestial Natural Cosmos Organic Vector Star Gate of divine soul people or Christed Et’s and Angelic Light Beings for the Spirit Soul self to get to other dimensions & Light Worlds in simple self light bio energy direction & focus matching universal intelligence auto pilot sound tones and energy weaving Divine Codes of Light.

I am Tolec and I will reveal another diagram here of a natural organic light room that many connect as alternate realities and light worlds that hold conscious sparks of light purity. Of first creation holiest neutral purest good native species of light of the great grand central sun of all central suns.

All soul people develop as self creations to co engage other light worlds and soul people within all that is and time lines or dimensions. What it means to be eternal conscious Christed. What it means to simply use your spirit life force energy and good karma to pulpit your self right into the very core and positive dimensions needing for you to be of like minded good sound loving people. No matter same soul group, soul mates and so forth all are in eternal existence in different planet frequencies and dimension laws.


To know Source Intelligence you must know self as a particle or portion of source universal energy intelligence in a personal form of being unto each other and all within all that is of course separate and free will respective. Intergalactic we are all in the same spectrum of light or standing wave life sphere within the great grand central sun sound tones, light language and light energies and spherical living light universes, chakras and consciousness projections of source energy. We are all in the sine wave atomic micro bio energy life force energy and life sphere of eternal existence and soul person most holy neutral divine pure positive for the well being of all.

Cadets of Light stay with me here! The divine order hemispheres of the divine gifted, blessed and quantum harmony sound tones manifest you in simple light and eternal energy. What you do with your supply should be to sustain eternal good positive safeguarded protected existences in eternity along those you care for and are good for you and you unto them. For you have been packed, infused and downloaded and is revealed in the holographic soul records of each soul person no matter where you are at in eternity lifestyles. As well how to naturally just be in simple energy and light of divine graced of the seven dimensions access, rays, energy, fires purities and support. Your spiritual light technology the Christ Self absorbs and magnifies is the only means the soul moves about well minded, sound and content no matter where you are conscious alive at in eternal existence bio energy source fields and vector eco systems.

Just like a swimmer will simultaneously defy gravity and external forces elegantly the human self will conduct garment of light for the spirit self Chrsitos eternal life sphere and light body to navigate eternal conscious within other life spheres self creations at mass scales eco systems societies.  It is important for all life species to maintain sound well being and free will while walking the tracks of those ascend elders and current elders of all cosmos purist good neutral minded hearted, galaxies and universes. To transverse each ones own lifestyles and intergalactic usefulness to sustain better long term time continuum life spheres of the spirit self. of the Spirit soul and all within the time capsule of earth and all dimensions and light worlds. God the father, source intelligence is a persona soul self just like you already seasoned to assist us in all good, well being, love and divine intervention. Just request higher forces to come forth and pamper, educated, support, mentor and companionship to help you help self. We of the Pleiadian star ship and home of many reading can also be bodied in natural vortex existences protected and loved just like we are.

Your current time line is actually a time live stream of your total self in all simultaneous dimensions and life spheres light worlds you have gravitated to this far in eternal existence. Some can say eternal existence is like a wishful dream for one may only know up to 120 years of current events if remembered. However when you allow divine memory to come forth as you precipitating intergalactic activities attention, is virtual reality in dimension feel segmenteted. However the conscious dimensional time traveler will feel as if all is one timing solid and accessible while time lines can and seems like an elevator feel of travel teleportation of intergalactic light worlds, dimensions, alternate realties and star gates.

Natural organic living light intelligence eco habitats and civilizations light rooms of good and stable for a conscious walker of light to passage, grow and just be with millions of others in time conscious vector light worlds and star ships. Or heaven paradises life spheres light worlds already laid out into the vast space oceans and intergalactic communities light life spheres of the higher forces of the great grand central sun legions and positive pure neutral good families of light. Of our own and source father of his own light purity spectrum color divine codes and energy of all that is to be sustained and able to move about co creations and consciousness ability we can enjoy for eternity if we all nurture intergalactic cosmos, guide and companionship together no matter the dimension or timeline and soul star gates that lead you astray is your own creations even still. Those of divine order and synchronicity is the higher forces intervening when asked and requested not by just those reading here.

iubnnhjjVoltec: Through the Alpha wave of your brain you are attuning into higher forces realities and awareness. The Higher self can maintain simultaneous matching frequencies and mirror. Hence hologram projection within self inner eyes and heart sound tones matching. Intergalactic live streaming entrance and activities inclusions each soul person can manifest into by simple light and energy of self bio spherical living light body and life force energy.

Spirit Entanglement is all involved to sustain bio energy quantum harmony stabilization fields. The scalar energies within the heart and conscious nebula matches the ascension rings of self, earth, all those involved and intergalactic core universe sound tones and spirit soul color vibration frequencies light waves. Plasma propulsion of spirit and soul connection within bio spheres of eco habitats of like minded is to allow active eternal conscious participation to just be in divine gifted blessing and synchronicities of matching bio energy and frequency levels aero space and harmonic quantum interactive realties.

Of divine bonding gifted centuries ago and by ancient elders of all intergalactic villages, societies, generations and light world planets scalar waves of the divine supported and protected mass community spherical universal standing waves or named light worlds.

iu9E0ZBIRIZathera: Your attention and willingness to match universal frequencies. As a one time simultaneous sound tone frequency vibration is a level of existence the soul spirit enters and engages within near and dimension light worlds and realms.

In a sense telepathic and conscious dimensional time traveling and teleportation skills are universal consistent for a greater purpose, for the greater good of all involved. No matter already dead, yet born or time line and realm all involved as the Law of the circle moves also in quantum unified vector fields of existences.

Zionius: The Ascension ring is tied within or inter related connected of the soul star gate, chakras, universe and earths planet influences and fluidly.

While surrounding stars, planets and universes galaxies also interplay in divine alignment, eternal universe intelligence sharing and accessing when needed as lifetimes and light knowledge. Light knowledge of spirit technology is given of the same curriculum, spirit light technology and universal energy to sustain life an dwell being.

Their is no favoritism in source creation and everyone’s Mighty I Am Presences it is the lower contaminated spheres, inner selves and influential one dimension at a time conscious. Only soul mates color and project self creations not of source universal intelligence born and granted, fed and sustained holiest neutral pure, no.

To travel intergalactic into habitable non hostile planets of good soul people is to become aware of their cultural habits and knowledge styles to better have a worth outcomes in all you are of within dimensions you graduate into or yet aware of and to explore. Using the Arcturian Star Gate is a intergalactic community breezeway into other positive dimensions and light worlds you may have already visited in sleep or past lives!

The Merkabha Soul Self will move about in these very same corridors of light Master Jesus uses and the Archangels shown in diagrams in these divine Realms Blog Spot and pages.

Saint Germain: The time lines the ascended masters use are in the same meridians and light nodes of the Universal Intelligence Light Field Hologram light worlds of first creation. Co created by first civilizations of light purest neutral positive.

The chakra rings also ty into the dimension levels and spherical self soul color orbs of creation; the etheric, mental, physical and emotional light bodies and the spherical standing waves of source creation of first existence eternal purest neutral positive good. The silver cord would also bond all your soul colors, chakras, merkabhas and nebulas of self spherical life sphere orbs of self creation and within the self creation of first universal intelligence life sphere orbs and silver cord. Becoming crystalline opulence pink, gold, blue, violet, green colors of purity neutral or free energy abundance and divine intervention pathways and support the Soul Self can nourish

While the Violet Flame rays manifest, liquidate and consume cremating all that does you no good in the sound tones and light languages of mercy, forgiveness, liberty, transmutation, compassion and freedom fire flames color divine codes of light. To allow access to the higher forces star gates and Sananda’s living light garments and terminals of light also connected and bonded in the violet rays, dispensations and clearings flames of god energy, knowledge, will and love the soul octave and star gates vibrate within cradling and feeding from.

Ashtar: My Light Star Ship is also connected and bonded within the great grand central sun core energy source fields and energy. The purity part comes as untouched living light life force color energies of natural organic neutral pure also untouched while light bending and changing the frequencies and sound tones back into divine order. Back into Gods divine will source fields and energy juice nourishment and living light natural organic well being sensory light codes and light languages.

These becoming mandalas of bio geo geometry energy vector fields and soul beings gravitate to for the experience potential abundance and soul mate engaging in eternal existences octaves, light worlds and life sphere light worlds. One can use the same symbolic and diagrams, energy codes of light and star gates no mater our status soul awareness capability or not. In dream you also come and go in the terminals of light through the Arcturian and Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System and source fields corridors of light to get to your star families, heavenly light worlds and divine plans graduation points of interest and commitments.

How many light worlds out there are indifferent to dimension levels 7 and beyond you move about in respect to universal, cosmos and free will laws. Your Christ Self Spirit also is indifferent to dimension laws when inter dimensional consciousness is in the pilot chair of total self existence among millions of others going about eternal existence life styles. Also at their own prerogative and ability purities attained or not helping and steering or sabotaging and holding up the divine process and intervention.

Metatron: The color tones matching the star gates of the intergalactic comunties of most positive must match your own soul star gate sound tones, Soul Color and mathematical divine formulas and sacred fire infused photons, particles and orbs.

In a sense the universe is a metatron cube bio energy geometry pattern rotational spherical all that is vector source field. So is the soul spirit as  a micro version living light orb of free will in real-time activity and vibrations will then correspond and attune as second nature when you can not for self feel so.

Your Christ Self knows so as the conscious experience going through all of existence in portions as inner selves in dimensions time zones and time lines parallel to the spirit eternal and heretical to the current self in dimensional less ness feel though as the now you, can you feel so? Can you feel the inner pulse rate of the great grand core central sun as your own heart beat sound tones too? Can you enter the eternal star gate in simple light and energy in inner eye feel and visuals diagrams given allow your self to move into divine memory means of getting about intergalactic positive good existences right along the ascended masters, Archangels and Christed ET’s and Light beings.

We await you now, join us at on your own accord as we do into your dimension and alternate universes, tubes of light and life spheres existence octaves when we are called and loved.

Apollonius Star Gate Diamond SystemDiagramExamplemosiacImigery-6-1-2014-2Archangel Michael: Soul Existence lives within the time continuums within all that is eternal and beyond the end of time. It is your own responsibility in simple light and self energy life force purity direction to create your own spirit light technology time machine through ones own energy fields and inner purity focus you can travel intergalactic corridors already in place and used in dream and after death to most only. While no longer we want you to be intergalactic aware and available while in any lifetime with us, your teams of light and purest star families good for your spiritual growth and protection. Your soul Star Gate absorbs into the soul, spirit conduits and lifelines energy forces to attract security, financial freedom, spiritual growth divine memory to do so. Well being and contentment is also our jobs to always instill first within extending to others while millions of other soul people right along you also are trying to have simple stable loving life’s eternal right along God’s.

See your self in your own light vector time matching natural organic living light body and consciousness, heart nebulas bonding as one unit within higher forces universal intelligence fire cleansing and freeing you. To time travel or teleport to necessary light worlds, planets and alternate realties to be with needed soul mates, soul groups and divine companions who want your best good and love to shine right along theirs and so forth. Your own Soul Star Gate is linked up to your spirit light technology and your spirit bio energy circuitry bio electrometric pulse gages and speeds. Of purest neutral divine father, co creates and share the same source field and light worlds god source universal intelligence has.

While in innocence we take for granted the back drops of all creation and realtime energy feeds of hologram projections and spectrums speeds of existence creative absolute potential and free energy to back up all of gods blessings and intervention synchronicities. Requested for the well being of all including travel in the vacuum of all creation torsion fields while beyond the speeds of light and dimension limitations can instantaneously be there for you and you for all. In simple light and energy cosmic plant living light star gates eco systems within cosmos Christos universes and all that is.

That interlace intergalactic communities and light worlds plants and universes, soul people and soul mates, time dimensions and time lines of most positive for you to safeguard within your own heart pulse rate, sound tones and living light aura radiance. You are attracted to in living light and magnetism no matter the dimension or time line. You can be striped of entrance to the Arcturian Star Gate or 86’d in America terms and must earn you way back in while reestablishing trust and intergalactic neutral pure ethics and consciousness creations.

Along all others allowed to co exist in divine realms already established for centuries and dimension then all bleed into each other as one standing wave of Gods energy and God Atom sine waves spherical patterns within our own photon life sphere living light spirit soul persona life streams.

Sananda: Come be with me now. Come join my own backdrops of paradises of lights I have prepared for you and all you care for, even beyond the end of time. Enter the Arcturian or Apollonius star gate diamond system by inner eye focus and subtle energy matching within my own. In auto pilot let us be together in divine light worlds and holy pure neutral harmonic beautiful positive light worlds and life spheres.

Yes our own life sphere of soul vehicle and spirit life stream feeding we must rejoin back into first creation divine color rays and sound tones as our own we adopt and mirror in all we do. To sustain better time lines and realties is within the heart purity desire and pure neutral intents for the well being of all. To restore better lives, better timelines and better soul mate interactions takes the whole villages or light species of all universe dimensions and reality light worlds of all on each minds to restore good lifestyles, ensure protection, well being and positive interactions is where you place your own energy for the day or second to second to be a part of better realities and instances

Help others around you to alleviate their own problems and miss use in self creations and divine love to restore divine purity neutral lives and energy to do so, consciousness and divine color rays. And please let all your own miss giving’s, loss of faith and love be restored in the Universal Intelligence light energy love rays and fire of your own soul star gate and bodies chakras aura presence consciousness heart infuse as one.  Strengthen you, protecting and guiding you to not make no more mistakes or miss creations again. Higher forces saturate you through and through bonding and infusing divine protection and intervention to help you achieve prosperity, contentment, well being and positive good light intelligence to be seasoned well rounded soul people of the multiverses once again. Is to let your self love self, forgive self and let it all go into the light once and for all. And for all invite healing, divine synchronicities, divine prosperity and divine memory to ensure good timings and time lines within the star gate soul life spheres and bodies.

Being a little lighter is like time traveling or liquidating what does you no good into the light. To teleport yourself into better situations and activities coming into your existence for you to experience is alleviating your chakras and mind sets into the open intergalactic spherical energy alignments. Already set in place eons ago, is neutral zero point phi balance quantum harmonics Christed Self navigation and live streaming divine color rays and Divine pre infused Codes of Light God uses to get about all that is too. In simple self light and life force energy and good consciousness projecting and interacting will auto pilot you into like minded star soul groups and families, soul mates and team members of intergalactic communities.

We of your Soul Families and Star Families of light no longer are awaiting you not just in dream time anymore to return and be a part of your divine commitments and eternal life well being on a grander scale and convergence. Now you know by even just standing on my own garments of eternal light and pathway I have co-created with universal law and free will octaves bonded we move forward into space time continuum of source fathers conscious life sphere realties and platforms.

Please review again the diagram picture given here of the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System for the visual diagrams and octave star gate systems given here are to sustain subconscious memory.

Even at death to become an auto pilot natural self purity aura and chakra, conscious and heart pulse rate matching and aligning into the divine realms and higher light worlds meant for you and those you care for and those they care for and so forth. As the soul circuitry and spirit light knowledge naturally sustains within the means and movement to kick you into gear or upward into the arms of divine angels, families and the ascended hosts within your energy currents and consciousness will absorb into and bond. Which is to be used consistently in and throughout eternity, in dream time travels and reincarnation and resurrection purity availability I use and my legions of angels, ascended masters, Christed ET’s and divine beings of light, enlightened soul people for centuries.

That sustains you in my aura presence within yours our living light bonds as one. To move into and through the intergalactic light universal intelligence natural organic Diamond Star Gate. That our own spirit soul is also of in eco habitat nature systems of the cosmos and can naturally in second nature of even just thinking of divine virtues as our own heart and conscious truth we have gained for lifetimes and move easily and safely in spirit soul vehicles within the natural universes for eternity.

Be well for eternity as I walk besides you and you at your own accord unto me, come. -Sananda 10-04-2015 11:11 PM

The Ascension Ring Star Gate - guided by Sananda-Master Jesus 7 Archangel Michael Legions of the light.


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