Divine Message Transmission: Sananda: In pondering Divine Alchemy, heavenly alchemy, holy alchemy, spiritual alchemy, metaphysical alchemy, freemason alchemy, spirit alchemy are stages of inner growth one proceeds as pathways to the higher realms and heavenly states.

Yet all are not a talent; it is the curriculum and perfection of gods will in action and divine order attraction and magnetism of the soul spirit physical alignment and broadcasting. As one unit of soul will within God will laws and octaves that provisions divine purity cosmic universal reservoirs and living light for all generations of humanity that can not for self when called. It is the will of god energy drawn forth central purity core nature of our light species and spiritual neutral Intergalactic Origin organizations, soul groups, star families and villages of dimension existences of many levels of universes in dimension evolving maturing solar systems and planetary we all share under one roof of eternal life sphere existence; within the spirit cell, the soul photon and the physical electron.


The Crystal Fire Ray Bio Geometry Soul Star Pattern


The spirit temple is born within the geometry light physics of the Christ Pattern of Christos trinity in absorb resonance of harmonic sound of the music of the spheres, Gods breath the solariums sun magnetism energies. Breaking down to speech coherency and conscious comprehension abilities, the heart center cleared any light being can master eternal consciousness and good hearted people good relationships. Self acquainted love well being and universal adaption stability that is needed by all life streams no matter your conscious state awareness levels and evolutionary growth.

Attained within “All that Is” matrix cosmos and soul balanced existences and universal intelligence, love and wisdom laws. Through good Karma and divine ethics and morals intergalactic neutral pure for the well being of all of course is our truth of the 3x3x3/David and Solomon signets, geometry, light language and formulas that your bio pathways and energy source fields and rays absorb by feeding through the life stream conduits, rings of fire chakras, the heart, consciousness and soul, spirit, physical octaves of the Ascended Master teachings, pathways, guidance and light worlds already established and fruitful, positive and enlightening and needs your humanity contribution, worth and spiritual blessing energy when wanted to join us over sapping all the time only what you need over provisioning and equal balance of give and take. Once ones learns in baby soul steps one can mature into more divine rays such as the set of two, four, six, trinity, zero point and tachyon energy source fields. Combining Light Energy beyond Time and Space within your own time and space parables the twelve rays and up will be comprehended to those entrusted of divine stature of good will.

light-language-gliphsGod will, divine will, cosmos universal eternal will parables while in real time feel of ‘All that Is” existences, light worlds and self creations. Good or bad manifesting and with those you care for will be the only worlds you are capable or self absorbed. To lock into your existences as your openly existences and truth of what life eternal is and means for you. For you will be going through it “eternal existence” by your self firstly really is not coupled in the arms of the trinity precessions. Tetrahedron matrixes and time reality of higher good hearted soul people that adopt you as their family, students, baby immature souls that know no better. While becoming high maintenance soul people in the dimension realms and so the beyond time and space parables also become tainted. In time and space light worlds of all alternate universes the miss use of thought and feeling manifest. Yet simple light and energy purity focus raises and changes you frequency, brain activities and living light elementals. To sustain better lives, well being and good fortune needed to be of the divine realms and soul people who are truly not interested in corrupting, distracting and absorbing the souls light and energy like you’ve been entrained naturally in society and family settings and upbringings you entrusted to just be alive in third dimension. The Divine Alchemy is miss understood still to this day that any soul person no matter dimension awareness are living within can change your rate of vibration.

Therefor changing the reality around you to finally have hope, true unconditional multi universal simultaneous inner selves and outer influences and soul mates of this holy sacred fire love, ray and stability manifest as you at all times in simply self origin through self love adaption adoption and direction within the heart core coming, then the blood stream and conscious octaves and rulers of self as one conduit of eternal existence and life force for the well being of all as your Divine Plan and goals will reveal to you now more so into your lucid dreams, futures selves and past selves all bleed and share the same life stream you are of, Soul Monad of God atom and genetic offspring light species in second Universes of the three, seven, twelve, or 2,4,6 and so forth capped under divine alchemy signets.

What ever is comfortable and claim and do something about that all that does you no good and possibly haunting you lifetime after life time as the answer to get by in eternal existence because you know no better!

We divine soul want you to understand to take time to know all of existences and dimensional selves while taking responsibly who you have become thus far. And will then so manifest as probable futures and timelines if you do not get a grip of true eternal reality dimensional life is it and certainly not the answer to all sovereign beings of light species within all that is. Get to know your true eternal self, to be clear and free and change what does you no good for no one will save you nor walk you path for you and so really you are your own spiritual eternal coach, guru and twin flame partner! Your lifespans as lifetimes will reveal within the soul colors, currents, spatial cosmic spectrums residences adapted and divine color octaves, memories and activities at every second you are of and sustain as total you what and who you really are within “All that Is“.

Beloved of my heart octave I forever protect if you ask with your help I will do so and we will know you truly as eternal “I Am” presence levels we are at and await patiently. To stop practicing over just contributing in your own ways divine order, divine will and divine love in all you do and will not stop in this life time for you to practice, retain and then just be once again in the arms of your divine eternal star families and soul mates. Use so our divine alchemy knowledge, gifts and light essences cocktails chalices of light within the cup of light “Spirit Cell Life Sphere of Source Creator” that you are and we will overshadow you in the Christ ray and energy.

Until you can for self, truly understand what is being shared here in simple imagery sensory, imagery and divine elementals. Being absorbed into your soul life streaming into your life-force living light matrices and Cell Electrons spirit atomic micro cores firstly it is so. Call on my Sacred Fire angels legions to penetrate your existences and zap and disintegrate all that does you no good and it is done in your name and akashic records, life records and Book of Life will be amended in your favor and so also those you touch in all lifetimes. Will become aligned and infused to be free and feel freedoms flame, mercy flame and ascension flame rays and sound tones we adorn you now.

Just ask to be clear and free in the sacred fire seven rainbow heart rays and light and allow so to absorb and be all of you now so.

The Christ energy is of such humanity contributions and the symbolic Christ trinity does manifest divine intervention, light schools and families of light matched to your evolutionary capability and focuses. Not under one umbrella as self or selfish attention and absorption or dispensation and abating over the umbrella of all that is for the well being of all within the will of god manifestation organ is pure and free of any self creation of lower worlds influents, self thoughts and outer worlds and mass communities planetariums eco systems based on elemental availability and nature light beings genetics impinged to be in eternal dimensions time and space over within that time and space is cradles and supported to even exist. Feeding and abating through the source heart core origin untouched yet of the trinity in symbolic mastery and manifestations then occur intact of Gods heart space and divine realms become our own to explore, set came and relish in prosperity, peace, love and natures purity and scenes of breath, sight and energy you know so.

Of origin begetting first divine insertions of spiritual cosmos love living light life force of the sacred fire into and through your heart let flow in through the divine on high or mine, Master Jesus/Sananada. Which is the eternal back drop and feeds all within and throughout of “all that is” and absolute potential quantum sciences subject teachings also are diverged of first creation divine bio energy formulas firstly. Is manifested and the divine plan has a chance to fulfill your heart purity of love in all forms expressed as free will simply requests of the higher forces in all you are of in life and do in simple light and energy focus and absorbs firstly. The heart emits and absorbs as total you feeding the soul, spirit, physical and heart and conscious source fields within you and makes up you in light body eternity totality. That is actually intact as eternal life plasma membrane energy spherical life sphere one is born at time of entering first creation. Also feeding your living light and conscious nebulas life spheres as the spirit self manifested in Christ currents and vibrations sound tones and god energy absorbed and actualized in all your creations firstly.

We are a natural organic heavenly Convergence of mind, soul, spirit, spirituality, heart center purity and consciousness. Conceptualized and fed within of quantum universe and divine cosmos virtue and divine ethic beyond time and space, dimension and spirit activities your pure energy sustains, manifests and balance. Of first creation dimensions as your own hear sparked flame of the sacred fire micro miniature replicas. That are the Spirit Atom core origin sacred fire; universal creation, physical octaves, spiritual energy attained of the seven rays influences, segregate and directives provisioned through you as you for the well being of all. Of the sacred fire lightwaves, divine particles and photonic presence of Gods garments of light that is all of existence firstly light and energy, matter and light quantum harmonic bonding. Through the divine flames of gods heart home and focus fuel manufacturing abilities and knowledge in good hearted intents, need and desires. We adapt as our own in focusing on the divine seven color ways of the one spherical color ray the seven dance around, excite and dispense, mellow out and infuse into you when asked and focused.

The other dimensions  are extensions of humanity creations and evolved soul people within the seven or evening of taught perception in third dimension which makes the intangible almost impossible to manifest intangible creation dream like and fabrications that evaporate in resonance of self creation misuse or absorbs restoration of ill mannered, emotional, lack of security membranes sigma’s and energy currents supply of self will and lack of love of first source. That the second law of love abates the natural soul conduit optimum purity octaves; morals, energy and contribution that is the cleanest, untouched form of self creation. Within our spiritual loving divine matrix of three fold flame teachings, bio geometry and sacred codes of divine light and universal cosmos divine presence, creation, living light life force energies and laws that are substantial to soul people needs.

However divine disciple is the key no matter where your camped out as a lifetime in any dimensions unknown or own at this time. As self creations overlaid within Gods first purity neutral base, rays and energy we can move about eternity lifestyles more freer, less baggage and divine paths actualized in divine activities and systems. It is unfortunate we cannot remember our own intergalactic self if only in segments and dream even so is not enough so to know god intergalactic is crucial. For if this translator of our word here influence herself over one religion over another, one path over another, one lifetime over another greater importance creates segregation of total self and takes lifetimes to balance back to first creation. Many life’s are or have or will be risky to forget total intergalactic eternal conscious neutral positive selves. Then she would not know us consciously intergalactic either. For we are really focused fragments of the divine creator’s awareness whole. The earths inter-dimensional veils and cosmos, dimension levels and organized guarded star gates laws must be abide and so free will parables are the magical presence, immortal love blessings and miracle mantel and gifts of the ascended masters and angel hosts you can accept as your own.

To enjoy your style or many of getting personal close with the divine creator good on your terms however gets old and so one must compromise and enjoy the creator coming on his own accord unto you no matter the dimension or time line you anchored your spirit through the soul conduit. This means in simple light and energy within you feel so and the outer manifestation of source father is immaculate conception, gifts, love and protection ever lasting good and positive. Companionship and adoration, wisdom, guidance, harmony, purity, peace, joy, freedom, liberty, mercy and justice source intelligence divine creator as gods energy life force provisions in everlasting quantities and supply.

b26e051800523bd35fec41535f19a418Not failing self at heaven gates in how this will not happen is good to contemplate in ones free time and felt when to realize you putting off your intergalactic purity self over dimensional hologram realisms adored and possessed. Taking time to conceive and maintain on a daily basis that evaporate in higher vibration cleansing was not a focus to clear or mistakenly taking all your free time. Over any other time consuming activities not of the god creation matrix and patterns then so positive outcomes and stability is sure.

The divine alchemy rules or teachings can be adapted to your own style of getting close and divine pure on your own accord, I have my own means and ways or rituals and free will purity as well. My energy comes from the core of the great galactic sun of all suns centrals in all universes and Galaxies. Yours too or soul energy and sound tones beat of same hertz. This natural organic cosmos infused and spiritual pure neutral magnetized the source divine father also in his realm dimensions uses divine alchemy within his own divine power, will, love and wisdom we can adapt as our own we piggy back unto through the Holy Spirit we can.

4444codeoflight6The Holy Spirit is used in many dimensions and is only called of different names due to dimensional multiverse galactic community and eco systems habitats we are coherent awake as real-time existence for us. This mean the conscious, unconscious and subconscious can live divided as you in time segments or bond as one unit of existence consciousness useful in all dimensions in one timing of feeling and awareness. The Ascended Masters and Archangels are not the only ones that can teleport within heaven and earth nor can telepathic or see through the all seeing eye of god. Our own selective and self inflicted amnesia due top dimensional interfacing and stuck beliefs that could have a clean slate. Untie you of self bondages, karma as bad choices and misuse of life and creation. The divine color rainbow rays are natural organic infused cosmos Christos living light purity of personal light beings cosmic universal intelligence pure and safeguarded for you when you cannot for self.

While higher energy is not liquidated in any form it is the glue as god Life Force energy purity neutral that the heart center core emanates without name, religion and creed over simply being in the now, free spirited in most for the well being of all without borders of religion, dimensions, beliefs and continent duty in family heritage influences and societal respect conceived to fit in and survive approval subconsciously of course. The god rays and energy or love wave strata’s colored rainbows are spiriting divine emanations and radiations, elementals, energy, light, dust, Neutrinos and substances needed for spiritual nourishment Divine Alchemy spiritual practice brings. Neutrinos manifest: electron, muon, tau. Our sun bursts these neutrinos into the universe not just in the big bang bursts that bring ten per cent by carrying away the suns energy going through us billions at a time. Cosmic law and divine law all interplay a wholesome well being stable presence and light world habitat no matter the dimension or time line.

Master JesusAll things evolve and prosper out of self universal intelligence consciousness. The unconscious conceives what is impressed upon so. As tangible reality truth so it seems manifesting all you are a part of or will become and be or free will, will color and contaminate as first reality self creation. Yet the first conscious conception of “all that is” holds all other soul sparks and photon conscious aspects of first consciousness octave we all are within for eternity. So who is really thinking out existence daily over free will law and cosmic universal intelligence free will?

The self subconscious, unconscious and conscious must bond and infuse as one current absorbed first of first consciousness co creation and realities energy and life force purities. These divine packets infused Holy Spirit and divine blessed graced packets of light are diverged of divine beings cosmic universal intelligence and great grand central sun core home base, consciousness and reality families of light hearing our calls while we interplay or do duties of spiritual and religious, faithful and metaphysics, physics and intuitive as alternate realties, Parallel Realities, dimensional realties and self creation realties all bond as one.

contact46_03Intergalactic Board of CouncilEnergy and light are none separating while supportive and eternal alive as universal intelligence light body life stream spirit powers of divine will and soul love essences, light and auras. All existence is united of backdrop co creation in order to walk around within so, virtual reality is by all means the outcome of that entire think and do feeling realisms self creation within mass creation and within “all that is” co creation dimensions and universes within the thinking conceptualized lifetime’s one is involved. The soul spirit needs to exist in an eternal natural organic habitat that many galaxies, heavens, light worlds and realties exist in common survival and love bonds of all time lines, dimensions bleeding within and through as first creation circuitry wave strata’s and bio energy geometry living light allows all other planetary’s, light species and things to become by becoming in co creation quantum entanglement.

Spiritual Entanglement and spirit physics bond as one unified way of naturally being in universe cosmos intergalactic higher realms and realties all life streams can explore or pitch a lifetime presence. The eternal spirit soul person is not a hopeful virtue over actualizing within self all purity neutral highest esteem, grace, love and wisdom of god’s light, energy and love powers also natural organic streams of creation within the spirit of source father. 087Systems that work for generations will work in other dimensions as well then by allowing the “Mighty I Am Presence” and the mental higher body self to bond as one conscious nebula functional divine membrane and circuitry cohesiveness you will sustain well being eternal more long term. Become naturally aware of divine realms and realties the holy host, angelic host and ascended master host’s bond in universal intergalactic communities of positive, neutral for the well being of all governed societies and free time realties. The eternal conscious soul person can exist in natural organic habitats of like minded even your partner of destiny or twin flame can simultaneously be conscious of you as you as them as one for intergalactic conscious divine well being and spiritual growth acceleration to evolve into higher dimensions above the grade and dimension limitations.

The sacred trinity or cosmos Christos Self is then your real-time natural organic solid sound feeling, multi-universe consciousness feeling of awareness by self free will and divine order concentrated and manifested in ones outer thoughts and consciousness realms of Christed inner influence. This means the soul person is simply real-time live streaming higher dimensions energy of the Christ Self purity into all portions of self consciousness, auras, chakras, heart fed and spilled forth in all liquid light energy into all pieces, sections and liquidating all that you are back into first creation purity multidimensional light being.

higher diemsnion real;ties existencesUntitled0 00000There are many dimensions of reality existences levels parallel stacked in each rainbow divine color rays. Of the seven spheres of influence, dimensions and graduation levels we climb. To ascend into heaven paradise, clear karma and grow with same soul group, soul mates and twin flames.

Like a latter we graduate within light worlds or life pods eco habitat systems levels to attain. All creation is in natural cosmos living plants, liquid energy, mass and speeds of light bonding to all exist useful and well eternal. The Cosmos kingdom, plant and animal kingdoms all co exist within yet what if you look outside the box and see clusters of dimensions of higher realties our spherical light bodies move about as lifetimes and spiritual alchemy attained in experience. Your spirit is spherical yet like the string theory as a life stream can move about eternal existence cosmos with other good soul people you care about in other living light spherical creations.

How to extract divine alchemy life force energy of divine universal intelligence and cosmic intelligence is to focus and magnetize from your core heart the trinity within the Holy Spirit Frequency and Flames of God purest neutral positive good emanations, substance, light radiation and radiance. As our own three fold flame sparked of the god presence flames and energy firstly saturating through and through all parts of us, in all dimensions and consciousness states that feeds the thousand lotus petal heart flames core. Then back out into all you are circulates and nourishes our spiritual growth, spirit nourishment and spiritual alchemy abundance in all good forms for eternity as our own second nature in all we do firstly forever and forever and then beyond eternity and the end of time is divine alchemy reigned within owns own natural organic natures and free will fuel and energy.

This is how Telepathy, remote viewing, intuition, dream visions, future lives, past lives and divine memory naturally comes forth from within you. The depths of your very being manifest in simple light and energy all you need or ever will become. If it is not your nature, in your genes or purity strength is not the answer to move along eternal life as a victim and ungifted. For God sparks every soul light being person, every light species is spawned from his own heart love wave strata’s or presence auras and light reality spectrums become visible and habitable to many tribes of light for generations.

God PhotonSince we are God Photons and spirit spheres of all that is, our golden Christ light orbs are our universal intergalactic spirit life sphere eternal existence octaves.

Since the spirit is super luminal and moves beyond the speed of light we can materialize in any life zone of creation eternal and dimension by shifting our vibration and awareness conscious focus retaining.

Conscious is God and so to be happy is to in tune within Gods realms, life sphere and forefront awareness activities as our own we magnetize and bond within our own three fold flame.

In vision yourself in simple light and energy feeling bonding divine purity of self within the dove of light Holy Spirit Frequency divine personal energy love of source father’s Divine expression and appreciation adoration unto each of us right now one on one.

Connecting the thousand fold flame within the heart soul and spirit star gate bonding within God’s spirit life force energy and wrapped within Source intelligence universal garments of light wave strata we emerge pure and free again of the Spirit Bio Sphere bio energy circuitry that is feed of the divine rainbow rays we attune and feel. Within our thinking and feeling side of life within the life sphere of source father we forever co create within our own natural organic cosmos and divine infused soul spherical lifestyles. Your spheres of light life focus on the sacred fire action of the Ascended Masters Octaves prepare the soul currents and rings of fire. For ascension through your on soul star gate as well to align and behave patriotically neutral good unto self through self love. That is flourished through divine creation law of love first creation laws. Atomically and physically your purity feeling manifests you of your own accord with those you call forth from the breath of god octaves to transport into higher forces and dimensions of like minded and good soul people meant for your highest well being and divine path good karma growth.

Your ascension fire ring moves you beyond the Earth’s ascension ring into the sacred trinity triangle sacred fires the Holy Spirit tube of light and fauna and plant, cosmos, angelic; all natural living light self free will beings of light coming to your aid as miracles, grace and self love unbound of all organic kingdoms in all that is history and for future selves as you in the now to set up appointments and calls to the divine on high to assist you while conscious of them. In the here and now for all lifetimes and realities of you or ever will be can have the divine host to intervene without force, need or desire yet at your free will in the here and no for all here and now’s of self when you can not for self we can of the divine light and divine realm. You move forth in spirit and soul physical strong and aware into the divine light worlds awaiting you and your star families.

Through the hologram-soul-ascension-ring seal portal you ascend whole and angelic hosts in peace content to heaven or in dream. To the divine temple sacred retreats the Archangels and Ascended Masters regulate to allow all humanities species of light and all dimensions to bond in universal intelligence multiverse intergalactic eternal consciousness and neutral purity for the well being of all and on their own accord when ready or signal a call for divine growth and spiritual nourishment nutrients of the holies holies.

For those ready join us in your living light life energy feel so divine love of all of creation eternal pure and from my heart feel so, I await you. – Sananda.

“My Soul Magnetizes the Lord” I am Beloved Divine Mother Mary; of the sacred heart rays and light energy blessings and gifts we shower0b4bff9feb8a03d28d0bfea6042bd19e you as your own energy; strengthen self, faith, love in all you are as our own we back you up feel so graced. My love is like a rainbow bridging unto your heart back unto mine for the lands of heaven is the universal intelligence I stand to help you be in the higher realms and light worlds most positive loving good stable. In divine order as us all simultaneously in all dimensions, light worlds, timelines, existences and realties our free will vibrations dance in harmonic love waves of the creators blanket of living light and aura presence!

sgDivine Transmission; Saint Germain: Divine Alchemy is diverged of the pristine ecosystem of all univeres and light specie and conducts our own Spheres of Life. The Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System and my own Spiritual Spirit Light Technology. Which is hooked up and bonded within the great central sun life sphere and heart  and consciousness flames and energy life force and protection of a none personal level and participation contribution such as Earth and cosmos.

Also the same species of flora and fauna that makes up the Arcturian star gate and hologram existence of all light species. The nature natural organic life species of all universes pitch I; seed, germinate, fertilize, nurture and mature existence to ripen for soul people to flourish life continuum in eternal existence life spheres and self creations.

Those on a personal level feel universal intelligence as companionship, spirituality and divine intervention. By allow a personal conscience and heart shift resonates purer sound tones, light language and cosmic and Christos prana and nourishment within the Christ Self sphere of Life Spirit cell of all that is we are a simple portion of a piece and token in all likeness and supply at micro good energy and life force energy.

Divine Alchemy prepares Ascension and violet fire attraction and manifestations sparks sacred fire action of the divine will of god energy, power, knowledge and love in all good forms. Manifests and follows you throughout eternity time and beyond. One must however engage the light within first feeding all blood streams of the spirit, soul, mind and body and clear the way to be free and pure while in any lifetime or light world dimension without even knowing how to and is what is called divine memory sparked within.

xcvbnmYour sphere of Life is in same spectra illumination quantum harmonic standing waves as God’s divine heart space and conscious purest neutral projection. We also mimic, mirror and project unto all we are of in all likeness in micro bio systems as the whole or law of one. Or the I Am Presence moving about in sync of source universal intelligence light worlds and conscious states of being as our own.

How can we manifest such truth and all likeness when we are selves are constantly creating bad choices and selfish means to get about our day and existence contributions? We can surrender, we can enter the violet flame octaves and fire to relinquish all that does us no good and move forward clear and free walking about. Our own miss use of creation, miss use of love and people must also be cremated to allow room and purity to be uploaded in the trillions, expanded and sustained divine alchemy into your light body garments and existences. Not just by you alone over all those of the divine on high that support you, love you, companionship you, teach and are Soul Mates and soul groups in legions of intergalactic dimensions and hemisphere. Which are your divine complements eternal twin flame counter part or Quantum Spiritual Entanglement with many lifetimes and cultures of intergalactic communities while nestled in dimension reality as singularity solar photon atomic bio energy spirit spherical of all creation. As life streams in cosmos divine alchemy and god presence actualized in holography experiences and time lag.

4746d3b5b1433019afa6674eb44b3c5dThe brain hemispheres are the Subconscious as non linear also beyond time and space parables and mathematics physics takes change.

As second nature defying dimension laws while in them respecting and all that is backing up in all you do.

In Sound Tones of the divine god presence holiest, neutral, pure good alone one can change your conscious state for another of higher realms to benefit you in all good forms.

Sound Color Healing Effects

Red (470 Hz) = Strength force

Orange (500 Hz) = Healing properties

Yellow (520 Hz) Stimulates brain intellect & third chakra

Green (570 Hz) = Love, balance, healing & at inner levels

Blue (620 Hz) = Relax calming

Indigo (640 Hz) Inspiration

Violet (700 Hz) Spiritual Nourishment

Magenta (790 Hz) Ascension Quantum Entanglement Consciousness

Sulphur and Quicksilver – Two laws of quantum ingredients of alchemy


Astrology, minerals & Metals-in Alchemy use:








Mercury-ultra silver

55Cancri e-Diamond (a nearby star in our Milky Way galaxy)55-cancri-e-diamond-planet

And so forth the planet and metals influences and emanations mixes of light, gases and elementals, substances and energy help the cosmos eternal be stable and well being for other intergalactic races and multidimensional civilizations out there in all natural organic purity of personal divine beings and none personal comic universe renegade of light.

The sun is not the masculine and the moon the feminine it is that the inner core sun is the feminine and the central sun is the masculine as the masculine adoring and protecting the softer side or living light purity neutral holiest loving of divine soul of god while the masculine side is the divine power life force energy of the spirit of god universal intelligence.

In the higher forces and realms of divine light when you reach in the depths core universe within to sustain the divine energy and universal intelligence seeded Cosmos living light of all great central suns, the one to bond within our own living light life force for the well being of all. The subzero permeability of free space symmetries is absolute divine will and divine harmony also bonding as one orb of light influence and so all light beings in the greater cosmos are the are the soul of the planets sustaining and gifting metals, water, elementals, light color rays and so on to all call purity divinity which is divine order quantum entanglement!

We can have mounds of good energy and divine color rays unlimited to receive better lives in each life time and continuum consistency of good fortune, contentment and protection of the higher forces when we request so it is done and recorded in your life records. Acknowledging your new commitments and divine career paths and timings. The conscious self is linear and within dimension mass and gravity laws perceived links into light nodes and subtle universal intelligence coming from many divine intergalactic light beings and light worlds. The ancient astronauts, future astronauts, the watchers, the holy host all have and teach the light of the spirit of God. In all tribes and continents physical visitations of Christed ET’s, Angels and ascended soul people. That have lend a hand in all they are pure and holy neutral good to help all humanities and light worlds eco habitats of intergalactic civilizations to be free and in harmony in many means they choose to get closer to Source Father Divine and for the protection of eternal existence for the well being of all.

Heptanomis-thumbIn receiving higher forces intervention and companionship one must have a good intent and precipitation and conceptualization abilities. While spiritual awareness also helps to open or spark the Divine Light Codes needing at this time and to allow ascension divine participation and ease to be uploaded into your energy bio computer brains and heart nebulas.

Focus intent instantaneously shifts you into unnecessary miss aliments and creations. Into divine light currents the inner biospheres sustains connected to the chakras rings of fire, light bodies and quanta. These quadrants of the three fold flame and gods color energy rainbow rays are Electro Crystalline Liquid Light Energy purity neutral infused and aligned, seeds and feeds all within. If not so contaminated and distilled in ick of lower thoughts and people engaging you will hardly feel purity supersede your life without mantras and divine intervention and requesting energy infusions needing you will feel aback and segregated. Yet no one is judged and left to fend for self unless self free will commands differently we can help as divine realms so light and immortal love octaves to help you bond back into divine grace, divine love, divine will, divine peace, divine protection, divine companionship, divine abundance and divine harmony.

As Eternal Existence we are always wrapped in garments of living light of first creation universal intelligence and subtle energy as our own we build soul vehicles and conscious awareness light field of co creation to just be and explore total existence at our own pace and capabilities. Of purest neutral positive good life force energy sparking us conscious into all that is time continuum we always will reside and move about for eternity.


The Accession Soul Star Gate is your spirit bio sphere life sphere and vehicle to get about the purity best neutral good positive divine blessed or Intergalactic Christ Realms and the Galactic Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System are bonded in the sphere of life of each of us.

No longer prepared over feeling the experiences of divine ascension within “all that is” Eternal Octave and Light Worlds of universal intelligence alternate universe over the vast nothingness terrain of Gods lands of intergalactic existences and light worlds sound good soul people can also go off the grind and life for lifetimes or as guardians of light. who sustain the needed galactic great central sun stellar waves into your own life force energy feeding and sparking.

2015 harmonic rainbow flames of god bonding withinAs spherical holograms of the first God Atom photon aura presence infused seeded, we are born of, we have inner spiritual and spirit self light technologies of natural organic means to be safe, content and loved no matter the dimension we feel we are of or as a life time. Our own spiritual nourishment and spirit technology or trinkets help us remember divine purity energy and feelings within our own outer worlds and feeling and thinking sides of lives. Our intuition, our love and spiritual ethics are inner generations of self attained divine privileges and gifts we continue manifesting in each life time as convince to be close to god in natural organic second natures we are of firstly.

2fab6dc1e0afa1b56d1e373737101849Our intergalactic divine purest neutral positive good selves is what allows us to sustain consciousness in higher dimensions and beyond the norm of the seven dimensions and Life Spheres Light Worlds many humanities continue to reborn for soul mates and divine path commitments is fine to a point. All inner worlds of self creations are not of god’s many manifested co creations while his first creation light world too is.

I am saying the first creation purest self or Christ Conscious and realm is always as you no matter the time line or dimension appearances to this day. Do not separate your self any longer of who you are in total presence purity undivided of any dimension or inner self for the well being of all within as you, do so.

Divine Alchemy has many facets and fractal geometry purity essences and stabilizations in ones life. The unconscious self within the conscious self octaves connects the aura presence of each life stream and light species. The core of the universe and the great galactic central sun of all central suns holiest neutral purest is a natural nature builders eco habitat. For all that is to just be and explore and enjoy the moment of all existences, time lines and realties one wanting to be a part of. Or contribute divine codes and teachings, protection and love with like minded and generations of intergalactic community societies do as past lives, future selves prove unto to each his own and is revealed in the soul records and akashic records of all that has been or ever will. Gyroscope osculation energy quantum entanglement octaves of first creation living light life force love waves are back drop standing waves. That all fractal and light species become alive and active within all that is eternal as their own life stream living light life sphere photon spherical light body reveals in simple subtle bio energy of cosmos born co creation to be who you are today. Divine fractals of co creation starts from first creation pulse rates sound tones as universal intelligence origin feeding all else to do so in ones own way is free will.

aeedfbe7edb8779004e2fb2dc67b3f50Each merkabha and spirit soul color all tie into universal first intelligence and creation core energy and purity patterns of the Christ come forth as our inner eye focus and subtle energy living light. To achieve your soul spirit purpose unto the divine rays you reside within and in your outer thinking and feeling side of life in each landscape of selves; dimensional, dream, before birth and after death selves. The power of cosmic creation is in your three fold flame fed.

Multiplying co-creation spiritual entanglement and Spirit Physics the generations and prehistoric and current masters of light and communities use to sustain eternal good positive lives with millions of others no matter the multiverse and local in time lines, gravity and dimensions. The sound of the soul should match the sound note of first creation core central sun cosmic fire as your own life sphere bonded in all self energies and portions.

It is clear to no longer suffer damage of multiple lives nucleated through the divine rainbow rays and cleared and freed within the violet orb octaves and fire rays Tube of Light. The light ray of god is the light spectrum of creation we as living light stand within in all portions and existences of us each. The violet ray soul person, the blue flame central sun, the golden soul, the pink and green ray spherical spirit souls all attune to the first ray, the crystalline pure clear. The twelve archangels, the twelve constellations, apostles, councils of light, virtues and twelve temples the ascended host use we can too.

We each can stand within as added Universe Cosmos protection and blessed divine higher forces intervening on our behalf. That is coupled and backed up by our own teams of light when we request them to enter our lives. To bring divine intervention, divine prosperity and divine love. Your own personal divine alchemy magic wand is your life force energy purist, neutral, good focused, magnetized and materializing emanated purest neutral divine rays, codes, energy, light, love and prosperity.

Of god’s life force energy firstly in all good means and ways for you, and those you care for and so forth eternal blessings as your own core and saturation in all you do will feel so too and those around you is the worth of having divine alchemy amplitude and consensus. 10:01 PM 10-20-2015 – Saint Germain

Adonis: The Christ Self is the inner eternal outer existence life sphere you stand within as you no matter the time line or realities as the only conscious continuum of holiest neutral, pure, positive well being and all unto you experience and them unto you divine order of dimensions beyond the seventh and twelve octaves. The Christ Self is the sound tone of first creation that is the bio energy electrometric illumination photonic vibrations of the great grand central sun and systems.

The spirit and soul vehicles can move about eternity in etheric garments of light as Christos Christed thought co-creation in all real-time momentums and existences you are conscious awake not just a lifetime or dream state. The light body inner spheres or chakras and fire rings can become illuminated quantum bonding of Holy Spirit interfacing and feeling as your own energies and light body garments of light.

The Holy Spirit Immaculate Conception frequency we can bond within as our own heart beat and brain fed elementals and energy purity creation that will emanate your own soul color purities of the divine rainbow sacred fire energy rays from the central sun core essences and emanations pulse rates. We also are wrapped of for eternity as simple light and energy spirit entanglement and spiritual nourishment cosmos nature and god energy also quantum entanglement. We correlate interfacing harmonic unity at all times and cannot become separated from the pack of divine host and realms we are fist of before we jumped into third dimension over fifth and up we come from and star families. That will reflect into every cellular and blood stream elementals and living light. And you will experience divine realms and higher realties ties the Ascended Masters are of and divine Christed conscious Light Beings of all star systems that hold divine good soul people just like you. Only different cultures and light species of galaxy and planet bond eco systems only.

Averran: The central core of the universe is a reality home base good soul people can move forward in dream, and villages of existence as lifetimes one can venture and enjoy good karma soul mates and divine partners of destiny. Why? Because first creation has the best neural good gravity mass and energy divine systems that can work in other dimensions when the divine realms energy comes from the core of the universe. As your own core presence origin fuel and nutrients the spirit soul needs to enable divine presence to sustain co creations meant for you over lower realm influences and karma ties diswaying you divine path to become complete so to ascend when it is time.

Which is my gift to all reality dimensions and time lines to help manifest the light needed to have better lives, better conscious ability purity and love presence more long term so synchronicities of divine life can be more of your own lifestyles on your own manifested co creations. Ascension is going to bond you effortlessly into the corridors of light of master Jesus Sananada and his legions of angels living light nature corridors of to teleport back home when ready and have the energy needed to do what you came here before you ascend of your divine plans and studies.

Immaculate Creation Spiritual entanglment by Angel vela2015November10The soul star gate is natural organic bonded within higher realms and dimensions meant for you and have earned in thousands of lives good and redeemed bad choices and miss use of creation and life. My own ascension lead me to other light worlds I could never have imagined for it took legions of good thought loving cultures and societies communities to allow my own life heritage to enable a means to detach of lower world activities and commitments that are dragging you down. While boosting your aura presence and soul light body the appropriate light quanta antidotes and healings when asked to move forward in dimension stable Eco habitats the conscious soul races can enjoy and just be.

The holy presence of god’s love is the currents and corridors of light in natural cosmos habitats of nature builders and fauna that can move about eternity in an eternal eco systems for many species of light to co habitat and live good lives forever. It takes also many legions of soul people to ensure so not just on the Archangels and legions of the divine rainbow color rays and angels. Some of these angels include; Archangel Michael, sandalphon, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphiel, Zadkiel, Chammel, Jophiel, Beneshiel and Metatron the solar sun into each person’s electronic illumination photons and atoms, aura presence and chakra fields bodies.

You see the feeling to let go and surrender into the higher forces of universal intelligence divine order and holy love multidimensional eternal is each ones own responsibility to finish up and move on to light worlds that need your assistance and friendship while less hostile and needy of the lower worlds if wanting.

Or many divine soul people become engaged in the lower worlds not because of karma lives and ties over being soldier of god energy will. The will of god is to open up you heart and let the divine color rainbow ray energies in. The ultra violet silver crystal clear pink gold blue violet green gold and so on in light waves of quantum phi golden mean rations, portals, Octaves and star gates into the light worlds if wanting on your own request ask so and call forth your guardians of light as creation realties and self creations within mass communities or the angelic hosts and ascended hosts realms walk among us.


Vywaumus: I am the one know as Lord Master Metrieyia who is is the Christ and entered the soul of Jesus. Why did I do so? He was graduated into my presence by his own attraction and my own unto those aperients wanting to know gods will beyond earth realms and dimension while in them. His own ability to match my purity corridor of light souls star gate we spirit entanglement right into the higher forces needing also bonding as one unity harmonic being of light. Cosmic realties and divine activities seem to bring normal activities of the ascended masters realms and teaching to those wanting eternal assistance when you cannot for self sustain multidimensional consciousness and awareness for the well being of all. When I was in earth lives I made bad choices in my own life heritage I knew no better. I forgave myself and those unto me needing so I could be free or have a clean slate to engage divine activities not of my cultural upbringing and genetic norms.

The intergalactic purest self eternal conscious is the I am presence to most known. Yet when in other higher dimensions is called another term because the cultural differences and hemisphere environment eco systems habitats are brought up within those around you firs. If you do not deep within are anchored in core universe and why I come to remind you this is not your reality it is third dimension. Your reality is your true divine purity self in all time lines, portions of you, pieces and time lines as one unit of divine good consciousness in all you are of and do and those unto you as Good Karma can be used today and everyday throughout the rest of your existence that bad karma is then incinerated. How we cognitive the source father in our lives is necessary in order to understand the why of your existence. It is easier to sustain better creation and workable goals into completing your own divine path within your soul mates and karma still not cleared.

Yet the Violet Ray Energy can in an instant do so when you call on the freedom flame, mercy flame, ascension flame, resurrection flame and divine order flame of immortal love of the ascended masters octaves.

To be your own and join us into the center of the universe and great grand central sun of all central suns and universes within our own central sun light bodies, cells and heart conscious bonding as our spirit presence.

Amplifying holies purest neutral is purity neutral mastery that feeds all other alchemy studies and practices firstly as us within us and during all we are of and those we care for and they and so forth, be love of the trinity and know the holy spirit as your own living light purity! – Lord Maitreya/Vywamus




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