Divine Message Transmission; Archangel Michael:

*5 Reasons you Emigrated from Heaven

1. Light Intelligence: You want to finish up earth school once and for all and pile on your soul life plate many things to juggle at once and can get trapped in karma ties over magnetizing good karma and love energy you earned right into your lap, life and those you care for.

2. Emotional Intelligence: Your Soul Group & family of Light need intervention, companionship, protection and love and so you deploy out of the light into dimension parallel realties for their welfare and helping them if not comatose in dimension societies realties as your own truth and born reason when in fact is not of you or theirs. While in Divine Realms one can enter into inner realties of mass conscious time loops to assist humanity along a divine conscious octave they were once of yet forgotten while in dimensional lifestyles, maybe for a time you too.

3. Spiritual Intelligence: You volunteer in the intergalactic communities to be of service to God in a certain time loop needing your divine purity specialties and virtues earned.

4. Spirit Soul Person Selfishness: and Stubbornness to attract only things your outer world and ego self choose appearing as the body self consciousness when in fact you are not the ego entity within.

5. Lack of love: One does not love self enough to feel worthy of Heaven existence and so in life force energy and nebula walls of light cements one out of divine realms as self punishment, ideal mesmeric fetishes and fall from grace.

Only the soul Self in self shame, anger or betrayal alone felt emotions drives one self right out the gates of Paradise for another world not of heaven creation. Barricades one self of those star families, ascended host and divine good soul mates through centuries of burning ones own bridges or glorified uniqueness becomes separated yet not abandoned, no.

The Holy Spirit Tube of Light stand within and rejoin your family of Holy Light  once again physical tangible no matter the time line or reality realm light world. You must love self in order to have the ability, capacity and heart precence aura to give true unconditional compassionate adoring love unto others you care for and them unto you. That are soul person lessons intergalactic one must clear and un bond free forever now. The Violet consuming transmutting freedom flame can help you release all self bondages even of unconscious.


*Five Reasons you will Migrate back into Heaven Realms

1. Ascension: You graduated from earth school finally and it is time to come home.

2. Accidental Timings: mishaps and bad choices leading to extinction in one light world for another born real personified of same dimensional species of life heritage you are of in spirit cosmos eternal life sphere. Of more positive and good soul loving light beings and people you awaken alive as a lifetime in dimensional lifestyles you take on in eternal life.

3. Societal Lineages in density realms, old age and genetics one is born into is no longer needed as real-time lifestyles and so abandoning one soul skin suit of light cosmos spectrum light world for another is a detachment and rising feeling within into the light. You can co create many light soul suits to sustain eternal living in God realms in conscious while in dimensional life feeling as a life time. That will bring the needed gifts, spiritual growth and family love, community acceptance and self purity growth expansion for God provides eternal abundance in all good forms while the human self brings temporal self creations if not bonded in god light in real-time throughout infinity. Remember the brain is simply in the emotion so intense the physical self projection is an illusion yet physically real feeling so real even still while in hologram sheaves of living light to be of intergalactic “all that is” parallel universes, realms and octaves.

4.Soul Mate & Soul Group Participation: In imagination and love parables, light worlds and good timings for each other you meet in any real-time octave light world, same as earth to sustain relationships that run in timelines for millions of years with each soul mate, twin flames and Divine Partners of Destinies.

5. You are called back home: You are done with life and are called back home from the lower octaves and choose the best timing and means to ascended and resurrect into heaven. The Christos self simply bonds the inner self in charge in the dimension realms self created or in society mass intergalactic commutes life spheres and space spheres. We enter as lifetimes to just be in the now, now in heaven right along the Archangels and Holy, Holies, Holiest Family Divine Light and star families Christed evolved we rejoin and participate in divine realms our real-time eternal consciousness and light body manifesting right along others of like minded communities, soul mates and star families.

Even first creator’s life sphere is the one source particle of all source particles and you as a spirit cell or spirit pulp and source particle singularity of the whole has a soul vehicle of organic living light mater. The spirit is the life force provider and the physical vehicle is the container unit to move about cosmos nature natural organic eco habitats and cosmos Christos life spheres in eternal creation of one light species of all life species including the human race. While your electron sparking within the Universal Cosmos Godhead energy that manifest everything forever and forever, even beyond the end of time for each of us. For the spirit and soul are eternal to a time and point in space and time really then also disintegrate or looses self will. Dies off and deploys back to the core origin of first creation absolute potential nothingness of the god head in a sense clearing and free of any density, misuse in energy and disputation due to higher frequency and maturing intelligence, love, growth vitality positive neutral space clearings.

0 00000 In your Soul Octave you go into another dimension or light world by your own free will organisms of light. What is soul octave? What is Light World?

Soul Octave is simply a natural organic self means to manifest in multidimensional existences of natural organic cosmos. Light World (planet/galaxy sector) is natural organic life spheres (light being) of cosmos (soul body) and both are as a vehicle of natural organic cosmos eco habitats (cosmos races of light of nature, elemental and creature kingdoms) a light world and soul person both as (Universal Intelligence life sphere/Spirit Cell). You are of as living organisms within the whole; prana, mana, elemental, substances, acids, living light and universal light intelligence to nurture DNA, seeded cosmos light species of each cosmos and galaxy sector. The Holy lands of first source of all of creation is the natural organic cosmos universal light world just like earth is within the twelve spheres of creation and fractal dimensions.

Linking of cosmos Christos life spheres as soul spirit light species humans are included and the Archangels, then light worlds as intergalactic multidimensional light beings inhabit. Both inhabit different light worlds/dimensions in time and space parables. within all that is cosmos universal eternal while in spirit. Which both can bio locate within any life sphere; life heritage or light world dimension with the right spirit-spiritual light technology and garments of light. With sciences, physics, spiritual and metaphysics practice one is use to or comfortable with yet must stay consistent neutral positive in all reincarnations and future selves, lifetimes. And correct ethics to allow entrance of course of the divine on high rulers of light and all that is within it as granted by source father divine.

In Spiritual-Spirit Quantum Entanglement at a mas scale of singularity living light organisms and tribes of light species each cosmos planetary inhabits; all bonded enabling self creation to prosper that free will is fueled in miss use or good usage in all you do or a part of. For their is not escape the nourishing eco natural organic habitat the cosmos egg we are diverged in all means in way as organic living organisms of living light, Life streams bio energy living organisms of the whole. Yet in tact very singular as one in our Spirit Octaves and lifestyles.

Within the conscious and heart space nebulas and life force energy of this very sacred energy is love energy living light and aura presence and cremation of lower density. Yet not personal to all within as simple energy, mass and living light organisms of totality universal self within the godhead trinity purity neutral cosmos universe love and humaneness. Of the sacred fire of all as a current and life spring of singularity simultaneous one unit individually of positive real-time creation, stability, well being, protection, companionship and loving natures.

For eternal existence no matter the time line, light world or dimension generation you move about as lifetimes and spiritual, karma growth and eternal lifestyle existences. You chose to adopt to be of service to God’s will as your own living light organisms are universal intelligence life streams singularities intact through eternity. Within the whole of all of creation and soul person spirit soul and octaves living light; life force energy creator being of the sacred fire and  all of creation. Through the Christ frequency and life spheres we are also free from past, future and now influences to limit us from deploying from earth back into heaven life and light world. Within natural organic cosmos and spirit quantum entanglement spectrums of light that allows and support conscious creation through all light species creator beings. Of the ONE source particle in simple light and energy purest, neutral and positive universal intergalactic.

To sustain external terrains of cosmos and universes living light and density that is like dirt to the spirit soul vehicles to be of Omni power purity neutral in time continuum consistently. That does not take a lot of free will life force energy power morphs changes. You simply take a deep breath; as you intake breathe in my purity energy you feel at this time best for you. As you breath out feel all that does you no do at this time you feel, will leave you; affirm so.

divine realmsState with me now: Go Now! All that does me no good and for the well being of all, and all I care for in the name of Archangel Michael and his mighty sword; blaze through me your mighty fire! Archangel Michael Come now! Come into my energy fields and cremate to nothingness in your blue flame presence all self creation, feeling and thought side of life I have negligence and balance base to first creation core base purity neutral, I AM free! I chose divine intervention to come into my forefront physical tangible reality and help me change my life for the better, keep me safe and protect me as a friend too Archangel Michael, come and be by my side with your legions of angels!”

Use strong intention and loud voice deep truth will dissipate all densities and lower unidentified energies feeling you off course in what ever that means unspoken to you. Yet I, beloved heart stand beside you with Gods inner eyes as my own to know and see for my self even if you have your filters on as cemented energy wall protection to safe guard all unconscious fears and negative expectations over safe positive divine miracles in action. That you can try to sense me and bring better person image of purity I am of as an example how to be or not throughout your own eternal living organisms in simple natural organic cosmos universal divine infused living light life fire of Gods all creation! Lower forces and bad forces can deplete the souls taking over your energies as their own; seemingly as your own. Just as there is no law that you must be in fear, lack or pain. there is no universal or Godhead law no one can bend your free will over your own free will personal and persona intergalactic living organism (spirit-soul-mind-physical). Can in no means or way, especially as intergalactic multidimensional good soul people that we are.

We can shield and bond as one unit of strength over any other form of being first to encase back into divine presence over any other unconscious self lower forces or those you give power away. Than bad influences and bad minded firstly soul people can change there ways until then keep protected no matter the conscious state or time line and dimension you are awake in you see? So hijacking others realities is not the answer, and siphoning your good energy currents and fire rings as simple living light organisms we can be violable and overexposed by those we are reliant on seemingly. For many can become paralyzed in lower energy influences, change ones personality and attitudes of lower extremes and habited forms of external self destructions in emotions and life choices that go bad. It is like a broken record of experience that never have good outcomes seemingly. Well when you trust so many and under the conditions you are under. Of course we can get antsy, avoid, feared and lack love and understanding unto others.

We must shake off the density and re clear constantly even if in a simple deep breath to let the God particles, the God living substance and guidance assist you like a loving soul person that he is unto all those who are maturing in the cycle of lives while in the rebirth of earth and the galaxy or planet and universe sector you are of. Yes this is an intergalactic multidimensional forum for many discarnate and living souls for all generations to have a means to go though the council halls library and look up your own life records. Take your spirit purity neutral magnetizing love of gods energy within you and burn all that tarnishes your record, as you know right from wrong and willing to change your ways while trying. And erase and replace for your self pure energy in place, a clean slater per say type of clearing. I am sure you have many example how you got caught up in emotions to driver you eternal life cycles, call it bad karma, no; it is really disrupts self deployment even back into the light of one world for anouther, called death stages and states; heaven and earth birth and death cycles. The physical and mind bound to enable to even exist as who you stand today for all living organisms in nature eternal Universal Intelligence cosmos are of the ONE life force energy and heart octave presence in natural organic cosmos creation totalities. Of Future Selves of the soul-spirit living organisms natural organic elemental life streams of the ONE of “ALL That Is” parables and eternity octaves light worlds too. We are bio electrometric purity conduits living life force of the sacred heart nebula of God’ living light organism and light body within our own blood stream, air and cells too.

We are Spirit Cells of creation as light particles of light intelligence universal intergalactic, multidimensional Cosmos Egg matrix living light as our own life force energy bonds in simultaneous instantaneous and beyond speed times of any dimension civilization light worlds. You manifest throughout time and space as a multi layered dimensional feel of system of existing and moving through other grander energy fields no matter soul person. Or from a higher light being of evolutionary positive consistent eternal moving growth and awarness coherency speed.

To enter heaven or earth or any star planet of positive good one must simply match into the dimension density and tone frequency in auto pilot you stand solid physical then so while in life force energy harmonically converging in simple light and energy of self presence. Reincarnation, resurrection is a form of Soul Spirit Teleportation in natural organic light worlds that are just like earth and similar realties of comfortable, stable, well being forms of being on ones free time in eternity.

Through divine will frequencies we adapt and absorb in our natural organic life sphere our Heart Octave, solar perplex and conscience is bonded firstly within the octaves or life sphere of source father divine eternal intergalactic. Your integrative eternal self while is a fragment of the whole, the godhead and cosmos egg in simple energy and light firstly entwined in frequencies, essences, living light and universal intelligence, prana, light beings and soul people of all light species races and generations, dimensions and light worlds. Your free will is the engine, your heart is the control panel and your conscious is the vehicle while the Spirit Self is the back seat driver. The Soul persona the driver at your will and desires manifest what you want.

The Holy Spirit frequency and octave or tube of light bonds the spiritual nourishment or is the puritene or fuel to sustain through inner bio circuitry to behave accordingly to move about cosmos nature even in dream states. Of universal systems the Soul Spirit is use to already as you and divine realms you in spirit and soul mind and heart already as second nature. Your spirit Christos bonds you naturally to other good dimensions you can engage better lives or contribute so unto others who you can trust, protect you and be companions throughout infinity. If they are available and also can hold the positive mind set and sustain higher vibration right along you and those who care for you and you unto them. For you to continue to succeed your divine path, no matter what state of mind the universal self in all inner selves, past selves and future selves can sustain conscious continuum and gravitate you back to your star families most good for you in most positive all forms and you unto them. Enjoying abated willful good karma here on out and you unto others contributing good karma and receiving is also likened to heavenly  life daily outcomes. Every state of mind and hear on out dimension levels you graduate as lifetimes must also be consistent good, positive well being for you and you unto others capability capacity in heart and mind.

42ee467a74dbbf0a3e123b1d9bdd6a43The soul is the vehicle all bond as one functional unit of divine synchronicity of total self, the eternal self is the I Am Presence to move about natural cosmos and nature purity of God the father in simple energy propagation and divine light.

Cosmos Spirit Octave or Natural Organic Space Sphere tube of light and Universal Star Gate within all that is. To sustain continuum conscious intergalactic conscious physical light worlds and entrance in simple light and energy. Of self living light the life force energy Christ body sustains as one unit of travel and engaging also natural organic and so plausible into other natural organic force fields.

Of same frequency matching in all of cosmos and universes at any time by Ascension consciousness driving the Soul and Spirit to the designated destinations wanting within all that is at any second. Your Life Sphere is the bubble of light one never leaves throughout infinity and so the aura bodies must be cleared and free. For optimum bio cellular speeding up of the needed frequencies and purity means no density, negatives or mass while the spirit is fluent and untouched of surroundings in any form.

creator God Atom life Sphere eternal Living Light Body3(c)2015 by Angel VleaTo engage the necessary transitions and star gates to have eternal life, to move about life sphere of “all that is” space sphere and time continuum flux source fields. Within the light worlds already matured for millions of years to allow Eco Habitats for natural organic conscious states of being can platform realties.

The Cosmos Christos Christ Conscious Seal is opened within the frequency music of the spheres of the universe the soul spirit physical self absorbs and attunes and enters in a natural purity neutral state of absorbing star gate worm hole torsion source fields.

Then are more stable because within you already has the elementals, substance, god atom to naturally be a part of a grander eco system of light intelligence and loving intergalactic communities not just earth. Or Heaven Light Worlds the human physical self sustains at times to be of same source field of realties and plants of like minded species of light and soul people also going about infinity eternal at their own pace and desires right along your time lines and life spheres light worlds.

This zero point entrance Codes of Light and Language of Light tones and keynotes match and vibrate one naturally as second nature about the infinite cosmos. In simple micro light body at macro feeling so the soul and spirit bond and allows the physical self.

To maintain identifiable identity and existence in light worlds dimensions and realties as well as the archangels and Ascended Masters.

segment5-part3The Christ self when in the soul vehicle may have some clearance while in sleep, after death and before death or born into any dimension unless one has been striped of one’s soul visa into certain areas of existence and octaves or star gates. These Time Loops are self human creation and not of the fathers. To support self feelings and outer world activities based off fear, mass conscious generations of density influences, lack of divine virtues and love. For those lower frequencies are no matches.

Divine Elementals Quantum Photon Frequency

Divine Elementals Quantum Photon Frequency

To sustain clarity or consciousness within higher octaves of harmony, joy, well being, positives and light knowledge spiritual, universal, scientific, Light Technology based.

Holy Family Cosmos Octave Natural Organic plant the Soul enters to travel by spirit life force energy propelling at ones own pace through eternal existence and all within to experience real-time consciousness continuum.

Holy Family Cosmos Octave Natural Organic plant the Soul enters to travel by spirit life force energy propelling at ones own pace through eternal existence and all within to experience real-time consciousness continuum.

This is a star gate tube of light travel causeway for the spirit soul light person in unseen energy;untitledmnhjjjkj

In spherical orbs living liquid light or you in simple living light organisms of all that is we travel in organic living light vehicles, habitats and living light of all light intelligence, holy family already prepared for us even before the beginning of time. We entered at our own timing within all that is we can forever move about within all that is in natural organic Soul Body and conscious peace of mind. Protected, loved and well being harmonic lifestyles are for us to magnetize into of spirit soul.

There are trillions of safeguarded passage way like this diagram into other light worlds through the spirit soul octave into “all that is” source field spectrums of existence. Maybe it be inner selves realties and tubes of light, outer worlds and space time continuum planetariums parallel universe alternate universe and Dimensions. One must know if all in existence is natural nature then one can use the same purity nature organisms, sensory and living light to move about safely into eternity while relying those generations before you have forged maintains and sustains for eternal existence.

Spirit Cell Diagram By Angel Vela(c)2015The second nature within is not so easy to tap into and why the celestial frequencies and octaves are only for those who can eventually naturally maintain ones own Christos Conscious and spiritual life abilities. To be with the big boys of heaven states of being and so keep attracting, absorbing and expanding within the heart octave central of the great central heart source divine flame. What is also natural organic living light and life force of the Holy family and source father for us to tap into. When needed to move about existence no matter where we are or time line and generation conscious of same light world.

The Spirit Travels in inner dimensions of the soul octave and universal eternal life sphere torsion cosmos spectrum as all that is source fields. The soul is the vacuum potential absolute; the Spirit Self is the string theory analogy to understand the spirit self as plasma aura presence of conscious coherent living light membranes. Can move about and co manifest through ether, gaseous, air and water source vortexes within all that is plasma fields of universe cosmos galactic substance, light and energy elemental.

The Spirit Life Sphere within the soul light body made also of natural organic cosmos and divine or personal needing. Into planetary star gates that are natural organic cosmos and divine octaves co shared of life eternal continuum.

Heavenly Host Natural Nature Organic Star Gate Octave or Tube of Light which is a natural organic living light plasma field of nature elemental and divas assigned out of love for all things, people and spirits. That maintain in unseen cosmos while protected and nurtured of the goddesses of 13, ascended Family of Light and angels assigned armies and legions of all the color divine rays.

Aligning into the Holy Spirit Octave Gods bio energy can mingle within yours immediately raising your vibrations clear and free. No longer must you be attached eternal or long term to any wrong doing, lack of love or misuse of grace, love and creation. Simply feel divine virtues and appreciation, love for the mother father God, all life and instantaneously you are home in conscious octave to conscious octave. Feel the divine Omni presence of your pure spirit, soul and conscious heart bond in loving embrace an contentment in the divine rainbow solar cosmos color rays and sacred fire, clear you. In Heart Nebula core housed within every cell of you a piece of all divine good frequencies and love waves become expanded, aliven and purified instantaneously as you in your blood stream, heart stream and divine family streaming life heritage back unto you in all good forms, means and ways.

In your own simple light and energy conduits as spirit cells of source particle living light particles, atom and photon; life sphere. The spirit manifest into and morphs inner purity universal cosmos natural organic eco systems blazing a divine matrix or Christos pattern to emulate or replica in light and energy solitude, formulas and light in the depths of you. While visually outwardly you can prism in divine aliment and purity truth in all real-time  for you now (see the image diagram provided below imagery and light language). Purity light beings multidimensional neutral positive aware and contributes of the sacred fire and Holy Spirit Frequencies; Christ frequency, light rays and clearings.

Through the Holy Spirit, Spirit, soul, physical, brain conscious and heart octaves, rings of fire and densities or planetary star gates and universal  ley lines. Striping you to nothing ness would reveal another whole aspect of cosmos purity you are diverged of. Your spirit life stream is the light cell of the divine source of all that is eternal pure, neutral and divine good in all forms while balancing your lifestyle, outer worlds, thought and feelings within other plasma fields, force fields, life-forces and cosmos nature of all extremes and gentleness good.

Filled with universal intelligence of the Godhead Holy Spirit Christos Family of Light all light species are diverged in simple light and energy fragments and fractals living organisms life streams of the whole.Cristos Soul Spirit Vehicle

Through the Soul Star Gate Tube of Light alignment in soul bio circuitry matching by one the receiver the other the broadcaster. One the strong force the other the week force. The one the strength and the other piggy backing until unto self can so. All theses portals of divine consciousness from the great central sun are chaperoned and assorted by the divine I am race, the I am light seed race you are of. All these divine consciousness species of light are trees, water, Crystals, souls, air, dirt, flowers and people already in a protected safeguarded life sphere matured reality realms of divine consciousness light being creature of same organic lives. same presence essences and conscious ability as we have today as the same soul people of the great central sun light species not just heaven realm. There are endless god states of being yet we must attract and will magnetize into us to be a part of like minded purity and parallel universes within our own creator being light bodies, mind and soul.

Spiritual Soul Spirit Cosmos Universal Intergalactic Community physics is a consistent theorem to sustain well being and divine love at all levels and in all timelines one is engaged within through simple spiritual nourishment and Light Knowledge. To platform conscious connections of eternal lifestyles of positive good for all societies, species, life no matter in dream, unconscious, already forgotten or abandoned, conscious state or time line.

Every piece of you, every self within and already dead or yet to be born command and take on divine love frequencies as your own through divine love blessed energies and cosmos purities you simply already are breathing, moving about as your own partial Auras and chakras, feeling and thinking side of life.

String Theory The Life cell and Spirit of the soul person engaging with another or light world dimension time streaming source field that holds conscious life natural organic plasma fields of light intelligence.

Vacuum Potential Absolute Eternal living light and life force energy of the father, mother god light body of their own quantum entanglement holy love bonding for the well being of all. For we are in cosmos, life sphere and heart nebula no matter the time line, consciousness or reality realm generation. Right along them in our own skin suit soul spirit light bodies and emanations expressions of the cosmos scared fire energies and living life energy purity we can nourish our own living light and conscious states of realities of feeling and thinking sides of life.

Quantum Spirit Entanglement Two life sphere living light conscious light intelligence engaging positive coherence encompassing through light language, light knowledge, glyphs of light and bio energy geometry of like attractions and gravity source fields that allow reality realm backdrops. The brain is simply feeling the physical aftereffects of one’s own conscious projections of a physical suit to be a part of all that is existences and light worlds others created to enjoy. Or get drawn into as negative experiences life traps you do not have to take on as your own doing, forgive self. To ponder and ask the Holy Father how you want Him to forgive you for he is done and truly want to be him on his own accord in all you are of, let him just be and with you.

Divine Source Father and your mighty I am presence will no longer tolerate or take on your own wrong doings then shove them in your face as you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, all on them, no dear hearts. Is done creating your backdrops as his own creations when in simple error in life, Creation and love move about the eternal time continuum as if victim instead of co creator beings for the well being of all. Even future selves are relying on the now selves to sustain better purity natural organic means to allow good karma to reach you. To pull you aside and help when you cannot for self, the Archangels of deliverance, love, mercy, forgiveness, abundance, joy, harmony and mercy, compassion and divinity will come to you and in them absorbing you into their arms you can rest. You can just be and have the back drop be of protection, good fortune, good health, prosperity and divine memory.

Mary Magdalene Announcing the Resurrection to the ApostlesThe Holy Family of Light has prepared a place for us as the heavenly realms to enjoy eternal life yet self creations offshoot our truest well being needed and wanted by our own bad choices and fall from grace. We become locked down in realms not of the Holy Host creations and support by our own choices and needs. Yet at anytime we can enter into any divine realm instantaneously in real-time through out life force Christed consciousness and living light throughout our physical garments.

The Spirit Cell Light Intelligence plasma soul person has a nebula membrane Star Gate portal access through the Spirit Octave heart conclave. That bond in frequency alignment and cosmic purity balance speed ratios to allow space time travel as Spirit Dimensional Consciousness driven and alert.

These Divine Formulas and Bio Geometry light language the soul already is equipped and can excite at anytime by light and energy awareness and feeling into the needed light garments or physical garments. The human body is identified as to move about all existence then takes them off such as the soul vehicle and octave.

For their own Christ Spirit ones to sustain heaven realms alertness and loving embrace the ascension frequency and resurrection and mercy flames sustain our protection and a unique identifiable presence light bubble we stand within. As us and so our soul color frequency will bath eternal life awareness to be home simultaneous available no matter the light world you feel stuck in as a life time is to be of good heart, love presence abounding and Christ conscious loving.

State: “I choose to reinstate into the Ascended Master consciousness and light worlds within me I magnetize into their life purity existence octaves as my own life existence octave I return clear and free, now!”

Within mother father god as our own life force energy we take on as our own life force purity loving life truly of all that it is and life loving us through and through no matter the dimensional breed of race we feel we are of consciously. As Christ beings our spirit and soul I am presence we stand first within. Is the soul octave abilities and spiritual nourishment to do so. And help bring the “I  Am Race” back home to respite and vacation. To just be free we deserve before we exile out of heaven realms to be of service to God and finish our life divine plans accordingly to what we attract or repeal of us will help, be an easy travel course of action and packing.

73883c75838e90c478661b1faf55bf75The divine memory is within you already as second nature of the “I Am” Presence or Christos Self as the core of  the living organism we are eternal of that nourishes us in all forms and mind scapes. The life force energy of the Father source divine is the Universal Intelligence of the family of light eco civilization cosmos nature habitat and divine light beings. You must enter and step into the light vehicle of the soul spirit cell and allow them to bond in simple soul gate way octaves alignment in simple light and positive energy focuses. Density dissipates in all unnamed forms while the Spirit Cell that is diverged of the God Spirit Cell life stream. Then uses the divine light octaves as the inner soul eyes sees above the head the universal/personal bonded life cord  (corridor of light). Of both parties or godheads (god free states of personally interacting on same level even if one supports the other more so). (In real time living and contributing at all times) to become cleared and free of density and distortions cloudiness murkiness in unconscious states we can unthinking negligently or too much.

Can draw to you trouble, mishap or inconveniences miscued as self lack of love mirroring inner into outer conditions and those around you and closest influencing in your own spheres of life. Or as lack of love unto others and karma ties or soul mate deserving clichés. The light of both soul light beings no matter background races of light purity’s and royalty statuses bodies of source creator of creation to allow reincarnation of Christ consciousness and intergalactic activities open before you and good divine light worlds you deserve to be a part of. To reincarnate as truly as soul person in mind, spirit, soul as exiling out of heaven states of being and alternate universes of like minded soul people forefronts. For we enjoy manifesting within certain life spears as the Christ octaves and light world truly do provision in all mind scapes co existing and bonding as spiritual spirit entanglement eternal positive contributors in stead of over zappers of the light. Projecting and precipitating as sentient beings of our great grand central sun of all great grand central sun star systems and gate ways of positive intergalactic rejuvenation and growth of all Life Spheres. It is what it is meant that we are as one with the father, I as the light and love life force energy as the coal to your own sacred fire heart replicas in each life form you take on in each dimension of energy of all creation. The first core of creation first spark is the key time continuum corridor of light in auto pilot flame of purity you should stand amongst. As your own life force energy and cemented wall of love force will of bonded purity holies, holy, holy, holy. Of universal intergalactic multidimensional sacred fire heart living light and aura presence matching; no time illusions and beyond the speed of light celestial frequencies. That is the pure breed species soul people living organisms of all that is of this sector of eternal cosmos egg life spheres.

You must simply enter into the self conscious of highest purity and neutral living light cell inner core bonding source of all creation purest. And neutral untouched flames of light (neutrino nuclei). (The core first god particle trinity and color tones) purity neutral positive paradigms. Or god photon living light universal intelligence first positive neutral heart and conscious nebula soul person of our own family of light; light species and surrounding life sphere. As simple light and energy transformations and change in frequencies and mass that th eONE singularity brings forth in all forms unbiased, kosher and for the well being of all eternal real-time feeling going through time and space mass conscious life spheres.) To allow the soul pulp (living organism membrane) to enter into the conscious octave of the Family Holies of Light Spirit cell life heritages mind scapes. Or alternate heaven states of being and feeling at all times eco habitats of the cosmos of the sphere’s Godhead (soul person)within our own Spirit core bases purity life force energy.

Called Alternate Realties that become and merge as one coherent light intelligence hard drive as your hearts trinity flame purities; sacred fire eternal flame. Only as one time sphere for all time spheres and races of light and darkness (mass density combustion and essences that exist within or could not become. Their are tons of alternate universes and realms and the Inner Selves do exist as one conduit as the spirit. Yet the Soul Hologram can multitask for the spirit person many dimensions, personas and conscious states. Dream for example, after lives and past lives, inner child and different stages of growth that may be required of you to be adult or intergalactic aware positive for the well being of all at all times!              Spirit cell-God cell-Cosmos egg447242_orig

By Angel Vela(c)2014 Author of Soul Existence RevealedOr conscious awareness self forced and so attracted or magnetized into existence of your own self creations in error or not. Co manifested by many Soul People or Intergalactic Communities and genetics of same Light Species Race and life times of co interaction is a bio energy and eco habitat of many time line generations that continue to move forward in life in sync of each own desires, daily needs and imagination free-time play in real-time along all other time lines in existence, coming into existence and already beyond experience physical tangible.

Ascnded MastersAs Future Self Probable can cap under then so self creation manifestations. As families, employees, relatives and communities then Planetary and so forth right back into heaven realm light world or divine love consciousness feeling side of life. Of like minded agendas and ideals and we will motivate a petition to the God head of your Christed Conscious Split personality self or higher self of all higher selves within. Really the eternal conscious purest state of creation, well being and loving will exile out of heaven for a good reason.

Some of those reason covey a time period, a time loop or a time paradox in simple light and energy or self soul vibration absorbing into as conscious awareness. In so when in Heaven state this Christed Self is really a real-time manifested hybrid self in conscious manifestation feeling of good decisions, happy spirit and content.

The Throne of God, Bamberg ApocalypseYou in vibration or Soul Color Frequency will attune, match and mimic in vibration these very light worlds of Heaven and Cosmos.

Cosmos is natural organic creation source field for long term lifestyles while heaven is also a natural organic reality realm and light world so different is that heaven is an immortal eternal form of Creation over any other not of the first God head of all divine holy pure relative god the father. We leave heaven by the numbers of going about self Existence amongst those of same purity good positive protective life source continuum in universal law and god law venues and cosmic streams or soul people and planets that eco habitat life.

Our own natural organic light being Human self can also participate in natural organic purity positive good contributions and well being safeguarded in all you do and at every second. No matter time line, lifetime, conscious state, Reality Realm, alternate universe, light world, realty realms we must be in all real-time. No longer unconscious going through long lengths of time then just one life time remembered and so divine memory can reinstate conscious connections.

Ascended Master JesusTo the divine realms of eternal immortal existence for the well being of all. You are welcomed to reclaim your Christ Conscious ordained by Master Jesus and gifted of the life energy of God the father. you allow the brain body image the belief manifests the physical body to also be included and so as one conduit of the Holy spirit you stand in your Soul Octave Vehicle. Then move about futures selves as now selves gifts and advantages from the divine family your are of or star family of the Christ realms and dimensions. You see the brain is a vehicle for the soul and the soul body is a vehicle for the spirit and the spirit is a vehicle for the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of God. Then God’s spirit and soul also piggy back or is absorbed as a portion of the grander cosmos life force energy.

That is the primal heart flame core living light purity blessings cosmos life sphere intergalactic holy host family of Light Life Heritage and octaves for the well being of all and all you care for can live in peace, clear and free and just be, paradise.

nbjhksourcefield of father creatorThis cosmos energy and universal qualified free energy is seeded and seasoned with the conscious elements, substance, and behavior Bio Circuitry of purity nature, divine well being feelings and outer world Chrsited blessed synchronicities and love.

This means as intergalactic eternal Creator Being Soul People of the same light race of all within our galaxy, universes and lifetimes which is legally and spiritually sound and politically correct to move about all  that is at anytime as long as the divine laws, universal laws, cosmos laws, free will laws, mercy and compassion laws. Just as long as the ascension laws, divine will laws and society generational laws are respected, pure minded at all times you are and contributes to any eco habitat of same light species. Within eternal life sphere and light worlds you gravitate as a lifetime, guardian of light or spiritual student and soul mate.

the ArchangelsTo sustain positive good minded filled of same societies of Light Species and light purity consciousness intelligence to ensure evolved well minded good soul people god can be proud of. All soul people can sustain being of Beings God purity desires throughout infinity is the reason to live for divine love, divine will and divine power octaves of un perishable light and love for all to bathe, breath and feel within forever just be.

Be clear and free in my Blue Flaming Sword cutting all discord from you now! feel my divine presence aura light eternal then move forward helpful and loving in all you do and are involved or apart of!

For I will come for you, or the Archangel you are attracted to will track you down and assist you in all good means and ways back home when you call on you Archangels of Light, it is so.  For heaven is a hop, skip and jump for me, while you it may take unnecessary many thousands of lifetimes to be of heaven realm once again without the Archangel shields of light and love.

To see your way back home safe and sound once again on the back of the angels of deliverance call on them when needed for anything and come forth with us consciously coherent, loved and welcomed.

We go together into the gardens of heaven light worlds calling us and just be forever in the arms of the father, mother and God energy, universes and light. –Archangel Michaeldoves of peace


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All rights reserved©2015 By Angel Vela – Author of “Soul Existence Revealed” Volume I, II, III