Divine Transmission Message Lord Maha Chohan: Our life changes when our own Spirit Frequency is attuned within Gods Electron Belt aura presence space sphere field light body (kingdom of God). At a grander scale we can have the inner power when he shines the light per say unto us and through us to finish our divine plan.

To enable the energy power pack to ascend and move about bio geometry galaxies also of his infinite creations well before we came along into existence as our eternal life heritage as our own life realties eternal stay within his (life sphere). Meaning our conscious is god conscious born fed and co-creation in all means and way his aura presence space sphere field light body is an eternal standing wave. Our micro self spirit as a replica standing wave lives within the inner body and rays of Source Father holiest neutral pure positive.

To be of divine service in simple light and energy eternal divine rituals, Spiritual Sciences – Spirit Physics within spirited physical tangible activities with like minded celestial light soul beings we must understand our first origin before earth experience.

creator God Atom life Sphere eternal Living Light Body3(c)2015 by Angel Vlea

For the soul does not gravitate us to heaven it is the life stream Spirit Cell sparking within the soul light body that naturally occurs after death, in dream and after lives as future selves know this for all living light of self does not disappear only becomes an eternal form of “light Being“. As free will life streams born of the first creation light world at the beginning of time is our own choice before we manifested here on earth for vows and other good soul people forgotten. No soul person is left behind in the armies of light and does not differ for the galactic communities of each planet civilization in eternity when under God’s jurisdiction and genetics:

1. Gods will; service to god. 2. Or of our own self needs such as Karma and distancing ourselves of our personal relationship to god because of misunderstanding, abandonment issues, trusting a third party steering you wrong or loss of faith in any unconscious form too. We know not how to make things right from our own fall from grace and become shuffled amongst millions of lower minded co-creator light beings as our punishment unto self in the name of god (Karma). 3. Miss use of creation and life is fall from grace and electronic energy band lock in self form of being, a safety net of lower means yet at any second become bonded even closer by our own accord to our divine self creation purity light rings. Even God on his own accord can forgive you and has while it is us that cannot let go and forgive ourselves to know him more personally and why religious, spiritual nourishment and divine grace as godhead creations out source those who cannot for self. 4. By god needing physical forms to be as him in micro levels of his organic cosmic spectrums of his living light spectrums and these bio space spheres is where earth migrates in an electronic belt cosmos feel.

Or ring of photon space stream fields we find ourselves able to embed as micro living light organisms of the whole. As conscious selves alive and living eternal life at a level we feel not is our true origin deep within when the time line generation or DNA spawns alive other parts of us that is not the norm of 3D lifestyle. Yet we tend to fit reluctantly as a temporary fix lost in the abyss of what to do and why have you become in such ways over any other meant for you by God. And only forgotten our way home so it seems because we abandoned other notions within to fit in and get along with the masses as the only solution not to get by, not your truth.

Divine Father, his core central heart bio sphere (chakra) is this first life sphere for all forms spirit beings to just be. Each life stream energy band and bodies are dimensions as well the spirit uproots and moves about as creator micro light beings life streams all organic light intelligence. Of course then the color frequencies are going to differ and only provide what that eco system energy band of ability existence gardens and co contributes. Or can produce both in elements, substance and physicality way of life, simple example by playing rocks, scissors and paper, get ready go! Out betting or out playing a hand seems smart, devious and open-minded yet one form can squash or over turn another hand by simple forces of its nature and creation elements. Having a poker face through life is not a divine virtue and like a deck of cards will fall in one’s own intentions or uplift for the well being of all! All life streams in each dimension plays the same way if not in the nature of gods virtues one can become squashed or taken for granted, not by will of god by the inner will of self absorbed use of others and things in one’s own space bio sphere within others we can. No more unless we draw, magnetize and expand other inner ways of first creation in energy and light.

This means God will always have the upper hand and needs to clear his eco living light biosphere systems if we are negligent higher powers will come in and do so on his behalf as him in all forms. Source Father’s energy bands and aura presence is a supra light being form of impersonal means for all living organisms to move about infinite space as his life sphere natural organics and Spirit light body at a macro level. Yet to know god personal form is to go outside the box even further here; come deep within and use our own energy bands, chakras, auras and force fields to go off the grid of mass conscious energy bands and the outskirts of gods.

That has been contaminated and strewn fields of lower energy, elements and soul people taking over gardening unuseful mean of being because they can. Gods many holy lands, light worlds and fields of his back yard creations at an impersonal level. What we fill our homes with for example is our home yet what emotions and intentions reveal harmony or disorder; catastrophe in all forms feeling unsettled. Or not your home or king of the castle and you a servant captured or highest hierarchy; all is in divine place. And divine order as you tend eternal life good to be there for others as divine grace and divine love all who enter feel comfortable and do not want to leave a vacation setting of purity!

As divine source father feels and thinks through us is his free will form at a distance, impersonal and still connected at all times by simple energy and light firstly. Connected personal and on his own accord when we call forth and manifest through his laws and virtues laws he backs us up in our own energy. Zero-point quantum living light can instantaneous move about any biosphere of earth, humans, soul people regardless because god has his house in divine neutral absolute potential and purity.

We sabotage one’s own closeness local hemisphere within mega intergalactic universal gods divine Omni intergalactic “all that is”; presence and space sphere eternal light body organic living light. We are light seeds of first creation god presence or sciences big bang organic sparks of living light. Orbs of eternal light singularity photon Spirit light beings so we can use the same CODES of LIGHT laws God uses for eternal existence, eternal memory and eternal real-time purity.

Bio Spirit Energy Soul Light Body life sphere of the spirit Eternal Self.

Bio Spirit Energy Soul Light Body life sphere of the spirit Eternal Self (you) in simple light and energy natural organic. Earth and heaven life spheres are natural organic light worlds within source father’s inner body natural organic light being. The soul self is within one’s own eternal galactic orbit within source fathers light body life sphere photon electronic belt. Shape shifting is all we do as eternal spirit into dimensions as a lifetime persona soul person if needed or we stay in first creation light world-heaven life.

Born of the same light species of god atom and Divine Father Photon light body strewn field and power Source father bio energy sphere (Standing Wave) magnetism we can just be without judgment. And divine cosmic galactic central sun Father consuming us because we don’t get along of his way of natural divine harmonic creations is not eternal law. The Archangel hierarchy is not a power struggle either; they have divine order as an eternal system. Titles striped away it comes down to truth even still in rawest form, they as living light; light beings of pure neutral  commitment. Then comes titles; archangel administration of purity and light intelligence order. That consists of four orders of holy angels: 1. the dominions. 2. the virtues. 3. the powers 4. the laws. Of god, universe, singularities and cosmos. Simply being themselves god free (no neediness) over givers of eternal light (gods will love wisdom) they dominate over the rest of all humanities, angels and solar systems which follow behind them. Until they can for self and join the team of eternal light as service to gods divine will firstly. Where are you at in the pyramid of divine order? Take a second and ponder, reestablish your heart frequency in gods core spirit heart frequency (light world bio sphere) and mark your eternal life calendars to adjust your new truth, vows and commitments and it is done.

How can you relinquish all that you care for without; loss and lack to regroup your own purity energy hierarchy within “all that is”? For yes, you have eternity to do so and get it together however what use is that for eternal lifestyle self when already thousands of years ago you walked amongst the angels in divine order and so in self really are preventing real-time feel. Of ones own capabilities, energies and participation a god given right (“God Free“) to be at ever real-time momentum throughout the rest of your eternal existence. No matter the dimension, timeline or alternate self reality one prefers over co-existing in god’s core direct first light world within and energy electronic band without this self dying off and moving about the unconscious abyss of nothingness out the boundaries of heaven light worlds even so.

(Crystal clear light body life sphere) is first creation. As life streams of coherent piezoelectric polarizing hybrids of living light photons (Spirit frequency-life streams) “Soul People” (light intelligence bioenergy light bodies). Then all others are simply separated while in them (color light body bands of dimensional existence life sphere light worlds). Yet not of them while within all that is hemisphere within cosmos gods spirit (singularities projecting mind of god). As walkers of light divine pure neutral we can be of ether eco systems while in all bio spheres of gods lands and light worlds (inner light bodies) of “all that is” eternal!

While we consume ourselves of his intergalactic within his inner natural organic living light biosphere; in the very air, land and food vegetation’s even so without giving back is a wakeup call today is it not. For death states of being is really a form of self cushion to finally let eternal conscious become your everyday allowance over dying off by self extension of not raising and clearing our own energy currents, fields and living light aura presence.

Matter of fact we cannot feel anything outside of our selves firstly. It is our own aura presence we walk around within, breathe first and plume about where we go without thought and care who it affects and the effluvia left behind someone else become contaminated or uplifted by our unseen energy and living light. It is a Known fact DNA emissions light and will have light aura presence residue.

When it is removed for a time and is living proof at a grander scale what our “Spirit Photon” “Life Sphere” bio energy sphere does when we leave a self created light room; alternate universe, dimension, alternate environment physical tangible reality or cosmos planet!

Our Christos selves is our purest good form interactions and outcomes self-created and self-willed in our own consciousness untouched by any other influences or energy currents other then the father core central sun divine first rays. Equals relative to god’s standing wave frequency total as our own micro version in neutral, purest, holiest, positive form in complete consciences consciousness, each cell and then so our life paths reflect living tangible proof he exists in all forms through us, never us really. God steps up our life sphere, our living light and life-force allowing divine elementals, substance and light purity we cannot attain on our own even because of dimension laws we can override because we ask for assistance. We ask to be filled with divine grace, love and nourishment and so beyond the speed of light in unseen quarters of his more intimate places of light we can enter on our own accord, he is just waiting.

Then deep, deep beyond the depths of our being god’s purist living light moves about first and reaches us instantaneously within then without on a personal life-force on his own accord level we invite. Manifesting physical tangible real-time level of physical interaction as unseen yet very real and tangible! Within us, as us, for us, as him, as us, for the well being of all we are filled anew, released of all aura presence, thought, heart and feeling baggage we been carrying as us. Our load of self creation and ability to handle anything alone goes out the window as the sun central presence core of god’s love light waves in all colors he chooses to express on his own accord. Comes as divine grace, divine intervention, divine love, divine beings as his servers and divine color rays of his living light purity neutral we can take on as us and co-create as the puritine fuel (Divine living light rays and elementals liquid light god source father life force energy) of light beings. We need to feel expanded, aliveness and loved beyond any dimension or person can give because no matter the light world or time line we are conscious within as a lifetime.

Yet under the conditions they are under or us they are also doing the best they can and so never judge, force god’s love eternal or from your heart down the throats of others because you feel righteous or above them. God will step into their light being soul person vehicles in time and clean out their systems, thoughts and hearts regardless what others want for them when the call is made of themselves and invites god in. Nothing of lower forces pan out for long because faster vibration (purity) moves faster and dissolves all in its path to be so of lower frequencies and no matter the standing wave purity micro version standing wave (soul people spirit soul life streams). Can out of personal means rely to have a life in impersonal forms within all that is parables, it is so. What it means “you cannot feel god or his love but in your own living light energy and self love firstly”.

Source father shines his divinity presence, his adoration really and love abounding so much when we ourselves make the call it feels religious, holy and divine yet love has no name or corralled to be of only one means to take in god. For he himself fills every cell, every form of us and we can breathe freedom, true self love as our own once again in his light no matter from the sun, our fellow soul people or direct from him!

Breathing god firstly as you is easy; all the Ascended Masters are doing it! State as you breathe inward deeply… State: “I breathe in gods holy presence magnetizing deep within me.” (In the out breath state) “I breathe out god’s holy presence purity neutral positive now, expanding throughout me.”

Feel the difference? Hence your aura presence you are living within has the first energy purest neutral element’s, light and substances meant for you by god for he is everywhere we just have to let him in, in all natural means and way. Now uncontaminated or deduced our own aura presence of other lingering forces taking in and in your own depths even if colored of lower forces of past judgments and lower thoughts and frequencies. Sashayed as total you for the day is dissolved in cosmic spectrum divine frequencies he breathes in and out as first natural life-sphere living light organism light world we are under jurisdiction eternal bioenergy sphere moves about unseen. The Holy Spirit Presence Frequencies dissolves and clears purifying in real-time no longer at a distance over within deeply called forth as you as god to do the work for you when you cannot for self (divine intervention).

The conscious and heart of god that fills every prana (sun rays) and air molecules and photons floating about you needs to be separated or extracted of the contaminated element’s; environmental, others lower thoughts unspoken. Pluming and home and industrial pollutions also in each molecule and cell of you if not cleared first you are feeding off of first as living light and life force soul spirit physical energy reducing your frequency vibrations to match gods can even be an unconscious free will choice and misuse of creation energy of co-creative in “all that is” life sphere eternal. Now in every intake element’s, divinity and spiritual nourishment needing to make better timings, be clear-headed and have well-being meant for you by Source Father Divine is instead ejected, breathed in and infused in every cell and chakra, conscious essences as total you.

God is a singularity form as we are eternal and never takes over a life stream nor can any life stream enact god in total form as him, Master Jesus was a walking example as he conveyed you can go beyond what he did for all humanities. Yet here you get a grasp what it is like to be a “hybrid super divine light being” (the messenger’s term); as us Archangels, Christed Cosmic intergalactic Beings and Ascended Masters is a start. In all we are a part of in eternity and our only reason to live even beyond the end of time to be the will of god in all form in real-time as we walk throughout the rest of our eternal lives.

We also are carrying ourselves a micro view of god’s world or our own segregated piece of conscious land within as self-created alternate realm based off emotions, feelings, thoughts. And those around us we can sway or tether regardless because influences if not cleared in the divine rays of lower feelings, energies and realties taking on as our own however not us even negligently or distracted. We can take and bathe nourishment right from the core of source holiest (central sun) divine father spirit, soul, mind and body living light first current the Holy Spirit Frequency we must attract, saturate and infuse in our own self-created energies; our own (Spirit Frequency)-(Soul Color) at every second. For gods divine prosperity in all forms he is eternal abundant, eternal love and life. As our own we co-create, feed from eternal life as living organisms within Source Fathers eco biosphere living life sphere and is all we have in this one form. Our form Spirit life stream as eternal existence to move about so why be or contribute negative essences un-cleared by our own doing leaving for the angels, element’s, godhead and divas to make right as us? Sure examples we can as trinkets and divine means to follow as our own way never judging nor locking in as the only way to be through eternity accustoming to spiritual life of the times.

I as Maha Chohan have places of light homes filled with all kinds of product, flowers, jewelry of fancy purifying gemstones, garments so pure it is like having the skin of god on your own and family I adore as my own king of the “I AM Presence”. I can! As you too have inherited the kingdom of god and what you do with it all is on you and will have to answer for in time if even gods natural life force energy. As your own is misused even negligently and why the divine codes of light; the color sacred fire seven rays in real-time you can dissolve. You lighten your load of self eternal spirit accounting for only the good you prevision on to all as god looks at your life sphere soul person self at anytime. We can even represented of him; see you are trying when you cannot for self or accidentally in emotion and thought misuse creation and life and try to make it right never goes unnoticed and noted in your life records and Soul Color as total you in real-time.

Yet we divine light beings eternal is to help alleviate our own spiritual goals to finish our path divine we were assigned by our team of light as the will of god and in a swoop in our own aura presence and eternal light intelligence gained this far. Take as many with us into the yards and homes of gods many palaces light worlds and heaven paradise when the call is made we come and never fail! The divine realms and holy host are care takers of all that is and it takes the whole heaven village to run all societies as our part whole good or bad for a time happens to the best of us.

When the Great Divine Master Adonis speaks he is the Peace of the Fathers presence, he is not claiming he is the actual father source, no. When Angel the messenger here says she is the love of god, she is not claiming credit as his heart center, no. When Master Jesus says he is the way, he is not ordaining himself as the only way – his way or no way, no. When Saint Germain speaks he is the Violet Flame, he is not stating he is the origin of this divine color sacred fire, no. When you say you are the will of the father, you are not the actual source father, no. When Ashtar says he is Christ born, he is not the actual Christ stating, no. When I Lord Maha Chohan says I am the Creator of all that is, I am not stating I am the God of all gods, no! Only one divine father begat us all to even fathom his divine virtues and claim as our own is divine grace frequency surging through us.

Yet when we all come together as one timing, one purity, one life-force energy, one light intelligence seeded of light of the fathers, heart, life energy living light, of source fathers contentment, purity, wholeness, light intelligence, love and means supporting as him as us for the well being of all then we are part of the whole in action strong force undoubtedly! We will not fail through the light of our own divine presence! In all means coming forth from the core of father’s life sphere, light body and aura presence in singularity strong force as if of the whole of his soul person and spirit purest, neutral, holy, positive wellspring. From the depths of his being for we are his spirit soul being in all forms when focused as the positive, loving and well-being-contentment, good mental, physical health side of source divine father, mother and Holy Spirit. When drawn forth as us in all ways he back us up on his own accord for he is ever loving presence manifesting in all real-times coherent, alive and strong. The ascended masters back us up, his servers of light backs us up, his archangels come force with their swords, light and strength backing us up, cosmic Christed Light Beings beyond our dimensions and galaxy back us up! Our neighbors, friends and family in the light come forth too as example to be or not in simplest form is still the source father in singularity density or dimensional feel. We as a total intergalactic strong force come forth to manifest the father singularity spirit, light cells, rays, presence of his creation backdrop and light of disk we stand physical tangible. Uphold in all coherent, loving means we are capable and all is asked of us as part of the whole throughout eternity, now so more as we move forward stable and divine no longer alone or feeling abandoned. Our part and divine path, plan and pattern is so crucial more than ever for eternity consciousness light world is within us to no longer attain on our free time over to take the bull by the horn and be so in all forms while walking throughout the rest of eternity lifestyles here forward. While we run amuck as free will life streams of the greater cause within all that is, on his accord in all forms we are here today in all forms living proff the father is a tangible, living, breathing physical soul person just like us!

Divine Realms help by example; they cannot take over our lives as us as free will law adjourns to be of service to the masses. Then we can help keep our own life streams well and functional as baby spirit light beings we were to move forward when we can as matured well-rounded divine revolved soul people in eternity bio sphere not in increments along the way. We can still today for every lifetime not doing so because we must reclaim all of our energy no longer separated or descanted of us alone. Those future selves we may not be conscious of us today as total self claim and clear all lifetimes and our total bio sphere as one timing effort. So we can have the stamina, love purity neutral needed to sustain eternal consciousness and well-being meant for us by the Godhead of all godhead holiest. Of future selves settling in any planet life sphere is our prerogative yet we cannot contaminate or misuse keep in mind and so anchoring the divine rays and god pictured in our minds we will not fail! Or we may stay in heaven light world as future selves to sustain our vows and divine orders life paths we accept to help galactic communities leave for a time. We cannot error nor lose ourselves in dimensional forms so to have one foot in heaven and one in any light world we take on in the name of god as a lifetime. Why feel tainted as part of the whole anymore then we need to when we have within us and every lifetime to be closest to god in simple energy and light? And all we have when we leave this planet, even unto the next if that is heaven life we can stay put as free will. But then as we see the galactic news and read about intergalactic lifestyles going amuck of our own friends and family left behind stuck on their own accord, throwing their faith out the window it dismays us. We ask to be of service in the lower worlds as soon as possible no matter what it takes, no matter what families you are born in you feel you can make it out in one piece with those you care for in tow. For divine life is wherever you go and when you get back to heaven life everything is still there where you put it and your favorite places. In gods life sphere eternal; here you are today, do you not remember? Ask for your divine memory to be restored that is unconscious in every cell of you that is all.

Now moving on (blue) is sacred fire transmutation that allows us to restore faith, bond purity spirit cohesiveness, to ascended effortlessly on the back of the Archangels. To get about eternal life, to regroup to feel divine pure neutral once again. Pink, green and white, violet, gold, clear, silver and opulence pearl manifest certain Godhead qualities also of the sacred fire diverged core central sun of gods purest neutral positive holiest neutral living light color rays. Transposed of the Holy Spirit frequency carrier and light packets of gods; power infused divine color rays, wisdom spectrum and love. We can take just enough from within of divine father wellspring of life force energy as our own to sustain better lives, divine prosperity and well-being. Pack our aura presence to the hilt for those we care for if they accept or it will simply vanishes into the ethers and what happens when god sends you is personal communion, love and rays and you push aside, no judging going on or forcing. Although good synchronicity in each chakra, cell, thought and feelings for all stems from first creation light world, family of light and source father then they transcend to us when we make a call firstly. To come about into your existence physical tangible; untainted is divine color rays and self aura presence bonding, weaving and quantum spiritual pinnacle of activities and packets of light nourishment god sends from his heart and aura presence in all portions of the cosmos, universe and soul people to bask within and “just be”.

*Diagram of ball of blue light… the arrows below represent the whole ball essences, substance, living light as one unit (Law of One) life eternal sphere of god and each singularity life stream within can then have a life. Where are you amongst his grand lifestyle of all that is eternal blessings?

Also it represents the “Great Galactic Central Sun Magnet”; the Ascended Masters speak of on other blogs and books. This image diagram represents “God” the father as a spirit light being at eternal total self. God himself speaks that we are one aspect or particle of his conscious as portions of his conscious in total-ness we are in fact able to move about and be of all portions of his total conscious as him. As portions of him he can view and intervene in simple co-creation and living light, intervention and communicate to each individual cell of himself. As ourselves were created within divine fathers light body functional living light intelligence and light being life force energy organism’s life sphere of eternal existence through him as us we are him as him for the well being of total all.

To be singularity spans of light it is on us how we mature, co infuse and be productive or sickly to the whole of the divine fathers intergalactic eternal creation light base, his life sphere eternal of all that is. We are engaging eternal lifestyles as singularity wholeness of all that is our prerogative and divine grace gifts as total father source in all we do or ever be. It is up to us to be eternal conscious, gain the capability and conceptualization to enact, infuse and interact beyond this lifetime and memory capability. Or the doorway to void and null, the nothingness’ black hole that seeps as his is us at one time or another getting caught up in the liquid of light of his own being vastness when needed. Some call this the sleepers realm, self unconsciousness, comatose mental disorders unto self abuse or lack of love of self. To even feel able and born anew to join the armies of inner light of source fathers light intelligence and love waves spectrums eternal life of the whole allows and does not judge comings or goings of portioned self. The singularity spirit cell or each soul person as living organism will be papered, will deny or will move on regardless what is said here. Is where we will abound and vortex ourselves lock force. To some is a safe haven for the outskirts and total vastness of gods conscious is anchored or fearful how to survive and adapt more titles of self engaging for his conscious co-creation and holy lands available eternal.

As spirit living light of the whole never coming or going out the ring of light in eternal life for us is god’s aura presence, chakras and organs of living light useful or purged as an intergalactic eternal process we cannot forget. All portions of god is useful and one must move beyond being useful in only segregated rings of dimension timelines over truth of all that is available to those capable of co-manifesting and engaging the ceremonial divine plane, divine plan spectrum, blueprint and energy to do so. As separate or singularity divine conscious of the total source we can comprehend at greater levels, enter all aspects of his alternate universes in all form or portions when needed eternal as we swim about his vastness, his living light as our own for this is the whole of eternity we are infused and can physically tangible in spirit, in body dimensions or in conscious co-imagination manifest in those elementals, substance and light photons of each hemisphere.

To know source father individually physically personal soul person; one must go within and be one with god on his turf and disk of light each can embrace physical tangible. Entering his life sphere light room is an alternate reality (consciousness frame of being) with him and aid in first light world eternal. Which is separate of first dimension fifth and higher are divine reams and alternate realties and light world extensions of first creation light world not of self created or lower conscious mass generations light worlds that also exist and one wants to stay away from firstly as optional means to live eternal lifestyles.

“Pi” to the Power of Divine! –  Archangel Gabriel

As Spirit forms of living light intelligence we in light waves forever weaving harmonic convergence at our own pace, our own accord and our own free will granted by the universe law in cosmic law. Issued through the first godhead of all godheads, source father!

Spirit Entanglement in simple Spirit Sciences. Our light body within gods looks like a ball of light intelligence form and way of being as eternal firstly. Then we can in our Photon Holy Spirit cell particle; bubble of light manifest, conceptualize in precipitation and focus. To be in any dimension as a lifetime physical tangible shape shifting and Ascended Masters as intergalactic community soul people can help us when we cannot for self in same means instantaneously temporal as well as the angels of each divine sacred fire color ray. String theory as Spirit life streams engage in natural cosmos as living light intelligence quantum entanglement interstellar eternal life we can interact in many forms of being throughout infinity in parallel lifestyles originating from one being of light firstly, Source Father. The first advanced intelligence and living light spirit of all others enabling free will forms of all species of light. Who used light language and electronic magnetic geometry in simplistic intergalactic way to engage eternal existence would have a disk of light platform for all others to just be.

The Ascended Master is simply a divine purity conscious eternal committed walker of light no matter dimension without force, desire, need or expectation. They co-create on the disk of light of God’s divine love comic spectrum platforms he provisions, guides and conveys (pink, blue gold living light-light force energy). Than through the Divine Will Frequency (pink) of the Holy Spirit Frequency (white-gold) currier wave and presence as the Spirit of God (elementals, substance and love wave light) the divine father they vow to keep the flame of truth and consumes all their error in self energy, creation on the spot in real-time through the divine 7 color rays. For eternal life is a second to second time line all are co creating and feelings do influence and can consume even the best angels and archangels masters at times. At any second one can change their minds and hearts as free will law in universal law feed of the frequency of divine virtues; power, love and god will law.

Remember when you cannot for self god can step in and will give permission and let his servers of light do all the work. Be a server of gods will too when you can, when you can not god can! The ascended masters  always adhere in the confines of the first law; God laws. 1. God will 2. God love 3. God wisdom 4. God power in real-time for eternity. I help all elemental, divas, ascended masters and you to sustain the substance, light and nourishment needed bring forth as an eternal divine creator being I live in the core of Gods first light world and so step down his divine rays and substance for all light forms. The air needs to be reproduced and clean. The animal life needs to release fear and just be too. All species of light need divine color rays to ascended or reincarnate back into heaven realm.

Earth Natural biosphere Spirit Life Sphere Living Light Organism Light World.

Earth Natural biosphere Spirit Life Sphere Living Light Organism Light World at a distance.

The planets and earth need to clear their light bodies before humans took over as their segregate light world and alternate generations of mass communities soul people also gravitate as lifetimes and these light world adopted micro life streams of the godhead. Yet refusing to let go of the past, lower energy bands unable to clear as faster vibrations to move out into heaven hemispheres more productive, stable and divine pure neutral. Only to let your good karma and memory’s now stuck in the circle of life bad karma comings and goings force fields and energy bands miss repetitions and lack of self love-(faster color neutral frequencies overriding instead of lower tainted forces and color bands as chakras and mind sets). As the only means to get about the eternal lands of gods holly infinite “globe of all that is”. Only never un sticking self creations and miss use of life to be your eternal way of life manifestations no more and not meant for you by Source Divine Father. We are simply reentering in his light body and sustaining his life heritage as our own opening doorways and light rooms of his divine intelligence nature as our own we can take on as our own.

Even so many more planet systems will be created to sustain future generations self creations alternate universe and as well of source father for those of good minded co-habitats of free will law, cosmos law and universal laws. While the light body soul person galactic form (earth) and all plants in our solar system ascends into the central sun of its own electronic belt life streams in galactic unified Harmonic Convergence. Why do we hide? Resist and tether in uncharted hostile environment over joining as well on our own accord? And find we willnot be consumed of a fiery presence over entering the inner light world of first creation once again, stable, loving, well-being positive reality the archangels go home and rest when they can. Then leave, maybe you too to service the soul life streams locked out by their own accord and misgivings or fall from grave (the sleepers realms and alternate lower self creation light worlds and alternate universes) as their eternal rapture, hellish lifestyles and end of times sacrifices.

As a light intelligence macro creator being light being within god also uses first creation light world to physically just be on his own accord and then at a macro consciousness and light body capability tends to his children (birthed light species family of light) and cosmos creations as eternal biosphere energy spirit light intelligences too. And so we must do our part no matter how little to leave no trace left behind of our own lower energy’s, contamination and this goes for lifetimes! Thousands of years and why karma reincarnation as earth school is still available to life streams. however a day will need to come and why not sooner boggles me! God is doing his best under the conditions and coherency ability we taken on as persona soul people free will forms, dimensional genetics and energy qualified purity so is on us to meet him half way. We will need to do so every second, day and eternal life paths in real-times does not stop even for the most earnest Ascended Masters and archangels do not have a clearance pass to first creation (heaven paradise) nor you, this messenger and I. Wanting to be do gooders, and divine helpers is not a badge of right to take on the galactic masses. It takes our own free will, desire, divine will loyalty within to back us up as us no matter the time line, dimension, light world or dream state.

For future generations as the golden age of first creation as your time line was meant to be! Seeking this way of life or miss use of it is where we will always be planted as conscious walkers of dimensional realties. Mass conscious as a light band is an outer layer of first creation light band, nothing so bad about that until you have a life trying to stay centered, pure and multidimensional. Trying to get along with one foot in one dimension as a reality and one in gods turf, heaven paradise first creation. We become anchored in the outskirts of all that is separated yet still a light world provisioned nature organics replica of first creation as earth and all that fill it yet free will real-time existence changes the dimensional ball field!

No matter where we reincarnate as eternal lifestyles was and is our meant way of life God gave to all planetary as eternal existence backdrops and abundance in all good forms yet what we have and will or done within our eternal inheritance is on us. That I feel hold good soul people yet lost their dignity, throw their divine freedom rights out the window and lets all hell break loose. Have core love presence regardless and simply needs to let the god seed in every cell spark out divine living light back into divine order and clearance within the Holy Spirit Frequency surging throughout you. Free will law cannot be swiped away with god’s right man hand, no. On their own accord not stripped from you by god must let god’s life energy, life force and heart light waves amend and make right as your own bounding within his as the action life force energy surging. To back us up when we cannot as free will divine will force deep within surging through our spirit frequency, heart and aura presence simultaneously breaking free of earth’s gravity. Of our own electronic lower bands forces self created and taken on by those we thought cared for us. Instead trapping us in misconception.

Karma begets what comes around goes around (“Law of the Circle” good or negative) energy bands of co-existences will prevail. Light will sustain instead momentum purity, neutral positive hand in hand defragmenting and downloading from first creation heart central living light as us now. Some have lost their divine plan and abandoned all closeness physical tangible of god for other soul groups, alternate self creations and things one does not realize abates for you in heaven light world too when cultivating good lives. The same biosphere we first left or exiled out of to be of service to god or felt could not go back because of even in this lifetime fall from grace circumstances can be uplifted through law grace, god of will and wisdom virtues taking on now instead.

Don’t abandon your divine family over and over again no more, enough! No matter what you think; Jesus already took on all our karma sapping up all that energy forces and density living light effluvia cascading the earth and our own life spheres. And he could because his consciousness and heart chakra was imbedded in the core of Source Holy Fathers as himself in all forms and living light sustain and this took holistic energy work and thought purity focus. Also allot of time on his free time, no more was needed out of your own lives and must match! I do not mean to sound so stern yet as a intergalactic co-creator teacher of light I want to come across that Ascended Master Jesus/Sananda was simply taking on gods divine purity in all forms throughout his being he could do so for others then and so can you here on out. By using the same natural organic purity frequencies of the Ascension ray (white) and the resurrection ray (gold) through the Holy spirit frequency (white-gold within feeling divine love and divine will (pink-blue). Feeling gods will (crystal clear), his spirit divine presence of all his light color spectrums divinity holy neutral positive pure living light surge through your own liquid light energy blood and cells.

You too you see by entering the aura personal environment presence of Master Jesus/Sananda calling on him to do so when you cannot for self. In the name of Jesus has all the power you cannot muster and the dark forces know this so they immediately disappear, start packing up and relinquishing your soul rights you have taken on as your own life energy impurities or attached to your aura presence and energies personal, no more! On their behalf you have lost your soul right they run for the hills or they will be consumed instantaneously like a dry leaf in a forest fire. God’s light never fails! And we all know doves of light; all faster purity frequency consumes all lower frequency to be no more! Unclogs your soul of lower realties and forces forever more in an instant and what it means to be god free, clear and pure yet in the next instant what you do with your own free will energy determines the coming and going of divine grace and contaminated self energies in thought and feeling side of life is normal yet to what was meant “through Jesus is the way” and heaven is felt. He, me, you, your family members, neighbor is an example to be or not to and can move about infinity life even so on our own accord. And why Jesus came here to reveal to all species of gods light when enough is enough change your frequency into gods will living light vibrations and be free! So the magnitude and forcefield we can simply jump into too at anytime as our own aura presence energy environment and alternate reality no matter timing in infinite life eternal we present to the public, the masses and our own life heritage eternal. Remember god forgives in real-time too on his own accord now it is time for you to do the same here and now forgive god, forgive self and let heaven reality christen your conscious, heart and lifestyles eternally. Stop resisting here and now life purity meant for you within “all that is” and reincarnate in real-time not at deaths door into heaven light world alternate reality as your own. Reincarnate back into your Christos conscious presence as your own now conscious momentum and conceptualization abilities meant for you by the grace of god.

Oh! just a minute the messenger has stopped with so much joy and appreciation, tearing up again! Giving us all (her team of light) a big bear hug! In etheric form and visualization that she can have the conscious ability to write our words as us for you as a divine telepath we to are grateful.

 When we try and try to make right, just call on the divine frequency within the Holy Spirit frequency infused in our spirit frequency that the heart center of your inner body and being sparks and emanates in real-time through a simply change in thought and heart! Breathe in so! Breathe now with me (magnetize in the air all around you to you); God purity as simple light and energy purity, neutral, positive and breathe out God’s love purity to expand throughout you. Now your aura presence emanating as you-total self physically, etheric, mental and emotionally. Without contaminating for all to be blessed; as your presence and aura light body as you walk around. We made it to the end of my talk! And what a long lecture into spiritual growth you shall have eternal!

Be light and love in all you do centered in the god photon core heart central of every cell and light node, Salus! (Means; goddess of health be with you.) – Lord Maha Chohan

Sananda; Spirit soul people want to get out of their physical shells and cannot wait to move out of third dimension yet wherever you go you project a light room (chamber of self creation conscious projected light) (house of eternity). That ensures a next life and to stabilize within the mass conscious civilizations societies best fitted of your conscious projection and service to god needs. No matter generation as your own life sphere light world firstly, your own soul spirit and to be able to interact with the like minded masses. Earth is a light world, you as spirit light being are an organic living light electronic presence firstly: eternal light world life sphere bio energy sphere within Gods bio intergalactic bioenergy sphere and essences.

1. As spirit life streams in spirit science spiritual quantum physics this means in micro form we can be a ball of energy, photon particle within the God atom photon living light body. We can shape shift as particles of God’s living light intelligence conscious as lifetimes manifesting through void, sound then light precipitation, desire and focus right along God. For his aura presence is “all that is” universe eternal we are stuck within for eternal life organic light species of his source field biosphere we can.

2. We can move about in Spirit frequency within the Holy Spirit Frequency that is living light attached to source fathers “life sphere” we weave our own living light to gods sacred geometry light body realm to sustain Source fathers inner realm as our own. If we don’t then we simply have self-created an alternate universe of prescience earth geometry hence human genetics death and life cycles principles as this consciences manifestation light room. And gravitate within mass conscious of like-minded, error in life and creation is ones first saturation then and second nature as generation and generation platform all humanities to run amuck as lifetimes. Not what was meant by Divine Father for each singularity co-creator beings of his main first life sphere light world called heaven paradise was the first divine geometry while the earth geometry within celestial alignments is also a co-creative source field. Creation divine formula mathematical centered within his light nodes of electronic magnetism and living light energy bio rhythms and light geometry geography of all that is.

At anytime in simple light and energy in a breath or thought changes our ways and make things right the cosmos code as well. Vibrate within the Holy spirit intricate stabilization fields and octave sacred codes of light and cosmos spectrum Gods heart center platforms us as eternal life within “all that is”.

Spirit Eternal Light Body Galactic Christos Self in simple light and energy in natural cosmos. Telepathically given through Mater Jesus. (c0)2014 Caulk Board Drawing by Angel Vela

Spirit Eternal Light Body Galactic Christos Self torsion field in simple light and energy in natural cosmos. Telepathically given through Mater Jesus. (c0)2014 Caulk Board Drawing by Angel Vela

In effect “all that is” is a galactic eternal torsion field bio sphere universal geometry as first creation, vortex, octave and space time matrix. Then all within this source eternal natural organic light energy field all else comes into existence and as freedom to in any form of the chosen universe, planet and dimension as spirit life stream Spirit Frequency is your soul color light body eternal Christos self. Through other photons, atoms or living light we could not just be, could not co create and could not use our real-time light intelligence. To be co-creator beings within all that is, Gods DNA the ability to replicate and store, conceptualize and manifest in simple light and energy currents, terminals and light rooms. Zero-point genome seeded codons from the God Atom Spirit Geometry enabling our own spirit soul geometry to offspring as living light geometry and energy glyphs of light. Are the divine blueprint, pattern living light geometry eternal embedded designs encoded our divine plans as a blue print architecture and codes of light diagrams of god geometry and molecule, atom, photon frequencies lay lines. Allowing intergalactic civilization and star families dimensional free forms to engage with the godhead of all godheads eternal on their own time and means within.

This eco life sphere of the godhead of all godheads luminous galactic light body is all we have for our own ball of light spirits to sustain an inkling of well being, stability and eternal consciousness. And God knows this so cannot for a second sustain the light wave love frequency within the Holy Spirit light waves and particles without him backing us up. If we negligence his living light body and life stream, no matter star beings or human beings depends on planet eco systems of his light body spirit eternal. You don’t need ancient aliens, bibles, gods and priests, star beings to tell you the outcome; of course karma will bite you in the ass, distinction, kayos and deploying out of conscious life mass dimensions is the only path left by ones own accord not Source Holy Fathers. We would disperse into space lost forever in the abyss of lower frequencies and light beings wanting to take our spirit, soul and body in any means if for a second god would be distracted holding all that is together. We then cannot for a second also lose our keynote within gods core heart center vibration purest, neutral, positive unified keynote sequence of the law of the circle we must cultivate, breath within most pure, neutral and positive too engage a more personal feeling of divine father presence. The “Codes of Light” of his divine blueprint is our second nature as spirit living organisms balls of light natural organic holiness diverged of the Holy Spirit presence and frequency cosmos spectrum of the seven divine color rays and beyond.

When we distract or venture off our divine goals, purity patterns and spiritual life heritage gained spirituality then why our lives are in disorder, lack and feelings of abandonment creep up and swallow us in any means necessary. Work, family, friends, soul mates, community, TV even EMF frequencies can get us off kilter. It is on us to restore ourselves through free will law, universal love law and divine will. Shake off you spirit garment into the light of god’s divine core central sun magnet purity and divine rays then walk forward clear and free with your divine family of light awaiting.

Cremate every lower force, every negative entity attached in your aura lower realm light electronic bands or slower frequency really in each body and chakra, feelings and thoughts for all lifetimes. First of the violet flame sacred fire one of many of gods bioenergy electronic chakras natural living bands of light all existence is within!

All particles weighing you down, each cell and chakra once and for all dump into and through the violet flame and the seven divine flames for it is the carrier love wave of freedom and eternal; Spiritual Nourishment for the soul restoration process is none ending as eternal life. You can stay off the grid of earth masses yet never do so with gods core lands of living neutral purity life sphere and living life force light!

*Torsion eternal life sphere motion.                                                                                 

18743   The God seeded Spirit Atom is diverged and sustained through his cosmic spirit Soul light body life force energy and living light eternal presence. Star families, human cultures and human and star beings; all are of same god atom species of light and energy geometry DNA firstly. However many species of humans as race, animals and mammals even intergalactic communities have slight genetic differences. Due to the gravity of their own life technology; law of the circle form of coming into existence and family in each dimension and timeline. This will never change and will exist beyond the end of time.

*Where our Spirit Frequency comes from as Living light organisms.

Cosmos God Atom divered holy spirit particle for healing soul bioenergy1 (c)2015 by AngelVelaWhile the Holy Spirit Frequencies and particles are born through Divine Fathers heart light wave cosmic spectrum as spirit light beings firstly we are us no matter the outer appearance (shape shifters as spirit, soul, physical forms interchanging due to dimension | parallel  | universal laws | dimension geometry). Yet real shape shifting is only possible at an intergalactic spirit light purity neutral quantum harmony equal in each source field, rainbow ray and god fire body level. Because genetic coding is capped within each source field or soul person dimensional genetics instead of dimensional-less form of feeling and experiencing life through thought energy precipitation and neutral pure subtle energy.

When in fact we are simply adjusting the dimensional conscious hologram as temporal form appearance to those who are strong force into what we are seen as so appear expected of them as when we intervene. Jesus for example cannot permanent shape shift nor any soul person yet we can appear in hologram conscious paradox parallel perception unto our own needs. To our own hemisphere of our own expectations of what a person or thing is seen to the naked eye when a visitation is needed or granted. As to alleviate fears and so the message is the core over the visitation expectations while bringing ascension process, divine intervention or companionship angelic of light without fear.

All are really intergalactic divine soul people communities and societies of many cultural planets or light worlds. This means Divine Holy Father as a personal form; spirit light being soul person exist and is of first light base genetics and life heritage while I share here the intangible etheric forms of eternal spirit lifestyles and possible to exist in all intergalactic form origin while in singular dimension way of expression form. What I am saying we cannot shape shift unless we go through the dimensional born and society legalities and norms as a lifetime. Yet separate of who we are as first creation light being soul person intergalactic global self then as eternal light intelligence light beings we can through natural organic focus and synthesis growth  and DNA activations of our ancestral genetics activate and use when needed for light worlds intergalactic communities A activities and lifetimes to divine influence. We cannot be a insect or reptilian, no. Yet as angelic DNA origin can sustain many lives on earth or other planetariums of like forms and humanities for our DNA is full of this form of heritage genomes, information encoding and lifestyles. For example I as Jesus will visit you yet you see me as a certain way because your own beliefs are so strong like a force field will not adapt to reveal my true real-time identity and shape shifting as an eagle or my true self will be different for each. While some force to see me as with blue eyes, brown, Jewish features, on toast or in a cloud or intergalactic suit and ties so I may appear so! Yet remember of my own accord I choose really my free will allows so through the cosmic time spheres and screen I will conscious hologram to a certain few while always divine light ray tube of light telepathically to all who call on me until you come home.

Even seeming unseen and to grand to comprehend intergalactic over dimensional feelings overshadowing Source Father as impersonal form (Life Sphere Space Sphere) and light intelligence (light room) chamber of light; mind. For us to have eternal life in simple light and energy organic natural natures biosphere tangible forms singular within the one! Diverged of “part of the whole as one” parables.

Cosmos God Atom divered holy spirit particle for healing soul bioenergy12 (c)2015 by AngelVela

This is an example what the godhead of all eternal godheads looks like as natural organic photon and electronic belt of all co-creator beings gravity forms of life being. Kind of like how a shark swimming in the sea and you look closer and there are fishes swimming along gravitating to its body and the shark does not eat them. Well spirit souls also do so with the godhead and the source father does not consume in by being so close to his light and body presence so we can be safe, be protected and nourished when we can not for self.

Cosmos God Atom divered holy spirit particle for healing soul bioenergy2 (c)2015 by AngelVela.pngThat naturally in electronic belt, aura presence magnetizing and gravity forces. Gravitate to sustain singularity eternal lifestyles as same light species photon atoms. In cosmos universe no matter how tangible we appear we are precipitating, projecting and co-creative bio spheres of spirit soul living light of same first creation into “all that is” eternal life and awareness.

This diagram below is an example how the God seeded singularity natural organic micro, macro living organisms become soul people, spirit cells within ‘all that is”. Gods plan for each of us and what we do with eternal life is on us even so there after as our eternal life heritage resides in each of our cells and spirit light body as us at all times in real-timings.

The reincarnation process is diverged first of spirit, living light, soul, then dimension reality entered and why we must be directed to heaven eternal life. For we will always be living, thinking organic balls of light manifested light intelligence infinite light beings.

God Seed (c)2014 By Angel Vela

To achieve spiritual eternal lifestyles we desire in light and energy firstly to teleport ourselves as ascension graduation advanced star beings of eternal life. Diverged of Earth “freedom star” parable. To rise our soul purity into our consciousness by just focusing on divine virtues of self gained.

Then into the spirit light body consciousness of god through myself consciousness (aura presence) to meet us half way on your own accord and of same purity genetics cellular bio energy as yours, you see. Ascension is diverged; the parable of “I am the way.” Of  Saint Germains “Atomic Accelerator” standing within can achieve of  Spirit Technology in simple light and energy holistic forums. And the parable Ascended Master Morya shares; “How to Stay Conscious when you Die” and my own called the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System that you use your own “life sphere” to enter back into your Christ Conscious and reincarnating back into heaven paradise light world gracefully and at ease. For all generations, for a future self that is “you” (the Christos reincarnate Self) and may need to be consistent in simple light and energy second nature of the intergalactic self mind presence purest, neutral, positive forms. We will discuss in future talks.

Our spirit self light cosmic spectrum is diverged from first creation living light. In singularity co-creators in dimension organism form our life heritage is dimensional feel and born by other off the grid co-creators fallen from grace or not (Jesus was born of holy family genetics and life sphere heritage in earth experience dimension time lines) within God’s life sphere even still. Dysfunctional families in dimensions of earth spheres or off the planet as also yet fall from grace and real-time bad choices seem extensions not of gods light species and purity real-time form we still are of. You see light is energy and frequency and so by changing the energy bands as aura presence and mind substances particles is that is sustaining a bad hearted person, not meant as free will co-creators.

Yet at any second in light and the seven divine cosmos holy rays diverged from God’s heart central can magnetize into one’s own mind and heart, speed up the vibration rays. Match the keynote of Source Father’s Holy Spirit frequency within our own Spirit frequency changing our Soul frequency and photon particles to speed up and disintegrate by matching and infusing god particles, photons and light waves within our own life sphere. Google – (The Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System) listed on another blog I created you can Google to download a free copy.

We can clear and free, purify our life sphere eternal spirit, soul, physical, mind and heart in simple color divine ray holistic energy work  and the divine color rays listed below on our own free time.2014ByAngelvela-Sananda-ArchangeMichaelencoded lightwaves

This is the three fold flame.

a spiritual flame in your heart which has threeflameplumeswhich embody the primary attributes of God - love wisdom and power This flame is thekingdom of Heaven within that Jesus spokeOne can visualize creative biosphere imagination in heart center starting. To match within yours to help keynote God’s divine frequency Holy Presence vibrations and elementals, substance and living light purities.

The sacred fire flame infuses into each light node and cell in your aura presence, heart, thoughts and mind firstly you absorb, magnetize and expand radiance. You can simply take three deep breaths to shift your energy frequencies to a start a cleaner mode of movement felt.

Of the next image photo is a colorful college to give a light and energy holistic light wave can help you quickly restore spirit vitalization purity clear and free on one’s own accord. You can in inner mind’s eye visualize in the atomic accelerator and the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System through your heart center and inner influential bodies: 1. causal, 2. physical 3. etheric 4. mental 5. emotional 6. soul 7. spirit; octaves of self existence all within the Spirit life sphere space sphere of eternal conscious self. Restoring angelic and divine presence as Intergalactic Christos Self.


Remember we are infusing our desired purest, neutral, positive bio spirit sphere and aura presence radiance within the Cosmos Spirit of God Life Sphere, aura presence eternal light body or light world.  Asking the Holy Comforter which is our Christ Presence to reborn us conscious firstly as active co-creation participants while going about our day.

The “I Am” Presence or Galactic Christed Christos Consciousness and presence to restore or purest neutral holiest first creation form of spiritual nourishment light being within the Spirit Atom, Spirit Photon, Spirit Particle in our Holy Spirit micro of Source divine Father. Making us physical tangible closest proximity within God’s Eternal light worlds most divine and filled of good soul people just like us.

Eternal Universal Cosmic Creation source Field all soul people adhere to as simple living light organism of the whole. God's Atom & Light world Life Sphere Eternal Spirit.

Eternal Universal Cosmic Creation source Field all soul people adhere to as simple living light organism of the whole. God’s Atom & Light world Life Sphere Eternal Spirit.

Author, Angel Vela: We want to simply raise our soul into purest feeling neutral, positive real-time conscious soul into that of Master Jesus aura presence as our own conscious means and step aside and let him do all the work when we cannot for self at least meeting him half way is our free will boundaries within universal free will laws rules and regulations he can come forth with his angels for you as you for the well being of all.

For he already lives in God’s conscious and his light body is infused within Gods light world heaven eternal living photons, particles and activities as he is revealing how to be as example ascended in all timings of self eternal natural organic means as the means to get back home when ready too. As his own space sphere biosphere energy light world and consciousness mind realities we enter too for eternity in emergence and attraction!

Master Jesus
segment2-diagram8 christed self by angel vela(2015)



             the_flower_of_life_round_sticker-r42fffa2a86b4449b98b905e02d7184e3_v9waf_8byvr_324  color frequencies

Sananda: Feel unified harmonic convergence, feel Spiritual divine grace given nourishment raise and clear our frequencies and inner vibrations unseen yet of us as Spirit light being eternal through the Holy Spirit Frequency within our Spirit Frequency.

In Source Father’s divine color rays cosmic flames and light waves divine will power spirit eternal grid light body as our own living light purity and keynote.

Self Living Light-Light Body Healing Energy Through the 7 bodies/7 Color Rays/ the 7Archangels call on to receive divine intervention, well being and good fortune-Eternal!

Self Living Light-Light Body Healing Energy. Through the 7 bodies/7 Color Rays/ the 7 Archangels call on to receive divine intervention, well being and good fortune-Eternal!

We as light being soul people are organic organisms within gods Spirit Frequency as spiritual quantum entanglement in simple energy and light.

We can restore our own divine light being to match his vibration electronic belt and keynote of purest, neutral and holiest as we walk around eternal life we as free will creator beings were meant to enjoy.

Be content, have wellbeing receive divine guidance and the free time to finish our god will freedom and service to god; our divine paths for each dimension lifetime we move within.Soul Existence Revealed Volume I, II, III


Our own Biospheres are natural organic living organisms as photon micro within macro Omni presence source fathers. As is the universes planets and gods electron belt biosphere our own Spirit Frequency attune as optimum purity and clear. Lightening our density, space junk our emotions and thoughts saturate.

Our aura presence manifest the emotions and living light from our chakras, and soul living light. We can sure natural external through magnetizing inner body life force energy from all divine sources within Divine Fathers space sphere “all that is” macro Life Sphere.

The Gleirae Particle by Angel vela (C)2015Of his own bio sphere cosmos spirit we are eternal within as Spirit micro Life Spheres. We are life streams that can use the Holy Spirit Frequency, all Spirit Frequencies of the divine hosts and plants universe. We are all coherency frequency of light intelligence and living light our spirit sustains as us as singularity soul people in the life scape of gods eternal aura presence.14-3 photonbandradiate out from the Galactic Core forming a torus. It is one of these bands that we are entering into at this time.We can use our own creative imagination and enter into the atomic accelerator Spiritual technology the Ascended Masters use in their temple offices of lights foe themselves. For schedule visits and clients visiting wanting in etheric, physical, mental and emotional bodies solar holistic energy work. Done to raise, clear and free one’s own light body and every spirit cell, physical and aura presence within thoughts and feelings takes many sessions for you do not want to much nor to little frequency acceleration.

Which higher frequencies simple raises another energy current clogged, slow, contaminated and cremate all that does you no good. To alleviate ones own distresses, assist improving spiritual skills through soul color and assisting the ascension process to move beyond earth school graduation for good!

Saint Germain’s image of the atomic accelerator the physical, soul, spirit self reincarnates back into Christ Conscious in simple Spirit Technology – purified directed Light & Energy within the Holy Spirit Frequency and divine color rays.

Saint Germain's Atomic Accelerator (c)2015 By Angel Vela Diagram

 Saint Germain’s Atomic Accelerator | Solar Star Holistic Energy light Attunements *We can do hourly sessions when contacted by email and visiting the Author’s town that is known for its healing waters, hot springs we send you to soak before your private session if you want to pay for that experience too or hike in the mountains and be in the now.

*A free experience here; see yourself inside the atomic accelerator here for 8 minutes allowing the Cosmic Violet Angels infuse you within the divine rainbow rays at core the Violet Flame purifier Spirit Technology for spiritual nourishment purposes and when your light body receives what it wants it will stop and saturate in time. Needing to penetrate all your chakras clear and free takes time and emotion, ego or lower selves will try to stop the process and unconsciously members you know who do not have your best interest in mind because this is a life changing experience and you cannot go back in time to the old you!

So call  on your Christ Presence to order you receive every energy color rays needing to reboot your timelines, thoughts and well being into divine prosperity, well being and positive synchronicities needing to be clear and free. And move forward to instill your best optimal divine path, good times and opportunities for each lifetime throughout eternity.

segment5-diagram4 -2Copy

The 7 Chakras  | The 7 Divine Color Rays | Ascended Masters

1. Crown Chakra  172.06 Hz  tone platonic year | Ray 1 – blue ray – Chohan El Morya

2. Brow Chakra 221.23 Hz  tone of Venus | Ray 2 – yellow ray – Chohan Lord Lanto

3. Throat Chakra 141.27 Hz  tone of Mercury | Ray 3 – pink ray – Chohan Paul the Venetian

4. Earth Chakra 136.10 Hz  tone of Earth’s year | Ray 4 – white ray – Chohan Serapis Bey

5. Solar Plexus 126.22 Hz tone of Sun | -Ray 5 – green ray – Chohan Hilarion

6. Navel Chakra 210.42 Hz tone of the synodic moon | Ray 6 – purple and gold –  Chohan Lady Nada

7. Root Chakra 193.18 Hz tone of Earth’s day | Ray 7 – violet ray Chohan Saint Germain

planetery frequencies

The seven sacred living light rays of Source Fathers Divine holy living presence:

Chalk board diagram of the Seven God Life Energy Divine Holy Rays sacred Fire. Stemming from his heart sacred color fire flames, Life force energy.

Chalk board diagram of the Seven God Life Energy Divine Holy Rays sacred Fire. Stemming from his heart sacred color fire flames, Life force energy. (c)2015 Angel Vela

Divine intervention, Divine Prosperity, Immaculate Conception, divine reality are all diverged from the God flames of his heart center and life force energy that sustains your “Spiritual Nourishment” first as simple light and energy.

Through the (Holy Spirit Frequency); boosting and sparking your “Spirit Restoration” in all real times, inner bodies, chakras and living light instantaneously, class dismissed! – Sananda


 All rights reserved©2015 By Angel Vela – Author of “Soul Existence Revealed” Volume I, II, III


Archived at: http://web.archive.org/web/20150403065725/https://divinerealms.wordpress.com/spirit-restoration-spiritual-nurishment/