2016(C) By Archangel Michael-Angel Vela

The 12 Divine Codes

Divine Transmission 01, 01, 2015; Sananda: Spiritual Physics entails many forms of Holy Spirit being in many dimensions of creation one attracts. While coupled within one’s own accumulated way of being this far; beliefs, life heritage, generation norms and potential conscious growth of all that is.

If combined within the Christos Galactic Self by mathematical formula, glyphs light codes, geometry and living light purity attraction and expansion will ascend you protected stable, alive and pure divine willed, you will know. The four, seven, twelve, 144,000 Archangels legions do not only use the matrix of natural organic Cosmos living light purity energy light waves of first creation, source particle holies, purest, neutral, positives for all dimensions, timelines.

For all your own and all those you care for too of all alternate realties and life heritages when any Archangel of the light come forth strong force, for you right now, just call on any one of them by name, image in your minds eye and say nine times solid strong in faith you are physical tangible with them on their own accord not just yours. No matter the time line or alternate universe you need is why the divine twelve codes are infused within living light Life Force Energy of source particle of all creation and the first of all ever in existence and before you see.

Then of all light species and light beings in star worlds and light worlds, space spheres and life force of source particle of the twelve codes of creation. The 22 codes of creation, the 144,000 light codes of divine cosmos multi planetary universal creation and matrix of the one is a start to Quantum Entanglement within ones own vibration and sound tones of all that’s pure, neutral, positive good in all forms for the well being of all.

The “12” paradoxes are inner life gateways for a soul to interact of ones own reality capabilities as a sensory means to get about intergalactic existence. Just as the 14,000, 7, trinity, the 24 and 24 strand DNA, 49 and 13 are unseen energy frequencies one must feel to bypass to enter other light worlds unseen to most. Just as you practice moving about third dimension; the crawling, walking, riding and flying of other vehicles norms to get about is the norm in other dimensions. Their also are other forms of travel and abilities to get familiar with or already used in inner selves and mathematical formulas, spiritual nourishment and divine vitalizations. Which light species can not use in lower dimensions so easily tap into within ones own natural second nature sensor’s and feeling consciousness.

Because the veil is not conceptualized as creative imagination insight even for most to penetrate unless the divine or Spiritual senses become activated and used by you in your own comfort style of self being within the light and expressing eternal lifestyles consciously alert awake in positive well being good fortune and good health with other light; light species of course, as I do. One can simply command self to dream on it or allow ones own conceptualization ability become expanded to do so as eternal law universal law living allows. For the well being of all manifesting before you as you in good standing and abilities through divine faith, creative imagery and Vibration conscious raising within the octaves of the higher realms.

Of existences of like good soul people and stable planetary eco habitats of like species of light have already enterprise in family, love, companionship, universal intelligence. And probable futures of same will then be eternal well being highest outcome on our own merits and awake states efforts and virtues. Energy light color can sustain in simple light and energy of those very realms and good soul people intervening within the divine will, divine intervention, divine prosperity, divine love and divine light intelligence within universal interplanetary light world of course you can enter in the light waves ordained by the holy holiest family and ascended masters, protected by the most prestigious reliable divine forces of elementals, nature, cosmos and energy light of source of the ONE.

The twelve divine codes is a living light pattern or mandala form of interacted intergalactic ability and norm. This divine purity pattern can be used per lifetime and consistently is the cosmic key to establish purity eternal life living aware. One can then move about the 24, or thousand or 144,000 Christ conscious light worlds all a number to navigate yet not the truth of total eternal existence purity ALTERNATE UNIVERSES available to those ready. Those spiritual neutral in all dimensions simultaneously and within simultaneously in all inner selves no matter timeline or timing in ones own manifestations and perceptions within “all that is” light worlds. As responsible and divine guidance packed backing you  strong behind you, before you, be you and all throughout my living light and aura presence. Of the sacred fire you are of now in my garments of light as your own fired up and sparked in the 12 codes of divine power, love and miracles of all good forms!

4adc8f85a9bfbf54741c5fc129c50c52One can perceive ones life to last in this timeline on earth up to one hundred and thirty years or less however since I have been conscious, Master Jesus/Sananda for thousands of years consistently you can too I have come to share, assist and in spiritual entanglement within my own light body and conscious of your own allowing can also when you can not for self. The impact of this information will start the inner cells and DNA activation within the holy divine matrix of good light beings and light species your future probable life times may take you in service. To god and your soul mates committed team of light inter planetariums and purity values you have attained this far as lifetimes and spiritual intergalactic goals.

Then to supersede even my capabilities one day if you meet me half way and can perceive such eternal capability through divine intervention, divine power, divine free will, divine wisdom and divine love as I move about naturally as. We are simply organic living light life forms of gods light body and conscious creation singularity and their is no where else to go then. No where else to feel God; divine source father but within your own light energy really and commune too in all spiritual forms at purest multidimensional purest soul person. Think about that for a minute. Each a living sun central presence of one template of light species living light great grand central sun Omni presence of all of creation maturing at each ones birthed into the one life sphere of all of creation. While the spirit is within many light worlds such as dream, death, future self and inner selves termed universe cosmos dimensions.

Where do you fit in, why limit your self in the hemisphere of selves when gods divine expansion eternal does not stop at this lifetime for you. The blogger here is using her own light presence to interpret telepathically my messages to you and in dream we stand physical tangible to go through and note take agenda what will be said including the diagrams and books. When she does not get what I want to share she will wait to publish until it is done for many generations, Timelines and planet galaxy Universes systems to comprehend not just earth people. Anyone can have many lives off earth too and so crucial to stay consistent of inner ability as second nature for all is done in simple light and energy abilities and all this is recorded in the halls of light open to all light species, soul people and realties even Telepathically. You can too do so until then follow her lead as she closely follows mine for the well being of all, without force, judgment and need.

Also religious or spiritual attachments can super seed one or limit and so one can extend higher multidimensional eternal existence as neutral good eternal form of behaving instead of one’s astrology, locked in headstrong beliefs and birth chart norms one tends to attach to of loyalty of self identity presence to be accepted by the lower world societies. In real time second to second you tell me who you really are though yet however the spirit eternal Christos self is the true you really as I convey here then extending down into lower octaves of existence and can lose ones way back home as you truly feel separated from heaven paradise. Heaven is also within gods octave eternal natural organic existence creation (Life Sphere) your life sphere that is your spirit, soul, physical self light body total intergalactic self creation when needed can move about eternal life within “all that is” of gods octave eternal I spoke above. And so this light world just as earth is a light world of both natural organic for all good living light being organisms forms to enjoy and just be as an alternate reality of gods nature pure organic living light it is so.

Normal when simple energy restrictions and mental and emotion of mass conscious and ones own thoughts and feeling side of life discolor truth. As contaminations of the lower worlds influence grow heavy on us in just wanting to be wanted and loved, accepted and appeared needed we tend to abandoned our eternal heritage accumulate this far over in years of third dimension awareness as age. We then can become comatose spiritually and galactic un aware literally locked out by self conscious will. Lost in the lower realms that are temporal and so what for have you really gained in eternal truth beyond third dimension? Of who we are really as eternal existence conscious purity neutral loving light forms in universal spiritual forms of being. While in one’s own way of being no matter the reality world has more intergalactic substance and sway in ones dreams, astral, unconscious and daily thoughts even still is why I speak here.

I enjoy introducing pioneering spiritual technology and eternal life means of getting around while in any locked out dimension. For my Earth life was a challenge and I got through it as you will with the divine realms intervening thee when asked and guided as I did on my earth journeys as lifetimes.

I suggest The Apollonius star Gate Diamond System I created above diagram for divine clear and free life energy purification and release I set up with the messenger I ordained as the Author of this blog and a simple means to prepare ascension through my help and aura energy light being. Of all fear and doubt can be distinguished, evaporated and no more within your light body while rebooting ones cellular and electromagnetic living light life stream light being purity matrix for safe haven back to heaven light worlds. In auto pilot creative visualization to adapt your heart frequency octave back into my purity pattern of light and eternal freedom peace and joy access is easily accomplished by piggy backing within mine I will grant you to be clear and free to do so pure when you can not for self. Imagine the totality of what that can do for you in eternal life and future selves well being? Into heaven realms and existences I walk in and source father set aside for eternity for those of like minded and virtue purity community living I protect with my legions of angels. your legions of angels can help too when you cannot for self. Bibles still exist in heaven, Christ conscious that which really is the holy spirit octave your own conscious abides as the cosmic spirit of god. Again all we are is frequency living light and natural organic organisms within gods octave eternal light body or life sphere. All planets, all cosmos and all time lines and realties co exist and co create as free will light being forms, yes.

With practice, I can help re adjust your auric and light points in each cell, DNA, body of the physical, ether, mental and emotional through the casual body and three fold flame, then the eight, twelve or thousand fold heart flame center you are still of intact yet separated or self cut off for karma reasons, dimensional societies laws and norms. Yet in your aura fields and chakras with my team of Archangels and spiritual court, just accept and ask as well in private energy sessions no matter the number of divine codes we will only give just enough you can handle and no more activate, infiltrate, seed, expand, raise and adjust to the key note of gods heart central core sacred fire flame fold. So the number twelve seems to fit in most society generations and cultures as a tangible means to have divine order and protection consistently as you will find in other galactic systems in intergalactic travel while in lucid dream sleep even. Simply see the dove of my heart heritage and the holy spirit symbolic then the divine 12 divine codesgold, white, pink violet, green, blue, orange, silver, platinum, opulence pearl, fuchsia, indigo blue. In ones minds eye spiraling all the twelve divine codes chosen sacred color rays life force fire cremating all that doe you no good, for good.

The Divine Codes colors specified above are penetrating and saturating anew; activating within every portion of you and ever lived or will live as you as this infused holy immaculate packets of light beamed to you and saturating you by asking so now. Of living light purity life energy electromagnetic frequency wavelength of the divine on high Spiritual Alchemy light rays boosting into your whole sense of being, every cell, DNA. inner selves past and future selves and all genetic timeline even forgotten, abandoned and of future selves be absorbed gently  cleared free forever no longer weighing you down, distracting you, side tracking responsibility and lack of love faith that you are a good person under the conditions you are under. These special previsioned unto you divine particles and electronic geometry light glyphs, light language and divine love beams are remedy antidotes one can accept and move on clear and free to just be. To just try to have better lives over surviving… live truly you are living through you now as you read be aware as self as real-time Christ Self through you,. Breathe in and out the celestial holy spirit divine frequency light packet waves prepared to clear and free your life energies, no matter time line or self when ever you want.

Truly meet us half way, means your free will raises your life energy living light as you breath in and out naturally already and piggy backs into our free will unconscious selves resisting and interfering in emotion. Divine living light or cosmos living light universal intelligence particle of light can saturate you now, feel so. Helping and assisting you in real-time and in each lifetime this can be done consistently reliable as second nature as divine light beings we can eternal live in real-time together no matter the distance.

segment3-diagram1 001In simple image purity focus attention creative visualization is the divine key and let us do the rest which is through gods heart central clear light ray beaming and bridging you back home holding all the rays divine of his love firstly that feeds all the divine 12 color rays used here the crystal clear color core origin his love ray comes through firstly and feeds the divine codes needed at all real-time momentum just enough and for you to meet half way in ones own divine focused practiced natures in every second is a handful with so many others around you that may not want to manifest reality for the well being for all over for self firstly and consuming all around energy can take  a toll on the most divine sensitive as you are. Thank you for being you accept you are wanted and love. It is okay to forgive self and love self more so now then ever so you do have the stamina and capacity to move forward in trust Christ I deity self soul spirit physical presence call on within to do so.

Also there are the 12 archangels, the twelve zodiac and star constellations, the twelve ascended master temples and the twelve god virtues to name a few. Also the twelve star gates and time lines, the twelve chakras also representing the 12 Holy Spirit light color rays divine codes. There are 12 dimensions, eleven within one equals twelve yet many more exists as alternate realties, astral, death states, and subconscious and dream states to name some. This means twelve is a systematic form of accessing the unseen to be seen and felt, grow and move about eternal existence. As a star gate or octave holding tank for “all that is” source field then is encased eternal to be a singularity zero point octave as well while to domain realities of natural organic plasma life of cosmic creation one can sustain tangible movement and growth. You may dip into clear and free and supply all creations needing to have better, consistent, safe, well being, pure multidimensional consciousness lives. And future selves then can have the chance as you still to have the capacity and open clear plate to move forward as well then for the well being of all. That means you firstly. Must be sound and well, together and neutral, loving unconditional and universal light intelligence then also saturates you as you at all times to do the right thing when needed firstly for all while you also firstly in balance you see.

Then when we strip away the twelve layers of the aura soul life energies and plasma fields of self creation identity personified in color tones, smell and appearances is abided in other light beings life spheres as self reality creations contaminated or not. The galaxy, the cosmos and planetary’s to name a few also have color fields of self identity and life force life energy. Then there is the god seed or eternal natural organic life sphere we are all sheltered within as first creation total form “all that is” manifest from eternal creation of the one. This means there are other life spheres nestled within the law of one (Earth is a life Sphere and you are a light being within your own spirit life sphere within the one creation of all that is and all of creation life sphere) all natural organics we live within and so there is no where to go, deny , hide at be segregated of the rest of the spirt soul people beings or spirit photons singularities whole when in sync as the one. We are dependent of other grander living organisms life spheres light worlds meaning eternal living light organisms light bodies and conscious states precipitated; life spheres to have life and realties as the playground of eternity infinite existence.

Remember we really are at inner levels too natural organic living light. For God is a god atom, a being of light and so we are of same light species eternal. : God eternal life sphere co-creation organic eternal light being.

Then besides the dimensions you are told of in quantum physics many are holding those dimensions intact as supra galaxies and dimensions all within God’s life sphere living light being eternal form we stand within . No matter how many lifetimes we have as eternal life is in his light body inter galactic self life form light body our own can abide.

These multidimensional galactic eternal grander life spheres come from the same life seed of god creation law holding the godhead light seed spirit light being life sphere also of ours. His divine free energy, divine particles and cellular elementals, substance and love frequencies can reach us directly at any second we attune and absorb in our own heart flame core and aura bodies, chakras or cells. Yet we tend to gravitate to the standing wave of density creations like earth and heaven light world and that is fine to an extent in ones evolution capabilities and cellular abilities.

God is a standing wave galactic eternal light seeding divine photon atom life sphere light world feeding universal intelligence and all light species all that is needed at every second for all so stop closing your self down of inner purity a blazing within you and within to be called forth. To do  something of good for you for you deserve so beloved friend of the light. Of manifesting through you with your will and focus to make it happen as harmony, contentment, wisdom, life force, divine power, divine love. And so we are too an organic human spirited soul plasma life form photon particle standing wave within nature natural cosmos! As our own life sphere eternal self spirit within gods grander self we move about freely and so cosmic law, universal law and free will law also are divine particles standing waves we can become attracted or repels and will do so eternal living organisms light forms within Gods.

segment6-diagram22 001The layers of existence is none ending though of the divine realms and light worlds as well. The twelve light nodes here are organic living light planetary and life spheres of God Co-creation “All that is” and ‘Law of the Circle” circumsphere tetrahedron firstly then a decahedron geometry glyphs of living light constantly holding us together to just be as eternal light beings conscious membrane organisms. Because creation law abilities allow so and in time line feel billions of years of conscious growth can also contribute to god holy lands of “all that is”. As well as immortal gods natural organic nature beyond our galaxy for life spheres, soul people and universal laws are co expanding in real-time within our time line lifetime as I speak! Quantum spiritual entanglement is in motion and all frequency is energy in motion, we are energy living light eternal gravitation in motion to our own free will conceptual and abilities . Within grander others and ascended hosts can help us expand naturally in favor to gods core heart central purest, neutral form and way of being firstly piggy backing our own free will co-creations needing no matter the lifetime we simply allow, give permission and ask the divine on high qualified resonance, light knowledge and love rays and so it is.

All life species can have freedom to exist and free will to be eternal alive while within “all that is” even so and one must not judge, force or override anyone’s form of being when they are not ready or locked in one dimension over another. Moving along existence totality is drawn out in magnitude of existence and life in increments while some supera light beings can move about beyond ours like the Archangels and immortal cosmos beings. For those who evolve quickly or before the rest of existence and light species are the pioneers and expeditionists in gods many lands of all that is of each “Species of Light” race. Species of light race is introduced in other books the author has written over 17 years ago in greater detail called Soul Existence Revealed volume one, two and three and also can be found tagged on the right side column of this blog. The light species you are from is of the 12 constellation star dust and star family life heritage founded of many generations of self evolving as earth lives yet you may be of many more galaxies in ones genetic and heritage intergalactic eternal life.

Then using the “12” can further develop or renew memory through divine memory and intervention by self exploration and energy purification in twelve octave, auras, star constellations and central suns in the earth galaxy for now. Many future selves of you know this and moved beyond the earths galaxy through the central suns gate keepers of the star gates known to man this far. Your spirit self knows of many more yet unconscious self will inhibit for self reasons even of sacrifice and divine duty and pledges that is fine for now yet bringing many through my octaves and those of my spiritual court that backs me, Sananda up for you, you will know and reunite at death or in dream and meditations to your galaxy star family of first creation even when asked or needed. Coupled in the Holy Spirit 12 Divine Codes within the light nodes in each of your cells maybe dormant for now. you can ignite your light nodes and every cell can be sparked awakened for your well being eternal.

Lord MichaelBy asking Archangel Uriel, Ascended Master Hilarion, Ascneded Master St. Germain, Master Morya, Lady Portia, Lady Nadia, Master Lanto, Mother Mary, Lord Maitreyia and myself, Sananda as well as your guardian angels of light to activate, infuse and spark within you now and we can then so in subtle unseen forms and means of course. It will be so done for you through us within your Christos seed we start, spark and expand into your sun presence the higher self presence intelligence spirit of you does with us then streams line down the chain of conscious life sphere eternal you are within bodies of you will infuse.

To image in you minds eye with us we hold with you in our octave of light you step into in your creative imagination with us now and see within the minds eye the expansion of divine white, gold, green, pink, blue, crystal and silver flame rays of gods divine will backing you up.

Feel us stand before you emanating our life energy and immortal love unto you and each light node and cell you are of eternal. Ask for the freedom, mercy and forgiveness flame to sweep through you clear and pure as your ascension atomic self activates, in time you will know this truth has begun and active as the natural organic purity self will feed down the line of chakras of you. You are now taking a deep breath in of my comic rainbow divine rays needing for you at this time, allow me to enter your aura fields and presence to help you achieve divine grace, supply and good fortune of all good nature too. No matter timeline, generation or dimension you are of you can return to this inner assistance process consistently for the Christ Galactic Self never divides or miss uses creation energy and life.

While we are consciously with you and you with us you are raising your conscious purity into our octaves of light simply by thinking and feeling god virtues you personally up hold and use to be good and those you care for as well as forward growing. As you breath in and out deeply within our aura presence and divine purity as your own you can also allow now in all deep levels of your being, soul and spirit. Now breath out all that does you no good, release unto me beloved all your unjust and lack feeling and thinking side of life. Ask your divine purity presence to enter into your feeling and thinking side of life and anew you in divine presence and perfection once again. Step into the atomic accelerator of the violet representative; Saint Germain and allow every cell and light node you ever or will be of be infused in the cosmic rainbow rays through the crystal clear flame provisioned in your sun presence and aura bodies, light body  eternal life sphere. You are of same light species and divinity encoding in your genetic DNA coding through the Holy spirit you are manifesting divine eternal spirit as you in all you do now. Some call this reincarnating back into Christ conscious, you simply ejected out of to be of dimension life so conditioned since a baby. Not the true you meant for this life time of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric side of life you feel out grown to control your life over the divine Christ Conscious and self that will now as you.

For Holy Spirit representatives are the twelve color rays, ascended host, and archangels and assigned from the great central sun no matter time line or soul script. As a life time you adapt to be an identifiable useful loving spirit soul person eternal as the divine realms see it and so can upgrade or relinquish color rays in all duration of eternal life as we do. Just as easily one chooses a drinking beverage for the hour as peasantry and nourishment needing of appearance and options grace supply power provisions. Then so through each heart life stream in eternal life our spiritual nourishment and color divine rays will replenish even the most darkest heart back into gods will and divine plan.

My attention for you to consider here is in what you are absorbing in organic air, energy and light particles, others auras, karma, space junk accumulation and attached like gunk of blackest night, of others emotion energy projected and discoloring your auras and thoughts seeming as your own, I is not so let it all go now into the violet flame and be free.

Do not be discouraged if you feel outgrowing the standard models of spirituality and the 12. For I will be there assisting you to grow even beyond your own imagination, conceptualization ability and self love norms, egging you to be more then you can be for the well being of all and numeral norms. All the ascended host and ascended master also moved into ascension in steps and at their own pace and so can you through us as the best team of divine light no matter the light world you feel stuck in.


Divine 12 color rays and energy currents of the council of Light

Note: temple is represented by color and ascended host chosen as purity octave you stand in as simple light energy purity beamed in a pillar of light over you. As you saturate the divine assistance and intervention and chosen master of light all their energy purity move about your own to sustain a quickening of healing and clearings while you are in your own octave human body of light. Never by force or more then you can handle. Your Soul Color (electronic signature fingerprint bioenergy light pattern) becomes boosted, lighter and freer to get about the divine cosmos awaiting your return. By thinking on divine virtues and blessings appreciation, gratitude and love for all things elemental nature and light species as well include.

The Twelve Divine Codes are:

1.January*libra *Light violet*Sananda*Archangel Bartholomew

2.February*vergo*Baby blue*Sanat kumera*Archangel Raziel

3.March*Sappire blue*leo*Guatima Buddha*Archangel Michael

4.April*Crystal clear *cancer*Quan Yin*Archangel Metatron

5.May*Opulance pearl white*gemini*El Morya*Archangel Gabriel

6.June* Light pink*taurus*Lord Meitreyia*Archangel Apollo

7.July*Conary yellow*aries*Aldezar*Archangel*Jophiel

8.August*Coral blue*picies*Ashtar*Archangel Krymiea

  1. september*Coral green*aquarius*Adonius*Archangel Raphael

10.October*Royal purple*Cappicorn*Thoth*Archangel Zadkiel

11.November*Silver*sagetarius*Pataah*Archangel Michael

12.December*Ruby*scorpio*Seripis Bay*Archangel Uriel

The Personal Archangels Color Holy Divine Rays Representatives

  1. Red*Archangel Uriel
  2. Red-orange*Archangel Gabriel
  3. Orange*Archangel Metatron
  4. Fuchsia*Archangel Apollo
  5. Dark green*Archangel Raphael
  6. Green*Archangel Barthamelew
  7. Sapphire blue*Archangel Michael
  8. Light blue*Archangel Micha
  9. Navy blue*Archangel Raziel
  10. Purple*Archangel Zadikeil
  11. Pink*Archangel Jopheil
  12. Magenta*Archangel Chammel

*All reputation Archangels and Ascension host representatives can move about any sphere of influence, adapt all color rays of the twelve, temples and divine virtue when called on for healing and blessing octaves.

When I say “become ascended in your own Christos galactic purity octave conscious natural ability through divine guidance and divine assistance” this symbolic light cosmos rays of natural universal holy family octaves is a personal living light energy directive within our own life spheres you settle and allow. Spiritual discipline and divine purity meant to help humanity no matter the time line or light species is our goal here.

For all “time is now” momentum moves in sync with the universal time lines and galactic communities you may or already be a part of or unaware. After all I Jesus, Sananda does what I teach, we are energy light no matter the external domain or appearance and so one must be equipped and act for those who cannot or know no better for themselves when allowed or called on through simple energy and light. For if one is not open to love and feel love you cannot for them change what their free will wall puts up and this is where we get, lost, hurt, abandoned, frustrated, deceived and used then trust becomes over washed as lower frames of truth to get by in life. Unless we ourselves move on to those open to receive divine love and give back un filtered by emotion, physical, mental and aetheric influences and crutched to have personality, be accepted and thrive we will move back into a locked in norm of creation. A dimension of the first, second and third realties of mass like consciousness will enforce in ones energy creation and stance so will not be helped by free will lower realm choices instead of the Christ self totality eternal self to step in one can at any time call forth.

divine realmsSurrender into divine pathways laid before you as this chance may be conveniently forgotten by lower selves as you in the now self seeming. Feel the divine 12 codes of light and color rays purity integrate better timelines, soul people and guidance meant for you at this time as your own soul color purity helping and integrating. To change one’s life is an infinite experience yet how you do so is through eternal divine heaven realms and soul people of divine power, divine will, and divine synchronicity. Available in all you do from here on out. Once aboard the divine path meant for you once again you can wipe out past and karma debt by one’s self energy magnetizing color divine rays needing to do so then expanding them out in a breath for the well being of all.

Then as comrades of light we can move forward together eternal harmony and peaceful lives as soul mates, friends, neighbors and co works more consistently and not deceived, controlled or mishap by emotions of fear, lack and lack of intergalactic eternal experience.

Realistically bad timings happen when billions of people share the same extension of earth heaven worlds and mass conscious energy light world stuck in as lifetimes. An unwilling conscious can not obtain ascension if not open to purify and clear external environment and external physical creations that are miss created and not of grace divine perfection accumulated for millions of years. It may be hard to conceive more then a hundred years of your existence until now however ever cell in your body is the memory carrier of all you ever been and so predictable of all you can ever be if one continues in dimension increments as total existence and life times.

That means to consistently interact no matter time line to get back home to first creation; the purist, neutral divine light being of you and intergalactic eternal home base after every lifetime and dimension visitation. One must sustain spiritual resuscitation and holistic universal good well being, behavior and divine intervention in each reality even so and life time consistently here on out to have the ability, memory and capability to move about “all that is” safely, neutral and well. One can count on the angels of light and ascended host to not divert off of cosmic law and universal nature cosmos intelligence division and lack even so.

You can induce natural abilities of universal divine cosmos eternal galactic studies and cosmic law best for your spiritual growth and divine blueprint needing. While in dream go to the ascended master’s temples and retreats; just call on the angels of Archangel Gabriel’s deliverance and legions and ask them to take you upon sleep. To protect and let you not be distracted to lower estates, emotions and people to the temple best meant for you and it will be done.

The divine universal spiritual multidimensional plan meant for you and at your desire with divine help and intervention can be reinstated immediately at any time through the 12 divine codes: aura chakras, archangels, masters of light, plants and star constellations, so it is. –Sananda

Note: Earth name is Master Jesus – ascended eternal conscious matured light being up to our current timeline is now Sananda the eternal ascended life stream of the great central sun and source father.

Feel my Divine Cosmos Light bestowed upon you if you ask!

State: “Sananda enter me in your holy life energy octave and divine cosmos healing rays now! I command all lower entities to disappear in the name of Jesus, now! My Christ Presence come into my outer world and bring perfection, the ascended masters light, power and supply into my feeling and thinking side of life eternal! I am clear and free.”

So it is-Sananda 05-30-2016 10:06 PM

Master Jesus Sananda


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