In Simple Energy & Light we are multidimensional eternal Christos Light Beings when we want to be.

*Equals Infinite Christ Conscious. In Simple Energy & Light for we are multidimensional eternal Christos Light Beings when we want to be in simple Cosmos purity core self neutral positive good living light energy.

merkabapurplestar-tetrahedron-merkaba-vehicle Angel Vela Soul

A Divine Transmission Message; Archangel Michael: Divine Spiritual Education is normal in each dimension your graduate within. The truth; we are in simple light and energy, light Beings of our creator Godhead purity god seed light seed; life energy and life force energy natural organic forever supply and as much as we want we compel from within our own life energy fire purity neutral. This means if we are born of the light of the father within our own beings we also then at core is source light of our creation within cosmos neutral nature kingdoms evolution and dimensions forever as well. Feel the Holy Spirit Frequency and choose to apply as a neutral good means to enjoy existence while in all portions, consciousness states and light worlds. It is in our nature to allow our own natural organic living organisms of the whole in simple light. In simple Self Spirit Light Technology to touch, guides and love us in our outer worlds and through us in our thoughts and feelings. Within our souls, heart energy sacred fire and spirit octave and brain conscious we can bond back or self baptize in meditation through the Divine Light Beings of the Sacred Fire.

angel vela soulEven in Dream and Death states you are accountable for all you do yet do you even remember all last night travels or your previous life even as latest as the last one before this life and what will be of you or where solar system in the next. You are the Christ conscious coherent self right where you stand, know me physical tangible too yet the extended version of you is so distant in the past and now parables you can not see through ones own density walls and lock down energies and beliefs.

You are always physical tangible no matter the Dimension and transferring one world for another even upon death or dreams. The soul spirit faculty and conduits, of inner light bodies and consciousness states of being become ones means to naturally restore divine pathways back home and to your designated and adopted star families and ascended hosts.

That in your own energy of the Christ self spirit and soul bonding their own orbs of rings of fire, chakras, conscious states and living light as one harmonic convergence of immaculate creation stemming from you that stems from the core of the fathers energy, love and care for you. To become a whole being light body spherical purity of living life stream you must open your most matured quantum conscious Christos self in all timelines realms existences and outer thinking and feeling sides of life and self creations. If one is in anguish I am alerted and I move your unwanted energy back into nothingness it came from firstly though you in error. My legions back me up so much so I am in the moment and in fleets of masses of angels act as one force through the sacred fire and flames we will forever! We go forth night and day to protect source fathers species of light and generations.

To ensure all universes galaxies contentment’s and tribes of light all are allowed to just be. If we are to late or cannot due to all involved and all timelines correlated in masses as well; we are the after math crew and divine legions of justice and faith purity we cleanse and protect you and all you care for.

Even when you shove us aside time and time again for lifetimes we still remember your first commitment to the light. God’s will as your own ensure, step through and overtake all lower creations, error in life and existences, lack of love and misunderstandings. That saturate you over the divine higher forces, families and soul mates awaiting your attention and interactive dimensional less ness form of being unto all nations, light beings, timelines and alternate universes. To go forth within and outer you must sustain at core most depths the divine cosmic energy and law as your own nourishment through infinity and lifetimes. That are temporal yet lifetimes distracting and limiting good karma to settle, suffice and forgive just a little more then most.

To move forward and finish your divine missions and goals. The Christ Self is made of your now energy feeding you within and throughout firstly as energy and octave, star gate and entrance to receive healing, companionship, protection and love.

Beyond third dimensions civilizations of light behave slightly differently due to upbringing in harmony and peace. Due to atmosphere and less pressures of nature cosmos and planetary, consciousness ability to retain coherency purity from many lifetimes gained no matter the dimension. You can move forward in your own current and causeway terminal of light base of light source field and divine pattern. This divine bio-energy sets in motion all real-times and light species the back drop to just be and not if force or overriding all else to sustain alternate existence beyond true real-time existence of the fathers first creations life sphere light worlds and timelines. The absolute eternal existence is true. You must sustain the coherency, divine grace and purity feed to be of same timelines and realms the ascended host and archangel are of. In ones own dimensions, alternate realties we can co habitat in billions and so in future selves will continue to move in full motion and selflessness throughout existence enteral spectrum cosmos and light worlds.

If other celestial cosmic universes and of other dimensions in all likeness yet different residence and light worlds. Or dark forces alternate realties also exist they too can be embalmed into the divine flames and be restored clear and free of first divine pure neutral good creation. To have the inner means to sustain better lives, future selves are relying on your as the now self to become through in all stability. All well being and good fortune, prosperity, abundance, spiritual quantum Christ consciousness ensured is in simply raising and speeding up our energies and chakras. Mind and heart to thump, pulsate and regulate in auto pilot of source fathers great central sun heart core inner depths presence and energy as our own. Through the white Holy Dove frequency symbol 33.3 Hz and sound tones you can match within the 33Hz range of alpha brain waves, earth and universe frequencies bond with the Gia pyramid and spiritual tube of light of each life stream magnetizing one self into the tubes of light of the ascended host. Into the light octave and tubes of light of the divine ascended masters and archangels of light. To use to sustain interactive teleportation, telepathic telecasts and conscious communication, companionship and security, join us will you?

Request you will and have and we shall also be by your side right now bathing you and offering the challis of light cup. Of the ascended host miracle mantel of gifts and light knowledge, peace and harmony as your own living light life force manifestations and efforts and those you care for. Doing the same all dimensions become one intergalactic vector of conscious purity eternal octave all light species and good soul people positive. Can gather and as lifetimes in the expansion source field of all that is source father has created our cosmos and spirit.

That co habitat reside in eternal growth, awareness and activities in our own free will positioning’s and contributions we shall know. In The “I Am” god path (still point zero gravity and energy event horizon golden mean golden rod Phi Pi quantum source fields) bonding as one standing wave purity light orb of eternal  holy ghost and spirit symbol and physical personified source father as our own we stand in all we do and are.

We all are open eternal to rest, explore and just be in all divine god virtues, light seeded atoms and spirit DNA you can access right now as the you of all you none limited, none unconscious nor unaccounted for in divine bio patterned geometry of light of source father we also nurture and grow no mater what time line right along the ascended masters and angelic hosts. Universal Oneness is eternal Spirit/Spiritual Entanglement of the Christos Christ mind and cosmos light beings as one unity source field of living light and the breath of Source Father. Allowing us to just be and live most useful lives ever for eternity is our free will and god will bonding always in unity and joy, contentment and love forever.

0 00000.jpgThe Christ pattern is a natural organic bio energy crystalline liquid electrical life fire of the one of all of creation. And purity of cosmos fiat and universal intelligence protection and higher world intervention osculating and weaving, bonding and unity come and shine forth. The spectral of the seven universes, archangels, ascended masters and light worlds, light rays colors, elementals and seeded “Glierae(C)Angel Vela/Oxoh-Archangel Michael” (diverged of the God atom qualified energy purity core neutral germinated living life energy from cosmos absolute infinite bio purity neutral natural organic energy’s and photonic particles of manifestation nothingness into precipitation somethingness for focus good use). As blessed and personified purity neutral alchemy infused just for each soul people personal living light being of the one of all of creation purists neutral of course to within ones own free will and life forces co create positive consistent worthy filled successful and protected lives. In all of our own living light electrometric soul colors life spheres as spirited universal intelligence cosmos nature kingdoms living light organisms.

How we can be spirt cells of photonic living light of the one of all of creation and generations afterward we share genetic space junk. We can activate as endless supply of quantum harmonic immaculate conception good positive realities and families of light we then gravitate in soul light ships we are of as soul particles eternal living light species organisms we can.  All are bonded as a tetrahedron octahedron time space spherical orb of self and intergalactic eternal energy and life-force bonded spirit life spheres as spirit atom of the ONE. Of eternal spirit nuclei light pulp or spirit monad eternal creation potential immaculate conception infusions. That absorbs of the great grand central sun personified love and protection of same sun solar electromagnetic living light cosmos color spectrums nature eco habitat kingdoms of life spheres of creation of the one. For our well being and those we care and of future selves we move on in good intention and good heart and mind in that our lifetime landscapes will bond well being, good fortune, stability and loving timelines and star families, soul mates and communities.

The universal purity pathway of eternal existence is each one bonding the Christ Self within the Self Christos energy source field or God Life Sphere (Soul-Spirit, physical spiritual-spirit quantum entanglement) eternal mind and body of Christos Nature and families of light elder light species soul people within the Holy Spirit Frequency.

3The eternal life sphere of all of existence and king and lord to all lords and kings is living light energy as shown above. To stand on the garments of Master Jesus/Sananda who is the physical living incarnate of the Godhead purest neutral life force, love and teachings. While he guides you afoot to the right path of your own eternal journey right along all other billions of soul people and Ascend Host. In that in the depths of your inner being core purest is vibrating within Master Jesus life sphere and living light. He then extends into the fathers consciousness and garments of light he stand to display and ensure divine intervention. Divine love, divine memory, divine spirit, soul, physical teleportation into the higher realms and life sphere light worlds.

That branch out of heaven paradise natural organic light worlds and planets, universes and cosmos. Your heart and conscious and intergalactic Christos rings of fire chakras all resonate at your inner depths purist core neutral spirit peace within. Then the vibrations of first creation and light world the Christ Self flows within at all times as you and the now you. Walking physical amongst the angelic kingdom as well is the divine key codes of light already within magnetizing our love into every cell of you and those you care for. In my own sound tones and light language, light wisdom and power I gift you into your garments of light you shine forth. We you await your call awake and bounty full positive good expressive and divine intervention in all time lines, light worlds, existences of you. To receive our blessings, protection and love in your life as you where you stand be so in all you do anchored and ready to move as divine seeded and magnetized at all times. In the cosmos light intelligence universe source fields and creation as all the “ONE” star seed we are all of in one portion of self or another.

For we are all of same divine ancient family of light of first creation of all creations and must not forget our divine presence we manifest in all we are of firstly to ensure good lives, well being and power of self peace and harmony. “I Am that I Am, then so universal peace truth and light through one divine heart and mind of the legions of light and soul people light beings. To prevail within all cosmos, heavens, all life streams and light species, Christ eternal consciousness now be so and let life exist in divine order forever!-Archangel Michael 12-19-2015 11:49

Archangel Uriel: Realize you are of our same cosmos galaxy purity seeded light species core origin firstly.

32 So you will achieve quantum spiritual spirit entanglement with many divine partner of densities and Soul Mates or star families. All else was adapted due to eternal experiences and self creation interventions over divine interventions and paths none veering. It is acceptable and not so appalling if even in this life time you have not made good choices.

While those who do are still some not interested in divine realms and ascended masters, that’s fine. What is not okay is when one is out for self and all else is out the window overriding a fair balance in good karma taken from others while providing a good share your self for universal causes and pure good soul people trying to change their lives for the better, including you. My Tribes of Light is of first creation and we have been in billions of years your time space continuum by self choice and effort.

Over all others and distractions. When we could not, those legions of angels we are of in all time lines able and ready to back us up, me up, you up in all good we are trying to achieve. When we do not it is not by choice to an extent for we must first follow cosmic universal divine order love and laws firstly as our bond in spiritual quantum entanglement. Our sacred bio geometry is the blue print and Christ dimensions we protect and those life streams in them, no matter how long it takes. Are you with us or without us long enough?

I am a personal reflection of my one conscious time continuum ability to precipitate in all dimensions and soul people forefront conscious dimensional environments and light worlds. Step unto my scarfs of light, my garments adorn self and image or imagine you this second and absorb all that un dimensional feelings and immortal love that lasts and intensifies through the ages. The Spirit soul person should be consistent in all you good of spiritual and divine virtues ethics and beliefs to safeguard conscious continuum even after death.

In all likely hood if this life went well their is no reason for you to move forward peacefully and forgiving in all means by self firstly. When you can not call on me and Master Jesus/Sananda to come forth through you and as you to help boost and connectivity of your own divine gifts. Own gained power, love and light knowledge be restored it is because you are trying for the well being of all involved not for self anymore. Amplified and utilized to help mass communities not just segregated families and soul mates one prefers to attract over others.

Multitasking in many lifetime at ones own pace and desired purity and divine paths wanting and achieving is Christos Self Christed Dimensional less ness in action as you!

GabrielArchangel Gabriel: The Ascension flames, octave and door you come forth in each dimension to raise your energy within the universe and life eternal. 

StRaphaelArchangel Raphael: The electron atom photon neutrino tachyon Glierae elementals, hosts of light, goddesses and legions of angels all assimilate, vibrate and bio geometry are all in sync and vibrate in same sound tones of the celestial spheres and systems of worlds of divine good soul people.

Saint Germain Violet Flame Guardian.jpgSaint Germain: The freedom flame violet consuming transformation victory liberty love rays and flame energies of the Holy Spirit energy and light as your own and all on your planet and destiny is backed by the great central sun and gifts to you for eternity.

Sananda/Master Jesus: Heaven is a natural organic light world as is Earth. The Spirit is housed in dimensional multidimensional multitasking intergalactic inner selves of outer thoughts and feelings. The Soul is the vehicle body the intergalactic inner selves in eternal multidimensional time continuum absolute existence manifesting free will life force personified consciousness in aether divine light waves and sine standing wave.

Or in the dark ages of souls free will life force impersonal mind control and energy frequencies numbing light consuming. That does no one no good and so is not of divine order creation we invite you to enter for the rest of eternity here on out to safe guard the trinity frequency divine color orbs of light and spherical Codes of Light. 10_2_2014_3_11_52 PM_649The dimensional self is really at a microscopic membrane of a higher source universal intelligence we call source father, the law of the one is parable to the spirit, spiritual and physical spiritual or intellect consciousness and heart center flames of purity we use as impersonal fuel at a microscopic level, yes. In the exterior Selves we become a group or bionic super personified physical conduit of our molecular inner cores of cosmos holy neutral emissions and amplifications. Magnifications and expansions is a frequency of quantum spiritual spirit entanglement, the divine cosmos orb of the spirit, soul, physical as self (Christos Christ  Holy presence) or trinity bond all into immaculate conception. All sensory of all these conduit dimensional pieces of selves come into a one of the law bonding and sensory simultaneously purified feeding from inner core of all inner cores purist neutral. In all essences and purity neutral substance Quantum Entanglement is beyond the seen third eye yet can be seen if focused in other dimensions of higher forces and divine power.

Yet one can train like in the ancient spiritual free mason schools, holy elders and divine relatives and so forth the inner eye to see in all dimensions and siphon back a beam of hologram reflection. The more light beamed in a dimension is sunnier, brighter, safeguarded in eternal light purity neutral continuum supply of all that is. All thrive, all  are well being bliss and preoccupation good in all forms and in all dimensions and light beings species we are to be of divine protection, offspring, guardianship, teacher and friend. Of the one of the father, mother and holy spirit bonding we can adapt and piggy back unto their purity good neutral cosmic source immortal love Sacred Fire and gifts.

Before my Christ mission as Lord Master Jesus I was Sananda named still then. When you come to heaven you will remembers your higher dimensional soul name. Yet when in human dimension consciousness siphoned of higher dimensions we come from still has to be named by the traditions of the times and that is the parents right in appearance and need. Love and companionship that I am of while in Earth as an example how to be or not was not my agenda of divine path. I as an elder race of intergalactic eternal existence born into circumstances and under the conditions I was under as you to this day as accountable to a point. Yet for some the Angels step in to ensure divine plans have the energy alignment and dimensional segregated families as well as the sound tone name to assure a divine flow into each of us our divine miracles, intervention and protection as the holy spirit which is the love of the father in full control and command of your sacred fire three fold flame as your free will and cosmic law requesting, so it is.

Archangel Michael: While transmuting through you the Violet Flame, your Christed Soul Color and the seven universes divine codes of light and light soul spirit technology and energy. Within the central sun of first creation that extends divine power to fulfill your divine destiny and soul mate commitments preordained and recorded and seeded in your DNA. At a more tangible physical environment forefront experience as extensions within consciousness can help the spirit Christos/Christ self soul spirit physical mind heart aura and chakra. Become bio energy spirit and spiritual entanglement teleport and transport in wholeness. By retaining your whole being, what does that mean? You are in your life sphere spirit orb purest state of being beyond space and time.

Your Christ conscious also is of the three fold flame, trinity and holy family figures of light; blue-pink-gold flames of the sacred fire and great central core sun.

The natural organic spirit light technology using your own light and energy purity means to move about consciously in teleporting to the higher realms and forces is to use the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Know him as your only realms of existence and timelines of paradise heavens and the seven universes into the 144000 Christ conscious light worlds and dimensions, realties and existences alternate realties life spheres. Of the elder ancient good soul people and ascension builders, guards, healers, friends and spiritual and holistic healing nutrition teachings too. Sometimes we are off the grid of the Christ pattern and bio geometry living light of source father and light intelligence cosmos spectrums. We are born within to sustain our divine goals and Christos Self personified Cosmos light being right along our friends and family’s.

Master Jesus has introduced the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System he uses to this day and you can now too in simple light and energy spirit light technology. The ascended host use within focus and bio energy sound tones, heart and conscious bonding of higher forces of Gods love, energy and wisdom, will and power. The Angels of deliverance and of Saint Germains atomic accelerator antidotes for us bonds within the garments of Master Jesus Light and love, focus and beaming through us his light and legions of angels helping you transport your self in quantum Christ conscious teleportation and ascension. In spirit soul physical mind vehicle strength to heaven paradise light worlds and star families that are good and harmonic to you as well as soul mates.

To sustain eternal existence protection and awareness. To allow intergalactic corridors of light and realities to sustain within your garments of light and energies. Of the “Mighty I Am Presence” and reality you only need to expose your self over all others by your free will and now focus for all timelines, light worlds and generations you are conscious of. Your light is your Holy Comforter and the point of light in every cell of you is of the Holy White Dove, the life of God and flames.

You are consciously willing unto you or a spiritual scientific bonding means in your own light and energy cores and systems. That can be your soul vehicle symbols and light divine codes of light tones and sounds refolding a tetrahedron, triangle and decahedron compounding into a trifecta of purity.

Weaving and torch magnetic and energy quantum bonding at the more minute existence level while multitasking multidimensional pie of golden mean tachyon quantum entanglement. The spirit and soul also behave in same means at miniscule levels of multidimensional quantum physics and spirit/Spiritual Physics, sciences and personal astral cosmos divine interconnectivity bonding simultaneously also. Some do disconnect or go off the grid because of self misuse of creation, lack of love misuse and lack of divine order or structure.

One must allow the same neutral purity divine essences and divine holy immaculate eternal creation neutral living light and life force energy. We must also our selves to consume, incinerate and dissipate divine will above all in ones life. And how to this day I do not get by in life, in lower dimensions this was not meant as the way or meant to happen, no. Divine will is also feed of core inner depth of purity neutral of higher forces soul group, core central sun magnetism and sacred flames of the personified presence and consciousness of holy pure neutral energy cosmos and holy spirit of the source father divine. That also extends or holograms into dimensional means of conveying, adoring, protecting, safeguarding and intervening into our live good karma we can not for self.

By sparking us through the sacred fire love cosmic Christos divine holy pure neutral selves can also open the soul star gates and inner rings of fires of chakras and consciousness. DNA and eternal memory and access to those dimensions of the fifth and higher the spirit, soul, physical and consciences. Holds one timing consciousness form of light being and spirit body, soul body and spiritual octaves, cosmos octaves bond and in quantum estates of being we can attune in light language, glyphs, sounds and words. To switch on DNA needed to flame the sparks within our conscious and heart nebulas within Gods. We stand as one timing consciousness, light body, life force living light spirit orb spherical soul and physical holograms of eternal existence. The right time lines star gates become revealed to you in simple natural organics of cosmos and god creations of divine order. Your light garments become so super fine illuminant you almost can’t see yourself in physical for your aura and love beam expand radiance just like I can in simple spirit tangible physical environment personal existence and forefront. I can back you up in light and energy step in my garments of light I gather you, secure and ensure divine love protection good and gifts, timelines and lifetimes. Just meet us half way in same vibration living light organic cosmos Christos light and energy quantum spiritual.

My legions of angels are those first listed above me in talks with you. I extend when you cannot for self your faith and living light is love under the conditions and dimensions societal influences you become, not you truly. And so I beam and shine my codes of light (glyphs, geometry bio energy symmetry and light language, sound tones and love waves) immortal personal love radiance and support, step aside and feel my truth, my energy and my reality as your own, now!

three fold flame

Sananda: The Light Intelligence father and divine mothers source energy, love and consciousness. Is yours to adapt within your core inner most depths and bring forth into your outer world, thoughts and existences feelings there energy as your own of the great central sun raise into now.

Be free in my garments of light stand and tug on, I am your friend, soul mate and soul group council of light representatives of the great central sun elders oneness and love of my father, your father. Try to feel the divine sacred fire Codes of Light needed of the unseen invisible purity crystal clear liquid electrometric. And golden magenta living light love of the ascended host, angelic host and all multidimensional sanctuaries of light and soul people. For you to finish your divine plan and soul mate group representations you stay in the light fed pure and clear free as you move about eternal life and this is a physical willed in action. And why we are assigned angels of all dimensions of good positive pure neutral for the well being of all and all involved. The ascension and freedom flames adorn you. The blue sword flames cut all discord from you. The pink ray flames seed you and feed you, mature you and protect you. If your free will willing and vibrating to the vibrations of the higher dimensions within the Holy Spirit Frequencies of course of holy dove white. Let that feed your spirit, life force and consciousness’s in all timelines, generations, lifetimes and pieces and portions of you and all you care for and they do and so forth.

Until all in infinity in all pieces, life streams, light species and timeline generations feel and bond the all one simultaneous living light of the core purity neutral of the trinity flame. The sacred fire as one Time Continuum dimension alternate reality bonding in all reflection and likeness of the higher worlds and those immortal and beyond dimensional conception. Power, protection and wisdom, also all color rays and flames divine purity love waves of all good soul people in fifth dimension and beyond. In all forms of all that is core purist good positive neutral love waves and life-force emitting and bonding within ours simultaneously. As our own we let sacred fire help in all good neutral means we meet in our own requests, desires and conscious focus in purest neutral core depth matching the trinity flames, family and dimensions. That siphon through our blood streams, DNA strands and codons of our first creation divine good conscious soul people and heritage. Our light and energy consciousness and bodies. Our friends and families, communities and work force comrades through all life times would also do the same.

Quantum spiritual spirit entanglement is a choice to instill and pack your self to the brim of father divines core central cosmic sun fire and presence, person soul self and the family of light get along when you provision how this can happen all the time in your own timings and efforts. For you tell me who you really are by your thoughts, feelings and words and those you care for unto you. We may mask in denial, loyalty or fear of pre determined negative outcomes and situations, not so the real truth in that put your energy forward in the light core of our legions of angels into the great central suns divine presence heart center light space core. These standing waves become the floor you unconsciously co create in outer thinking and feelings out comes supported and realism is manifested.

Christ Self  Living laight Photon bonding in god life sphere2(c)2015 by angel velaWe would manifest first dimension reality purity neutral most positive good karma too. By in our own light and living presence life force we are bending light of our spirit light stream. Bonding within spiritual presence also instills a spherical tri folding divine order presence one can vibrate frequency’s and heart center. ones bio chemistry, energy and light must be clear and free.

Baptism, blessings and god 12 divine virtues are qualified energy vortexes and star gates, light rooms and higher realms intervening. Then bond unity or Quantum of first source and creation purest neutral divine good positive bended as our own back drop. Of existence eco habituating spirit soul and physical eternal counterparts as one timing consciousness aware awake alert. Instead of timelines and levels of existence while all else is lost.

The parable it is for the lesson, karma and self what comes around goes around is still excuses over solutions and then moving forward in light and neutral absolute eternal supply. To allow so and do so at first creation platforms of universal inelegance and central sun cosmic sacred fire core as our own life line, living light and light and energy.

the sacred holy comforter symbol folding in time and space bio geometry1.jpg

In all we are and all we do is divine order, standing waves fed neutral elemental, substances and light Energy of our elders loves of generations of good soul people, gods, angels, Christos enlightened extraterrestrials and light beings, saints and angels. It is our up most pure divine destiny and duty to pay forward our own good karma to those who also are worth our investment, our protection and love and those you care for and so forth.

In the next lifetime you new to be consistent, retain your whole being, stay conscious when you die and benefit from all those soul mates, series of star group families and soul groups to propel you through the gates of heaven paradise in each dimension. for the temple of self is the soul extending in and through the tube of light of source father, mother, Holy Spirit. we are the holy spirit extensions in quantum spirit spiritual entanglement of the first creation cosmos, universe, galaxy and families of light, tribes of light of the seven universes and Light Worlds. This bio sphere of the Holy presence of God, the mother and their love energy emotions and emanations through us we can extend as our own heart purity and aura presences in each lifetime is the goal. Those can not happen if one is tied to lower dimensions even in excuse to retrieve soul mates needing divine intervention. Their comes a time one must abandoned your appearances and temporal mishaps and numbing lifestyles to most beyond what is now in alternate realties of self miss use of creation and love. Of ones own light worlds, consciousness and timelines you are tethering by a shoe string to core source. No more!

Move forward while manifesting security, well beings and safety in all timings and timelines and those yet and await your arrival as lifetimes and light worlds graduations are segregation in soul mates that are not wanting grow as fast as you. Yet before coming to earth guaranteed you they would come through for you and you unto them we behave. Then other times we blow it. It happens in all dimensions really. For real time or “in the Now, time is now”. Time orb of all that is in existence and yet to transpire. One must not become obsolete nor self destruct into death means to ascend into higher realms and light worlds. We can enjoy and are use to as true home of all loving good soul people.

They do exist as you are too or you would not be reading this, beloved. and so your journey no matter how surreal, grueling to get through or alone or not you feel, we are all on the same journey regardless how you preoccupy it throughout eternity. Infinite eternal existence our spirit Christ self shall always move about. For energy light never disappears only dissipates a little if we give our power away over defining divine order by our words, efforts, thoughts and actions.

I am with you, the ascended masters of light are with you, the ascended host is also…when you make the call. When you do meet us half way. We will bring our legions of angels and our protection when you command cosmic law and free will law to obey divine will. Through you in most well being and good of you as the core aspect portion of source father, great grand central sun and magnetism love and life force energy absorbed and expanded.

Through our own we back you up through the sacred eternal conscious of god that is your own backed up, feel now so. We will help you when cosmic law and divine order allow so or in quantum alignment of all spiritual life streams and spirit souls. Spiritual Entanglement spectrum of light garments your life spans and free will paths to stay in alignment and quantum frequency forces and spherical purity standing waves can hold you in the light strong force.

Good karma and divine purity neutral enfolds you forever, feel my presence and consciousness bond with yours and allow a light room or alternate realty of higher forces. We join in one timing cosmic divine intervention and cleansing back to first creation into the light our miracles of Christ presence and of all people.

Of all planet eco habitats we share as one Life Sphere, come to me and join our family of light for eternity conscious bonded I pour my blessings, gifts and love unto you and those you care for. Feel so and breathe in slowly deeply and let out into my life force energy of the sacred free in the Holy Spirit octaves. Star gates and living light we share in our life spheres as source particles of singularities of light universal intelligence in vibration colors.

When you request and remind yourself all of your own purity that can help you achieve your completion of your divine plan. I will back you up and my legions of cosmic divine color rays and sacred fire beam you in my tube of light and vibrations where you sit now. For we are one with the father in conscious, life energy and light particle. We are one of the one particle of light in singularity within the one source we are loved, protected and comforted, allow so! –Sananda 12/25/2015 5:44 PM

resurection ray and portal


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