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A one year anniversary special edition blog posting. Of Spirituality Life; spiritual eternal Intergalactic neutral teachings; using only light and energy of bio organic self purity and raising conscious soul within Gods. Or Christed I AM Self within divine light worlds, light beings, soul people and divine lifestyles of good soul people. That all become coherent by your own awareness of the higher good lifestyle safe stable loving communities of intergalactic light eternal of God’s love co creators too, like you wanting, you are!

To share of  like-minded studious, divine pure life streams of the same cosmos universes light species and Star Families you are of is on all minds of prosperous, stable loving good hearted intergalactic spiritually moral positive for the well being of all. For the light of God never fails and so our own eternal harmony and happiness shall enable through our heart and conscious mind. To free will unconsciously even as second natural nature our heart sound and tone, vibration and quantum light all have the same spark of the God seed atom firstly. Feeding and balancing as chakras,  elements, presence such as chakras and plasma nebulas within as the soul spirit physical vehicles need. As so naturally organic light species of the same genetic light species of all that is we can migrate and join denounce or attune to higher frequencies in real-time no matter at time of death, after death or any lifetime. Of reincarnation and karma needed redemptions perceived until it gets old and you want to move on to spiritually evolve in light universal intelligence and eternal love. Beyond time and space that is not limited like here on earth as feeling and thinking seem to beget.

Regardless what we are going through to naturally be of other dimensions and alternate universe, Parallel Universe and timelines needing our humanity contributions and divine light beings assigned us will help when asked, and we must be open to in our own way and on their own accord reveal, companion, teach and protect or all their time spent is for what really? Your goal is to allow, contribute and enjoy in all real times of you through out infinity eternal existences multidimensional as well divine love prosper, magnetizing so in all you are of and do. While enjoying higher grades of good karma earned with soul mates of same stature and spirituality growth needs, like we do, the Ascend Hosts and Angelic Host; let me tell you how.

The Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System

The Blogger & Spirituality Life Author, Angel Vela -Messenger & light interpreter for Master Jesus/Sananda: The Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System is a visual electrogenic light wave spirit t spirt light signature quantum entanglement as focusing even on sacred geometry imagery healing light codes. Also a Archangel intervention sacred fire cosmic Christos Christ energy creative visualization Holy Spirit process one can do in your free time as much as you want. The natural organic living light pathways of divine protection of cosmos nature and elemental kingdoms and legions of divine realms, celestial light beings, angels abide. Each into the quantum Christ conscious soul vehicle transportation spirit teleportation the soul spirit octaves and vehicles adapt as second nature in your own living life energy by calling forth your inner will power life energy purity to do so.

Of ones own raising of conscious into your soul vehicle and auto pilot into divine frequency and  Christ collective conscious light worlds bio spheres good soul people, the archangels and divine cosmos beings reside and visit. The soul Being Spirit that you are must adapt to other dimensions and divine realms you are use to from other lifetimes and between lives and are a start to after death by nature organic byways. Pathways and corridors to the higher dimensions, fifth and sixth and so forth; in ones own evolution you can use the same second nature and divine coherency to enable to succeed good lifetimes throughout your own infinity mind scapes and out word thinking and feeling sides of life. Of your own light and energy self infused systems of the divine sacred fires and rainbow divine light rays of the ascended hosts and angelic hosts for you and to help you when you can not for self. Divine realms that are good positive long term  for your well being and spiritual education and divine progress even of cosmos nature to just be content and free.

singularity - twelve of the oneA simplistic way to enter his aura and conscious presence in divine grace Master Jesus provisions with you on his own accord and when called on his light ray will be known unto you as your own spirit flourishes in the light of his garments and heart presence and will not stop in this life time for he care eternal is beyond true third dimension comprehension and that is okay, beloved. As light beings pollinators of the holiest neutral intergalactic and all light species and time lines we use the natural organic elementals, portals of light, octaves, bio geometry electrometric luminance pi ratios of the great grand central sun and planetary, solar and light worlds influences and dates needing mathematically and bio geometry of the sacred fire light codes and ethics we can.

Divine universal intelligence and the sacred fire rays and octaves formulas of comic intervention, of Universal Intelligence in quantum spirit to spirit singularity within the source field infinite pure omnipotent and omnipresent as within you at all times, Christ frequency within Christ Self feeling so now. In beyond time and space and before all civilizations changed the course of existence purity by miss use of self creations, self energy focuses unproductive and temporal and self needs. Over for the well being of all and first creation back drop first origin needing to have better lives, good fortune and divine intervention just like you. these universal cosmic light beings are of all civilizations and timelines in dimension octaves in space time.

However if you are in their shoes this is likened to a lake or ocean dispensaries of light and essences for all civilizations in universe “all that is” existences can just be. Without purity unity and harmony essences and living light impinging and exploding into and through each cellular within and so throughout you are totally of and experiencing in time and matter. In magnetism and light sparking you, you are consciously there instantaneously in other dimensions as extensions of the soul spirit garments of light perceptions and precipitations.

Of living light and life force of self energies and nestled fragmented in Christos God light body, mind, soul and spirit heart diamond electrons and self precipitated co creators. This will not stop for you as natural organic living light plasma membranes sting theory photon atom of first creation holding all creation in time and space in simple light and energy geometry glyphs of light and language coming from the void of all creation

This inner self growth acceleration process sort of meditation and inner eye liquidation of spiritual spirit natures kick in within Cosmos Natures and kingdoms, light species already gone through. And protect within Spirit teleportation your life energy light signature as God life force penetrates, saturates and infuses as you in all forms and energy, particles and life fires and rings, auras and inner selves. Instantaneously  see your self in the divine realm wanting with a guardian angel assigned to you next to you to help show you the ropes and protect your awareness newness coming into focus of intergalactic and inner worlds for the spirit to be conscious eternal is by ones own desire of good virtues, values, morals and ethics of like minded you are amongst. As you walk forth in the divine lands and homesteads already in place for you to just be as we were also granted in any transition. may it be in meditation, death or after worlds activities you must thrive in consciousness purity. As you desire now as second nature focus you will with the Ascended Masters be amongst us naturally as we also engage you and magnetize and expand your own energies within mine when asked or by calling on Sananda nine times. “Come Sananda” times 3. Go ahead call him now….

Sananda-JesusSuddenly he comes and brings his spiritual court, his angels and family of light, thankful you heard his call within your three fold flame and heart. You welcome he will know for you trust him. Master Jesus as on his own accord comes to you in spirit manifests physical even still allow him to help you in any way today for eternity too. He wants you to speak to him in the now on ascension best for you and to hand him all that does you no good forever more it is gone and it is so.

To come and infiltrate protection and guidance at your side he stands besides you in etheric purity as the day his own ascension supplied and as you read feel his true personal real-time conscious presence with you now. As you continue to read and he can heal and raise your energies and try as you will with his help, his level of purity and divine gifts fill you through and through. In simple energy and divine electrometric alignment. The blue flame archangels blue electrometric flaming sword cuts all fear and lack, doubt and assumptions even engrained as inner selves and inner child’s.

Just sit, feel and absorb within the spectral divinity purity neutral cosmic color rays they provision all around you and in each cell to get you to the divine light worlds meant for you, their retreats and temples of light needing swell and clear your heart and emotions, predicaments and aloneness. You are simply raising your conscious purity focus as your free will teleports, transports and conforms naturally in living light purity the same vibrancy of the music of the spheres and angelic host. Into his tube of light organic purity within yours is clearing you free and intact to move about with less baggage and concerns and let the trust in Jesus do all the work. As Christos you and as your Christ energies absorbing and expanding, he can do all the work within him for you as you within you for the well being of you and all in simple energy and light the life force energy of God allots.

A effortless Ascension process on many levels begins to manifest through you and space time becomes the quantum hologram hyperspace is where the spirt lives and the soul enjoys life throughout eternity in the reality matrix of the one of all. here is a diagram to illustrate living light of cosmos, spirit and the one in simple living light, life force and life energy parables to manifest good lives, spiritual metaphysical and purity lifestyles of like minded are here to help you until you can for self. Then help others naturally by just being in your presence. For infinite supply o Christ energy in all things never disappears, it just expands and opens up probable future needing for you to have better synchronicities, well being, good health, good genes. And generations of intergalactic civilizations awaiting to adopt you, join you and be supportive until you truly remember how naturally you already live and regroup or adapt eternal lives. And eternal access to all divine light worlds already in place for you. T o move about freely in spirit as a physical life time as a guardian angel or celestial being for those feeling left behind in hostile terrain planets and environment changes that light ships mother ship .
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The Apollonius Star Gate System is an inversion spiritual growth acceleration of a new intergalactic star gate wormhole opened for the public. Who can not for them selves yet trust the divine who are neutral pure light beings just like us, to ensure a safe conscious purity means to get back home. Your spirit light signature can attune within Master Jesus For we trust him truly to help us in his own knowledge and person styles to move about the cosmos eternal existences and dimensions needing for him and us. By using Master Jesus own light body living light Bio Geometry and life-force energy to clear you ready now. And his natural ever potent present supply purity energy life force; to back you up. In your own inner mind and heart space light purity light signature as the Christ Spirit Self focus so now in your own energy purity feel pump though you and expand throughout you anew harmony and joy, contentment and peace truly it is that easy to raise your vibration needing. As you allow your own light body integrate into the diamond electrometric cosmic sun magnetic Holy Spirit light grid he provisions personally for each of us on our own terms. Through him he did say is the way yet we do not have to wait for his intervention and divine pathway any longer.

I came here personally in this generation for all generations and realms under his guidance and leadership to help transpose the invisible within the visible for those who trust his means of graduating you to higher levels of divine existence meant for your divine plan. A revolutionary spiritual light technology means beyond the norm yet eternal consistent useful for each lifetime to use. Adaptable to all faiths, beliefs and growth in real-time, no kidding I am of his spiritual court trained by the master himself and under his wing as a blue flame Melchizedek initiate and teacher in his temple universities I volunteered.

To assist you as you visualize and ask for his assistance here, he will be with you strong force. Then physical tangible in your dreams, after death, meditations and in real time will be with you, come for you and escort you to the heavenly worlds and star family meant for you when you can not for self. For it was done for him many life times and as a life time as Apollonius he prepared the energy purities for his life as Jesus. As well as his team of light and will continue to do so for many planetary light beings ready to intergalactic eternally be conscious and ascend through ones own life energy as well. Saint Germain does this too and prepared The Violet Ray and means to clear ones energy fields by transmuting through the forgiveness, mercy and love flames of his garments of light and immortal love he personally shines on to you when called on. Saint Germain’s activities are all our duties interlaid in all our teaching too besides the rainbow, indigo, gold, white, pink, green, crystal octaves of all the Ascended masters and Archangels.

For Heaven would be a lonely place if it were not filled with us all once again never distracted again to ensure us back into the divine worlds meant for us by our own free will, divine will and desire. For we only exiled out of heaven for very good reasons; to be of service and as we finish our divine plan we shall fill heaven light worlds once again through Master Jesus portal of light and access protected. This means we are simply reincarnating back into heaven as we did to get here when we want and good and ready by their assistance and us forgiving our selves, loving our selves and allowing our selves to relinquish unto our purity truth.

One can relinquish all your human conditioning, contagions and fears at Master teacher of light Sananda-Jesus feet once and for all. Go ahead lighten your load, your fears, lack, burden and fall from grace. All misuse of creation of life for all lifetimes you have had, he is with you right now and truly be free while you hold onto his garments and light fields as your own now as he embraces you in his light and love truly feel so and take as long as you want.
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This divine guided imagery and means revealed here can help you increase your light fields, clear your auras, raise your life force, improve your spiritual goals and sight and keep you on your divine path. This also allows the Archangels to come by the hundreds to also back you up in your life journeys for eternity when accepted, focused, asked and allow by you.

This divine electromagnetic currents, rays and purity infusions are a cellular purity synthesis process and an infinite in real-time concept. That in our thought as we raise our own life force light signature electrometric energies living light and conscious purity. By simply focusing on our divine god virtues feelings we are achieving to raise our conscious. Even just a photo of Jesus viewing and feeling his love unto you at the same time; he will know and help instantly bring you into divine order, divine love and purity cleansing in any area of your life or temple needing. We are simply transferring into the higher realms tube of light cosmic power, color rays and supply octaves prepared for you at this time by prepared sacred geometry, sound, mathematical precision and visual bioenergy interfacing.

The holiest holy of heavens, central suns and planetary cosmic light beings come to your side and back you up; protected and lead by those who also did so for Jesus when he could not for self. And where we stand today for each lifetime he does so for us now because he did so for many lifetimes already we just forgotten. Jesus prepared his life force and bioenergy expansion and purified intergalactic so we can for self eventually and for others even by including those we care for or need when they can not for self; think about that for a minute really take time to ponder what that means for all you care for and they do not need to know until they are ready. For their Christ self and divine I Am presence already knows and will give permission or it will liquidate back into the environment if not used. So it would not hurt to include all nations, continents and generations even already lived by you.

How many can ascend and fit through your tube of light purity and light body aura electrometric field energy band octave by raising your conscious upward entering through Master Jesus life force aura presence and mercy flame, Holy Spirit flame light beam tube of light octave merging eternally?

Sananda/Master Jesus teaching parable and holy intervention natural organic star gate of cosmos light intelligence, elementals and cosmic fauna and light beings. This protected gateway is the Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System imagery bio energy geometry octave star gates and passageways corridor of cosmos and planetary alignments and forces. The Holy Family gifted for the resurrection, crucifixion, baptism, birth and death of the one know as Jesus, the son prince of peace.

Of light cosmic energy organic nature one adapts to raise ones personal soul color energy vibrations into the source field of the divine on high they use. To get around the cosmos heavens and universe through inner realms and dimension time space sciences and fauna kingdoms and elementals. All engaging our wellbeing to ensure we are where we need to be in simple light and energy.

The Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System

The Apollonius Star Gate Diamond System


  Soul-Spirit-Physical-mind conscious Living Light

Life Pod of the Christos

  Spirit Cell Life Sphere  Organic Life Sphere

TheApolloniusDimondLightBase(R)2014AngelVela-Author-BehindTheWingsOfAngels7See your self standing within the divine sacred fire flames octaves and angels of light protecting you and helping surround you to clear you and be free pure good. At death simple think on any God virtue and soul self feeling the conscious vibrations of the Christ you shall move forward naturally to the higher realms meant for you.


sacred fire COlor Rays & Fire.jpg

How to Raise Your Life Force Energy & Vibration Through the Sacred Fire Rainbow Diamond Heart Rays & Fire

 1. Drink lots of purified water. (Purified water has higher frequency and minerals then tap water)


2. Ask for the violet flame Cosmic Angels to sweep through you thoroughly and do not stop until you feel unity purity divine good within and without.

3. Now the Blue Flame angels of Archangel Michael call on to bring their flaming blue sun swords and cut all discord of all your lifetimes, aura fields and cells.

4. Gain a crystal gemstone no matter the size in your possession as you hold it or wear one when needed then feel yourself resonate to the heavenly nature realms frequency levels and purity to protect you even better.

5. Call your Christ Presence and focus on the Holy Spirit representatives (the white and gold color rays) to come into your outer world and make right what you cannot for self as well as your guardian angels of light to bring their cosmic power, love and perception as your own.

6. Place your bare feet on the earth ground (make sure it is not icy cold outside or snowy) or lay down and feel the resonant Earth Frequency measure and intergrade within your own life force and aura fields allowing yourself to naturally adjust to the earths natural frequencies. Within your own to match naturally as your own aura presence living light will adjust soon automatically about five minutes for most. Also the sun rays take about 8 minutes to reach us and so you can absorb the sun beam rays to raise your life force light and aura too when you can, will accelerate your light body frequency effortlessly. Remember to much sun heat can deplete you; three minutes is enough for most or up to twenty minutes if not to hot outside is good.

7. Just be in peace, relax some more and think of a fun loving moment as you breath deeply many times releasing all that does you no good in each out breath. While welcoming the divine love fill you of Master Healer Hilaron, Lord Maha Chohan, Morya, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary or any Ascended Master or Archangel of your choice and they will be there when you call them and are ready. Then breath out purity neutral love of same divine color rays Light Wavelength they provision on to you, then energize unto you and as you all day and night through them for you as you for all you care for too!

Be love, feel love and give love without force, expectation and desire or need all your eternal days, bless you. -Sananda/Master Jesus Monad Soul Group
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