The Inner Christos Spirit Merkabah Christ Template

Sananda: In real-time, time and space time continuum is in constant simultaneous spheres of unconscious and conscious influence in creation energy while in the Cosmos Egg. The utopians eco habitat; our environments, air and life soul/spirit Being exists within, throughout and during all real times of existence. For personal light intelligence does not evaporate into nothingness. We instead as eternal beings life streams of the same light species of purity first creation leaders, families and communities of light. Then today in our own natures, organics and means of providing our own baskets of labor of love as Divine Love and our father (Divine Power) through our own ambition of appreciation, gratitude, love and purity.

Our own life sphere is a universal replica of all of creation life sphere living light origin genetic morphs is happening within the brain conscious. Brain acids, protein acids. Within the core origin of one living light fiber purity neutral everlasting, Omni potent positive pure neutral life of creation of source divine creator father of all that is and our own life fire must simply raise up, within, bond, supersede, nourish and replenish, magnetize and ordain in divine opulence of the fathers ambition in eternal light and energy for us to be able to just be. In a sense if you strip away all that does you no good, limiting you and degrading you in any lower form, you must shed, regroup; take responsibility for your involvement, choices and needs.

0-46By clearing and restoring potential neutral positive energy of Cosmos Christos, Christ Template unified field and Spiritual Spirit Entanglement bonding as one unit of purity, neutral, good, positive life force energy in  the divine system of eternal good lifestyles and light bodies provisioned by the One light seed, soul cell, source particle, atom, electron, neutrino trinity life sphere matrix or universal Intelligence tetrahedron. Love energy geometry formulas and Unity intact identity images of holy pure neutral good feeling and thinking sides of life.

Most humans piggy back unto others and divine beings of life force energy or sacred Fire Omni supply eternal; not to get by, use, over indulge, be of emotional handicaps of all natures. To magnetize gods love through your own God virtues free will expression and expansionswhen the origin is found by peeling back all that of all; that is up to you in core connection and source supply as you. We find soul people of all light worlds as not temporal instead conscious eternal evolving and on each of us to nurture, mature into, express and instill in all we do no matter light worlds we are having a lifetime in as eternal lifestyles segmented distractions and infuse self instead of divine life force energy. Of the Divine Cosmos unified grand central sun infinite source of purest, neutral, positive life force energy we can absurd within through giving our energy away and free time in eternity not for the well being of all.

To reach our outer world and inner selves in any means necessary or wanting in divine virtues that transpire and manifest first of love energy in the sacred fire and the will of god ever potent love is in each cell of our sparking, nourishing and revitalizing neutral positive eternal good life force energy. The Christ of God you see is your living light body temple template seeded and energized at all times first of first creation micro managed and a micro replica imaged and genetic DNA Frequencies and codons can attune, open, absorb and activate your full supply of good karma and pure neutral energy to transpire into or manifest effortlessly into your lives, inner selves and those you care for.

Mass conscious, mind conscious and brain conscious weave as light fibers on life force energy weaving as one purity neutral Sacred Fire flame of the core of source particle holiest, purest and neutral. Eternal contributor to our pool of self creation to feed our own divine natures within our own organic living light cell.

Or Spirit Cell, life sphere of source particle core trinity of living light presence, fire and love as simple light and energy.

0-47Holistic Spirit Light Technology spirit alignment in simple light language, sound and tone within the octave of the divine light beings already put in place and on your spiritual paths to ensure you would not fail.

You would not detour, give up and shun the light of untouched purity to restore whatever is preventing you from being in the octaves of the family of light, star worlds and universes societies. Of positive thinkers and movers, love based core societies and living light beings of all light species are in the freedoms cosmos color rainbow spectrums of eternal creation to be so, do so and contribute to the core presence of your own ideas, contributions and activities of labor of love unto all and all unto you.

In this unique eco habitats life spheres of creations is manifested, projected and returned energy masses, forces and self absorbsions as mass conscious.

All sentient Beings of light will flourish or self destruct in one form or another. For the core of all involved is unspoken, is tainted and contaminated by the seven sins. By the four spheres of influence; the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies must osculate and simultaneous weave. Combust and dissolve shake off or attract one’s own living light life force presence within the cosmos egg, all that is infinite absolute positive Free Energy. May it be regurgitated in any other form, metaphysical, lifetimes, soul mates, love etc it is still coalescing in a unified octave of existence. Of other personal sentient beings even within the Earths realms of existence while the outer shell of all bubble of creation our light world, Earth is also included to tend to, to shower adoration, positive energy and love without force, expectation or need. In a sense then on everyone’s accord simultaneously there are no roles to play out. No home lives or lifetimes to endure, supper or commit.

State: “I am the holy being of the trinity of the father, mother and son magnetizing the one source particle of multidimensional love, light and energy. Through me and as me at all times now, in auto pilot within the trinity of the source particle of all the cosmos color divine holistic natural organic purity, positive, neutral fire rays of all of creation. I stand strong force and as my own life force Spirit universal positive, well being, contentment and harmonic peaceful positive energy! I am the light of the intergalactic infinite grand source central sun core holiest, purest, neutral unfed flame of divine love, divine light knowledge universal intelligence as my own life presence unto all and all unto me at all real-times and timings! Come Archangel Michael and be by my side and help me receive the stability, contentment, well being, harmony, love and ability consciousness and heart nebulas mirror from within throughout my own outer world, thoughts, creations and thinking side of life! Blaze through me your blue flame electrometric feed flame of your own central sun presence within mine bond now as I walk forth solid strong, open and divine in all I do and be a part of!”

By resetting your thoughts, by alerting to unconscious lower energy pools and soul people in simple energy retrieval, absorbing or expansion in matter light worlds that the spirit manifests within and engages with other soul people life streams. Sacred Geometry is personal of impersonal life force energy purity of Source of the one of all. The Christ Frequency of the Christos Cosmos of Universal Love is of living light of the first Creator Being of holiest, neutral, divine, loving, pure. We are seeded of same purity essences, filaments, living light substances, genes of the one of all. The one of all is simple a soul person of intergalactic multidimensional consciousness and activities as who we are in simple light and energy of cosmos universal intelligences, cosmos creation an deco habitat of eternal existence.

The Christos Template is then the living life energy of source of all of creation of impersonal resonance and supply. While the Christ Template is the light body personified in all means and ways good as our own light garments and life force energy co shared through all that is of the ONE. If you picture or image God, your own inner eyes would conceive first the presence and sound tones of source creator. The spirit is of same resonance source field purity conscious state of being as interdimensional existence of self and quantum entanglement of all that is, as ONE and the whole.

In essence a pattern emergences, in soul and spirit is mirrored and in physical and mind is expanded in to physical reality and unit of harmonic convergence and holy immaculate conception combustion. Within our own minds and hearts to instill better lives, well being and good fortune, good relationships and mates. In living light that which is the blood of our Life Force Energy which is the blood of source creator of all that is eternal good, knowledge positive, divine pure neutral, perfection and love.

The Sacred Fire is the blood line of all that is of all good elder races and species of light of first creation of light holies purest neutral for the well being of all societies of light and generations of star families of light that ensure in simple energy and light languages, sacred geometry, frequencies attunements and rejuvenation can be used systematically and repetitive of each lifetime to ensure a safe, guided and companioned good means back home, back into your first creation source field of sacred neutral positive. In many cultures, even off the planet earth use those same Christos, Christ attitudes, healings holistic and mentors we share.

To instill within your own natural organic living light organisms of purity good and light could also be of same values of stature, company and families and friends. For decades, lifetimes and as soul mates and Christ walkers of light tighter we walk for stable, courageous, faithful, good hearted, loving and in grace. Of all good forms we live so today, of our future selves and of all we touch be of our light heritage that is our soul star gates only motivation, our souls octave. And only supply our source father replenishes eternal.

To ensure our inheritance of his own living light purity as our own we can move forward that our own heart, mind, soul and spirit is the Christos Christ template in light body too.

archangel-michael-divine-interventionArchangel Michael: Sacred Geometry can be suckled or nurtured of one’s own life energy absorbing and expanding within of one’s own preferences, customs and life experiences use to or okay with to inspire, rejuvenate, antidote. In energy and light of the core is source. We are source particles in the light being universal intelligence life stream bubble of light or Spirit Cell a source particle is diverged of the one Source particle. What fills this source field or life sphere we are of means a personal life energy encases and fills the doctrine of living light of the one source of all source fields, particles, life spheres, living light and all that is and all. This source particle is one energy current.

One frequency and color; sound tone identifiable alone of all else and other in all existence and beyond is a source field all within is locked within as one unit of singularity personal intelligence. Of the universal intelligence co creator light being we are first in simplest and micro unseen forms while external macro extension mirrored form in all likeness. To be a unique light species of our own sector, Milky Way Galaxy and dimensional levels of existence is still penetrable through natural organic existences extensions nature elementals contribute to build light bodies, conscious conduits and containers of eco habitats existences paradise of all good forms can form as eternal lifestyles and existences to ensure peace, well being, positive sound minds, loving hearts and consciousness. While all else within and throughout is of same living light and life force energy of the conscious soul person that we are of in all of creation.

The light of the Holy Spirit the sacred fire of the Holy Ghost and the life force energy of God manifest a threefold flame current or cosmos spectrum of rainbow rays and light beams the spirit soul person no matter time line, dimension, micro/macro levels. No matter light species, cosmos galaxy or light world you will still enable full access to Christ energy, God energy. That really is love life force energy emanating, expanding, aura Omni potent then as garments of light we can instill within our own. Within our own living light, heart and conscious nebula, lifestyles and virtues. Intergalactic Multidimensional consensus, living light and coconscious and heart quantum entanglement bond in real-time experiences, time lines and Soul Mates become aligned, infused into the Christos Christ template or Frequencies within our own life blood feed, flow and bleed into the one elixir of light living light for all light species, all organics and elementals to first be of in first spark of creation.

In that very purity neutral living light life force energy is the sacred fire, the Christ temple filled within you and as you. A singularity of source creator of all source creators and central suns attached to the great grand central sun that is tied in with the ONE to feed all, spark all, nurture and provision. Lavish and protect all self creation of good and productive, loving and outpouring in all good forms and feeling thinking sides of life. Walk forth with us tangible and physical no matter the life line, life blood line, light world or light species we are available as the Christos octave.

The Christ Star Gate, Soul and spirit Beings of light as source particles of the One in simple natural organic living light; Light Species. We as archangels, angels, divine and Christos light beings and Masters of Light opening our time and heart; sacred fire life force of the ONE in your dreams, homes and personal lives call on us. I end to mention the Christos Christ Template is you in all forms of natural organic life force energy of the Brain Conscious of God. Of Source Creators Heart and Conscious Nebulas. Of the Holy Spirit in your air and every cell within you the sacred Fire reaches in all crevasses, forms, bodies, levels, auras, chakras, inner selves, dimensions, lifestyles, time lines and existences. Simultaneous, instantaneously within each portion, cell, particle, atom. Including the cosmos space and atmosphere plasma source fields, galaxies and universes, light species and light worlds not known to humans. The Christ Pattern and Christos template are metaphoric means to enable a tangible means to materialize in self creation precipitation of divine worlds, good soul people and connections.

Divine paths ensured accomplished and protected, the time and availability to do God service, the will of God and so the only reality of God is you at all times magnetizing and expanding within Gods love, aura presence and energy of all good forms to bond within your to back you up, boost you and your energies to ensure success, well being, good fortune, good company and guidance. Love and support of all good forms as you walk forth in eternal existence and eternal lifestyles and your own. Lead in the micro unseen through God’s path, reality and only because his temple of soul person reality is eternal absolute potential free energy of all that is, within all that is and throughout all that is. All back dropped, co created, filled do simple light and energy of Source of all of creation. Your eternal existence is ensured what is not or is on you is where you put and invest your forefront attention and energy into.

For in real-time all you do, you are still there as the future self doing the aftermath or open fields to develop or encourage better time line experiences, soul mates and light worlds supporting good divine multidimensional soul people light beings just like you. Be well for ever we await you on our turf and reality paradise you can enjoy in this life times and all life times here on forward is my wish.

Thank you for making it this far, you are a good person and pure within through and through I see so. And thank you for being you, we need you and intact loving unto all and all who bring you love and joy… Archangel Michael.




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