The Ascended Masters of Light are multidimensional capable to assist you in many dimensions.

Archangel Michael: It is up to you to make our tangible, positive, useful and more consistent useful to you engaging and of course for the well being of all and all involved unto us. For you to ponder one and one of Cosmos Christos eternal existence and where we fit in and you unto us and in all time parables it is up to you to remember. To try to in your own way and personified templates insert to continue your divine plan, with our free will help we take the lead in this lifetime for you to move forward to your highest levels of divine families of light awaiting your return and assistance.

Remembering your duties and vows to divine life eternal as your lifestyle firstly in all dimensions, inner selves and future selves, dream states and reality mind scapes is hard to be consistent, yes we know! To remember even who we really are as a parable quantum life to each other in all we do we shall also feel in us all at all times; divine love, life and light.

infinite space sphere 2014.pngWe are soul people purity good positive light beings today to you as eternal family of light companions, and trustworthy knowledgeable loving guardians. In Divine Realm; teacher, guide, friend, leader of our love on our own accord unto you even so we also try as we move along eternal life right long you to adapt and assist on your terms; what are ours? Simple; Be in the now in all selves and time lines content, positive minded well being available yet moving about our own life and families in same sequence of all that is.

We come in many good means such as your dream states, parallel universes, inner selves, past and future selves, alternate universes, self creations, feeling and thinking bodies to purify and teach divine laws and life. And in any timeline or dimension when called on the Christ energy and blessings firstly for your well being we will bring their legions of angels of light to all you care for as well. Multidimensional way of life can manifest eternal life stable more long term and consistent positive if one can muster consciousness coherency capacity capability as your own divine mind coupled within supreme intelligence, divine father; master creator.

Our talks here will entail eternal conscious growth, spiritual expansion and purity good conscious soul people just like you! That will help develop spiritual nourishment beyond you could ever imagine on your own!

The Blogger, Angel: As your own second nature to pull from firstly as your true being deity of light you co exist as I AM along the ascended masters and angelic host, step up and join them as friends and colleges of the light and goals. We are only of different experiences and cultural differences and mineral kingdoms of planet solar systems genetics and color rays. Yet each mind conscious are on the same page; live positive consistent loving eternal lives right along source creator divine father as our example how to be or not to be. And now conscious self in third dimension, all dimensions and inner selves, future selves also must be your right arm of all good for you right now as you to not to survive but live and just be; content, positive well being does take work for there is no division of selves in heaven life. Even the soul uses the mind to be able to exist in third dimension and so the spirit uses the god mind; conscious collective to also interpret external life beyond first creation light world and within each solar sun system. And each solar system and planet and heaven one; one is born into as reincarnation and divine intervention or schooling or service and imagination free time in dream states and past lives also must be purged. In the light as one mind self of purist hybrid positive good light being in each stage of mind, dimension and mind scape. To also be more consistent of good and self spiritual path completions instead of sabotage and karmic lower conditions always setting you back or distracting you of your true pure self. By simply trusting those you care for. One can though still regroup in light work from good karma and allow those already seasoned in multidimensional life to step up and help you of positive good status and intent also helping you walk into good karma redemptions as good loving solid minded people in your life in each life time is the goal.

By just asking and lower below this page I have listed many noble good cosmos light beings, space beings and cosmos beings or even angelic beings you can ask alright! To precipitate through (manifest) with universal law, cosmos law and god law or spiritual law through love. Then so life and light are natural daily good well being second nature to create and co create with others on the same page. Consistently through each life here forward your reward will magnetize you into the light worlds or divine realm of the higher worlds by your free will. To manifest better lives with the help of good soul people like the Ascended Masters we can also then step up and be a good example how to be or not to be even still no matter the dimension or limitations we seem to face; we are not alone in etheric and physical parallels of selves.

For the last 17 plus years I have been writing about the ascended Masters, Archangels and councils of light and teach classes and private sessions. On Quantum Christ Consciousness divine dimensions, realms and light worlds working with Super Quantum Christ energy and light beings. Some soul people do immigrate out of heaven to be of service to god  and do not have to leave heaven as eternal life yet give up everything to try to be a good example of love, life and light in realties that are not of god creation. To help evolve back into divine creation and heavenly life, everyone has their own reason why they deployed out of heaven at this time and I can help you understand and not lose faith of who you are really at an intergalactic multidimensional Matrix and a safe way to get back home to your star family most positive supportive good and diagrams are given. A divine holy positive good soul person throughout eternity is a long haul to achieve. Yet those already there come forth for us when we make the call.

I am a very good neutral experienced “Light Interpreter” for the well-being of all, all dimensions and reality realms through the Ascended Masters of Light. In these wordpress blogs listed under “Ascended Masters of Light” the information provided will be more intense, direct and factual of an intergalactic neutral pure eternal nature way of being and can be adapted to who we are, our religion and beliefs for the well-being of all. Do not get discouraged or frustrated simply know in dream, after death and in time when you are ready you can be guided even so and shown in greater detail when you ask and are guided to do so. We are of all the same light species galaxy here, the god seed and are allowed to just be even so.

We should seek and purify our own light bodies and conscious life streams of a more neutral galactic divine community presence while coupled in our own beliefs, religious means and cosmic Holy Spirit intervention (the Holy Spirit is in every particle, photon and in the air we breath we can extract into our own embodiment in each our cells, heart frequencies and mind of our thinking and feeling side to clear and be free in simple light energy). Really feed from the Christ Energy. The Christ Energy Frequency is the radiation the is most compatible to human species while also to the spirit and soul species of each microbe life sphere of the whole, the ONE or all that is time continuum eternal universal intelligence cosmic creation co creator beings. Of the cosmic light spectrum.

The fourth, fifth and beyond dimensions after death or while in dream all spherical coherent awake states of the inner selves or you known as alternate realties. Of the I am condensed lower sphere contaminated and trapped by loss of free will life force stamina and purity. Simply raising your conscious vibration by taking a deep breath and focus on a good memory time you are resting your energy forces to optimum harmonic balance. Needed of the spirit, soul, mind, heart and spirit octaves life spheres and light worlds also nestled in light worlds and hemispheres of mass conscious and contaminated forces not of divine light core origin swaying away from god source. Supreme intelligence, god fiat, god love and god wisdom is us enacting virtues and loving self emanating living light we are of and in all we do origin sparking in to all that is and why we do not survive. We live in harmonic light waves of self creation, for that experience over all others and so takes a village of good conscious soul people.

Regardless background and faith, planetary or genes birthed into, all are welcome or contribute good, comfortable, loving contentment lives and well being, and all you care for. Cocooned in God presence bio spheres of existences and loving life-force energy ever present omnipotent for you to manifest in all likeness. For their would be no DNA genes in existence if Source Creator divine pure hearted, neutral, good conscious could not conceive us into free will singularity living light natural organic organism of the whole eco system and of creation cosmos, mass conscious and singularity membrane living light bio spheres you could not just be. For the energy, living light, elements and codes of light must come from nothingness or hyperspace and first before hyperspace time fields first creation conscious plasma light spark core unseen micro energy light divine formula patterns of purity living light and universal intelligence. Coupled with unconditional love emanations and conceptual purity well being for all thought focus, we can then exist comfortable eternal sound, loving and growth forward in all good we cant to experience and contribute. Is paying forward singularity life-force energy in simple frequency vibration classifications and coded in language algorithms and matrix clusters of co creation back drops. To allow inner self growth, stability, financial well being, good friends and families or star families in eternal life existence for each and those you care for. yet they must try and put effort in all they do. Validating you can trust, and not fail you in real time. At least when they do or you you can move forward in simple light and energy vibration quantum experiences more so long term then eternal consistent with all humanities of light and light races of the ONE. Cosmic ray of conception precipitated into existence, more existence free will of self living light life force energy can manifest accordingly within the laws of cosmos, laws of nature, lays of all kingdoms and self creation singularity. Of the same eco habitats of simple energy and light micro to macro forms of eternal creation and time space playabilities’ as plasmas of source creator being of all that is. To instill the key Christos Christ fiat (universe energy)beyond hyperspace source fields even of quantum source field of hyperspace even templates of genes and DNA of the universe, never fathomed until brought up once again in all formalities of creation

As a living light being is then birthed you are of firstly as eternal light spirit soul beings to of the same light race of this sector of cosmos, the milky way. That makes a living light elementals and loving adoration emanations of light energy of the One of all of us in bio living light plasma fields of all of creation cosmos and so the unseen is so important to digest some sort of divine order. Also coupled within all you are or ever be so that you will have the natural cosmos nourishment in all forms and in all dimensions. To sustain better lifestyles and well being no matter the light world, generation, dimension, time zone, inner self or past and future selves, forgotten, lost, abandoned, denied unconsciously or not.

Even in meditation of divine Light Language and imagery, sound tones and light glyphs we are attracted to and give our attention within our own balance light knowledge in love harmony and virtues. The divine on high behave accordingly to cosmic law, and truth law one expands purity consciousness to know so. We are telling you simple in your own light and energy focus on the Christ compatible; nourishable light and sound tones given to all  humanities and planet universes. To sustain divine order, divine love, divine wisdom, divine justice all of balance first allotted of simple energy and elementals, light and life-forces. Seeded firstly tenures to restore humanities of all generations and light species. The Christ Frequency can sustain in every cell of you spark, nourish, germinate the living light acids and protein acids needed of elemental purity neutral cosmos and substance the Christ Conscious intergalactic civilizations. That their own light body sustained ascension of the mind and heart octaves simply generation a quantum entanglement unity source field of the sacred fire of the great grand central sun presence.

Of Gods life-force energy of love intergalactic scalar waves we can absorbed and magnetize just like Mother Mary did of magnetizing the love of god at all times without force, need or concept. Just be and so regroup and learn practicing as you go throughout infinite as your own conceptualized precipitated lifestyles and service to god. As so will never end for you after this death or universe solar sun system you graduate to be of service to all humanity while moving about eternal existence sustaining your own stability, mind well being and financial freedom. Each dimension “Light World” will also have community continent worlds and norms of cultural conscious mass leadership and the people. The will of god in you is your spirit and soul, physical and mind unity fields of self creation as microbes of all that is life spheres. Known as cosmos eternal intergalactic universe galaxy homeland of the one of first creation and space sphere we are of first in simple light and energy that feeds our and sparks are life spheres aura presence and garments.

Our atoms, photons, electrons, sheaves and fire rings, heart and conscious nebula and life sphere our spirit “I Am” in all timings, timelines, light worlds, generations, realties, dimensions, pieces and substrates or inner selves of us. Begins at the one core atomic structure and tube of light cosmic spectrum we resonate and attune as aliveness and freedom to just be matrixing into cosmos nature in all levels of existence is light intelligence. Of the eternal soul spirit moving about dimensional light spectrums of the rainbow rays and halos of the solar suns of all source creations cosmos and spirit purest holiest, neutral positive for the well being of all. Is the Christ Frequency dispersion, generator and quantum paternal potential absolute golden Pi energy gifted of all higher conscious purity neutral solar systems and star families home worlds.

Within all that is and eternal existences of all that is life sphere universe bio sphere light body and reality creation for all offspring to sustain good light being soul evolved harmony, well being and good fortune. As Good Karma allows ones earns and demonstrates to give in fare use of the sacred fire over absorbing and sapping all; divine resources and blessing in simple light and energy of the primal cosmic sacred fire of God’s Energy. Within all that is and forever existent as we are in simple light and energy light beings within the whole of cosmos creations and divine quantum unified fields and mass, light, sound parables and creations

In all dimensions manifesting one of another of self whole even so to be accepted and of what we are born into by self creations and desires amplitudes, soul mates distractions. Or bonding and service to god desires and soul education studies begin in ones own light world activities and awareness preferences over others you physically invest in and partake as simple light beings of all that is. We can, yet constructive activities of free will bonding in the frequencies and sound tone realties of the divine on high will allow you to prosper and evolve at one own pace.

In the freedom flames of the rainbow sacred fire within all that is of unseen, invisible, tangible and physical manifestations that are creation law divine formulas, light language within, void, light, sound tones of Cosmic Creation at its first origin purity neutral positive holiest good for all soul people. This emissions of vibrations of light and mass quantum co existence is why we are at in our lifetimes and hemispheres of all that is. Is Mother Mary, her crew and infinite legions of purity good soul people just like you, you have the Christ Seed within simply activate, prosper and thrive in the light beyond time and space that is not limited or tainted by any Godhead you see. Divine Paradise is where no locks or borders exist, no favoritism or emotional imbalances existence all in your head, heart, soul sheaves and aura rings that need to be dissipated back into the light. Whence it came from and only extracting good ties and karma of the sacred fire life source of all that is inhabitants and light species. The heaven paradises of self creation are generator life spheres orbs of light microbes String-theory light beings life streams that does not leave us. No matter the dimension your aware and generation of dimension existence the soul spirit light being is alive within to just be and self creates compatible electrical longitudinal spherical standing waves. Of self existences not of God Creation and love creation laws and core origin begetting that’s on each of us as we express through Eternal Existence.

With those who also carry the Christ Frequency latten spark of light of the Christ Pattern.  This level of source atomic purities are beyond our time and space here in third dimension yet we can attract and absorb interlay within the heart flame of our own spirit soul nebulas, photons, electrons and atomics living light of the ONE.

Divine Elementals Quantum Photon Frequency

Divine Elementals Quantum Photon Frequency

The Christed Conscious is are of less density and lower world stricture we have accustomed to get by in third dimension reality, family and environments of our genetic and plant system laws and limitations as he only way to express. Unless our hearts and brain conscious are hardened we do stay in first, second and third even astral, in death until we move forward through the cosmic mind of Holy Spirit and intervention. The synchronizations synergy of the divine plan, divine love, divine existence eternal is all one light worlds community eco bio sphere of all cosmos creation. That stems unto others self creations of mass communities and villages hierarchy’s while a domino effect experience is then not eternal potential purity.

In expression then stuck and gravitating in your own disqualified energy and mass charging over the divine sacred fire energy the Buddha, the Adoni, the Christ energies all are first charged and abated. Into first laws of cosmos creation; the will of god, the love of god and the wisdom of god all braid into a living light manifested standing wave. All sine waves of universal intergalactic living light conscious intelligence light species become and just be in real-time through out all existence of all that is infinite experience. For each who bond more personal and intimate relationships of the divine on high in simple ethics of self god morals and virtues of the mind and conscious nourished. As the will of god octave is then in the best optimum Omni presence of the God life sphere heart and conscious bonding. As one life sphere light worlds in divine harmony and divine contentment, divine protection and divine well being!

Many personalities of those you may know of the divine on high or did not know about until now of Christ conscious intergalactic civilizations and ascended Beings of Light. Will come forth and share current pioneering spiritual and spirit light technology, light body ascension through the heart and mind conscious octaves and light energy, and divine holy eternal processes we will share! You can adapt within your own beliefs, religion, for each lifetime and purity conscious behavior choices to have better lives and well-being consistently natural God virtues you already have is a start.

I bring forth the intergalactic eternal light beings: Sananda and Archangel Michael then they allow other reputable masters of light to come forth through them for us and am a published Author. Not just in this life time or planet, you can research in my life records archived in the Galactic Akashic Records and heart flame continuum. Of my own divine electrons “I Am” Presence and points of lights of sacred fire consuming free will flames of Gods own tangible presence of ones own God Christ Self and feel within your heart and attention. Displaying to also bless you of how to be the light of the Christ and electronic currents seeding and feeding into and passing emanating into your aura, bloodstream, light points or cells eternal purity. While intergalactic pure and conscious under the conditions you are under will bringing the energy and substance living light divine order to you as you walk upon any planter solar system throughout your eternal existence and divine path goals and studies. And when you feel you cannot for self and why you are attracted to soul management light spirit technology of the Christ Diamond Heart flames and angels, councils of light and  angels, enjoy!

In honor and blessings to Archangel Michael for bringing me back into the light when I can not for self, Sanat Kumera and Venus, Helios and Vista, Sananda and Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Lord Maha Chohan, Serpis, Ashtar and Morya. May we all be so loving and pure eternal!

Ascended Master (2)

The Family of Light

Before I was birthed in this world I volunteered for the ascended host to come and try to remember my goals and activities representing them if I could. For the veil of forgetfulness is strong even for those of eternal life divine. Jesus even had to try to remember and thank goodness he did, he sure completed his mission and tasks for generations!

The first memory was when I was two. I could not even talk yet and I was bending over to adjust my right shoe for it was coming off when the memory flooded me. It was different then a past life memory because in the scheme of evolutionary growth many will and can have consistent lives on earth and other planets. While some like the Ascended Masters or their initiates assigned choose not to reincarnate anymore unless it can help the evolution of human race evolve they simply come forth aware and packed with spiritual gifts and energy.

So little I was though I was in shock and uneasy because I could do nothing in a small baby body. I could see auras and hear what others were saying even at that age and understood but my baby muscles, speech and brain development still needed to be developed and matured in natural course of 3D creation law and could not respond as I thought like a spiritual evolved adult. In the memory I was entering to sit in the atomic accelerator, yes there is spiritual technology in the divine realms and temples of light. My team members of light were all concerned and helping prepare me for my descent into third dimension hopeful and eager as I was. All I had to do was consciously dimension time travel into the lower realms and star gates, I was use to this yet as I was buckled in and adjusted a team member said don’t forget! I looked at them all smiling, assuring them, as I forgot as fast for then the room went into bright blinding light and I was born into and through the veil of forgetfulness. Maybe this is how you got here?

Other memories in the temples of light and the priests, teachers and students also flooded in and all I could do is keep it to myself until now. I left everything behind ready for when I would return, my friends, my hobbies I enjoy; like flower infusions and gardening of many planetary flower species, crystals and healing, writing and spiritual activities in many planets I would go and teach or go see the ascended host teach as I still do in dream time if on task to remember. I relinquished many things and memory to let those know here that life goes on galacticly aware or not and we must not forget our first creation origin and divinity that still is recorded in every cell of our being ready to be activated and utilized. I know I am of the Blue flame temple of El Morya, Hercules, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek. Don’t let that sway you for really any archangel, initiate, ascend master can walk among and be affiliated of many temples of light or planetary galaxy’s with an escort or personal clearance in rank allowing. So do not be mistaken if you see me in any galactic realms temples and council halls for I am very helpful to the ascended host and activities as you may also and will be available after death to continue to be channeled. As well with my team of light and names listed below and throughout this blog for spiritual education is progressive, universal, dimensional-less and purer beyond space and time. We must support to all generations and timelines for consistency and neutrality is the key of eternal compatibility and divine universal bio spirit harmonic evolutionary growth survival.

My first physical tangible appearance was at age nine when Archangel Michael came forth. Then at age seventeen, yet I would not open my eyes in fear forgetting my mission as a teenager does become self-absorbed so the Ascended Master Morya left just as quietly as he appeared.

Ascended Master JesusThen at age 26 Sananda appeared and I was not afraid understanding I had challenged my team of light to make physical contact once again and welcomed him. We meet in dream time, in classes I represent the Ascended Host of Light and when I call he comes!

That’s when I wrote the diagrams and the eBooks in my late twenties there after under his guidance: Soul Existence Revealed Volume I, II, III you can Google online search and preview free online and other blogs I have written. Those eBooks took ten years and are still unedited, crudely written channeled in real-time as I wrote.

There are many channeled material and mandatory ways to interact with the Ascended Masters and Intergalactic Beings of Light out their, yes. So I am no one special however I am able to telepathic many tribes of light and ascended master temple founders on the spot to this day. Know future events when looked into and remote view for clients, my self and family when needed. However what may happen as “probable futures” and free will can change in a second even still yet I can enter and read any soul record you may know as the akashic records. This gift of the miracle mantle of love, gifts and light knowledge will not change after my time expires in this dimension of earth to restore back into the higher levels of dimensions I origin firstly. For a spite of course, for as concierge light purity as my eternal occupation in service to divine will, God and divine.

I enjoy assisting all dimensions, realities and existences because I am always in first conscious firstly and light world and multi dimensionally. Backed by higher forces when I cannot for self, as you are also protected in the light and the love of god is magnetized through us as him for the well being of all.

7 kumaras

Other teachers of light in the family of light are:

Sananda, Lord Guatama Buddha and Adanda, Portia, Nada, Kwan Yin, Lady Leto, Helios and Vista, Alpha, Beta and Omga, Elohae and Eloha, Aldezar. Saint Germain, Ashtar, Sirius, Zionius, Maha Chohan, kuthumi, Serpis, Maitreya, Bartholomew, The Divine Director, Lord Melchizedek, Mother Mary, the Silent Watcher of every planet and Lord of the World Light Beings, Lord Vishnu, Archangel Zythurdreane, Ascended Master Ishmael, the Central Sun representatives head office holders, every temple founder and council chief of staff. Thoth, Pataah, Ashtar and the Ashtar command spiritual hierarchy, Zathera, Sonja, Solaris, Golanda, Averran, EHANI, Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphiel, Jophiel, Chammel, Kreimria, Archangel Michah.

All Star Masters, Temple Founders and Hiarchs, God the Father-Great Galactic Central Sun and Councils of Light, Hercules, Adonis, Pallas Athena, Hilarion, Lord Himalaya and Amazon, all the goddesses, Devas, Eohims, Elohas, elemental representatives, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Alexanderus, Akasha and Asun. All the cosmic ray representatives and brotherhood temples, Cyclopea, Metatron, Djwal Kul, Apolllo and Diana, Mahatma Gandhi, Mantustia, Vywamus, Zoltec, Kumeka, Archangel Azriel and Metatron. Lenduce, the Ascended Jesus, Sfaith, Sanant kumura and Venus, Melchior, the Council of grace, Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst, Arcturus, Purity and Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Beneshiel.

All their twin flames not listed, all dead people of good heart such as Nickola Tesla, Edgar Casey, Neville Goddard, no matter generation and ascended master assisted not listed here yet thankful of all Spiritual Teachers and New Age leaders passed on. The council of light, the Lords of Karma representative’s then many more I give credit too if not listed here by personal name, my love and dedication purity you have contribute to help humanity evolve safely and protected of the divine on high.

Keep in mind in meditation yourself you can contact any of them or telepathically in spiritual purity and practice!

New spiritual listings are given every month and topics so please share and pass on your favorite teachers of light topics given as we publish!

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